Epic Fails: Photobombs That Stole The Spotlight On Instagram

Epic Fails: Photobombs That Stole The Spotlight On Instagram

Many times, the pictures influencers put on social media aren’t completely true. They might use special tools to make themselves look better, like editing programs and filters. This can make them seem different from how they really are. Usually, nobody questions this, but sometimes it’s really clear that things aren’t as they seem. Take a look at these folks who got caught pretending or had a funny surprise in their photos.

Was Adding The Starbucks Logo Really Necessary?

For years now, Starbucks has done a pretty impressive job with their marketing campaigns, even convincing people in countries where Starbucks doesn’t exist that they need a cup of the heavenly coffee.

Jason Momoa Photobombs a Wedding Photo

Another photobomb that could have not been more welcome for a lovely couple. In the midst of their wedding photos, actor Jason Momoa decided to make an appearance out of nowhere, creating one of the most iconic wedding photos we’ve ever seen.


​A Rookie Photo Editing Mistake

When it comes to photo editing there are certain basic rules that should allow one to create the perfect edited picture. But as we’ve learned (and will continue learning), many people don’t necessarily do their research before posting a picture with “a touch” here and there.

​The Fence Is Always There

We all love seeing stunning traveling pictures on social media, especially now traveling has become a dream lately. But this guy went a little bit too far. In a series of photos where he appears to be in different places around the world, it was the fence in his backyard that eventually gave it away.

​The Angle Does It All

Again, folks, just refrain from believing everything you may see on social media. Angles are everything, especially if stars prefer to avoid the use of photoshop. Nowadays, pictures don’t necessarily have to be edited or photoshopped in order to be unrealistic.


Look At The Difference!

Things have gotten so out of control that some people are posting photos that make them look like completely different people.YouTuber Ethan Klein began making videos that expose these Instagrammers and remind young people to stop believing everything they see on social media. He claims: “I can’t get over the difference! Don’t believe what you see on Instagram folks.”

​You Do What You Gotta Do For That Fame

So this person found out that girls in LA actually rent studios that look like private jets so that they can post “cool” and glamorous pictures of themselves.

A Surprise Guest

After getting engaged this couple hired a professional photographer to document the perfect moment. In the midst of this revelry, comedian Dave Chapelle photobombed the shoot and made things even more exciting.


​Next Time Erase The Filter Name

Filters have been the new craze for a while, and though they can be really fun, they also create very distorted realities. In fact, the craze around it has been so huge that people are now paying to get their faces looking more like their favorite filters.

​The Perfect Bikini Shot

It’s not like the person in the photo is a completely different human being, but the angle she chose to use for the picture she posted distorts things a bit.

​Was That Really Necessary?

Another embarrassing photoshopped situation that just seems to be so unnecessary. This woman posted one of those “clean” and cute pictures of a breakfast in a robe type of morning, but it seems like her breakfast hadn’t arrived yet.


​A Brilliant Idea

Again, the mental health consequences of unrealistic selfies of celebrities and influencers on social media are huge. While some people have begun taking it seriously, others have brushed away the very urgent need to do something about it.

​If There Isn’t A Dog, Did You Even Hike?

Let’s be honest, if you went on a hike in a beautiful place and didn’t post a picture of yourself at the top on social media, did you even hike?

What Happened To Her Hand?

People should definitely check their photoshopped pictures more often since a small flaw may bring the entire truth to the front.


​Not The Most Romantic Photo

Well, that’s definitely an interesting way of ruining a random couple’s photo. This couple decided to take a cute kissing photo by reaching out from each of their car windows, but they didn’t notice the two guys in the back.

​The Cat Couldn’t Care Less

We all know how sneaky cats can be, and quite a few of them do as they please. Clearly, this cat is no exception. When this bride and groom were in the midst of their wedding pictures, their photo wasn’t photobombed by a famous star.

It’s A Fact, Cats Hate Weddings

Here goes another one of a cat that wasn’t going to let that photo be snapped without the grace of his face. But he didn’t just want to be a part of the photo.


​That Was A Bit Unnecessary

Now, this is something new. Apparently, this Instagrammer was caught photoshopping the exact same cloud into her pictures, and no one can really explain the reason why.

There Are More Out There

You might not believe it but it’s actually extremely common for people to photoshop clouds into their pictures on Instagram.

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