Megan Fox Spills on Her Surgeries, Marriage, MGK Rumors, and More

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Megan Fox, 37, spilled the beans in a recent “Call Her Daddy” podcast interview! She opened up about her plastic surgery, cleared up rumors about other procedures, talked about Machine Gun Kelly, her ex-husband Brian Austin Green, and more. Here’s what she revealed!

Megan Fox mentioned that she has had three boob jobs and a nose job. Megan joked about wanting a big butt too, but she said she doesn’t have enough fat for that kind of surgery.

She mentioned that she has never had a facelift, brow lift, or liposuction. Megan also mentioned that surgeries scare her because of the anesthesia, and she made a joke about needing good omens before going in.

When Megan was about 21 or 22, she got her first boob job. But later, she had to fix it because her body didn’t have enough fat to hide the bumps from the implants. After having kids, she had another surgery on her breasts to make them look better. Her most recent one was to make them even bigger, now she’s a 32D. Megan joked about wanting a butt that would really grab attention, but she said she doesn’t have enough fat for that kind of surgery, so she likes adding fat instead of taking it away.

Megan Fox had her nose job done when she was younger. But she hasn’t had any more nose surgeries since then, despite what people might think. Megan also mentioned a recent secret surgery, something not many people know about in the world of plastic surgery.

When Megan talked about people judging plastic surgery, she said it’s strange to shame women for choosing it. She knows there are risks, but she doesn’t tell people to get it or not. Megan thinks everyone should make their own choice.

Switching to her love life, she talked about her split with Machine Gun Kelly. They decided to call off their engagement last year. Even though they broke up in February, people have spotted them together recently.Megan mentioned they have a strong connection, calling him her “twin soul.”

Megan fox also talked about her past marriage to Brian Austin Green. She admitted she wasn’t a great wife during their 10 years together.

Megan admitted that she fell in love with other people while they were married. She thinks it’s because she got married young and didn’t get to experience being single.

They started dating in 2004, took a break for a bit, and then got married in 2010. They filed for divorce in 2015 but got back together before finally splitting up for good in May 2020.

Megan Fox shared that she felt restricted and that the serious commitment their relationship needed was something she wasn’t fully ready for. This led to their separation in the end.

In her latest chat on the podcast, Megan didn’t give a clear answer about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. She said they want to keep their relationship private and just for themselves. Megan did mention that they have a strong connection that means a lot to her.

Even though they’ve had their ups and downs, Megan hinted that they might be back together. She talked about going to a Super Bowl party with him, and she liked his new tattoos. Megan said they were for spiritual reasons and praised his decision to cover up old tattoos that brought up bad memories.

To sum it up, Megan Fox’s talks about plastic surgery and love give us a peek into her life. From joking about surgery superstitions to thinking about her past relationships, Megan is honest and stays true to herself as she deals with fame, love, and growing as a person in the public eye.

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