Reaction from Jason Wahler and Wife Ashley Slack on Kristin Cavallari’s New Romance

Reaction from Jason Wahler and Wife Ashley Slack on Kristin Cavallari's New Romance

Jason Wahler and Ashley Slack’s supportive stance on Kristin Cavallari’s new romance with Mark Estes. Explore their positive outlook, reflections on shared life experiences, and insights into overcoming challenges.

Positive Vibes from Jason and Ashley:

Jason Wahler, 37, and his wife, Ashley Slack, are backing Kristin Cavallari’s new relationship with Mark Estes. Speaking exclusively, they express their happiness for Cavallari and her enjoyment of life.

Letting Kristin Be Happy:

Letting Kristin Be Happy:

Ashley Slack emphasizes the importance of letting Cavallari be happy in her new romance, regardless of any opinions or criticisms.

Shared Life Seasons:

Slack notes the coincidence that their children align in age, highlighting the camaraderie they share as they navigate similar stages of life.

Reconnecting with an Old Friend:

Wahler reminisces about his past with Cavallari, describing her as an incredible friend with whom he shares a bond from their time on reality TV together.

Overcoming Challenges and Reconnecting:

Overcoming Challenges and Reconnecting:

Despite facing personal struggles, including Wahler’s battle with addiction, he shares how reconnecting with Cavallari after years apart felt seamless.

Kristin Cavallari’s Relationship Journey:

Cavallari’s public announcement of her relationship with Mark Estes stirred up attention, particularly due to their 13-year age gap.

Age is Just a Number:

Addressing the criticism, Cavallari dismisses concerns about the age difference, emphasising that maturity is about life experiences and upbringing, not just age.

Beyond Romance:

When not discussing Cavallari’s new relationship, Wahler and Slack are involved with Dr. Daniel Amen at the Change Your Brain Foundation, advocating for mental health awareness and support.

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