The Real Story: Kirstie Alley’s Big Life

The Real Story: Kirstie Alley’s Big Life


True Love

Although it was hard, I managed to resist running away and marrying John, which may leave you wondering why it didn’t happen. Despite being married to Kelly Preston, Travolta and Alley were not meant to be married, as marriage takes effort and dedication to make it work. Alley was already married to Parker Stevenson, and even though he may have been aware of the flirting between her and Travolta, Preston made sure to monitor the situation.


Addressing the Rumors

In Hollywood, rumors are rampant and the public is eager for answers to some of their burning questions. Although some celebrities prefer to keep their personal lives out of the spotlight, it falls upon others in the industry to address the speculations. While Alley values her privacy, she is not afraid to discuss others’ lives, which is precisely what she did when rumors concerning John Travolta began to circulate.

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Defending Her Friends

Alley has openly shared her own beliefs, and she has also been vocal about the rumors of John Travolta’s alleged homosexuality. Kirstie strongly believes that there is no truth to this speculation and thinks that it is simply a reaction from Hollywood due to the lack of any real scandals involving Travolta. As he has never been involved in any public misconduct, such as cheating or drug abuse, the media had to resort to spreading rumors about his sexual orientation.


Look Who’s Been Talking

Alley has openly stated that John Travolta is her “greatest love” in the public eye. The two of them have worked together on two films and have maintained a close friendship for a long time. They also share the same religious beliefs in Scientology. However, Kirstie believes that they are not meant to be married despite her strong affection for him. Although they played a married couple in a movie, they were able to keep their relationship purely professional.


Keeping it in the Family


The star of Look Who’s Talking tied the knot with Bob Alley, but their marriage ended in divorce after a period of seven years. One might assume that the actress opted to retain her first husband’s family name and is now known as Kirstie Alley both personally and professionally. However, this is not true. The couple, who met while in high school, were actually distant cousins, and her husband’s surname was the same as her father’s, Robert.

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Affairs and Subsequent Divorce

Kirstie Alley has disclosed the end of her initial marriage in her revealing book. Just like her disclosure regarding her relationship with Swayze, Alley has affirmed that she had cheated on her former spouse, Bob Alley. She wrote in her book that she and “Jake,” the person she had an affair with, kissed and had a physical relationship with each other, prompting her to decide to file for a divorce.


Falling for Patrick Swayze


Kirstie details her relationship with Patrick Swayze in her book “The Art of Men”. She asserts that the famous actor from “Dirty Dancing” urged her to end her marriage and wed him. However, although she was open to dissolving her own marriage, she clarifies that she wasn’t prepared to terminate Patrick’s marriage.


Putting Their Marriages in the Corner

Alley and Swayze acted together in the movie North and South, where they had an instantaneous connection. Alley discussed how they fell in love emotionally, realizing that both their marriages were at risk and their situation was even worse. Despite their deep connection, they did not have an actual affair since they were both married.


The Secret Is Out the Bag


Although their connection was not based on physical intimacy, the bond between them continued until Swayze’s unfortunate demise. In 2009, Alley even gave a speech at Swayze’s funeral, affirming their relationship. However, during an interview on Entertainment Tonight in 2012, she confessed that while she maintains a friendship with Swayze’s wife, Lisa Niemi, she was unsure if she was aware of their relationship. It seems that her decision to share this information publicly on television suggests that she believes Lisa is now aware of it.


Before Fame

After the collapse of her marriage, when Alley was still in her early twenties and had not yet started acting, she associated with the wrong crowd. She revealed that during the difficult period, she got involved in using illegal drugs and couldn’t break away from the addiction. Her depression and guilt of messing up everyone’s life contributed to her addiction. However, her life was rescued, and her dependency ceased after she discovered Scientology.



Alley is well-known for her adherence to the Scientology faith, joining the ranks of other famous followers like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. For more than three decades, Alley and her family have held firm beliefs in the religion. Kathy Griffith’s book, Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z noted her dedicated commitment to the faith. An instance that illustrated her devotion was when Griffith noticed that Alley’s phone weather app was set to Clearwater, Florida – the location of the Scientology headquarters – despite her living elsewhere.


Defending Her Religion

The actress was forced to justify her religious beliefs when Howard Stern insinuated that she might be promoting it for financial gain. Even though she is known for promoting her own diet program called “Organic Liason”, she made it clear that her business has no connection with the Church of Scientology or the world institute of Scientology. The comment made by Stern was not appreciated by the actress.


Don’t Turn Your Back

Leah Remini, who used to be a follower of Scientology and was friends with Alley, decided to leave the group. However, this was met with negative reactions from her previous acquaintances. Kirstie, for example, called Remini a “bigot” after finding out about her departure. Remini empathized with Alley’s reaction to her leaving, as she now considers her former friends to be against her, and would not be surprised if they ignored her in public.


Anything for the Church

Despite perceiving ex-Church members as adversaries, the actress from Cheers has demonstrated an even greater level of devotion to the Church through the generosity of her donations. In 2007, Alley gave $5 million to the organization – an amount that speaks volumes about her appreciation for Scientology and her affiliation with it. Moreover, she has bought a residence in Clearwater, Florida, which serves as the spiritual hub of the Church of Scientology.


Her Weight

Kirstie Alley, a celebrity often associated with weight-related tabloid headlines, has struggled with her body image in the public eye. However, she has also received attention and praise for both losing and managing her weight. In her journey, she spoke highly of the weight loss program Jenny Craig and even became its spokesperson from 2002 to 2007. Eventually, she created her own weight loss products and later teamed up with Jenny Craig, which she deemed as the “perfect combination.”


Back at It

In 2009, after leaving Jenny Craig, Alley started gaining weight again and her changing weight became a topic of news. In 2014, she became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig again. Having previously achieved her weight loss goals with their program, Alley decided to endorse and follow the same program that worked for her before. Her dedication paid off as she successfully shed 50 pounds (23kg) on the diet once again.


Second Marriage

Alley’s relationships were often the subject of gossip during her professional life; nonetheless, she was previously wedded to Parker Stevenson, a fellow actor who featured in The Hardy Boys as a teenage heartthrob. Despite Alley stating that she would have left her spouse for Patrick Swayze, she and Stevenson stayed married for 14 years. They are blessed with two children whom they adopted, namely William True and Lillie Price, and are now grandparents to Waylon Tripp Parker, William’s child.



Despite her Hollywood career being associated with her romantic relationships on film sets and media scrutiny over her weight, Kirstie Alley is primarily recognized for her successful television career. She gained widespread recognition for her role as Rebecca Howe on the popular show Cheers from 1987 to 1993. Her performance in this role was lauded by critics and audiences alike, earning her the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, as well as a Golden Globe award for Best Actress in 1991. This role solidified her position as a well-respected actress in Hollywood.


It Takes Two

Alley was fortunate enough to collaborate with the most renowned twins of Hollywood. During their joint venture on “It Takes Two,” she was in awe of their commendable work ethic and the genuine passion they held for their craft. Alley continues to maintain a connection with the twins and fondly reminisces about their dedication to their profession. She recalls how, as a child, she yearned to act and appear in films, but living in Kansas made it impossible to achieve her dreams.


Her Own Reality Show

Despite being a renowned actor who has received several awards, Kirstie Alley has also provided insights into her personal life to the public. Her weight changes have been a popular topic in tabloid articles and interviews, hence it was appropriate for her to share her side of her story. In her show, “Kirstie Alley’s Big Life,” she tried to lose the extra weight she had gained for the second time, but the show was not well-received by critics.


Family Disaster

Alley received a distressing phone call during her debut paying job on set due to a family emergency. In the year 1981, a drunk driver caused a car accident that involved both of her parents. Her mother unfortunately didn’t survive the crash, but her father recuperated from his injuries. Kirstie’s family faced another calamity when her daughter Lillie’s fiancé passed away in a car crash in 2014.


Her Own Mini Zoo

Typically, when enquiring about someone’s preferred pet, the question of whether they like cats or dogs tends to arise. However, some individuals may have a fish or a rabbit, whereas Alley’s situation is quite unusual. She currently houses 14 lemurs in her Los Angeles residence, which may not be the typical pet for her area. Lemurs are often associated with Madagascar, and Alley mentions that not many people are familiar with them. Nevertheless, she describes them as laid-back creatures with unique personalities and a lifespan of up to 30 years. Due to this lengthy lifespan, she does not advise having them as pets.


Getting on the Trump Bandwagon

In 2016, the notable issue in the US was the presidential elections, and besides this, the public was interested in celebrities’ endorsements for the candidates. In this regard, Alley was one of the female celebrities who were endorsing Trump and playing an active role in his political campaign. She was confident in her decision, claiming that she had a good history of choosing elected presidents – citing Carter, Reagan, G.W. Bush, Clinton, and Obama, and being satisfied with three of those choices.


Or… Maybe Not

However, a significant shift occurred. After showing her approval in April, she withdrew her support in October by declaring that she was no longer backing Trump or the election. She made a public statement saying, “I detest this election and I am revoking my endorsement for either candidate.” She shared this announcement on Twitter, along with a photo of a woman saving bear cubs from a trash bin, and captioned it with “I am voting for the lady with the ladder” (if only that was a viable option). Nevertheless, she later expressed her joy at the Republicans’ triumph in November 2016.


Interior Designer

Alley’s life took a turn when she stepped into the world of the wealthy and famous after her first film release in 1982. Prior to that, she lived in Kansas and worked as an interior designer. Despite her global recognition as an actress, Alley has not completely abandoned her passion for interior design. Besides decorating her own home, she collaborated with Oprah on a competition where a lucky fan would win a room in their house designed by Alley.


A Star for a Star

Apart from the diverse range of accolades that actors and actresses can receive throughout their profession, their contribution to the entertainment industry may also lead to the placement of a sizeable star on the floor with their name at the center. Kirstie Alley is one of the many performers who has been bestowed with the honor of having her own star, which is displayed as a public monument on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This recognition was given to Alley as a tribute to her achievements in the film industry.


Dancing With the Stars

Alley participated in Dancing with the Stars, a well-known celebrity dance competition, in 2011. Together with her dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, they received a flawless score of 30 out of 30 for their last dance. Throughout the show, the weight of the participants often undergoes changes, and as this has been a significant issue in Alley’s life, the series provided an opportunity to observe her physical transformation.



Not All About The Dancing

Despite showcasing her dancing abilities and significant weight loss transformation, Kirstie Alley generated more buzz during her appearance on the show when she was spotted kissing a fellow contestant, the 21-year-old rapper Romeo. However, this incident did not result in a scandalous romantic affair as Alley herself clarified that they were just having a bit of fun and entertainment for the media.


Sued Over 100 Pounds

Kirstie Alley, who appeared on Dancing with the Stars in the same year, co-created a weight loss program named Organic Liason. She claimed that she lost 100 pounds with this program and that it’s an effective diet for anyone seeking to lose weight. Nevertheless, not everyone was persuaded by her claims, and after trying the product, Marina Abramyan found that no weight was lost. As a result, she filed a lawsuit against the actress for falsely advertising the product.


Lawsuit Damages

Abramyan observed a correlation between Alley’s product release and her appearance on Dancing with the Stars, both featuring diet benefits. Kirstie, who had struggled with weight loss, endorsed the product as a solution. Abramyan tested the product and concluded that Alley’s weight loss was actually due to her participation in the dancing show. As a result of misleading the public, Alley was ordered to pay $130,000 following the lawsuit.

in 2011

If you happen to be the child of a well-known actor or actress, you could potentially gain numerous advantages for your career. It’s probable that you have inherited some of your parent’s abilities, and this could boost your chances of landing a significant role in the acting industry. Even if it’s just a brief appearance in your parent’s movie, it’s worthwhile to seize the opportunity. Take a look at these young actors who took advantage of this chance and acted alongside their famous parents.


Jaden and Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness

Will Smith rose to fame by portraying an exaggerated portrayal of his own persona in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air during the 1990s, whereas his offspring Jaden marked his cinematic debut in The Pursuit of Happyness in 2006.

The movie not only allowed Smith to receive major acting credits but also won the admiration of the viewers for a young Jaden’s portrayal of Chris Gardner’s son. The father-son combination reappeared on screen once again in the 2013 action film titled After Earth.


Mark and William Morgan Sheppard in Doctor Who

Actor William Sheppard was known for his work on the popular American franchise Star Trek. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that his son, Mark played a younger version of him on three different occasions.

You can spot the similarities between the duo during their appearances in shows like Doctor Who, NCIS and in Mysterious Island. Unfortunately, William passed away in 2019 but he’s still well remembered for his acting career that spanned over five decades.


Annie Starke and Glenn Close in The Wife

Glenn Close is an award-winning actress with four decades of experience under her belt. One of her newer roles includes playing the part of Joan Castleman in the 2018 drama The Wife. The movie centers around Glenn’s character whose husband is chosen for the Nobel prize.

What many didn’t know is that the woman who plays a younger Joan in the flashback moments is in fact Glenn’s daughter Annie Starke. Seeing how similar the two women look here, it’s actually not that surprising!


Lily-Rose and Johnny Depp in Yoga Hosers

In 2016, 15-year-old Lily-Rose shared the screen with her famous father Johnny Depp in the action-comedy spin-off Yoga Hosers. However, this was not actually Miss Depp’s first debut alongside Johnny. Back in 2014, she was featured in the original version entitled Tusk.

But Lily-Rose’s first role was merely a cameo which grew in the spin-off when she played the character Colleen Collette. Do you reckon the two look alike? We’re on the fence but if you Google search her mom, Vanessa Paradis then it’ll all make sense!


Atandwa and John Kani in Black Panther

John Kani is a legendary South African actor who famously played the fictional character King T’Chaka in the highly popularized 2018 action film Black Panther. The sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is expected to be released next year.

But interestingly enough, Kani’s son Atandwa joined him on screen to play the younger version of his character. How’s that for a family affair? We look forward to seeing this father-son duo star in more productions together!


Eva Amurri Martino and Susan Sarandon in Dead Man Walking

Many may know that actress Susan Sarandon took home an Academy Award for her role as Sister Helen Prejean in the 1995 film Dead Man Walking. But what might surprise fans is that her daughter played her character’s younger self.

This was the first of many times that Eva and Susan were going to share the screen together. Examples include films like the 2002 comedy The Banger Sisters and Adam Sandler’s 2012 comedy-drama That’s My Boy.


Domhnall and Brendan Gleeson in the Harry Potter series

We have yet another surprising father-son screen share for you to be shocked by. While Brendan Gleeson is well-known for his role as Alastor Moody in the beloved Harry Potter series, many didn’t know that his son joined him.

Domhnall played Bill Weasly in the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows after replacing Richard Fish who portrayed Bill in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The younger Gleeson has gone on to star in other films like the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy and About Time.


Mamie Gummer and Meryl Streep in Evening

What would you do if your mother was one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood? Well, if you’re Mamie Gummer, the daughter of Meryl Streep, you follow in your mom’s footsteps.

Mamie has landed major roles in series like Emily Owens, The Good Life and its spin-off The Good Fight. But her movie debut was actually playing the younger version of Streep’s character in the 2007 drama Evening.


Alice Richmond and Tina Fey in 30 Rock

While Alice Richmond is only 16 years old, she already has an acting credit or two under her belt. And she can thank her famous mom Tina Fey for this. When Alice was just seven, she got the chance to play a young version of Fey’s 30 Rock character.

Alice actually appeared in a flashback scene where her character Liz was recalling her first wedding experience. We’re pretty sure that we will see more exciting roles for Tina’s youngling. And remember, you heard it here first!


Vivian Falcone and Melissa McCarthy in Thunder Force

Thunder Force is the latest collaboration between actress Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone who directs the film. So, it makes sense that this family affair also features their offspring.

Yes, Ben and Melissa’s daughter Vivian who also happens to be Melissa’s lookalike stars in the superhero comedy as a young Lydia Berman. But according to her IMDb, Vivian also starred alongside her famous mom in the 2016 movie The Boss.


Vivienne and Angelina Jolie in Maleficent

Angelina Jolie famously plays the title role in the 2014 fantasy film Maleficent. What a lot of fans didn’t realize about the film is that Jolie’s very own youngling joined her on set.


The actress explains “The other 3- and 4-year-old [performers] wouldn’t come near me. It had to be a child that liked me and wasn’t afraid of my horns and my eyes and my claws. So it had to be Viv.” Vivienne played the younger Aurora who is Elle Fanning’s character in the movie.

Tatum and Ryan O’Neal in Paper Moons

Ryan and Tatum O’Neal have a problematic father-daughter relationship despite acting alongside one another in the 1974 movie Paper Moon. Her outstanding performance even scored her an Academy Award at the age of 10, making her the youngest person ever to win this award.

Ryan reportedly became jealous of his daughter’s success and their relationship suffered greatly. The elder O’Neal also struggled with substance abuse and was quoted saying that he didn’t even recognize his daughter at the funeral of his partner, Farrah Fawcett.


Natasha Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave in Evening

In the drama Evening, Mamie Gummer and Meryl Streep were not the only mother-daughter duo starring in the film. In fact, Vanessa Redgrave played the main character Ann Lord, and while she had two daughters in the film, one of them was played by her real-life daughter, Natasha Richardson.

Fans may recognize the beautiful Natasha from her role as mother Elizabeth James in the family-comedy The Parent Trap. Unfortunately she passed away in 2009 after a tragic accident.


Bridget and Peter Fonda in Easy Rider

Bridget Fonda is a legend in Hollywood so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that she made her on-screen debut before she was even six years old.

In the film, her young character can be seen with her brother Justin Fonda and mother Susan Brewer at a hippie park where her father’s character visits on his motorbike adventure. After that short stint, Bridget did not act again until she was 18 years old.


Sylvester and Sage Stallone in Rocky V

While the film Rocky V got weak reviews, there was one endearing part of the movie that gave it a competitive edge – Sylvester Stallone starred in it alongside his eldest son, Sage Moonblood Stallone. Quite a unique middle name, right?

Sages’ role of Rocky Balboa Jr. was not actually his first on-screen appearance. Before that, he was seen on the cable access show Gorgeous Ladies of Wresting. Unfortunately Sage passed away in 2012.


Robin and Zelda Williams in House of D

While actor David Duchovny received criticism for the first film he directed, it wasn’t actually all bad. House of D gave the late actor Anton Yelchin his big acting break and it provided Robin Williams with the opportunity to star alongside his daughter Zelda.

While the legendary comedian Robin Williams has since passed, Zelda continues to act. She even nabbed a recurring voice in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.


Jerry and Ben Stiller in Zoolander

In the ’60s and ’70s, Jerry Stiller and his wife Anne Meara were a legendary comedy package deal. So, it’s not that surprising that their kids Ben and Amy followed in their parents’ footsteps. Ben made his first film debut next to his famous dad in Hot Pursuit.

And by the time the two starred together again in the beloved comedy Zoolander, Ben was already a household name. And mama Merara also featured in the movie, making it a full family affair. You might also recognize this famous duo from The Heartbreak Kid.


Martin and Charlie Sheen in The Execution of Private Slovik

While Martin has been a well-known face since the ’70s, his son Charlie is no stranger to the spotlight either. But before Charlie Sheen was the bad boy of Hollywood, he was merely the son of renowned actor Martin Sheen.

Then when Martin starred in the docudrama film The Execution of Private Slovik, his nine-year-old son made his screen debut as an extra. He certainly leveled up in 1986 when he got his breakthrough role in another war movie entitled Platoon.


Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez in The War At Home

Martin Sheen has four children, so it makes sense that everyone who wants also gets a turn. His other son Emilio Estevez has worked on several projects with him and after Emilio’s directorial career kicked off, Martin went on to star in some of his films.

Emilio’s films with his dad include The War At Home, Bobby and the father-son drama The Way. Viewers might also recognize Emilio from his role in the iconic films The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire and The Outsiders.


Donald and Kiefer Sutherland in Forsaken

You might actually know this famous father-son duo from the 2016 Western film Forsaken. However, what may surprise you is that the pair actually acted in another film together back in 1983. As a young teenager, Kiefer made a small appearance in Donald’s film Max Dugan Returns.

Then in 1996, the two starred in John Grisham’s thriller A Time to Kill, but never in the same scene. Kiefer later revealed it was only during his first cameo with his famous dad that he realized how big of a star he is.


Leslie Mann, Maude and Iris Apatow in This Is 40

When it comes to a family working together, the Apatow’s pretty much own this space. With father Judd Apatow being a renowned writer, producer and director behind some of the biggest comedies and mother Leslie Mann being cast in leading roles.

However, what might shock you is that their daughters Maude and Iris also feature in several of the films from This Is 4o to Knocked Up alongside their hilarious mother.


Judd and Maude Apatow in The King of Staten Island

After starring in numerous of her dad’s films as a child, Maude’s acting career has subsequently taken off. The 23-year-old’s breakthrough role came when she starred as Lexi Howard in HBO’s drama series Euphoria.

Then in 2020, she got to star in her dad’s comedy film for Netflix The King of Staten Island, alongside Pete Davidson. We can definitely expect a lot more from this rising star who so clearly takes after her talented parents.


Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana

Even though Miley Cyrus has long since shed her Disney girl image, the powerhouse singer will always remain the star of the ‘2000s in our eyes. That’s all thanks to her hit show Hannah Montana where she starred opposite her famous country star dad Billy Ray.

At the time when the show was first released in 2006, Billy Ray was known for his single “Achy Breaky Heart.” It wasn’t long until people around the world knew him for his character on the show – Robby Ray Stewart who was the father of Miley’s character Hannah a.k.a Miley.


Kirk, Michael, and Cameron Douglas in It Runs in the Family

Speaking of family affairs, the Douglas brothers got to star with their famous dad Kirk in the 2003 comedy-drama It Runs in the Family.

The movie even starred their mother Diana Dill. Despite the whole family’s attempt, the film didn’t get great reviews but at least the Douglas clan has that special memory. Fun fact: Michael starred as a Jeep driver in his father’s 1996 film Cast a Giant Shadow.


Jada Pinkett and Willow Smith in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Willow Smith is the daughter of famous and beloved couple Will and Jada Smith but she also has some success of her own acclaim. Did you know that she was the youngest person ever to be signed to Jay-Z’s label? Yes, impressive stuff!

Not only is she an artist and an actress but she’s also got some voice-over work under her belt. She worked alongside her mom back in 2008 for the animated film Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. Willow voiced the younger version of Jada’s character Gloria the hippo.


Will and Willow Smith in I Am Legend

Before Willow was known for her singing career and voicing gigs, she already had an acting credit in a major blockbuster movie. Those of you who’ve seen Will Smith in I Am Legend might be surprised to learn that a young Willow graced our screens in it.

This was her film debut and the start of her Hollywood career. Today the multi-talented 20-year-old also shares the screen with her mother and grandmother.


Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith in Crazy in Alabama

While a lot of us know Dakota from the steamy film series 50 Shades, it might impress you to know that she actually comes from a family of renowned actors. Her mother, Melanie Griffith needs no introduction at all and a young Dakota actually starred with her in the 1999 film Crazy in Alabama.

Then a whole two decades later history repeated itself when Melanie played a small role in Dakota’s film The High Note. We’re still patiently waiting for her to star alongside her famous dad, Don Johnson.


Tom and Colin Hanks in That Thing You Do!

Like father like son, right? We can’t deny that Colin and Tom Hanks are the spitting image of each other but audiences around the globe may not have noticed this when the two first starred together in Tom’s directorial debut of That Thing You Do!.

We say this because Colin had a minor role as a page boy. But a decade later the pair reunited for the movie The Great Buck Howard and this time the younger Hanks got the leading role. His legendary father played the next-in-line character.


Tom and Chet Hanks in Greyhound

Now all parents will know that if you give your one son an opportunity that it’s only fair that the other son gets the next one. So, it doesn’t surprise us to hear that Tom’s son Chet starred alongside him in the AppleTV+ film Greyhound.

Fans may recognize Chet from his cameo appearance in Larry Crowne as a pizza delivery man. In his scene, Julia Julia Roberts’ character calls him a “babe.” Not bad, hey? These Hanks brothers are lucky guys!


Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow in Sylvia

While many may recognize this mother-daughter duo from the 2003 film Sylvia, it turns out that this wasn’t the first time Blythe and Gwyneth acted together. Initially, the famous ladies shared the stage for the play The Seagull.

Blythe has since spoken out about that time, admitting to Gwyneth – “I wish I had recognized your otherness and embraced it. You know, I could cry about the fact that I didn’t.” Sounds like working alongside your child isn’t as easy as it looks!


Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson in Deepwater Horizon

Though Kurt Russell is not Kate Hudson’s biological parent, he has been her father figure since she was four years old. But it took the duo until 2016 to collaborate their acting abilities. For the action-drama Deepwater Horizon fans got to see Kurt and Kate in their element.

Kurt spoke out about the emotional experiencing, admitting “That was probably the thing I will remember most about this movie— we got to work together.” How cute? We love this duo so much!


Clint Eastwood and Scott Eastwood in Gran Torino

Clint Eastwood is another Hollywood legend known for his work primarily in Western films. He decided to join forces with his hunky son Scott in his films Gran Torino and Trouble With the Curve.

Scott is definitely in awe of his multi-talented father and even told Esquire magazine that he plans to follow in his director’s footsteps. The younger Eastwood added, “I definitely have the desire to go to the other side.” And we’re certainly excited to see where that takes him!


Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher in These Old Broads

Hollywood lost two legends after the deaths of Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher. Reynolds had an acting career that spanned over seven decades and Fisher’s fame wasn’t far behind playing the prominent role of Princess Leia in the Star Wars films.

And as it turns out, the famous mother-daughter duo even got to share the screen in the 2001 comedy-drama These Old Broads. While Carrie just had a cameo, they still got to share that happy memory together.


Carrie Fisher and Billie Lourd in The Rise of Skywalker

This next parent-child collaboration might make you cry so feel free to grab a tissue now. Carrie Fisher passed on her acting genes to her lovely daughter Billie Lourd and the two even got to be featured in the most recent Star Wars trilogy.

Even though Carrie passed away before The Rise of Skywalker came out, production was able to include her in the film using old footage from over the years. Billie even admitted “I was speechless,” after hearing the news.

Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Even though it’s no secret that Angelina and her famous father have had a dysfunctional relationship, that doesn’t mean to say the two haven’t shared screen time. In fact, Jolie made her screen debut with Jon in the 1982 film Lookin’ to Get Out.

That role jumpstarted the starlet’s career and by the time she landed her breakthrough role in the 2001 action-packed production of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Jolie was a known name in the industry. Interestingly enough, Voight played her on-screen father in the movie.

Demi Moore and Rumer Willis in Now and Then

Demi Moore and her daughter Rumer Willis began collaborating together on-screen already in 1995 for the film Now and Then. The following year, Rumer even got to play Demi’s on-screen child in the film Striptease.

The duo got together again for the drama series Empire and according to Rumer, the show made them closer than ever because they were living together at the time. Rumer added, “It’s been really lovely. We go out to dinner and hang out, and it’s been really nice to have quality time.”

Bruce and Rumer Willis in Hostage

Rumer Willis is one lucky actress because she doesn’t just have a famous mom but her dad Bruce Willis is kind of a Hollywood legend. So, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that the two shared the screen not once but three times.

Fans can see Rumer alongside Bruce in the movies Hostage, The Whole Nine Yards and, Air Strike. The latter war-action production got the most praise. Hopefully, we’ll see this father-daughter pairing again soon!

Lloyd, Jeff, and Beau Bridges in The Lloyd Bridges Show

Lloyd Bridges not only featured in multiple TV shows but also starred in over 150 feature films. So, during his extensive acting career, he chose to include his two sons Jeff and Beau in some of his endeavors.

Both sons were seen on The Lloyd Bridges Show and separately they also received roles next to their dad with Jeff starring in Tucker: The Man and His Dreams and Blown Away. While Beau featured in the TV movie The Thanksgiving Promise and Harts of the West.

Henry and Jane Fonda in On Golden Pond

While people in this day and age might not remember Henry Fonda, his daughter Jane is still a legend among us. And this father-daughter pair even shared the screen for Henry’s last feature film entitled On Golden Pond.

Their collaboration earned them both Oscar nominations in 1981 and Henry even won the award. A few years earlier in 1972 and 1979, Jane took home Oscars as well. How’s that for talented genes?

George and Mayan Lopez in The George Lopez Show

When actors have their own sitcoms, it’s pretty common for them to cast their family and friends in the show. So, in the case of George Lopez, he cast his daughter Mayan in an episode of his show entitled “George Rocks to the Max and Gets Diss-Band-ed.”

Mayan’s mother, Ann Serrano was also involved in production as a scriptwriter. Then in 2009, the father-daughter combo reunited for the Nickelodeon film Mr. Troop Mom. Now an adult, Mayan continues to act and follow in her father’s footsteps.

Patrick and Daniel Stewart in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Patrick Stewart is known by many as Captain Picard of the Star Trek series. Stewart starred in over 100 episodes but he has always maintained that his favorite one is from the fifth season, entitled “The Inner Light.”

Big shocker here – one of the reasons why he loved this episode so much is because he got to act alongside his son Daniel who plays his alternate-universe offspring. In more recent times, the father-son duo came together for the Starz original comedy Blunt Talk.

Brad Pitt and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Earlier on we mentioned how a young Vivienne Jolie-Pitt got to star alongside her mother Angelina, so it only makes sense that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt got a similar opportunity when she was a baby.

Shiloh got to play her dad’s daughter Caroline in the acclaimed film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Even though her cameo appearance was short-lived, just look how cute she looks here. You can tell she’s the daughter of some genetically blessed parents!

John and Hayley Mills in So Well Remembered

Hayley Mills needs no introduction after her main parts in the original films The Parent Trap and Pollyanna. Mills has literally been acting since day one. So it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that she comes from a family of actors.

Hayley made her debut in acting starring alongside her father John in his 1947 film entitled So Well Remembered. Then over a decade later, she appeared in another one of his films, Tiger Bay. After that, Hayley went on to land her most famous roles to date.

Jada Pinkett and Willow Smith in Red Table Talk

While we have previously mentioned how this mother-daughter duo has done voice work together, as it turns out that’s not the only project the Smith women have collaborated on. Since 2018, Jada and Willow have been sharing the screen for their Facebook Watch talk show.

And they’re not the only two from the family to feature on it – Jada’s mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris is also a host on the show. They’ve had a number of high-profile guests have a seat at their table from Demi Moore to Paris Jackson and Kristin David.

Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli in The Good Old Summertime

Judy Garland and her daughter Liza Minnelli are both legendary stars who acted, sang, and danced for the world to see. Our only regret is that we didn’t get to see this talented duo feature in more productions together.

In fact, the only time the two shared the screen was in the final scene of Judy’s film The Good Old Summertime. Liza was born the year it came out so it’s not shocking to hear that her role was very small and uncredited.

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