Exposed: The Over-Edited Photos That Raised Eyebrows


In the world of Instagram influencers, things aren't always what they seem. Their lives may look perfect, but in reality, it's not always the case. Many use photoshop, but not always very well, leading to some funny editing mishaps. We've collected the funniest ones for you to enjoy!

  1. 1 Ma'am, You have A Rope Inside Your Leg

    Let's start with an Instagrammer who decided to add a rope to her leg. While it might be a new trend, we're pretty skeptical. This editing choice ended up highlighting a rather painful-looking outcome. It seems like she might have been so focused on other aspects that she missed this mishap. It's a shame because the overall picture gives off a fun, sunny day vibe.

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  3. 2 The Curse Of The Tiny Head, Brought To You By A Mummy

    Apparently, there's a strange trend going around where people think having tiny heads is fashionable (you'll see more examples like this later). But in reality, as this Instagrammer found out, it looks more like something out of a spooky story you'd tell kids. Witch doctors and voodoo practitioners are known for shrinking heads, and it seems like a curse might have befallen her. Maybe she became a victim of this curse while wandering near the old Egyptian artifacts, causing her head to shrink as she explored the exhibition further.

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  5. 3 Who Needs Organs Anyway? Not This Guy

    It seems like this Instagrammer might not be too familiar with organs like the liver, kidneys, or intestines, or perhaps they've never cracked open a book on human anatomy. It's quite surprising, especially since the man in the picture seems to have an anatomically ideal body. Achieving such a physique requires knowing specific things—like understanding proper nutrition, following a particular diet, and targeting the right muscle groups during workouts. A body like this doesn't just happen by chance; it takes time and serious dedication.

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  7. 4 Mermaid Legs Through A Wide Angle Shot

    Capturing a photo nowadays is a breeze, with a plethora of cameras, techniques, and styles at our disposal. But the trouble starts when you're not well-versed in using one of these options. Take this woman, for instance. Her friend snapped a lovely shot of her on a bridge, but it was taken with a wide-angle lens, resulting in her feet looking oddly elongated, almost like a mermaid's tail.

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  9. 5 Hips Do Lie, And Damn Do They Lie A Lot

    The next Instagrammer really pushed the boundaries of hip curves, presenting a distorted version of what a human body should look like. If someone tries to pass this off as an unedited image, we'd question their honesty, wondering if they're being paid to deceive us so boldly. This level of editing not only lacks appeal but also establishes a hazardous and unattainable standard for many individuals.

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