The Truth of Prince’s Past Comes to Light

The Truth of Prince’s Past Comes to Light


Prince, a famous global sensation recognized for his unconventional fashion and popular music, caused a great deal of surprise and disbelief when he passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 57. Nevertheless, since his demise, previously unknown facts regarding Prince are now being shared.

A Boy Named Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson was born in Minneapolis on June 7th, 1958 to parents John Lewis Nelson and Mattie Della. It may be unexpected for some to know that Prince was his given name, not a pseudonym. His complete name was Prince Rogers Nelson.

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Canceling An Album

Prince decided to cancel the release of his album titled The Black Album a week before its scheduled release date in 1987 because he believed it was a creation of the devil. Although the album was eventually released in 1994 after the Love Symbol Album didn’t do well commercially, rumors suggest that Prince was under the influence of drugs when he first made the decision to cancel the release.

Prince performing

A Philanderer

Prince had a romantic affair with Susannah Melvoin, who is the twin sister of Revolution guitarist Wendy Melvoin, during the 1980s. Unfortunately, their relationship was riddled with problems due to Prince’s infidelity and numerous sexual encounters with other women. Additionally, Prince developed feelings for actress Kim Basinger after they met while working on the film Batman. He was so smitten with her that he wrote the entire album soundtrack for the movie. Many people believe that Prince’s charm played a significant role in his ability to win the affections of these women.

Prince performing

He Fell in Love With a Girl Half His Age


When Prince was 32 years old, he developed romantic feelings for Mayte Garcia, who was only 16 years old at the time, meaning that she was half his age. However, it was Garcia’s mother, who was a big fan of Prince, that urged her daughter to send dance audition tapes to him. Their relationship became public once Garcia reached the legal age of 18, and she ended up becoming a dancer for Prince’s Diamonds and Pearls tour. Eventually, they got married in 1996 when Garcia was 22 years old and Prince was 38.

Prince and his wife

Heartbreaking news

In 1996, the couple welcomed a baby boy named Ahmir Gregory, but unfortunately, he passed away within a week after his birth. However, during their appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show a few days after their son’s death, the couple tried to feign that he was still alive. This tragic event greatly affected Prince’s psychological state and eventually led him to suffer from depression, causing him to cancel his upcoming shows during his tour in December of that year.

Prince away from performing

Eventual Break-Up And New Relationships


After losing their child, Garcia experienced a miscarriage during her subsequent pregnancy, leading to a strained relationship between the couple and ultimately, the annulment of their marriage on their third anniversary. Prince then married Manuela Testolini in 2001 but they divorced in 2006. Following his demise, it was discovered that he had been in a relationship with Judith Hill, a former contestant of The Voice, for two years.

Prince Second Wife

Starting Young

Undoubtedly, Prince’s contribution to the music industry is indisputable as his popular hits including Purple Rain, When Doves Cry and Let’s Go Crazy made him one of the most renowned artists of all time. At the tender age of seven, he discovered his musical interests and began composing his first track, Funk Machine. His zeal for music led him to learn the art of playing 27 different instruments, starting with his first guitar that his father gifted him. Even after his demise, Prince’s music continues to inspire millions around the world.


He Had a Difficult Childhood


In addition to his musical abilities, Prince’s personal problems were also prevalent, originating from his challenging childhood. His parents separated when he was 10, and he was forced to live with his father in poverty. He once admitted that he was so financially strained that he would visit McDonald’s just to experience the aroma of food because he couldn’t afford to purchase anything. Due to the volatile relationship with his father, he had an unstable upbringing, continuously relocating to different residences.

Young Prince

Becoming Prince

Moreover, he revealed that he had epilepsy and was subjected to bullying during his time in school, which he cited as the motive for his idiosyncratic demeanor in his quest to be distinctive and renowned. Prince Rogers Nelson went on to become a global sensation known as Prince, and he established a unique persona right from the outset of his musical journey. He secured a recording contract at the age of 19, amassed a huge fan following, and became a household name.

Prince in green

His Strange Choices During His Career

At a particular stage, he no longer wished to be called Prince and instead desired to recreate his image by being known as the self-created symbol. This lasted from 1993 to 2000, and even his former spouse confirmed that she did not call him Prince during this time. He abstained from giving interviews and opted to communicate via a mediator. These peculiar behaviors distinguished Prince from his music and lyrics and arose from a disagreement with his record company, Warner Bros.

Prince Symbol

He Wanted Complete Control

Prince, before he left Warner Bros., showed his opposition to his record company by having the word ‘SLAVE’ on his cheek. He refused to comply with his record label’s demands until he was freed from their contract. Later, after his departure from Warner Bros., he continued to produce successful records and even released Emancipation, which became a platinum-selling album.

Prince writing SLAVE

The Freedom to do What He Wanted

Prince had the liberty to showcase his music abilities in his own desired manner without much restriction beyond his record contract agreements. He also had a similar level of autonomy in pursuing his ideas, as evidenced by his dismissal of an employee for simply checking the time. In essence, if Prince was not in favor of something, he refused to work with it.


Turned Down A Duet With Michael Jackson

Despite Michael Jackson’s expectation of surprises, it would not be unexpected if he collaborated with Prince. Michael Jackson had intended for his hit song “Bad” to be a duet with Prince, and planned to create a rivalry between the two to promote the single. However, Prince declined the opportunity because he was opposed to the opening lyrics of the song.


So What Led To His Death?

Following the death of the singer, his former spouse’s assertions and exposure of confidential information suggested that he lived a contradictory existence. Prior to his passing, it was believed that he abstained from alcohol and was unwavering in his commitment to entertaining. However, the allegations from his ex-wife raised questions about whether Prince lived a life inconsistent with the public image he projected.

Prince Golden Globes

His Own Personal Identity

Prince created a unique persona that went beyond just his music by expressing himself through his fashion choices, such as a curly afro and bright-colored suits, along with accessories like round glasses and long chain necklaces. He also embraced make up and high heels, which became synonymous with his signature style. Prince didn’t conform to societal expectations for his lyrics or fashion sense, instead creating an individualistic image that stood out on its own.


His Luxurious Lifestyle

Prince’s idiosyncratic approach and self-centered demeanor were exemplified in his dwelling place, Paisley Park, which shared the name of his record label. The residence featured a customary Prince aesthetic with purple walls, self-portraits at the entrance, and even a recording studio for impromptu album-making – there was seemingly no boundary. Following his demise, Paisley Park was transformed into a museum showcasing Prince’s life, providing fans with a 70-minute excursion.

Prince House

Financial Issues

In the mid 90’s, Prince spent more money than he earned and had a series of unsuccessful records which impacted his revenue stream. Despite this, he continued to operate Paisley Park with a music studio that cost $500,000 per year, round-the-clock staff, a team of tailors, and a film crew that produced unreleased videos. This spending put Prince at risk of losing everything he had.

Prince in Brazil

He Was Part Of Several Bands

Prince embarked on his musical journey at the age of 14 by joining Grand Central and 94 East. In the 80s, he became a member of the Revolution and furthered his musical career with New Power Generation in 1991. In addition, Prince put together his own band, The Time, where he played a key role in composing their music and adding backing vocals. Despite being part of several bands, Prince managed to excel in his solo career as well, achieving great success in both areas.

Prince Performing

Record Deals

When he was 19 years old, Warner Bros. signed him, which made him the youngest artist to sign a record deal. The terms of his contract were exceptional as he was granted full creative control, which was not common at that time. This enabled Prince to adopt his own unique public image, produce music according to his own wishes and not conform to the conventional themes. He wore outrageous costumes, but regardless of this, he was able to attain global fame and success.

Prince eccentric dress

His Music Did Not Go Unnoticed

Prince’s exceptional talent and prestigious position in the music industry attracted a lot of attention to his music. His accomplishments in the music industry were demonstrated through his impressive record sales of about 100 million copies globally, and the seven Grammy awards, Golden Globe, and Oscar that he earned. In addition, he was acknowledged as the best Super Bowl performer ever by, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the BET awards, and was featured in TIME magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.

Accepting a Grammy

He Was The Artist In Demand

Moreover, in 1992, Prince had signed a recording contract with Warner Bros for a staggering $100 million, which was considered the largest deal in the history of recording contracts at that time. The unique feature of this agreement was that it provided Prince the liberty to pursue separate deals for films, books, television, and merchandising. This deal was distinct from other prominent artists of that era, such as Michael Jackson and Madonna, who were under all-inclusive contracts worth $60 million, illustrating Prince’s outstanding popularity and high demand during the 90s.

Prince popularity

Willy Wonka Style Promotion

In a similar manner to Willy Wonka’s golden tickets found in his chocolate bars, in 2006, Universal set up a marketing strategy by hiding 14 Purple Tickets within Prince’s album, 3121. The lucky holders of these tickets were granted a rare experience to attend a private performance by Prince in his Los Angeles home. This opportunity, known as An Evening With Prince, was considered a unique and unforgettable occasion.

Prince Purple Rain

Unheard Recordings

After the singer passed away, an investigation into the cause of death prompted the closure of Prince’s residence. As part of this investigation, authorities searched his home and personal belongings, including his music studio. It has been reported that a vast collection of previously unheard recordings has been discovered in the studio. In addition to the music on his 32 albums, it appears that Prince had a significant amount of unreleased material that he had either chosen not to release or was still planning to release at a later time.

Prince singing

His Alter-Ego

Prince not only established his reputation and recognition worldwide under the name “Prince,” but he also created a feminine persona known as “Camille” during his career. Although he initially planned to record an entire album under this alter ego, singing in a normal voice and then accelerating the track to sound more feminine, he later abandoned the idea. Although the album was never released, Prince occasionally referred to himself as Camille in response to remarks about him.

Prince as Camille

2016 Tour

In early 2016, Prince embarked on a nine-show tour of Australia and New Zealand, which marked his first solo tour with just a piano and microphone as his companions. Despite no apparent signs of physical discomfort, he unexpectedly passed away shortly after completing the tour that lasted for several weeks. However, he gave his fans an unforgettable performance in all the shows in his typical Prince style, leaving them satisfied and happy.


No Sign of Slowing Down

As a member of the Jehovah’s Witness community, there were no signs indicating that Prince’s use of illegal drugs could pose a potential problem for the musician. Plans were being organized for the star to perform again in November of that year, following the tour’s conclusion. After the success of his earlier 2016 tour, it was expected to be another successful performance by Prince with no indication of impending trouble.


Prince on stage

A Last Performance

Prince’s supposed illness caused him to reschedule his performance, but he kept his promise to his fans and performed on April 14th. Unfortunately, after returning home the following day, there were concerns about his physical health due to some issues that arose on the plane.


The Week Leading Up To His Death

Just six days before the singer’s death, Prince became unwell while flying home and the plane had to make an emergency landing. Although initially diagnosed with the flu, it was later revealed that Prince was battling an addiction to prescription drugs and required injections to counter its effects. To keep his addiction private, the prescription was in a friend’s name.

Prince outfit

Secret Names

It has been found out that in addition to using his friend Kirk Johnson’s name on prescriptions, Prince also adopted a different name, Peter Bravestrong, to maintain his privacy during travels. After his death, investigation of his belongings indicated that this name was printed on his luggage tags.

Prince dancing

During The Week

After overdosing on his plane, Prince did not display any symptoms of trouble in the following week. Instead, he became more involved on social media, particularly Twitter, and interacted actively with his followers. He expressed gratitude for their backing and hosted a dance event to demonstrate his admiration for them. Despite the true motive for his emergency landing being kept secret from the public, Prince did not seem to require any further attention. However, circumstances took a turn on April 21.


His Sudden Death

Prince suffered an overdose and made an emergency landing, but only six days later, he was discovered unconscious and unresponsive in the elevator at his home in Paisley Park. This news was devastating to his fans worldwide, and his death at the age of 57 was not immediately explained, leading to speculation about the reason behind his sudden passing. As rumors spread regarding his deteriorating health, people began to wonder what could have been the actual cause of his death.

Prince symbol

Possession Of Substances

After the singer’s death, an inquiry was conducted to determine the cause of his demise, which included an investigation at his residence. This investigation led to the discovery of prescription drugs concealed in ziplock bags and luggage throughout the musician’s home. Moreover, reports suggest that a brochure on how to overcome drug addiction was also found, implying that the artist may have developed a dependency.

Prince on Stage

Accidental Overdose

After he passed away, the examination of his body revealed that there were substances present in his system, which were reported to have caused his death. However, it later emerged that the artist himself had labelled it as an accidental overdose. The reason for his dependency on prescribed medication was cited as being the discomfort he experienced after his high-energy performances on stage. This contradicts the healthy image that Prince had fostered throughout his career.

Prince on Jimmy Fallon

Removing The Evidence

Instead, she would discover the celebrity feeling sad and shedding tears. He requested Mayte to discard the medication he had kept in his hotel room by flushing it down the toilet. It happened soon after she revealed that she was carrying Prince’s baby that he experienced a suspected overdose. The guards found the celebrity passed out and covered in vomit. During that time, Prince declared that it was only a combination of aspirin and wine and promised not to repeat the error.

Prince on Tour

More Secrets

Mayte Garcia used pills to help her recover from a painful cesarean. However, she realized that the pills were missing and assumed that her husband, Prince, had taken them to prevent her from hurting herself. After discovering wine spills in their home, Mayte began to doubt Prince’s intentions and grew suspicious about the disappearance of the pills.

Prince perfoming

Conversion of Faith

In 2001, Prince’s fans and supporters were surprised when he announced his conversion to Jehovah’s Witness. He expressed his newfound beliefs through his music and way of life. His music after converting did not involve any profanity or explicit content, unlike his previous works. Prince also started visiting people’s homes to enlighten them on his faith, despite being rejected. Furthermore, he claimed to not drink alcohol.

Prince as Jehovah's WItness

Religion and his Personal Life

Following the unfortunate death of Prince and Mayte’s first child, Prince made the decision to change his religion. This, in addition to his conversion to Jehovah’s Witness, contributed to the deterioration of his relationship with Mayte. When they lost their second child, Mayte faced some physical problems that called for medical intervention. Prince’s faith, which prohibits surgical procedures, conflicted with Mayte’s decision to undergo surgery, leading to a lack of support from Prince.


The Cane

Prince incorporated a cane into his style, but there were speculations that it was due to him requiring double hip replacement surgery since 2005. The root cause of this was his dynamic performances in high heels throughout his career. Whether or not he had the surgery remains unclear, as it was difficult to verify despite assertions that he did. Moreover, he was perceived to be against the idea of the procedure due to religious beliefs.

Prince and the Cane

Now His Wife Speaks Out

After their separation, Mayte Garcia, Prince’s former spouse, alleged that the singer suffered from substance abuse and kept a secret supply of illegal drugs during their marriage. She described his behavior as erratic and claimed that she overlooked the warning signals during their relationship because she did not want to confront the reality. While Mayte Garcia did not witness Prince consuming any suspicious substances at the time, she now maintains that she had suspicions that he was indeed using them.

Prince and wife

Unanswered Questions

One year after Prince’s death, it is still unclear how he obtained the substance that was found in his system and caused his death, as there is no record of any prescription for it. Because Prince didn’t own a phone, investigators are using his email to look for any evidence related to the case. So far, the search warrants have not yielded any information on the contents of the emails.

Prince in purple

Elisa Donovan As Morgan Cavanaugh – Then

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch added a pleasant twist to the traditional ’90s teen comedy genre, incorporating magic effortlessly into everyday life. As we eagerly await the imminent Netflix reboot, it’s worth reflecting on where our beloved original cast members are now. Morgan was initially Sabrina’s flatmate at college and despite her challenging nature, she ultimately became a close companion.

Elisa Donovan – Now

Elisa Donovan’s 90s style was always there and easily recognizable because of her role as Amber in the movie Clueless. After her appearance in Sabrina, she went on to become a recurring actress in several TV movies. Eventually, she landed the lead role in the TV series, In Gayle We Trust, that lasted for two years. Now, Elisa can be found acting in the movie MDMA, where she played Mary.


Nate Richert As Harvey – Then

During the first season of the series, Sabrina had a romantic interest in Harvey, who later became her boyfriend during their high school years. Despite facing several breakups, Harvey still remained a part of Sabrina’s life as they grew older. Although they went through many other relationships, eventually, Sabrina and Harvey came to the realization that they were meant to be together.

Nate Richert – Now

Before Nate Richert joined the cast of Sabrina, he had already established an acting career. Despite being offered other roles that took him away from the show, Richert worked consistently during that period. However, after the series was canceled, he noticed a decline in opportunities for professional film work. His final film role was in 2006, starring in the movie H-e-n-r-y. Recently, on Twitter, Richert revealed that he is still passionate about acting but relies on a combination of maintenance and janitorial work and carpentry to make ends meet.


Jenna Leigh Green As Libby – Then

It is a common theme in teenage shows for one student to become the ultimate rival of another, and Libby fit this role for Sabrina throughout most of their high school years. Despite being a wealthy cheerleader, Libby lacked two important things that Sabrina possessed: magical powers and her boyfriend Harvey. Although Libby was unaware of Sabrina’s true identity as a witch, Sabrina frequently practiced her magical abilities on Libby, causing her to become suspicious.

Jenna Leigh Green – Now

At the end of the third season of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Jenna Leigh Green left the show in order to possibly pursue a role in the short-lived series called Cover Me. Along with various film projects, Green has often acted in musical productions throughout the world. Initially, she started performing in the concept for Bare: A Pop Opera, but later on in 2004, she got a part in the tour of Wicked, which she managed to perform both on Broadway and in Los Angeles. Recently, she was seen in the film Skin.


Nick Bakay As Salem – Then

Salem, who was once a witty warlock, had transformed into a cat and became one of the significant characters in the TV show ‘Sabrina.’ Due to his attempt to dominate the world, he was sentenced to be stuck as a cat. Being in his feline form prevented him from exhibiting his evil behavior, and thus, the most he could do was encourage Sabrina to utilize more of her magical powers, which frequently led to her getting into trouble. Despite his previous malevolent tendencies, Sabrina cherished Salem as an affectionate pet.

Nick Bakay – Now

Nick Bakay’s face may not be easily identifiable, but his voice work for the past 25 years suggests that you’ve likely heard him in multiple series. He has a deep baritone voice that he used not just for voicing Salem in Sabrina, but also for Norbert in Angry Beavers. Following his work in Sabrina, Bakay had more opportunities to appear on-camera, taking on roles in both The King of Queens and ‘Til Death from 2007 to 2010, where he played Karl.


Caroline Rhea As Aunt Hilda – Then

Throughout the series, Hilda, the younger sister with a fun-loving personality, tended to act impulsively and behave more erratically than her sister. One of her quirks was buying various businesses that she would eventually abandon. As an adult, Hilda’s mishaps mirrored Sabrina’s youthful ones, making her more sympathetic and understanding towards her sister’s difficulties, having gone through similar experiences herself during her childhood.

Caroline Rhea – Now

After concluding her role as a cast member on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch in 2002, Caroline Rhea aimed to switch from being a TV star to a movie star. She took up leading roles in several movies such as Christmas with the Kranks and The Perfect Man, but later in 2008, Rhea came back to television. Over the past years, she has been featured in various TV movies including the 2017 film, A Very Sordid Wedding.


Beth Broderick As Aunt Zelda – Then

Hilda was known for her fun and crazy personality, while Aunt Zelda played the role of the sensible one in the magical family. Despite being a witch, she also had a passion for science and loved conducting experiments. However, she often had to spend time straightening up after her sister and niece. When Sabrina went away to college, Zelda chose to become a professor at the same university so that she could stay close to her.

Beth Broderick – Now


Although it may seem unlikely that Aunt Zelda and Diane Janssen from Lost were played by the same actress, there are actually some similarities between the two shows that may not be immediately obvious. After appearing on Lost for three years, the actress, Broderick, went on to have several minor roles in various TV shows before landing a more prominent part in Under the Dome in 2013. In the last year, Broderick has been particularly busy, starring in three movies.

Martin Mull As Principal Kraft – Then

While it seems like the high school principal should have been held at arm’s length from the ins and outs of Sabrina’s teen years, it seems Principal Kraft had trouble staying out of the orbit of witches, as it’s eventually revealed that his first wife was also a witch. During his time on the series, Principal Kraft managed to date both Hilda and Zelda, which frequently brought him into contact with Sabrina outside of school hours.

Martin Mull – Now

One of the most prolific actors to grace Sabrina’s airtime, Martin Mull is a veritable steam engine as an actor, having worked continuously in both sitcoms and as a voiceover artist since leaving Sabrina. Mull had significant storylines on shows like Two and a Half Men, Dads, Veep, and Arrested Development. In addition to reprising his role as Gene Parmesan on Arrested Development this year, he appeared in new seasons of The Ranch, The Cool Kids, and I’m Sorry.


Lindsay Sloane As Valerie – Then

When Sabrina’s first best friend mysteriously departed after the first season, she was replaced with the character of Valerie, whose biggest flaw was just how little she believed in herself. Sabrina, of course, tried to fix this via magic once, only to have it backfire when Valerie became overconfident. Valerie may have spent most of her relationship with Sabrina in the dark as to her magic, but she would eventually find out that Sabrina was a witch alongside Harvey.

Lindsay Sloane – Now

It wouldn’t be long after departing Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, before Lindsay Sloane found fresh roles to take on. In 2000, she had a one year run on the series Grosse Point. During the next decade, Sloane was able to branch out, taking on roles in feature films as well, like She’s Outta My League. She was also a featured actor in both iterations of Horrible Bosses. Most recently,  you could catch Sloane in The Odd Couple and Playing House.


David Lascher As Josh – Then

Josh may have begun his run on the show as Sabrina’s coffee shop manager, but he would become one of her most significant love interests on the show apart from Harvey. Unlike Sabrina’s mostly idealized relationship with Harvey, the difficulties in Sabrina and Josh’s relationship seem present from the start. It eventually ends with the discontent Josh decides to become a photographer in order to fulfill his life’s passion and moves to Prague, when Sabrina has to choose to give him up.

David Lascher – Now

David Lascher may have started his career young, but it seemed like his greatest hits all occurred before he joined the cast of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, having appeared in both the TV series Blossom and Clueless. After leaving Sabrina, Lascher took a four year hiatus before appearing in his next project, Mystery Woman: Redemption. Lascher’s acting work has remained sparse since then, though he tried his hand at screenwriting with 2014’s Sister. This year, he appeared in Hollywood Darlings.


Trevor Lissauer As Miles – Then

When Sabrina moved to a college house upon starting university, it was her two female roommates who generally took the spotlight, even though Miles was present for most of that time. Miles’s penchant for science fiction and other nerdy pursuits made him come very close to figuring out Sabrina’s secret during their time living together. Miles abruptly leaves the series, with no explanation as to what happened to him afterward ever given, though there may be some hints that he dated Roxie.

Trevor Lissauer – Now

Trevor Lissauer gave his career a 180 when he finished filming Sabrina, as he immediately began working on several feature films. Though most of Lissauer’s work in the interim years consisted of film roles, none of them were particularly standout films. Lissauer’s most recent win came in 2016 when he received a small role in the hit musical film, La La Land. In 2017, Lissauer had a guest role as Zach Leben in the TV series, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.


Emily Hart As Cousin Amanda – Then

Though Sabrina may have gotten herself into many a pickle by accidentally misusing magic, her cousin Amanda preferred to cause trouble on purpose. From her introduction, she used her magic to cause mischief, whether it was forcing people she didn’t like into jars or causing other sorts of havoc. The show toyed with giving Amanda a spin-off of her own, but she ultimately remained just a planet in Sabrina’s orbit throughout the seasons.

Emily Hart – Now

In a nice homage, Amanda was played by Melissa Joan Hart’s real-life sister, Emily, who was inspired to go into acting by her older sister. Emily’s character never became as prolific as Melissa’s, but she found some of her own success as a child star, including an appearance in 2004’s Raising Helen. Though her last film appearance was in the 2010 feature, Nine Dead, two years ago, Hart had the opportunity to voice the audiobook version of Clarissa Explains It All.


China Shavers As Dreama – Then

While Sabrina went through plenty of her own trials as a witch in training, not long after she was put in charge of mentoring another young witch. Her charge was Dreama, who was considerably less skilled with her magic than Sabrina was when she first discovered it. Dreama’s skills were so out of control that she was turned into a mouse when Brad briefly discovers her secret. With Sabrina’s help, however, she gets a handle on her skills.

China Shavers – Now

Shortly after concluding her run on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, China Shavers moved on to a two year run in Boston Legal, where she played Brooke Harper. From there, Shavers managed to land a significant number of guest spots on the long-running soap opera, ER, where she played Olivia Evans. Between 2015 and 2016, Shavers appeared in several episodes of American Crime Story. Most recently, she has had guest roles in a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and appeared in the short, Night Shift.


Donald Faison As Dashiell – Then

Throughout the course of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Sabrina rarely had romantic encounters with other magical beings and still had positive feelings about them by the end. With Dashiell, however, Sabrina didn’t have to worry about him having issues with her being half-mortal since he was too. Their biggest problem was that Harvey came strolling back into Sabrina’s life shortly after she began to date Dashiell, which forced her to have to choose between the two of them.

Donald Faison – Now

When Donald Faison joined the cast of Sabrina, he was already a well-known teen actor, having starred in both the film and television version of Clueless. Faison’s biggest break yet was still to come, however, as he is still best known for his role in Scrubs, where he played Dr. Christopher Turk for nine seasons. Following Scrubs, Faison also began appearing in a number of feature films, which include Pitch Perfect, Kickass 2, and this year’s Game Over, Man.


Melissa Joan Hart As Sabrina – Then

One of the things that made Sabrina so relatable was that besides her magical powers, she was a regular teenage girl dealing with the trials and tribulations of high school. That she drifted between our world and the magical world made the fantasy of her life more grounded. As she grew up, Sabrina passed through the same milestones any other girl faces, especially when they aren’t the most popular cheerleader in school.

Melissa Joan Hart – Now

It’s rarely easy for child stars to transition their youthful careers into more adult projects, but while Melissa’s acting roles became more sparse for a while after she wrapped production on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. By 2010, however, Melissa was back in business with a new sitcom called Melissa & Joey, which ran until 2015. Since then, Hart has appeared in several movies, including last year’s A Very Merry Toy Stoy, while A Very Nutty Christmas is set to be released this year.


Soleil Moon Frye As Roxie – Then

There may have been some initial tension between Roxie and Sabrina when they first met, but ultimately, they’d manage to find common ground and become close friends. Roxie is one of the characters on Sabrina with the strongest moral compass, as she’s always campaigning for some cause or another. Roxie often acted disgusted that Miles was interested in her, but after Sabrina meddles with some magic, it became apparent that Roxie may not have felt so differently about him.

Soleil Moon Frye – Now

Soleil Moon Frye was yet another well-known child actor, having begun her career as Punk Brewster, who joined the cast of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch as she was reaching adulthood. Since finishing her work on the series, Soleil has focused mostly on voiceover work. Her credits include The Proud Family, Bratz, Planet Sheen, and Robot Chicken. Following the release of her 2013 book, Frye took a bit of a hiatus, but she recently completed two episodes of Hollywood Darlings.


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