40+ Rules Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Her Kids Follow, Including Ones Chris Martin Doesn’t Agree With

40+ Rules Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Her Kids Follow, Including Ones Chris Martin Doesn’t Agree With

It can be challenging for celebrities to balance parenting with their public lives. Their unique parenting styles can often draw harsh criticism from those who disagree with their methods, especially for A-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow who are constantly in the spotlight. Despite this scrutiny, Paltrow has implemented strict rules in her household to raise her children. However, her ex-husband Chris Martin does not always see eye-to-eye with her parenting choices.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Path to Motherhood

Gwyneth Paltrow, an acclaimed actress who gained fame for her performances in films such as Shakespeare in Love, Emma, Seven, and Sliding Doors, met Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, behind the scenes at one of his concerts in October 2002. Soon afterward, the two of them entered a rapid romance that resulted in their marriage just a few months later in 2003.

The couple kept their wedding under wraps and only revealed it to the public a few months later. They had a daughter named Apple in 2004 and then two years later in 2006, they had their second child, a son named Moses.

The Marriage Fell Apart

Regrettably, numerous disparities (and a speculation of unfaithfulness) led to the couple’s estrangement in the year 2014. The finalization of their divorce occurred in 2016. The separation caught several individuals off guard as they believed that their union was an ideal pairing.

Paltrow and Martin strive to raise their children together and prioritize spending quality family time, irrespective of their marriage status. However, Martin sometimes disagrees with some of Paltrow’s unconventional child-rearing techniques, as he prefers a more laid-back approach to parenting.

Respecting the Rules

He has respect for his ex-spouse’s decisions and tries not to intervene excessively. Although certain people may not concur with the regulations that Gwyneth has imposed on her kids, it’s crucial to bear in mind that every parent desires the best for their children.

While what may be effective for Gwyneth may not necessarily work for others, she is determined to apply these regulations to her children to enable them to lead a regular life. Despite living in the public eye, both Chris and Gwyneth do not wish for the same for their offspring.

No English TV Shows or Cartoons

Paltrow has a goal of teaching her children, Apple and Moses, to speak multiple languages. To achieve this, she has implemented a policy that restricts the children to watching TV shows in a foreign language. Though some may perceive this as strict, it presents a chance for the kids to acquire a new language, which aligns with the actress’s parenting aspirations for her offspring.

On the other hand, Chris Martin has a laid-back attitude towards the children’s viewing preferences and allows them to choose and watch whatever content they desire while in his company.

No Processed Foods

Gwyneth Paltrow’s healthy living routine is well known. She practices it not only for herself but also imposes it on her children, Apple and Moses, by completely eliminating processed foods from their diets. This comprises a range of food items, from snacks and chips to cookies, cake, and even string cheese.

Paltrow expressed her aversion towards the childhood favorite in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, stating that spray cheese is not something she enjoys at parties.

Strict Diets

Speaking of food, Paltrow has frequently mentioned the strict dietary restrictions she has set for her kids. The health-conscious celebrity has revealed that her diet regimen prohibits the consumption of meat, dairy, soy, shellfish, coffee, alcoholic beverages, and sugar.

Fortunately, Apple and Moses are not forced to adhere to the same dietary plan as their mother, Gwyneth, who advocates for a gluten-free diet. Instead, the siblings follow a diet that is low in carbohydrates and free of gluten. Gwyneth insists that her motives are driven by her desire to provide the best possible health outcomes for her children and she argues that scientific research supports her belief that gluten is harmful to children’s health. Despite facing criticism from her detractors, Gwyneth remains steadfast in her conviction.

Spending Time Outdoors

Both Paltrow and we are in agreement that it is not just beneficial but vital to spend time outside. Paltrow promotes her children to spend as much time as possible outdoors.

Most of Gwyneth and Chris’s children’s time is spent outside, whether it’s taking a walk, harvesting produce, or spending time in the pool. As people say, Vitamin D is vital, and the fresh atmosphere has therapeutic effects on the mind and body.

Finding a Balance

It is a common understanding that children require structure and consistency in their daily lives. However, children of famous parents may struggle to find moments of relaxation amidst their demanding schedules. To address this challenge, Paltrow has decided to reduce her acting commitments and prioritize spending quality time with her family, thereby easing some of the burden on herself.

Having a balance between work and play is crucial, and Paltrow has put in a lot of effort to achieve the right balance for her family. She is not willing to sacrifice valuable experiences with her children by solely focusing on work.

Always Use Flax Oil

In order to guarantee that her kids are properly equipped for school in the morning, Gwyneth arranges their clothing, prepares their lunches, and ensures that they have a nutritious breakfast to kickstart their day.

Gwyneth and her entire family consume a teaspoon of flax oil with lemon flavor every day, even on the days when they are in a hurry. Flax oil aids digestion by reducing the chance of constipation, as well as decreasing the risk of heart disease. Bravo to Gwyneth and her family!

Social Media No-No’s

Paltrow strives to maintain her children’s privacy and avoids sharing their pictures on social media, except for exceptional events, while attempting to lead a regular life.

Browsing through her Instagram page quickly shows plenty of family and lifestyle pictures, but there are only a few of her children. According to Gwyneth, her children can take their own photos once they reach a certain age where they can make their own decisions. Until then, she prioritizes keeping her children safe and guarded.


Gwyneth Paltrow, who was born and raised in the United States, encouraged her children to adopt a sophisticated British accent when they were younger. In contrast, Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay and the father of Apple and Moses, was raised in the United Kingdom.

As the children have grown older, she has had less influence in controlling their language. Currently, the children are reportedly speaking in a blend of American and British colloquialisms, which is logical considering they have an American mother and a British father. It is enjoyable to hear a combination of accents!

Religious Beliefs

Paltrow brought up her kids in a Jewish home and strictly followed the Sabbath and kept their house kosher. The actress’s dad, Bruce Paltrow, was of the Jewish faith.

Even though she was raised in a household that was both Jewish and Catholic, her desire to impart Jewish beliefs and values to her children was her top priority. Chris did not have a strong inclination in either direction, so Gwyneth’s wishes were not a problem.

Schooling Options

It appears that Chris Martin, the father of the Paltrow children, preferred his kids to attend public schools, which would give them the opportunity to engage in music and other activities and live a relatively ordinary life.

Paltrow believes in providing the best education for her children and has therefore chosen to enroll them in private schools, a sentiment that is shared by many other parents.

Family Time

It is commendable how Gwyneth and Chris prioritize their children despite the sudden end to their marriage in 2014. Both of them share a mutual understanding that their children are their top priority, and they continue to participate in various family activities together.

When asked about her divorced family having brunch together, Paltrow clarified that despite any negative feelings towards one another, they still come together for brunch on Sundays as a family tradition.

No Junk Food

Although we previously discussed the stringent diets for Gwyneth’s kids, it’s noteworthy to mention the prohibition on unhealthy foods. Not long after Martin and Gwyneth separated, he took their children to a restaurant where witnesses observed them devouring large quantities of french fries.

According to the media, Paltrow strongly advocates for eliminating junk food entirely and even has a self-imposed limit of one Coke per week. In contrast, Martin is known for secretly giving his kids chips, cookies, and candy as he believes that occasional treats are acceptable.

Mobile Phone Rules

It appears that Apple Martin obtained her mobile phone relatively late compared to her friends, since she acquired it at the age of 12. This may not be surprising for older generations, but it reflects the changing times.

Although it may seem strange, Paltrow is lenient with her mobile phone rule for her children, permitting them to text and use social media as they please. However, they were not granted a phone until they reached a certain age.

Plans for the Future

Paltrow is hoping that her children will discover their own professional paths and is making every effort to dissuade them from pursuing careers in the entertainment sector. Having grown up with notable parents, she desires that her children pursue more conventional professions.

It will be intriguing to observe the outcome, considering that Apple has already shown interest in pursuing a career in music. A few years ago, the children joined their father and his band on stage for a performance, while Gwyneth watched from the audience.

Family First, Always

It is undeniable that Paltrow adores her children and makes every effort to provide them with a joyful existence. She has frequently expressed that her family takes precedence, and has acknowledged that she continues to sleep with them at night, and sometimes permits them to miss school to be with her.

When Apple and Moses were younger, one of the more unusual rules she had was that the whole family had to take a bath together. However, this rule no longer exists as the children are now in their teenage years.

Spending Lots of Time Together

It is evident that Gwyneth values spending time with her family. As per her statement, she believes that building strong bonds with your family and loved ones is beneficial for one’s well-being, and she makes sure to do so daily because it is effortless, and her family is adorable.

The children split their time between their mother and father’s homes in both the UK and the USA, allowing them to enjoy the advantages of both locations.

The “Relaxed” Rules of Gwyneth Paltrow

Although some of the rules set by Gwyneth may appear excessive to some individuals, she also has some other rules that encourage her children to have fun and enjoy their childhood.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll examine some of the less strict regulations that Gwyneth has put into practice now that she is raising her teenage kids.

Video Games

Although some of Gwyneth’s stringent regulations may appear excessive to several people, there are others where she allows her children to have a good time and experience their childhood. As her children have reached their teenage years, Gwyneth has become more lenient with her guidelines.

She openly expressed her preference for her kids to watch cartoons in foreign languages, but when it comes to video games, there are no restrictions on the type or amount they can play. The children have complete freedom to play video games.

The Easing of Snack Rules

Paltrow has become lenient with her rigorous regulation of no snacks or unhealthy food as the children grow up and permits them to have infrequent Oreos or candies. Though they still prefer nutritious meals, Paltrow has exchanged hummus and carrot sticks for sweeter indulgences such as chocolate bars and cotton candy.

Chris feels relieved by this decision because he has always held the belief that children should be able to enjoy snacks, and he used to give them candies secretly whenever he had the chance. Congratulations, Chris! Your children must be really pleased with your action.

Skipping School

Although Gwyneth’s list of strict rules included this, we felt the need to emphasize that the actress allows her children to miss school to spend time together. She disclosed in a recent interview that she permitted Apple to skip school so they could go shopping and have a manicure day.

We welcome and support the implementation of this regulation as we acknowledge the importance of taking occasional breaks for mental wellness or illness. Moreover, it provided an opportunity for the two charming women to spend quality time together as parent and child, which is crucial in today’s hectic environment.

No Summer Camps

Many children typically spend eight weeks away from their parents at summer camps, but Paltrow chooses not to follow this tradition because she enjoys spending time with her kids.

While she spent her summers at various camps as a child, she’d prefer to spend summers with her children, as she told Jimmy Kimmel in an interview about her parenting choices.


Gwyneth Paltrow started her Goop empire in 2008. Now, Goop is a bustling conglomerate that includes a TV show, magazine, and website with an online store. This Hollywood actress believes that it’s important to instill her business-savvy mentality in her children.

She encourages them to follow their dreams and she hopes they’ll take over the Goop empire one day. Even if they don’t take it over and chose to start their own businesses instead, at least they’ll have some solid entrepreneurship skills to use.

Reinventing Themselves

Gwyneth wants to give her children the best of both worlds and believes that moving between countries will give them a chance to experience different cultures and lifestyles and allow them to experience as much as possible.

While many parents will disagree and say that this can only cause disruption and chaos in a child’s life, she’s put her foot down and said that she’ll raise her children how she sees fit.

School Transport

School buses are a big no-no to Gwyneth as she takes her children to school on a Vespa every day. Paltrow purchased the Vespa a good few years back and believes that taking her kids to school herself is vitally important.

Although this may seem like an odd one, we love that Gwyneth wants to ensure her kids get to school safely and that she’s chosen an alternative, more environmentally-friendly way of doing so.

Chris Martin Disagrees

There’s no such thing as the perfect parent, and you’ll find most couples argue about how to raise a child. Celebrity couples are no different, and Chris Martin, too, disagreed with many of his now ex-wife’s parenting choices after welcoming their children.

Daughter Apple was born in 2004, and son Moses joined the family in 2006. There are a few rules that Martin disagrees with, in which he felt other choices were better options for his children.

The No Cartoons Rule

Paltrow is known for only letting her children watch foreign language cartoons, while Martin allows his children to watch their favorite cartoons in their native language of English.

Martin has no limits on how much TV the children can watch and regularly has movie nights with his teens. Either way, it looks like Apple and Moses are getting the best of both worlds!

Laid-Back Parenting Style

Chris Martin is definitely the more laid-back parent of the two and has confessed that he’d sneak snacks and other treats to his children while their mother wasn’t looking.

Shortly after the couple’s separation in 2014, he was seen taking his children to a restaurant in what the media called a “french fry frenzy.” Although we agree that children can’t live on french fries alone, having this as a treat every now and then is great!

Rocky Balboa Diet

Coldplay singer Chris believes in adopting a “Rocky Balboa” diet, in which he eats everything that the boxing star would eat.

While he was following a vegetarian diet during his marriage to Paltrow, he now enjoys meat as much as the next person. He also gives his children ice cream and other treats that they’re not usually allowed when they’re at home with Gwyneth.

Artistic Dreams

Gwyneth has publicly expressed her wish for her children to have normal careers away from the limelight. Still, Chris Martin is an avid believer in following your dreams and encourages his children to pursue their passions.

For Apple, this dream is to become a musician, and it’s a dream that Chris fully supports. He’s more than happy to provide the guidance and connections she needs to get somewhere in the industry when the time is right. He can also ensure she avoids the downsides and pitfalls of the industry too.

Controlling Parents

Gwyneth Paltrow has often been labeled a control freak or helicopter parent by the media. But Chris Martin is the opposite and believes in letting his kids enjoy life as much as possible. Dubbed one of Hollywood’s best fathers, Martin lets his children enjoy the finer things in life and spoils them.

It can be tricky to go against your wife’s wishes when it comes to raising children, but Martin takes it all in his stride as he, too, wants to give his children the best start in life.

Family Time Is Important

This isn’t really a rule that Martin doesn’t agree with, but it’s worth a mention. His wife has often spoken of the couple’s dedication to raising their children together and has mentioned how they still do things together as a family.

Martin agrees and is often seen out and about with the family doing normal family things together. In 2016, the children performed on stage with Martin and his band while their mother watched lovingly from the audience.

Parenting Styles

When Martin and Paltrow split in 2014, they both agreed that they’d do their best to raise their children together. While Gwyneth has some outlandish and over-the-top rules for her children, Martin is more relaxed with his parenting approach.

He’s more focused on letting his children lead their own lives and make their own choices. He’s a strong believer in letting them follow their dreams and not letting fame and celebrity get to them.

To Each Their Own

We’d really love to know more about what Chris thinks of some of the stricter rules his ex-wife has for their children. Let’s be honest, though – we all know that he’s too good of a guy to ever speak publicly about this topic.

Instead, he raises his children the best way he can and lets his wife do the same in her home. Whatever they’re doing, it seems to be good because their kids are well-adjusted, respectful, and kind. Well done, Gwyneth and Chris!

Lana Turner rose to popularity as an actress and a pin-up model throughout the course of her nearly 50-year career. She had a highly publicized personal and professional life. From iconic drama Imitation of Life to the incredible neo-noir crime thriller The Postman Always Rings Twice, Turner has given us some of the most celebrated films in American cinema. Today, we will take a look at the life of Lana Turner through some rare and vintage photographs.

Who Is Lana Turner?

Lana Turner was born Julia Jean Mildred Francis Turner on February 8th, 1920. She was brought up in the city of Wallace in Idaho. She was an American actress who’s still noted for her appearance and sensuous charm.

She excelled in parts that accentuated her charm and working-class upbringing, despite her minimal acting ability. She was most famous in the 1940s and 1950s when she played the role of a “good girl gone bad.”

The Sweater Girl

In the ’40s and ’50s, the moniker “sweater girl” was used to depict Hollywood actresses such as Lana Turner and Jayne Mansfield. They wore tight, form-fitting sweaters that highlighted their curvy figures.

Lana Turner’s appearance in 1937’s They Won’t Forget — in which she donned a tight-fitting knit top — is frequently regarded as the first incidence of the “sweater girl.” Hollywood publicists tried to come up with a memorable word to describe the effect she had on her audience. And thus, she was dubbed “The Sweater Girl” by film magazines.

Lana’s Upbringing

An only child, Lana grew up in a mining town in the Idaho Panhandle. Her father, John Virgil Turner, was a Dutch miner from Montgomery, Alabama. Her mother, Mildred Frances Cowan, was from Arkansas and had English, Irish and Scottish ancestry.

Lana’s parents met while Mildred was visiting Picher in Oklahoma with her father. Her father objected to their relationship due to the age gap — as Mildred was just 14 years old, while John was 24. They eloped and headed west, eventually settling down in Idaho.

Moved Around a Lot

Lana’s family moved to Wallace, Idaho after her birth. Her father founded a dry cleaning business and was a worker in the local silver mines. As a young child, Turner’s friends and family called her Judy.

She showed an early interest in performing by doing brief dance numbers at her father’s social club. At the age of three, Lana did an improvised dance number at a charity fashion event her mother was modeling in. When she was six, her family moved to San Francisco due to financial problems, after which her parents separated.

A Tragic End

Turner’s father won some money at a traveling craps game on December 14th, 1930, placed his winnings in his left sock, and headed for home. Unfortunately, he never made it, as he was found bludgeoned to death on the outskirts of Dogpatch District and the Potrero Hill in San Francisco.

The worst part? John’s robbery and homicide were never solved. Unsurprisingly, Turner was deeply affected by her father’s passing. According to the actress herself, “I know that my father’s sweetness and gaiety, his warmth, and his tragedy have never been far from me […] That, and a sense of loss and of growing up too fast.”

A Difficult Childhood

Lana Turner had a tough upbringing. She lived with her mother after her parents separated. They moved regularly, spending time in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. Her mother worked 80 hours a week as a beautician to support their little family of two.

She lived with acquaintances or distant family on multiple occasions. so that her financially strapped mother could save up some money. After her father passed away, Lana Turner lived in Modesto for a period of time with a family who physically abused her and treated her like a servant.

A Dream to Be a Nun

When she was a child, Turner went to Mass with the Hislops, a Catholic family with whom her mother had temporarily boarded her in Stockton, California — despite being baptized a Protestant at birth.

Her mother permitted her to formally convert to become a Roman Catholic when she was seven. This was because even at such an early age, Lana was intrigued by the church’s liturgical procedures. Turner then went to the San Francisco Convent of the Immaculate Conception in the hopes of becoming a nun.

Moving to Los Angeles

After Turner’s mother developed respiratory issues, her doctor advised that they move to a dryer climate — and that’s what brought the mother-daughter duo to Los Angeles in 1936. When Turner was a 16-year-old junior at Hollywood High School, the soon-to-be star skipped a typing class to buy a Coca-Cola from the Top Hat Malt Shop down the road.

William R. Wilkerson, the founder of The Hollywood Reporter, noticed her and asked if she wanted to appear in films — to which she responded, “I’ll have to ask my mother first.”

Lara Signs Her First Contract

Wilkerson sent Turner to Zeppo Marx — an actor, comedian, and talent agent — with her mother’s approval. Turner was introduced to film director Mervyn LeRoy by Marx in December 1936. On February 22nd, 1937, she signed a weekly contract of $50 with Warner Bros.

She quickly became LeRoy’s protege, who suggested she use Lana Turner as her stage name. She later changed her name legally. Turner was particularly concerned about how her name was pronounced, as there are many pronunciations. However, she preferred that people pronounce it as “Lah-nah.”

Lana Turner’s Debut

Turner made her debut in LeRoy’s 1937 crime thriller titled They Won’t Forget. It was based on a novel that was, in and of itself, based on the true story of Leo Frank’s trial and subsequent lynching following the passing of Mary Phagan.

Lana played a juvenile victim. Despite the fact that Turner had little screentime, Wilkerson commented in The Hollywood Reporter that Turner’s acting was “worthy of more than a passing note.” This role is how the “Sweater Girl” nickname came to be. Interestingly, she never liked that moniker.

The Start of a Fruitful Career

She had a brief role in James Whale’s historical comedy The Great Garrick. Released in 1937, The Great Garrick is a biographical film about British actor David Garrick. Turner played an actress disguised as a chambermaid.

LeRoy was employed as an executive at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) in late 1937, and he urged Jack L. Warner to let Turner join him at MGM. Turner left Warner Bros. and negotiated a $100-per-week deal with MGM. She was loaned to United Artists the following year for a brief role in The Adventures of Marco Polo.

Struggled to Be Taken Seriously

Many people questioned Turner’s ability as a serious actress due to her appearance. Because they didn’t realize her talent or how big a star she would become, Warner Bros. was eager to let her out of her contract so that she could work for MGM.

She had to wait years for serious roles, but in the end, Turner proved everyone wrong. Despite the fact that she has been dubbed the “epitome of Hollywood machine-made stardom,” she believed that only the audience could make someone a star. She believed she was lucky to have been able to earn her fame.

First Big Hit

In the Andy Hardy picture Love Finds Andy Hardy, she was cast opposite teen heartthrob Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland in her debut starring role for MGM. Turner finished her studies with an educational social worker during the filming, allowing her to graduate from high school that same year.

The film, which was released in 1938, ended up becoming a box office hit. Turner’s performance as a flirty high school girl persuaded studio chief Louis B. Mayer that she could be the next Jean Harlow.

Supporting Roles

In the late 1930s, Louis B. Mayer helped Turner’s career by casting her in a number of teen films including the comedy, Rich Man, Poor Girl. She portrayed Helen, the sister of a secretary who’s romantically involved with a wealthy businessman.

Then, in 1938’s Dramatic School, Turner played Mado, a disturbed theater student in Dramatic School. In Calling Dr. Kildare — MGM’s second installment of the Dr. Kildare series — she was cast in a supporting role. Following that, she starred in a comedy called These Glamour Girls.

Notable Work in Ziegfeld Girl

During the early 1940s, Turner established herself as a leading lady and one of MGM’s top stars, appearing in various films including the musical, Ziegfeld Girl (1941) — where she starred alongside actresses Hedy Lamarr and Judy Garland. The film, which is set in the 1920s, follows three women who become performers in the renowned Broadway show the Ziegfeld Follies.

Turner’s role in the film marked a personal and professional shift for Turner, and she even claimed it as the first role that got her “interested in acting.” The film ended up doing so well in the box office that MGM gave Turner a weekly salary raise to $1,500 as well as a personal makeup artist and trailer.

A Knack for Comedy

While Lana Turner is best known for her noir and melodramatic parts, the underappreciated Slightly Dangerous demonstrates that she can also be a comedic performer.

Turner plays a mournful, determined, and humorous small-town soda girl who — through a series of misfortunes — finds herself masquerading as the long-lost child of a rich businessman.

Career Highlight

One of the all-time great noirs, The Postman Always Rings Twice is also one of Turner’s career peaks. She plays Cora, whose marriage to the much-older Nick is jeopardized the moment restless drifter Frank walks into the diner that the couple manages. Soon after, Cora and Frank begin an affair, which is then followed by a thrilling series of events.

Despite the fact that Cora becomes a serial criminal, Turner’s nuanced performance evokes pity. You can see why she feels compelled to take such harsh measures. Her life has walled her into a corner, and taking a life appears to be the only way out.

Lana Turner Loved Love

Lana Turner tied the knot eight times with seven different husbands. The first of these husbands was Artie Shaw. Shaw was a bandleader who eloped with Lana to Las Vegas after their first date in 1940. Their marriage lasted a total of four months.

Turner discovered she was expecting a child after the couple separated. However, at the advice of her agent Johnny Hyde as well as Louis Mayer (MGM co-founder), Turner decided to not keep the baby.

Second Marriage in Vegas

Turner’s second marriage was also held in Las Vegas. However, this one had to be renewed. Turner exchanged vows with actor-turned-restaurateur Joseph Stephen “Steve” Crane in 1942 — a week after they began dating. Turner annulled the marriage four months later when she found out that Crane’s previous divorce had not yet been finalized.

Turner remarried Crane in 1943 after learning that she was pregnant with their child. She gave birth to a baby girl named Cheryl on July 25th, 1943. By August 1944, Turner divorced Crane once again, citing his gambling and unemployment as primary reasons.

Her First Technicolor Film

In late 1947, Turner was cast as Lady de Winter in The Three Musketeers, her first Technicolor film. It was also around this time that the bombshell began dating who would be her third husband, Henry J. “Bob” Topping Jr. — a millionaire socialite. They tied the knot in April 1948. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted a few years, as Turner filed for divorce in December 1952.

Less than a year later, in September 1953, the star married actor Lex Barker. In July 1957, however, she filed for divorce from Barker after daughter Cheryl alleged that he had regularly harassed her over the course of their marriage. In June 1965, she married Robert Eaton, her sixth spouse. Her next marriage to Fred May lasted less than two years, and her last marriage to Ronald Pellar lasted less than three.

Only One Child

Turner’s private life stayed a hot topic of gossip throughout her career, owing to the number of marriages she had. “My objective was to have one spouse and seven children, but it turned out to be the other way around,” she quipped about her situation at one point.

Cheryl Crane, Turner’s only child, was born in 1943. Pregnancy was tough for the actress due to her unusual blood type, which resulted in potentially life-threatening issues. Her blood type was an unusual Rh negative, which made carrying a kid difficult. In fact, she had multiple stillbirths.

The One That Got Away

Lana was married to several men, but she never got to marry the one man she subsequently considered to be the love of her life — Tyrone Power. The two began an affair during the late 1940s while she was in the midst of filming Green Dolphin Street.

During their relationship, which lasted a couple of years, Turner found out she was expecting but she decided not to keep the child. A year later, in 1948, Power divorced his wife but also left Turner. It wasn’t long after that he met and married another actress named Linda Christian.

Turner Loved Glamor

Lana Turner was one of the most glamorous celebrities in Old Hollywood. She cultivated an image that dominated her films and her life. Her public presence and attractiveness were extremely important to her. Turner’s daughter remembers dressmakers storming out of fittings due to her mother’s fanatical attention to detail on multiple occasions.

When it came to her appearance, the actress was quite meticulous. She had a fondness for ostentatious jewelry, especially pendant earrings. As a matter of fact, diamonds and jewels were her favorite accessories.

Tempest Turner

Turner’s growing celebrity in Hollywood during WWII led to her becoming a beloved pin-up girl. She earned the nickname “Tempest Turner” and her face was painted on the noses of American fighter planes. She and actor Clark Gable went on a war-bond tour of the western US in June 1942.

While selling war bonds, she began guaranteeing kisses to the highest war bond buyers. Turner made regular appearances at US troop gatherings and surrounding bases. She admitted to friends that visiting the hospital wards of injured men was very tough for her.

Nominated for Academy Awards

Turner’s popularity continued throughout the ’50s. Weeks after her divorce from Lex Barker, Turner began filming Peyton Place, for which she would later receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. She portrayed Constance MacKenzie, a New England mother striving to maintain a bond with her adolescent daughter.

The film, based on the best-selling novel by Grace Metalious, was directed by Mark Robson. Peyton Place became a tremendous success when it was released in December 1957. This worked to Turner’s advantage because she had accepted a share of the movie’s overall profits rather than a salary.

Best Foreign Actress Award

Turner’s final significant role was in the 1966 courtroom drama film Madame X — based on Alexandre Bisson’s 1904 play — in which she played a lower-class woman who marries into a wealthy family. Her performance was acclaimed in the Chicago Tribune.

Kaspar Monahan of the Pittsburgh Press praised her performance, calling it her “absolute finest.” He even considered her performance worthy of an Oscar nomination. Turner won the David di Donatello Golden Plaque Award for Best Foreign Actress that year for her performance.

Rumors of an Illicit Romance

Turner was said to have enjoyed romances with several different Hollywood male actors, including Clark Gable, her co-star in a number of movies during the early 1940s.

In the book Fireball: Carole Lombard and the Mystery of Flight 3, Robert Matzen speculated that Carole Lombard — Clark Gable’s wife — chose one flight over another because she was desperate to see her husband. Lombard and Gable were reportedly in a fight over rumors of an affair between Gable and Turner. Unfortunately, the flight that she chose ended up taking her life.

Not a Blonde

Although Lana Turner was famously remembered as a platinum blonde, that was nowhere near her natural hair color. As a matter of fact, Turner naturally had auburn hair. Turner’s red hair was not dyed in her early films.

She was described as “the red-headed phenomenon who brought ‘IT’ back to the screen” in the 1939 movie, Dancing Co-Ed. The 1941 film Ziegfeld Girl was the first to feature Turner with platinum blonde hair, which she kept for the rest of her life and later was even famous for.

Her Relationship With a Mobster

Lana was in a romantic relationship with Johnny Stompanato. He was a bodyguard to legendary gangster Mickey Cohen and a mobster in the late 1950s. Although love at first, the con man quickly became abusive towards the actress.

Apparently, Stompanato threatened Turner’s mother’s life, attempted to harm Turner’s face to ruin her career, and even harmed Cheryl while she was visiting Turner’s home in April of 1958. Turner’s relationship with Stompanato ended tragically when her daughter took Stompanato’s life in an attempt to save Turner.

Art Imitates Life

One of Lana Turner’s most renowned roles was predicated on her actual experiences. Turner was offered the main role in Douglas Sirk’s Imitation of Life shortly after Stompanato’s passing. She originally declined because she was afraid it would hit too close to home.

Turner struggled with the production because of those recent events in her life. She even had a nervous breakdown on the first day of shooting. According to co-star Juanita Moore, the star cried for three days after they shot the scene in which Moore’s character passes away.

Greatest Commercial Success

In Douglas Sirk’s adaptation of Imitation of Life, directed by Ross Hunter. She plays a single mother that dreams of making it on Broadway and so, she’s willing to make personal sacrifices in order to advance her career.

Imitation of Life was scheduled for release in the springtime of 1959. It was one of the year’s most prominent commercial successes, as well as Turner’s. She made more than two million dollars when she decided to accept half of the movie’s profits rather than a salary.

Turner’s Last Film

Turner made her final appearance in a feature film in 1980 called Witches’ Brew, in which she starred alongside. Richard Shorr co-wrote and directed the American comedy horror film. It was based on the horror-fantasy novel Conjure Wife by Fritz Leiber Jr. Additional scenes in the film were directed by Herbert L. Strock.

The film is set on a college campus, where competitions for several faculty chairmanships abound. Several of the wives use witchcraft to help their husbands progress in their careers. Turner plays Vivian Cross, a manipulative witch.


Lana: The Lady, the Legend, the Truth is a memoir written by Lana Turner and published by Dutton in 1982. Turner talks about her early life, her ascent to fame, and her personal problems during her career.

Turner discusses her childhood in Idaho and San Francisco, as well as her discovery as a teenager. Turner also talks in detail about her several marriages — plus other tales and personal experiences as a rising star. She also recounts the passing of Stompanato and her later career in film and television.

Suffered From Cancer

Turner spent the majority of her life heavily drinking. Although she gave it up in her early 60s to save her health, she couldn’t give up other bad habits. In the spring of 1992, she was diagnosed with throat cancer and had exploratory surgery.

Turner stated in early 1993 that she was in complete remission. However, it was discovered that the cancer had returned. She passed away on June 29th, 1995 at the age of 74 in her Los Angeles home with her daughter by her side.

Lana Turner’s Legacy

Turner’s success story has become a symbol of the American dream. Turner, a studio product, made 54 films in her lifetime and continued to work into her later years. Her status as a fundamental member of the legendary Hollywood Femme Fatales extends beyond that of an actress who’s absolutely dedicated to her art.

Lana Turner’s legacy will last forever. Many artists were and are still influenced by her. Elizabeth Grant, a contemporary musician popularly known as Lana Del Ray, drew inspiration from Turner and the Ford Del Ray sedan.

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