Joan Crawford’s Adopted Daughter Opens Up About the Unsettling Details From Her Childhood

Joan Crawford’s Adopted Daughter Opens Up About the Unsettling Details From Her Childhood

In 1939, Joan Crawford became an adoptive parent to Christina, as she learned that having biological children was not possible for her. However, after Joan’s death, Christina shared that her experience growing up with her mother was not as idyllic as it appeared to be. Explore Christina Crawford’s early life and the guidelines her mother had for parenting, and learn if these rules were as harsh as they were believed to be.

Couldn’t Have Children

Joan had a deep desire to start a family, however, it didn’t occur during her initial marriage to Douglas Fairbanks Jr from 1929 to 1933, leading her to conclude it and file for a divorce. She then got wed to Franchot Tone in 1935 and hoped to have children, but once again, it didn’t happen.

In 1939, following the end of her second marriage, she came to the realization that having biological children was not in her fate. As a result, she made the decision to pursue adoption and ultimately adopted a baby girl who was only 10 days old.

The First Adopted Child

During Joan Crawford’s second marriage, she found out that having biological children was not possible for her. As a result, she made the decision to adopt a child. This is when she welcomed Christina into her family, who was the first of five children she adopted over the years. The baby girl was adopted from an unmarried teen mother from Los Angeles, California.

Christina stated that her biological father was a married navy officer, and her mother was a teenage girl. Due to the adoption denial in California, Joan Crawford went through a baby broker in Nevada to adopt this child.

Determined to Have a Child

Despite facing initial rejection for adoption, Joan Crawford was determined to have a family and looked for options in another state, where she eventually found success in adopting a child.

Due to her strong resolve, Joan was able to adopt Christina shortly after getting remarried. It took her some time to come up with a name for the child, but eventually, Joan chose Christina. This is how she finally found the child she had been longing for.

The Next Child

About 18 months after she adopted her baby girl while being in her third marriage, the woman made a decision to grow her family and adopt another child. They opted for a boy, but an unforeseen event took place.

The birth mother of the child made a decision to regain custody and was granted guardianship, leaving Joan and her newlywed spouse, the actor Phillip Terry, in a state of shock.

A Replacement

Following the regrettable event, the couple made the choice of adopting another child, ultimately deciding on a male. They gave the boy the name Philip, after his adopted father. The intention was for him to fill the void left by Christopher, the child they were obligated to return to his biological mother.

Regrettably, the union between her and Phillip was not enduring, and they eventually parted ways through a divorce settlement. Joan retained custody of their two children, and she devoted herself to raising them. Following the divorce, Joan decided to rename her son Christopher.

Adoption of the Twins

In 1946, Joan divorced Phillip Terry and then attempted adoption once again through an adoption agency in 1947 as a single parent. She successfully found a pair of twin sisters whom she quickly adopted and gave them the names Cindy and Cathy.

Despite the fact that the agency had a reputation for utilizing unlawful methods to place children with famous people, she proceeded to adopt the twins. It was her lifelong desire to have a big family to nurture.

Joan Was Quite Strict

In her 1978 memoir, Christina stated that Joan was a firm parent who didn’t hesitate to reprimand her children for breaking her rules. Additionally, Christina claimed that Joan would use any items at her disposal to discipline her children.

She recollected that her mother would discipline them by using wooden coat hangers if they acted out. However, such a parenting approach would not be socially acceptable in today’s era of tolerance and self-control.

Image of an Idyllic Home

Joan, being a prominent personality, had an obligation to maintain the facade of an ideal mother, which was perceived by everyone. Nevertheless, there was more happening behind the scenes than what was thought to be commonly known.

Christina had a different perspective than everyone else about the home that appeared idyllic with joyful kids; she claimed that Joan was extremely strict and would inflict severe punishments on them for minor mistakes.

Joan Was No Stranger to Spanking

When around others, she portrayed herself as an affectionate and nurturing mother, but in private, the dynamic shifted. Joan had no qualms about using a hairbrush as a means of disciplining her children for misbehavior, resulting in the handle breaking on one occasion.

Joan would administer punishments on her children when they were in privacy without anyone noticing, and Christina claimed that her mother made use of anything available to discipline them.

She Locked Them Up

Christina claimed that one of Joan’s ways of disciplining her children when they misbehaved or did something wrong was to confine them in a storage closet.

According to Christina, Joan would imprison them in a tiny chamber within their lavish Beverly Hills residence as a form of discipline, even for trivial misbehavior.

Joan Cut Christina’s Favorite Dress

Joan was displeased by this and decided to discipline the girl for tearing the wallpaper using this approach. Christina argued that her mother was aware that the dress was her favorite.

She Was Scared of Her Mother

One of the instances that demonstrated Christina’s fear of her mother’s parenting techniques was the wallpaper incident. Once she had torn it, Christina attempted to reattach it to the wall and even resorted to using her saliva as an adhesive.

She preferred concealing things from her mother instead of confronting her anger. Joan even made Christina wear the torn dress for a week, even when it became dirty, which was the most unbearable aspect of it all.

Call Me Mommy Dearest

Christina mentioned in her memoirs that Joan made her kids call her “Mommy Dearest” rather than just “Mommy”, which is an affectionate term commonly used by children for their parents. This request was excessive.

If Christina failed to address her by the assigned name, she would become very angry. It wasn’t a matter of affection or admiration, but rather a requirement for the kids to use that specific title.

She Was Stricter With Christina

Christina recounts in her book that Joan was very strict with her, particularly when she violated one of her mother’s many rules. Even more so than with the younger children, Joan would punish Christina severely.

She recalls how Joan was notably stringent with her, often reprimanding her more frequently than the rest of the kids. Despite the challenges of raising five children as a single mother, Joan may have crossed the line with her strictness.

Different Types of Punishment

Joan employed varying methods of disciplinary action to correct the children’s misbehavior when they violated the rules. One time, Christine violated one of the rules, and Joan prohibited her from participating in a friend’s birthday celebration.

During the entire party, Christina was required to remain seated and not make any movements, which was observed by Joan’s friend June Allison. June found the punishment to be somewhat severe and mentioned that Joan was generally strict with Christina.

Tie the Children Up

Christopher was often found tied to his bed when his friend visited him on another occasion. This appeared to be a regular occurrence in the Crawford household, and they claimed that he was secured with a sleep-safe apparatus.

The young boy who came to see them was the offspring of Helen Hayes, a renowned personality, who banned her child from visiting them again. According to Christina, she was sometimes restrained to the bed at night as a punishment for misbehavior.

Woke Them Up at Night

Joan used to disturb the children’s sleep and assign them the task of cleaning up any mess they made. These nocturnal visits were a routine practice and were one of the ways in which Joan raised her children.

Christina remembered a specific incident from when she was eight years old when Joan woke her up in the middle of the night to clean up a mess they had made earlier that day.

They Stayed Up All Night

The children were forced to stay awake and clean up their mess for most of the night due to the frequent raids. This served as an effective strategy to teach them the importance of avoiding mess-making during the day, as they would have to face the consequences at night.

The method of waking up the Crawford children for cleaning was used on all of them, including the youngest, as Christine remembers, and it could happen to any of them.

A Parade for the Kids

Sometimes, Joan would introduce her romantic partners to her children when she brought them to her house. Prior to retiring with them, she would bring them upstairs after introducing them to the children.

At times, she would anticipate Christina to prepare their alcoholic drinks. The youngsters were directed to refer to these guests as uncles brought home by their mother. She didn’t make any effort to conceal her interactions with these visitors from her children.

Take Their Presents Back

Christina asserted that Joana’s behavior of presenting Christmas gifts to the children in front of photographers and then snatching them away was among the most terrible things she would do. Joan did not believe in indulging her children, including during the holidays, as per Christina’s written accounts.

The presents were removed and wrapped again with the intention of giving them to their friends on their respective birthdays. It was decided that each child would only retain one present during such events.

The Green-Eyed Monster

At times, Joan would blame Christina for attempting to make advances on her spouse, Alfred Steele, and enticing him. This clearly denotes that Joan Crawford harbored some insecurities of jealousy and projected them onto her eldest child.

“The Green-Eyed Monster” can be rephrased as “Jealousy” or “Envy.”
It is common knowledge that Joan had feelings of envy towards her competitor in the industry, Bette Davis. Regrettably, Joan’s intense jealousy became a hindrance in her relationship with Christina, leading to a strained bond between the two. She did not view her daughter in a positive light.

Mother and Daughter Outfits

Joan really loved the idea of mother and daughter dressing up in similar clothing for photo shoots, especially during Christmas season. She started doing this with Christina when she was very young and always made sure the cameras were there to capture the moment. It was Joan’s most preferred activity during the holiday season.

According to Christina’s recollection, the sessions were not intended for her enjoyment but rather for Joan’s desire to uphold a particular image. Despite their attractive appearance, she did not find these sessions particularly enjoyable.

Joan Called the Police

Although Christina appeared to be a troublesome child, calling the authorities on her was simply a way to intimidate her. Christina reported that a juvenile officer visited their house and delivered a strict admonition.

Christina was greatly affected when she was warned that she might be sent to the juvenile hall, which left her feeling unwelcome and hopeless. It raises the question whether this was an effective parenting approach.

Obsessive Name Changing

Joan made some alterations to the names of her children after their adoption, until she felt content with the final choice. This process began with her first adopted daughter, who was initially given the name Joan, but she subsequently renamed her and opted for Christina.

The second child, which was the second boy, was named after his father, Phillip, but she changed his name to Christopher after the divorce. This name change happened when he was around three years old; no wonder he had some issues growing up!

Joan Withheld Food

As punishment, Joan didn’t allow Christina any food for a time because she complained about dinner at some point. Christina complained that the steak she was served was a bit raw to her taste and refused to eat her food.

Because of that incident, Christina was denied food for more than a day before she was allowed to eat again. She also said that this was part of Joan’s nature to control them, and it certainly showed in her parenting methods.

Christina Felt Unloved

When Christina reached her teenage years, she felt that her mother didn’t really love her or even care for her. This, Christina claimed, was because of the physical mistreatment she received from her mother when growing up. Being slammed and grabbed by her mother didn’t help build a good relationship.

While Christina claimed that her mother became violent when they were alone, many didn’t believe that accusation about Joan. But Christina says that’s only because she let people see what she wanted them to, nothing more.

What’s That About Wire Hangers?

Joan apparently had a hatred for wire hangers and forbade her children from using them when hanging their clothes. She was, on one occasion, furious when she found a single wire hanger in Christina’s closet.

She dragged Christina out of bed in the middle of the night and spanked her with the hanger. For unknown reasons, wire hangers had quite an effect on Joan, and she would lose her temper when they were found in her home.

Off to Boarding School

At the age of 10, Christina was sent to boarding school, and this put some distance between her mother and her childhood. It was here that she found that Joan’s parenting methods were far from normal and somewhat odd. But this didn’t help her to build a life of independence.

Christina understood that the rules she grew up with weren’t the norm and that other children didn’t go through the same punishment. This may have been the reason why she had some issues later on in her life.

A Sad Time

When Christina was 15, and in boarding school, her mental health wasn’t what it should be, even for a teenager. According to Christina’s memoirs, she claimed that Joan’s treatment caused her to feel negative about herself and her future.

During this time, Joan totally ignored her daughter. At this point, Christina tried to take too much medication, and Joan didn’t even contact her during this episode. Joan left her alone to cope with her problems, which made them even worse.

Grabbing Her by the Throat

Joan had grabbed Christina by her throat in a fit of rage, her hands around her neck, trying to harm her. This specific incident happened when Christina was a teenager, and it was a very bad physical fight that impacted the child.

She remembered that her mother had a look of animal rage in her eyes and that she fell to the floor when she lost her footing. This was also the last time they were involved in a physical fight.

Extreme Punishment

Even her son had to go through some extreme punishment, like the time when he played with a box of matches. Joan had him hold his hand in the fireplace to teach him not to play with matches again. This happened when he was only seven years old.

This punishment caused him to have blisters on his hand, and he recalls that it was the first time he ran away from home and away from Joan. This incident proves that Christina wasn’t exaggerating about being mistreated by her mother.

A Damaged Relationship

All these things and many more mentioned in the book Christina published caused Christina never to trust her mother again. This may have been the reason why they didn’t speak with each other for many years and why Joan disowned her eldest daughter and son.

The extreme and uncontroversial parenting methods of Joan Crawford caused irreparable damage to her adopted children. This was also the reason why Christina tried to end her life, and Christopher ran away from home many times. What a sad story.

Privacy and Space

Mike Tyson’s former mansion is set back some distance from the main road, with a private drive and a thick ring of trees blocking it from view. If you’re looking for a nice private place to live, it doesn’t get much better than this!

The home is now reportedly owned by Casey Askar, a businessman from Florida who owns several restaurant chains. Looks like Mr. Askar was looking for some privacy, too!

Bell-Hop Service

When you pull up to the front door, you might feel more like you’re arriving at a hotel rather than a person’s home. The porte cochère, as it’s called, is a covered area that’s designed to keep people and their belongings from being exposed to harsh elements when they get out of their cars.

We can definitely imagine 50 Cent having a bell-hop on hand, as well as a valet, for people arriving to stay at his mansion or visiting for a glitzy party.

Gated Driveway

If you ever get the chance to drive by the property, you’ll be struck by the huge set of gates at the end of the driveway. There’s also a stone lion situated right inside the gates, just in case you forgot who you were visiting.

If you weren’t sure whose house you were driving by, you might just think they were another set of gates, albeit a bit more ornate than some other ones you might see in front of less expensive houses.

Bird’s Eye of the Front

The house is over 51,000 square feet, featuring 21 bedrooms and 35 bathrooms (with a mix of full baths and half-baths). It’s also set on 17 acres of land, so there’s plenty of room for almost any activity you can imagine. With such a huge house, you might not be surprised by this next fact.

50 Cent was reportedly spending upwards of $70,000 a month on maintenance, salaries for property caretakers, and other costs associated with property upkeep. That’s almost $850,000 a year!

Beautiful Dining Rooms

Among the rooms on the first story, this dining room off to the side of the main entrance looks like it can host quite a few people for a dinner party or something of the sort. If you look into the distance, it seems as though there’s another dining area in the back.

Why have one dining area when you can have two? Or three, or four, or however many other rooms are hiding throughout this palatial estate.

Fine Dining from Another Angle

50 Cent’s old pad boasts quite a stunning dining room area that needs to be appreciated from a variety of angles, including this one. This cream-colored, rich display of opulence shows that the rapper knows how to entertain his guests.

Moreover, he is bound to have some unforgettable Thanksgivings over the next few years. Everything from the beautiful white chairs to the stunning chandelier is going to do nothing less than take your breath away.

Elegant Sitting Room

You probably don’t think of “elegant tea parties” when you hear 50 Cent mentioned, but that doesn’t mean the rapper wasn’t a fan of having guests over to his crib. This is just one of several general-purpose sitting rooms spread throughout the house.

We could also see this being a nice little spot to have breakfast or maybe a cup of coffee. That’s an incredible looking table, too!

Grand Piano

We’re not sure if 50 Cent has been known to tickle the ivories (being a musician, it’s not outside the realm of possibility). Whether he plays or not, one of the first things that guests are greeted with is this grand piano sitting in the reception room.

If you’re wondering just how much a piano like this might cost, it varies based on the year, but suffice it to say that it was probably a few thousand at the very least.

Pool Room

Don’t mistake this next room for an indoor swimming pool, because that’s definitely coming up soon. Instead, what would a mansion be without a billiards room and not one, but two huge pool tables?

This seems like a great place to kick back and hang out with your old pal, 50 Cent.

And a Poker Room

If a game of pool isn’t quite to your liking, you can check out the house’s other game room where there are several full-size casino games available. And is that a dance floor there in the background? Who knows!

We believe this might be adjacent to the next room on this list. Because if all this space wasn’t enough already, this house definitely has its very own nightclub right inside it.

In Da Club

If you were wondering where else you could possibly have to explore if you ever got the chance to visit this beautiful estate, look no further. This mansion also has its very own fully functional nightclub — complete with strobe lighting and a stage for those times you need to put on a quick show.

This large, open-concept space would be great for relaxing in with a group of friends, along with hiring some entertainment for the evening. Sign us up!

Guest House by the Pond

We’ll take a break from the gorgeous interior of this mansion and step back outside for a bit, where you’ll first be struck by the sizable pond in this picture. As we’ll see in a little bit, this pond — of course — has a stunning water fountain in it.

You may also notice the guest house there on the side of the pond. We’re honestly not sure what it looks like in there or how many rooms, but it’s probably nicer than our actual house.

Pond Water Feature

As we mentioned before, the pond has a beautiful water fountain cascading out of the center of it. There are also some nice, quiet wooded areas with waterfalls and other features that can help you become one with nature if that’s what you’re int0.

The price for running such a system can vary wildly based on the cost of electricity in the area, but it might cost a few dollars a day. Unless it’s running off solar power!

Now for the Pool

If taking a dip in the massive pond isn’t your style, you can check out the property’s gargantuan pool. We’ll get a better shot later in the article, but the pool doesn’t stop here — it extends into a grotto so you can get out of the sun for a minute as well.

We’re guessing this has been the scene for some pretty spectacular pool parties when both 50 Cent and Mike Tyson owned the place.

Get Your Tan On

Since there’s a huge swimming pool in the backyard, it makes sense that there are multiple places to lay out in the sun and get a nice tan. While Connecticut may not be known for being nice all year round, it does have mild summers that are great for sunbathing.

Rumor has it these sorts of features are set all over the property so no matter where you find yourself, there’s a cozy spot to sit down and relax for a few minutes.

Here’s the Grotto

Here’s a nice shot of that grotto we mentioned, which includes a covered portion of the outdoor pool. We’re guessing pool upkeep was a pretty substantial portion of the monthly expenditures 50 Cent was dropping on this place!

Swimming pool grottos can have a variety of features, like waterfalls, a built-in spa or sauna, lighting, or just some comfortable seating.

Indoor Swimming Pool

During those cold Connecticut winters, you might still want to swim. Instead of having to go to your local YMCA, why not just swim in this incredible indoor swimming pool? Or you can just sit out and enjoy the view of the surrounding grounds through the full wrap-around glass walls.

All this beautiful room is really missing is a slide or something, but maybe the new owner will decide to install one.

Legit Home Gym

If people have a home gym, most of the time it will consist of a treadmill or stationary bike, some dumbbells, and — if they’re really dedicated — a squat rack. 50 Cent has an image to maintain, though, so his gym went a little above and beyond the typical home gym.

This is a gym even the most hardcore bodybuilders would love to call their own, with plenty of machines for all your favorite muscle groups.

Master Bedroom

Let’s head upstairs to the second floor and start checking out some bedrooms! First is this master bedroom with a fantastic view and plenty of space for activities. It’s got a nice sitting area where you could enjoy a morning cup of coffee, and that even looks like a fireplace in the corner.

As you’ll see in the next photo, the adventure doesn’t end here. This master bedroom is full of surprises!

Two-Story Master Bedroom

Is a one-floor master bedroom not enough for you? Well, try two floors! There’s a beautiful spiral staircase in this master bedroom, leading up to another floor. We have absolutely no clue what’s up there but we’re guessing it’s pretty fantastic.

There are quite a few things you could do with a loft space — it could be a second bedroom, a home office, a small theater set-up, or a den of sorts. In this house, though, the sky is the limit!

Downstairs Living Room

This isn’t really a living room, more of a parlor or something. Those couches look like they’ve never been sat on, though. We’re also not sure what that round room situated in the back is supposed to be. But that’s fine, as it seems like there’s plenty of hangout rooms spread throughout the house.

Imagine having so many rooms in your house that there are rooms you’ve never even spent any time in? We’re guessing that’s the case throughout the rest of the house as well.

Kitchen Fit for a King

As you’d probably imagine with a house like this, the kitchen is every chef’s dream. It’s enormous with plenty of storage space and counter space for cooking and storage. And this is just one half of the kitchen — the rest of it extends to about the same size behind the photo!

It just so happens that there are six kitchens in this sprawling estate, not just one. We have no idea what you would do with the other five unless you’re having some sort of in-house cooking competition or something.

State of the Art Cinema

Yet another bonus room in this mansion is the home theater, complete with stadium seating and a comfortable leather recliner. This room could seat up to eight people for luxury viewings of 50 Cent’s latest music videos or films.

This picture doesn’t include the stylized mural of 50 Cent featured just outside the doors — it’s extravagant and could be one of the reasons why it sat on the market for 12 years without selling.

Watching Movies in the Back Row

You can not fully appreciate the scale of 50 Cent’s inbuilt home cinema without looking at it from behind. This way, we can see the screen, as well as all of the seats and just how big this room is.

We have no doubt in our mind that 50 Cent has kicked back and watched a bunch of basketball games using this facility. Heck, we could imagine falling asleep on one of those chairs. They look so darn comfortable!

Sitting Room With a View

Here’s that one sitting room from a different angle, featuring a look at some of the views surrounding this palatial estate. It’s a little surprising that such a huge house succeeds in feeling so excluded and private, but the surrounding trees help to make it feel like it’s just you in the world.

We’re just having a hard time moving past the amount of time someone would have to spend waxing to get those hardwood floors looking so shiny.

Personalized Outdoor Court

It wouldn’t be 50 Cent’s home without his own personalized basketball court outside the actual house. Not only does it look the part next to that stunning lake, but “Fiddy” even had the name of his group, G Unit, printed on the ground the court.

So whenever he is playing ball with LLoyd Banks and Tony Yayo, they remember where they came from and where they are going. One thing is for sure, 50 Cent knows how to find a healthy balance between work and play.

Indoor Basketball Court

Along with the huge weight room and indoor swimming pool, the home has an indoor basketball/racquetball court as well. This is great exercise for those winter months when there’s not much else to do in the rest of your sprawling mansion.

A common theme in the house is how it’s adorned with “G Unit” logos and symbols throughout, like on the court’s glass door.

Glass Walk-In Closets

Another unique feature of the house is the glass-fronted walk-in closets featured in some of the bedrooms. When you have a ton of clothes, it’s probably nice to be able to see what you’re working with when you go into the closet. Of course, most of us probably don’t have doors over our shelves at all, just empty shelves and racks for hanging.

It also lets you pretend your closet is a show gallery where you can display some famous pieces of clothing you’ve worn in your various hip hop videos — ya know, if you’re into that sort of thing!

Business in the Front

When you’re overseeing a bustling business and entertainment empire, sometimes you need a professional place to sit down and have meetings. Luckily, this place has everything you need to have a very professional meeting, complete with a conference table and a great view.

Also — if you’ll notice — that just in case you’ve forgotten whose mansion you’re in, the room is filled with pictures of 50 Cent in all his glory as well as that notorious G Unit sign in the back.

Random Bathroom

We don’t have enough space to discuss each of the 30+ bathrooms spread throughout the property, but we can take a look into a couple of them. This bathroom is covered in tile and has — you guessed it — a jacuzzi-tub that’s overlooking the grounds.

It’s also got an old-school telephone for when you’re sitting in the tub (or on the toilet we guess), as well as a bidet! Now, we know this place is high class.

Here’s Another Bathroom

Since there are dozens of bathrooms in this mansion, we thought you’d feel a little cheated if we only showed you one. Therefore, we’ll show you this glitzy red one, which looks like something you’d expect to find in Buckingham Palace or something.

We feel like this one is a little over the top, what with the huge dragon sitting out on the counter. That would make it a lot harder to clean!

Yet Another Bathroom

Just kidding! This is the same bathroom as before, just from a different angle. You can tell from the bidet. As you can see here, it also features a beautiful glass shower, and also leads into one of those closets with glass doors!

We’re just really in love with this bathroom so we thought you might feel cheated again if we left out another picture of it from a different angle.

View of the Gardens

Here’s another image of some of the gardens and grounds at the place, where you can see the water fountain from the pond spraying in all its glory. Apart from all the fun activities, you can spend your day doing both inside and out, the 17 acres that the house is situated upon looks like it would be nice to just take a walk on.

Relaxing at this scenic location is — we’d imagine — pretty easy to do. It might not be very relaxing having to take care of all this space, however!

He Even Has His Own Mural

What would a successful rapper be without their own audacious mural? Yes, in 50 Cent’s old house, the “Candy Shop” man had his very own wall of illustrations, showing him in all of his glory alongside his fellow G-Unit members, including the likes of LLoyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

These images of the rappers were definitely lifted from some of their previous promo material. But there is no denying that this imagery is iconic.

Mike Tyson and 50 Cent

When Mike Tyson listed his Farmington, Connecticut mansion for sale in 2003, 50 Cent (whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III) swooped in and purchased it for $4.1 million. He turned around and listed it for sale in 2007, with the original asking price of $18.5 million.

Unfortunately for 50 Cent, that was a good deal higher than any other property in the area and he wasn’t able to sell it for 12 years. Finally, in 2019, he sold it for less at $2.9 million.

Location, Location, Location

The former boxing star and rapper’s mansion is located at 50 Poplar Drive in Farmington, Connecticut. While it’s an affluent neighborhood, the mansion is at the highest end of home prices in the area. Median home prices for the town are around $350,000.

When Mike Tyson sold it to 50 Cent in 2003, it set a record for the highest home selling price in the area. And after scrolling through this article, we think you can guess why…

There You Have It

And there you have it — the mansion that was once owned by both Mike Tyson and 50 Cent. We hope that you enjoyed the tour as much as we did.

An extravagant estate, to say the least, we would jump at the opportunity to even step foot on this property for two seconds. We’ll just have to ask the new owner, who’s currently living his best life, if he’ll allow that.

Beautiful Grounds

One thing is for sure, there is so much more to just the house that the new owner will benefit from in the long run. Even when stepping outside of the premises, one is welcomed by a lush area full of greenery and land.

Anyone who likes to take scenic walks or maybe even goes on some sort of hunting trip is bound to love living in this part of the world. One could even enjoy a little fishing trip by the lake.

Majestic Lake

When you live in a home located next to a lake as beautiful as this one, you know you have hit the jackpot. Casey Askar has it all to look forward to with this home.

The thought of being able to put a little boat on this lake and do some peaceful contemplating on the still waters is nothing short of mouthwatering. We can imagine Casey, walking along the bank of the lake, throwing bread for the ducks to peck at.

Nowhere to Go But Up

Inside the front door, you’re greeted with not one, but two mirrored, wood-paneled spiral staircases that ascend to the second floor. The entire first floor is covered in marble, which just adds to the shiny and glamorous look of the entire place.

If two staircases weren’t enough for you, it looks like there’s even an elevator situated to the side. Of course, we’re not completely sure but it certainly looks like an elevator!

Opulent First Floor

As you continue to wander your way through the expansive first story, you can easily notice just how shiny and golden everything is. From this picture, you can pick out stately marble columns spread throughout, elegant wood paneling, and another set of stairs that leads to the basement.

One thing we’re not particularly envious of is having to keep those marble tiles so squeaky clean. If you’ve ever had tile in a large part of your house, you know what we’re talking about!

Pillars Galore

One thing that certainly makes this house stand out from many others in the celebrity world is the copious amount of marble pillars. It also reminds us of something out of a film about Ancient Roman history.

Truth be told, it doesn’t surprise us that 50 Cent would like to compare himself to the likes of Julius Caesar. Heck, we wouldn’t be surprised if the rapper reclined on a chair and had a servant feed him grapes.

Tyson’s Current Pad

We can’t ignore the living arrangements that Mike Tyson has now after parting ways with that beautiful home. In 2016, the semi-retired boxer forked out close to $3.4 million on this pad in a Las Vegas gated community. It has a myriad of stunning features, including six bedrooms, as well as a lagoon pool.

Located in Henderson, Nevada, this beautiful pad is 8,149 square feet of sheer opulence and does have a Mediterranean feel to it. After seeing him in The Hangover, it’s no surprise that Tyson lives here.

Opulence Epitomized

One thing is for sure, this place is certainly a worthy successor to the place Tyson sold to 50 Cent. With so much space in every room and marble flooring out the wazoo, there never seems to be a dull moment in Tyson’s Nevada pad.

Here, you can see the beautiful, tranquil fireplace. It seems that this photo though was taken before Tyson had any furniture brought in. We can imagine that this room has seen a couple of changes since then.

Bathing Like a King

Seeing that Mike Tyson has undergone some sort of a resurgence in light of his recent minor comeback in the ring, the superstar deserves the very best when it comes to how he bathes.

Not only does his pad have six bedrooms, but it also has six bathrooms too – with most of them looking like this one! After all of those intense workout sessions, Tyson deserves nothing more than dipping into this luxury tub like a king.

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