Top 10 Classic Men’s Haircuts Every Gentleman Should Know

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A good haircut does more than just keep you looking neat. It shows your style and makes you feel confident. Some men’s haircuts have stood the test of time, being popular for many years. They look great on everyone, from famous actors to regular guys.

In this guide, we’ll look at the top 10 classic men’s haircuts that every man should know about. Whether you want a sharp look for a special event or an easy style for everyday, these haircuts are perfect. They are simple, stylish and always in fashion. Let’s find the best classic haircut for you.

Crew Cut

A man with a crew cut, this haircut is really short on the sides and a bit longer on top. The sides are cut very short and often have a fade, which means the hair gets shorter as it goes down towards the ears. The back is also short and blends smoothly with the sides. The top hair is a bit longer, around 1 to 2 inches, and you can style it with gel or pomade. The hairline is neatly trimmed for a clean look.

The crew cut is easy to care for, feels cool, and looks professional. It works well for different face shapes and can be dressed up or down. To style it, use a bit of product for texture, get regular trims, and try different fade lengths to see what looks best on you. It’s a classic, practical, and stylish haircut for many men.

Buzz Cut

This buzz haircut cut is very short and dyed a light color, like platinum blonde or silver. He is looking neat and highlights his facial features and tattoos.

A crew cut is different. The sides and back are very short, often with a fade, and the top is a bit longer, about 1 to 2 inches. The hairline is neatly trimmed for a sharp look.

The crew cut is easy to take care of, cool in warm weather and looks professional. It is versatile and suits different face shapes. To style it, use a little hair product for texture, get regular trims, and try different fade lengths. The buzz cut is simple and easy to maintain, while the crew cut offers more styling options and a polished look.

Shaggy Haircut

Young man with a shaggy haircut long, messy and wavy, giving a casual, carefree look with some strands possibly wet from swimming. His soft facial features and expressive eyes stand out in natural light, highlighting his clear skin.

Contrasting this, a crew haircut is short on the sides with a fade that tapers towards the ears and a neatly trimmed hairline. The top is slightly longer, allowing for styling options like spiking or adding texture. It’s easy to manage, ideal for active lifestyles, and versatile for different face shapes. In comparison, the shaggy haircut is long and naturally messy, offering a more relaxed appearance.

Mullet Haircut

A man with a mullet haircut short hair on top and sides, longer at the back. The top is textured, sides not as short as a fade. He also has light facial hair and an ear piercing.

A crew cut is different. Very short sides, sometimes fading near ears. Back blends smoothly. Top a bit longer for spiking or texture. Neat hairlines give a clean look.

Crew cut is easy upkeep, good for warmth or activity, and looks pro. Can style for different faces. Mullet has a distinct longer back, crew cut’s more polished and flexible.

Top Knot Haircut

The image shows a man with a top knot hairstyle, tying his long hair at the back, giving an entire appearance with a well-groomed beard. His smooth, well-kept hair suggests good grooming habits. In contrast, a crew cut is different:

A crew cut has very short sides, a fade towards the ears, and a blended back. For spiking or adding texture, the top is slightly longer, about 1 to 2 inches. Neatly trimmed hairlines create a sharp, clean look.

The crew cut is easy to manage, ideal for warm weather or active lifestyles, and gives a professional appearance suitable for work. Styled with a bit of product and regular trims, it suits various face shapes.

Meanwhile, the top knot ties long hair at the back for a stylish, modern look that requires longer hair. The crew cut emphasizes simplicity and practicality, while the top knot offers a trendy style with longer hair.

Man Bun Haircut

Young man with a man bun hairstyle, tying his long hair back at the head’s crown. He wears a white tank top, showcasing his muscular build and tattoos, with a well-groomed beard and sunglasses adding to his rugged style. A man bun is popular for men with long hair:

It involves gathering shoulder-length or longer hair into a bun at the back or crown of the head. This style can be neat or casual and often complements a beard.Benefits include its stylish versatility for various occasions, comfort in warm weather, and simple maintenance tips like keeping hair clean and using gentle hair ties. Compared to short styles like the buzz cut or crew cut, the man bun offers a trendy look with long hair.

Faux Hawk

The man in the image has a faux hawk hairstyle, with short sides that fade near the ears and a longer top styled up into a peak, resembling a mohawk. His textured hair looks modern, complemented by a neat beard and a small hoop earring. A faux hawk is a stylish choice.

It features short sides that fade towards the ears, and a longer top styled upwards. This look is versatile and suitable for casual days or special events. It’s easy to maintain with styling products for volume and hold. Unlike a full mohawk, it offers a fashionable appearance without being too extreme.

High and Tight

A man with a high and tight haircut. The sides and back are almost shaved, and the top is a bit longer and styled back neatly. He is coming out of the water, showing his tattoos and muscles, giving him a clean and sharp look.

The high and tight is a simple, classic military style. It has very short sides and back and a slightly longer top. This haircut is low-maintenance, great for active lifestyles and warm weather, and gives a sharp, professional appearance that highlights facial features. Unlike fancier styles like the faux hawk or crew cut, the high and tight is straightforward but still allows some flexibility with the top length.

Side Part

A man has a side-part haircut: his sides are short with a fade, and the longer top is styled neatly to one side, creating a clear part. The tattoos on his face and neck give him a stylish and edgy look.

The side-part haircut is a classic style. It has a part on one side, with short sides and a longer top that’s combed over. This haircut creates a sharp contrast between the sides and the top. It’s versatile and works for both casual and formal occasions. Regular trims are needed to keep it looking neat and sharp. Compared to styles like the high and tight or faux hawk, the side part is timeless and highlights facial features, making it easy to manage while keeping a polished look.

Quiff Haircut

Man with a stylish quiff haircut short, faded sides and a longer, voluminous top-styled back. It is a polished look, complemented by a neat beard. The quiff blends elements like the pompadour and mohawk: short sides that fade to the ears, with a longer top, styled up and back for volume. It’s easy to maintain with products like pomade or gel. This haircut is versatile and suitable for casual and formal occasions, emphasizing facial features like the jawline and cheekbones. It’s perfect for anyone wanting a trendy, voluminous hairstyle that stands out.

Caesar Cut

Young man with medium-length curly hair styled in loose, natural curls that frame his face, giving him a fresh, youthful appearance complemented by light stubble.

Explaining the Caesar cut, a classic men’s hairstyle named after Julius Caesar. It features uniformly short hair all around, typically 1 to 2 inches in length, with a straight fringe combed forward. This low-maintenance style offers a clean, professional look suitable for various face shapes and ages, contrasting with more elaborate styles like the Quiff or Side Part.

Textured Crop

A textured haircut that adds volume and natural movement to his hair. His sides are neatly trimmed, contrasting with the longer, textured top styled with products like wax or pomade for a casual yet stylish look. His well-groomed beard complements the modern aesthetic of the haircut. This style is easy to maintain and versatile, suitable for various occasions—from a relaxed, tousled appearance to a more polished finish. Compared to neat cuts like the Caesar or voluminous styles like the Quiff, the textured haircut offers a straightforward way to achieve a contemporary and effortlessly stylish look.


When looking at classic men’s haircuts, the textured cut stands out as a versatile choice that blends modern style with easy upkeep. It focuses on natural volume and movement, achieved through layering and textured styling techniques. This haircut works well for different occasions from casual to formal settings and stays stylish without much effort. With its practicality and contemporary appeal, the textured cut is a top choice among classic hairstyles every gentleman should know.

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