25+ célébrités qui se sont démaquillées et ont montré leur visage nu

25+ célébrités qui se sont démaquillées et ont montré leur visage nu

Celebrities are primarily paid for their beauty and whether it’s on stage, on the big screen or on the red carpet, they always have plenty of money – and professionals – to help them look better than the rest of us. We are used to celebrities being absolutely flawless, so we can be shocked when they post pictures of themselves without makeup! But as the body positivity trend takes hold and more people embrace their natural beauty, some celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon and revealed how freeing it can be to let down their guard and let their true personalities shine through!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez ne se limite pas à être une personnalité célèbre, elle est une source d’inspiration. Avec ses talents de chanteuse, d’actrice et d’entrepreneuse, cette diva accomplit tout ce qu’elle entreprend. Elle a su préserver une forme physique impressionnante au fil des années, c’est pourquoi il n’est pas étonnant que son selfie sans maquillage soit aussi parfait que le reste de sa personne.


Lopez showed how beautiful she is without all the glitter and glamour, with her hair in a messy top-knot and no makeup on her face.

Ariana Grande

There’s no denying that pop star Ariana Grande has always been naturally beautiful. She started her career as a child, and as she grew older, she tried to transform her style into something more sexy and adult-oriented.


When she posted the makeup-free selfie, everyone was reminded of how young she actually looks; without the distraction of dramatic makeup, her flawless complexion and beautiful features steal the show.


Madonna is a pop music legend who has given the world some of the most iconic songs and trendsetting looks for almost four decades. At 61, it’s remarkable to see how she has managed to maintain her physique and relevance, even releasing an album in 2019.

Equally impressive is her flawless, makeup-free skin in the Instagram selfie she posted. Her radiant and smooth complexion compels comparison to those half her age.


Kim Kardashian-West

Kim Kardashian-West, a well-known reality TV star, is known for her impeccable appearance and rarely appears without makeup. This is why her fans were shocked when she posted a makeup-free selfie revealing her less-than-perfect complexion.

However, there was a good reason for it: Kim Kardashian-West was attempting to raise awareness about her illness, psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that causes red patches and itching on the skin. Her courage and honesty are sure to inspire many fans and others who are suffering from this condition.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood, the country star, has experienced difficulties in her life when it comes to her face. Her appearance and career were at risk when she fell down the stairs in her house and had to undergo more than 40 stitches on her face.


Underwood was unable to sing due to the severity of her injuries. She revealed that both the inside and outside of her mouth had stitches, making it physically impossible to sing. It is pleasing to note that she has fully recovered and is now rocking the no-makeup look, just a few years later.

Sofía Vergara

It cannot be denied that Modern Family star Sofía Vergara is a true beauty. The 47-year-old American of Colombian origin is among the highest-paid actresses in the world, and there is no doubt that a significant budget is dedicated to maintaining her naturally stunning appearance.

The actress surprised us all when she posted a selfie without makeup, while being sick with a fever, commenting that it gave her a beautiful natural blush on her cheeks. Her unmade-up face makes her barely recognizable, and she looks years younger.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has been in the public eye for as long as one can remember, and she has managed to maintain her youthful beauty even in her fifties.

It is unexpected that the actress, who is known for being image-conscious and spending $8,000 a month on beauty treatments, allowed her longtime friend and hairdresser Chris McMillan to post a selfie of her without any makeup with the caption “Best #friends #no makeup #girl-time”. The actress looks youthful and glowing even without any makeup.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow, who is an actress, singer, author, and businesswoman, is no stranger to not wearing makeup, and there is a valid reason for it. As the owner of the beauty and wellness brand Goop, which produces numerous skincare products, she naturally wants to be a good representation of her own brand by showcasing her timeless complexion.


And we must say that it appears that Paltrow’s skincare regimen is really working well for her. She explains that in fact, she doesn’t often wear makeup and that these occasional makeup-free selfies that I post are… the real me on a daily basis.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel, who is one of the most dazzling women in Hollywood and the wife of singer Justin Timberlake, is usually seen at her best. However, she recently shared a selfie without makeup and without a filter – and it wasn’t just to impress us with her beautiful natural beauty.

Today, I am spreading self-love without any filters or makeup for my friend, @KateUpton. She is on a mission to inspire everyone to feel strong and love themselves *as they are*, and I am truly privileged to help spread this message, she wrote.


Cameron Diaz

It is quite challenging to believe that Cameron Diaz is already 47 years old. Diaz always appears natural and glowing, and her makeup-free selfie proves it.

Now that she has transitioned from being an actress to an author of two books on the female body and aging, it’s entirely reasonable for her to frequently post natural selfies and strive to promote healthy attitudes towards aging and beauty. Through this selfie, she encouraged her Instagram followers to take their own natural selfies for the cover of her latest book.


Kesha, the singer, caused a stir on the internet when she posted a makeup-free photo of her face covered in freckles on Instagram. She declared that her resolution for the year is to love and embrace herself just as she is, imperfections and all, and to let her freckles live.


The singer’s face is heavily spotted with freckles, but she appears younger and more radiant without makeup. She explained the reason behind her Vogue selfie, saying, “I really wanted to make a change – be more raw and real.” Her fans seem to be inspired by her bare-faced approach.

Salma Hayek

This talented beauty is truly blessed with great genetics. At the age of 53, Salma Hayek enjoys posting natural selfies where she displays her incredible complexion, which she claims is completely natural.

In 2017, she stated that she had never used Botox, fillers or even had a peel. Her skincare routine is surprisingly simple: she only washes her face at night, cleanses with coconut oil, followed by rose water and a warm washcloth. The actress is comfortable in her own skin and proudly shows off her gray hair and bare skin.


Heidi Klum

The glamorous TV host and top model is usually seen fully dressed on a red carpet or elsewhere. So it was unusual to see her without makeup, but the 45-year-old woman proves that she can completely pull it off.

Her almost wrinkle-free skin is shining and smooth. It’s now easy to understand why she recently married Tom Kaulitz, a musician who is 16 years younger than her – the woman proves with this selfie that age is just a number.

Kylie Jenner

As the billionaire founder of her own makeup brand, it’s understandable that Kylie Jenner is expected to be perfectly made up every time she makes a public appearance. However, it’s when she removes all her makeup that her natural beauty truly has a chance to shine.


Kylie Jenner’s internet fame skyrocketed when she shared a makeup-free selfie – showcasing how she doesn’t necessarily require makeup. However, it’s important to keep in mind that she likely underwent significant cosmetic procedures to achieve her look.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham, qui est un mannequin grande taille, incarne la philosophie positive de l’acceptation corporelle en encourageant les femmes et les hommes à s’apprécier tel qu’ils sont quelle que soit leur taille. C’est pourquoi il n’est pas étonnant qu’elle publie régulièrement des selfies sans maquillage comme celui-ci.

Ashley Graham, the first size 16 model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, is a role model for self-acceptance. In the face of societal pressure telling her she isn’t good enough, Graham defiantly responds with a sense of confidence and self-love, basically saying “screw you, I know I’m sexy and I embrace it – and I know you do too!”


Lady Gaga

This Grammy Award-winning music star and actress is a true chameleon. Throughout her career, Gaga has sported a variety of different styles, some of which were quite exaggerated. However, when she became famous for not wearing makeup during the filming of A Star Is Born, the world saw a different side of Gaga, quite far from her usual glamour.

When she posted that beautiful picture of herself without makeup preparing for the Oscars, her fans praised her natural beauty. And we’re confident that the 141-year-old Tiffany diamond didn’t hurt.

Kristin Bell

This actress always looks flawless whether she is wearing makeup or completely naked. However, Kristin Bell does not believe in expensive skin care treatments; she prefers to keep it simple.


She claims that she doesn’t wash her face in the morning (saying “I never want to strip my natural oils”), uses coconut oil to keep her skin soft, and swears by applying sunscreen every morning to keep her skin in perfect condition. Judging by her flawless makeup-free selfies, what she does works!

Michelle Pfeiffer

Although she is already 61 years old, it’s hard to tell just by looking at her that this ageless beauty is that old. Without even wearing any makeup, Michelle Pfeiffer’s skin looks even more beautiful than many people who are half her age.

Pfeiffer shares her tip for maintaining a youthful complexion: Eating a vegan diet – it’s much healthier – and you avoid many toxins that could age your skin and body. Although Pfeiffer acknowledges that it’s a matter of vanity to some extent, she really does it to live longer.


Britney Spears

Britney Spears is certainly a fighter. Since becoming famous in the early 2000s, Britney has matured and gone through many dramatic events in the public eye. It must be refreshing for her to occasionally let her natural beauty shine through.

She participated in the #NoMakeupMonday on Instagram by writing: “On the days when I don’t glam up and put on make-up for my show, this is the real unglamorous me…so happy to meet you all!!!”

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford, the former top model, is now in her sixties but she is still beautiful and radiant even without makeup. She has established her own skincare line and has implemented a comprehensive routine to maintain her appearance.


However, she is also practical in her expectations: There is a lot of pressure on women to, well, not age. Being a model and having your entire career based on your appearance, I am probably even more sensitive to it – but you cannot continue to chase after this impossible thing, she explained in an interview.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is familiar with taking make-up free selfies. Despite being a 44-year-old actress, entrepreneur, and mother who has created her own make-up brand, this doesn’t necessarily mean she always needs to wear make-up.

She explains that she feels confident without makeup because she wears a lot for her job. Sometimes when she looks in the mirror, she thinks “Oh my God,” but it’s nice to step away from vanity and just be herself. Barrymore’s many social media followers always applaud her authenticity.


Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks, a model, television personality and businesswoman, has made elegance her profession. However, she has also jumped on board the selfie without makeup trend and taken the opportunity to make an important comment.

Vous savez comment certaines personnes utilisent le hashtag #nofilter sur leurs photos, prétendant qu’elles ne les ont pas retouchées alors qu’en réalité elles ont utilisé des filtres ou ont fait des retouches mineures? Ce matin, j’ai choisi de vous montrer la vraie version de moi.

Julianne Hough

It’s quite a shock to see Julianne Hough’s makeup-free side, former star of Dancing With the Stars. We’re used to seeing her all glammed up, but the star admitted that after finishing the show, she decided to distance herself from heavy makeup.


In an interview, she stated that it feels like she did a make-under when she left Dancing with the Stars, and now, it’s more about letting her skin show and breathe.

Jennifer Garner

The talented 47-year-old actress demonstrated through this selfie that she could have a tough morning and still look impeccable. She credits her youthful complexion to the fact that she has avoided the sun.

Jennifer Garner recalls feeling fortunate during her teenage years, as her friends were all back in West Virginia using baby oil to tan their faces and bodies, while she was at the theater. Now, when she needs to be in the sun, she applies her sunscreen expertly.


Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is not just one of the most popular musicians since the 90s, but she is also an iconic figure of style. Since her punk rock chic beginnings to the glitz and glam today, it is certain that Stefani’s style has changed over the years.

At 50 years old, Gwen Stefani is usually heavily made up whether she’s on stage or the red carpet. However, it was quite refreshing to see Stefani’s recent Instagram post of a trip she took with her husband, Blake Shelton. In the photo, Stefani’s face is completely bare and surprisingly flawless.

Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory star surprised the audience when her makeup-free photos went viral on the internet. Although she looks beautiful in both cases, it’s always surprising when you’ve only seen someone with glamorous makeup and they suddenly show their bare face.


We believe it is fair to say that this 30-year-old actress looks beautiful both with cosmetics and without any makeup at all. It is unrealistic to expect her to be glamorous all the time!

Katy Perry

If you are someone who enjoys makeup, you probably know how much time it takes to get ready when you want to look your best. For Katy Perry, her image and looks constantly change and evolve. Although it’s surprising to see her without her colored hair and bold lips, she is also beautiful when she tries to take it easy during rehearsals!

Furthermore, if our skin were equally beautiful, we do not believe we would want to constantly cover it with makeup either!


Blake Lively

Despite this photo clearly being taken at an unfortunate moment for the Gossip Girl actress, we believe it still serves as a good reminder that underneath all the expensive grooming and makeup products lies a natural and beautiful woman.

Tout le monde a des poches et un teint inégal, c’est presque comme un rappel pour nous, les femmes qui ne sont pas des célébrités, que c’est normal d’avoir ces choses! Même les célébrités de la liste A ont des jours de mauvaise coiffure et de mauvais maquillage, mesdames. Vous êtes toujours aussi belles!


Cette chanteuse à la voix puissante est souvent reconnue sur le tapis rouge pour ses maquillages glamour et ses lèvres audacieuses. Il n’est pas surprenant que sous l’eye-liner et le rouge à lèvres se cache une peau impeccable et des yeux perçants.


Il peut être effrayant de se montrer à des millions de personnes sans une once de maquillage sur le visage, mais cette artiste a posté son selfie sur Instagram et a laissé le monde la voir dans sa gloire à visage nu.

Barbara Bach

Cette actrice et mannequin décédée est connue comme l’une des bond girls les plus emblématiques de tous les temps. Elle a été surprise sans maquillage en train de quitter l’épicerie et on peut dire qu’elle est toujours aussi belle sans tout cela.

À 71 ans, il est clair que cette femme prend toujours soin de sa peau et de sa santé car elle rayonne même sans un soupçon de cosmétiques sur son visage. Cela montre bien que si vous êtes prêt à faire des efforts pour prendre soin de votre corps, cela sera payant à long terme.


Fran Drescher

Nous pensons que tout le monde connaît cette actrice qui a joué et co-créé la série télévisée The Nanny. De ses looks vestimentaires iconiques à son maquillage époustouflant, cette femme a clairement influencé beaucoup de styles féminins!

Même si elle a maintenant 60 ans, on peut dire que cette femme est une icône. Elle a posté un selfie en gros plan d’elle souriant à visage découvert et nous pensons que nous sommes tous d’accord pour dire qu’il n’y a pas besoin de maquillage du tout. Elle est magnifique avec et sans.

Heather Locklear

Cette actrice n’a apparemment pas besoin de se maquiller du tout. Lorsque cette photo d’Heather Locklear sans aucun produit de beauté a été publiée, les gens pouvaient à peine faire la différence. Il est clair que cette femme possède le genre de beauté naturelle que nous espérons tous.


Alors qu’elle n’a pas été vue dans de nouveaux projets depuis son apparition en 2017 dans Too Close to Home, nous espérons pouvoir la revoir à l’écran prochainement.

Amal Clooney

Bien qu’elle soit souvent connue pour être l’épouse de l’acteur américain George Clooney, nous pensons qu’il est important de reconnaître également les réalisations personnelles d’Amal Clooney. Elle est une avocate libano-britannique spécialisée dans le droit international et les droits de l’homme.

C’est une femme passionnée qui veut faire la différence dans le monde et elle est une source d’inspiration pour toutes les femmes. En la voyant sans maquillage, il est évident qu’elle n’est pas seulement une puissance pratiquant le droit, mais aussi une beauté naturelle.



Ce célèbre drag queen est connu comme un acteur, un modèle, un auteur, une personnalité de la télévision et un musicien emblématique. Il est clair que RuPaul est une idole qui a dominé l’industrie et ouvert la voie à de nombreux autres membres LGBTQ+.

Bien que cela puisse être un choc de voir une personne avec et sans maquillage de travesti, il est clair qu’il berce les deux looks avec la même grâce.

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl a été vue dans la populaire série télévisée Grey’s Anatomy et dans des films tels que La vilaine vérité. Bien qu’il ait été surprenant pour beaucoup que, même sans maquillage, sa peau soit absolument impeccable, il est évident que, qu’elle décide de mettre des cosmétiques ou non, elle est éblouissante.


Cependant, lorsque votre peau ressemble à ça, nous vous disons de rester au naturel tout le temps. Nous savons que nous le ferions!

Gigi Hadid

Ce mannequin fait les couvertures de nos magazines et les gros titres depuis ses débuts à la Fashion Week de New York en 2014. Si la beauté de Gigi Hadid est reconnue dans le monde entier grâce à ses apparitions dans des magazines tels que Vogue, il est évident qu’elle est tout aussi éblouissante sans aucun maquillage.

Alors que son Instagram est couvert de photos d’elle glammée au maximum, nous pensons qu’il est juste de dire que ses photos à visage nu sont tout aussi frappantes.


Christina Aguilera

Cette pop star trentenaire a décidé de montrer au monde sa beauté naturelle lors de sa séance de couverture 2018 avec le magazine Paper. Nous adorons cette tendance des célébrités à montrer leur beauté de la manière la plus naturelle possible.

Il est courant pour les jeunes femmes de voir ces célébrités bien habillées et de rêver d’avoir ne serait-ce qu’un soupçon de leur apparence, alors c’est merveilleux quand les célébrités sont prêtes à montrer un côté plus vulnérable et plus nu d’elles-mêmes à leurs fans. Continuons à encourager les jeunes femmes qu’il n’y a rien de mal à embrasser votre moi le plus naturel.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Le moins que l’on puisse dire, c’est que ce mannequin de Victoria’s Secret fait tourner les têtes. Même lorsque Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ne défile pas sur les podiums, elle reste une beauté qui suscite l’admiration. Si le maquillage peut changer la façon dont vous êtes perçue par votre entourage, nous pensons qu’il est juste de dire qu’il n’est pas nécessaire sur un visage aussi éblouissant que le sien!


Quelqu’un, s’il vous plaît, laissez tomber sa routine de soins de la peau parce que nous sommes tous en train de supplier à genoux ici.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba a été très franche sur son appréciation des maquillages doux et du port de produits naturels sur sa peau, il n’est donc pas surprenant qu’elle soit prête à poster des selfies d’elle sans cosmétiques du tout!

Avec son annonce de la relance de la société Honest Beauty, nous pensons qu’il est sûr de dire que l’actrice est une grande fan des produits de maquillage plus francs et bruts.


Miley Cyrus

La volonté de Miley de sortir en public sans maquillage ni préparation des cheveux est quelque chose qui force l’admiration. Nous aimons le fait que même en cas d’éruptions cutanées, elle n’a pas peur d’être vue sans aucun produit de beauté sur le visage.

En tant que personne dont la musique est destinée à un public plus jeune, nous pensons qu’il est très important pour elle de paraître aussi normale que les fans qui écoutent sa musique. Miley, même sans aucun produit sur votre peau, vous êtes toujours aussi ravissante!

Kristen Bell

Kristen et son mari Dax Shepherd n’ont pas peur de nous laisser entrevoir leur mariage et leur vie de parents. Ce n’est donc pas une surprise totale de voir cette mère de 2 filles poster une photo à visage découvert à son réveil.


En tant que mère, nous pensons qu’elle apprend très bien à ses filles que même sous les feux de la rampe, il faut apprendre à embrasser chaque aspect de soi-même. Superbe rôle parental, Kristen!

Chelsea Handler

Bien que nous parlions beaucoup de maquillage dans cet article, je pense qu’il est important de noter à quel point les soins de la peau sont vraiment vitaux. Chelsea Handler en est la preuve. Elle dépense plus de 1 000 $ pour un traitement au laser de sa peau.

Pour cette star, le prix d’une peau saine n’est pas bon marché, mais c’est un investissement qu’elle est prête à faire pour garder une peau claire et des yeux brillants. Lorsque vous passez à la télévision chaque semaine, je pense qu’il est primordial de rester au top de votre routine de soins personnels afin que toute imperfection ne soit pas amplifiée par les lumières vives et les caméras HD.



Un commentaire courant que les femmes reçoivent lorsqu’elles ne portent pas de maquillage est qu’elles ont l’air beaucoup plus jeunes que lorsqu’elles portent des produits cosmétiques. C’est définitivement le cas de cette chanteuse.

Comparé à ses habituels looks de lèvres audacieuses et d’eye-liner, elle ressemble à une adolescente normale sur cette photo. On peut dire que même si elle semble plus jeune, elle est toujours absolument délicieuse.

Kate Moss

Le mannequin iconique a arboré un rare visage nu et a montré sa cicatrice qui se trouve juste au-dessus de sa lèvre! L’éclat de sa peau montre clairement que Kate Moss a pris soin d’elle au fil des ans.


Cette femme aura toujours cette beauté naturelle que nous recherchons tous. Continue de briller, Kate. Tu déchires ce look sans maquillage!

Sarah Paulson

Bien que plus connue pour ses rôles dans American Horror Story et The People VS Oj Simpson, l’actrice Sarah Paulson peut être vue à l’extérieur n’arborant aucun maquillage et toujours aussi jolie.

Bien que nous l’ayons vue dans toutes sortes de looks, allant de l’effrayant à l’avocat des années 90, cette femme est clairement magnifique dans sa propre peau. Avec ses cheveux courts et son nez en bouton, nous pensons qu’elle devrait sortir en public sans cosmétiques plus souvent!


Olivia Wilde

Si cette photo n’est pas la plus flatteuse au niveau de la coiffure, il est clair que l’actrice n’a pas besoin de maquillage du tout pour mettre en valeur sa beauté.

Avec son teint clair et ses superbes yeux bleus, tout le monde peut voir qu’Olivia Wilde est belle avec et sans maquillage. Bien qu’elle n’ait pas joué dans trop de films ces derniers temps, vous pouvez entendre sa voix sur un personnage dans la série Netflix Bojack Horseman.

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy est malheureusement décédée en 1994, mais elle est toujours considérée comme l’un des amoureux les plus aimés de l’Amérique. Elle était connue pour sa mode iconique et son élégance lorsqu’elle s’exprimait en public.


Bien qu’elle ne soit plus parmi nous, nous pensons que nous pouvons tous convenir que, qu’elle soit maquillée ou non, c’était quelqu’un qui rayonnait absolument lorsqu’elle entrait dans une pièce.

Melissa Rauch

Cette actrice de Big Bang Theory incarne Bernadette dans la série télévisée à succès. Alors que Melissa Rauch est considérée comme ringarde dans la série, je pense qu’il est clair que dans la vraie vie, elle est à couper le souffle.

Elle approche de la quarantaine et, même sans maquillage, elle semble beaucoup plus jeune que cela. Avec son sourire et ses taches de rousseur, nous pensons que cette actrice n’a pas besoin de maquillage du tout pour amplifier à quel point elle est belle.


Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel porte souvent une lèvre rouge audacieuse qui fait ressortir ses yeux bleus perçants, alors quand elle a posté un selfie à visage nu, les fans ont été choqués.

Elle a l’air tellement plus jeune quand elle ne porte pas de maquillage du tout! Même avec ses cheveux non brossés et son pyjama, il est clair pour nous qu’elle ne fera que gagner en élégance avec l’âge.

Demi Lovato

Cette chanteuse/actrice est connue pour ses posts de positivité corporelle. Demi Lovato est quelqu’un qui a lutté avec son image corporelle depuis son plus jeune âge et s’est depuis donné pour mission d’essayer d’inspirer ses fans à s’aimer eux-mêmes, comme elle apprend à le faire.


Alors qu’elle a fait face à ses propres tribulations personnelles, y compris une overdose en 2018, elle a toujours été franche et personnelle avec ses fans.

Kat Dennings

Cette actrice est surtout connue pour son travail dans 2 Broke Girls, et elle n’a jamais porté beaucoup de maquillage dans cette série pour commencer. Par conséquent, lorsqu’elle a été vue marchant sans aucun maquillage, les fans n’ont pas été surpris par sa beauté.

Avec ses lèvres pulpeuses et ses yeux bleus, Kat Dennings fait partie de ces femmes qui font tourner les têtes à leur passage, qu’elle porte ou non des produits cosmétiques.


Princesse Béatrice

Pour cette princesse d’York, le look sans maquillage est tout à fait approprié. Bien que la princesse Beatrice soit connue pour ses déclarations de mode audacieuses, je pense que son trait le plus mémorable est ses yeux vert émeraude.

Qu’elle décide ou non de se maquiller les yeux, c’est vers ses yeux que l’on est immédiatement attiré! Ils sont si grands et pigmentés que presque toutes les femmes pourraient les envier.


Comme cette chanteuse/actrice l’a dit un jour, “Je me suis réveillée comme ça!”. Oui, Beyoncé, vous l’avez fait et wow, vous êtes absolument sublime. Cette mère de trois enfants a un teint clair et des dents d’une blancheur stupéfiante qui vous laissent mourir d’envie de connaître sa routine.


Bien que ses looks sur tapis rouge fassent partie des plus mémorables, nous pensons que nous pouvons tous convenir que cela ne nous dérangerait pas de voir le côté naturel de Queen B plus souvent.

Angelina Jolie

Cette actrice, connue pour ses lèvres pulpeuses et ses yeux sensuels, peut être admirée aussi bien en glamour que sans. Nous aimons une femme qui embrasse son apparence naturelle et qui donne du relief à ses looks sur le tapis rouge.

Certaines des œuvres les plus notables d’Angelina Jolie sont Maleficent et Mr. and Mrs. Smith, qui montrent tous deux l’abondance de looks de maquillage que cette femme peut réaliser. Le fait qu’elle rayonne toujours sans rien est admirable.


Martha Stewart

Cette femme d’affaires a été prise au dépourvu par les paparazzi alors qu’elle allait chercher son linge au pressing. Bien qu’elle ait plus de 70 ans, il est clair que Martha Stewart tient toujours à être belle et à prendre soin d’elle. Sa peau est absolument éclatante sous la lumière des caméras et nous pensons qu’elle est à couper le souffle. Continuez à faire des photos de paparazzi, Martha!

Selma Blair

Voici une autre actrice qui prend clairement ses soins de la peau très au sérieux. Quand on est une mère célibataire qui travaille aussi pour subvenir aux besoins de sa famille, on pourrait penser qu’on n’a pas le temps de prendre soin de quelque chose comme sa peau.

Selma en fait clairement une priorité puisqu’elle est radieuse sans une touche de maquillage sur la peau. Nous adorons le fait qu’elle montre aux femmes du monde entier que même si être parent peut être épuisant, il n’y a pas de mal à prendre le temps de se chouchouter!


Kate Hudson

Cette actrice donne une gifle à ses 40 ans car même à visage découvert, on dirait qu’elle pourrait avoir 20 ans! Ce que fait l’actrice de Almost Famous fonctionne manifestement et nous voulons le savoir!

Que quelqu’un m’appelle son agent publicitaire car nous voulons être aussi belles quand nous aurons son âge! Nous pensons que nous sommes tous d’accord pour dire qu’elle tue tout.

Kristin Cavallari

L’actrice est presque méconnaissable lorsqu’elle n’est pas maquillée. Quand Kristin Cavallari est maquillée, on dirait qu’elle pourrait être apparentée à l’iconique Marilyn Monroe, mais sans rien, elle ressemble à une femme ordinaire!


Avec son teint clair et ses grands yeux bruns, nous pensons qu’il est juste de dire qu’elle est étonnamment séduisante. Nous aimons une star qui sait comment rocker sur le tapis rouge et ensuite atténuer le tout pour la vie de tous les jours.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler est l’une de ces actrices qui n’ont pas du tout besoin de maquillage pour mettre son visage en valeur. Bien que cette photo ait été prise dans un moment d’épuisement total, il est clair qu’elle est toujours la superbe femme que nous connaissons. Sacs ou pas, elle est toujours la beauté aux yeux bleus que nous reconnaissons tous.

On ne peut pas attendre des célébrités qu’elles soient parfaites à chaque fois qu’elles doivent sortir de chez elles!


Anne Hathaway

Qu’elle joue le rôle d’une mère célibataire dans les années 1800 ou d’une impressionnante cambrioleuse en costume de cuir, nous pensons qu’il est clair qu’Anne Hathaway est l’une des actrices les plus appréciées des Américains.

Lorsqu’elle a publié cette photo d’elle à visage découvert sur le tournage d’un film, tout le monde a été choqué. Elle est éblouissante, qu’elle soit maquillée ou non. Nous aimons cela pour elle!

Goldie Hawn

Cette lauréate d’un Oscar âgée de 74 ans est une vraie beauté, avec ou sans maquillage. Alors qu’il peut être encore plus controversé pour les actrices de sortir en public lorsqu’elles vieillissent, nous pensons qu’il est clair que cette femme n’a pas à s’inquiéter. Sa peau est superbe et ses dents sont si blanches!


Si on est aussi belle à 70 ans, on ne va pas se maquiller non plus. Lorsque ses photos à visage nu ont été publiées, l’actrice de Snatched est restée imperturbable et nous aspirons à avoir ce niveau d’amour de soi. Allez, Goldie!

The country music industry has been blessed with some true superstars over the years. From the legends of yesteryear such as Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn to the stars of today like Keith Urban and the Dixie Chicks, it seems like every country star has managed to find themselves a beautiful home, with most of them usually being located in and around the epicenter of country music – Nashville, Tennessee.

Shania Twain – $10.95 million

Canadian country/pop singer Shania Twain has undoubtedly been a mainstream hit over the years. With classics such as “That Don’t Impress Me Much” and “Man, I Feel Like a Woman,” Twain has certainly built up a net worth high enough to invest in some serious real estate.


In 2019, the singer put her beautiful home in the Bahamas up for sale. Located on an acre of white sandy beach, the 7,000 square-foot home has five bedrooms, six bathrooms and incredible panoramic views of the sea.

Kenny Rogers – $4.8 million

When you are talking about country music, it’s impossible not to mention Kenny Rogers. This country music Hall of Famer has released classic songs such as “Through the Years” and has the real estate to back up his musical credentials.

Rogers splashed $1.5 million on this beautiful Atlanta home in 2012. With 22 rooms, a Roman spa, and an elevator, this 12,000 square-foot home has been frequently on and off the market over the years. Recently though, it is believed that the home will go to a new owner.


Miranda Lambert – $3.4 million

One country singer who has managed to get extremely creative with her homes over the years is Miranda Lambert. After divorcing Blake Shelton, the talented singer ended up buying a 400-acre Tennessee rural home for $3.4 million.

When she is not working, she likes to kick back with her husband Brendan McLoughlin at their three-residence home. It is located close to a lake and also has a boathouse. Some real estate listing websites claim that the property was sold in September 2016.

Brad Paisley – $2.5 million

Even since making his country debut back in 1998, Brad Paisley has established himself as one of the most well-respected singers in his genre. Songs such as “Waitin’ on a Woman” and “Remind Me” have propelled him into country superstardom.


Although Brad lives in Franklin, Tennessee these days, there was a time when he lived in this stunning vintage home located in the Californian Pacific Palisades. While there is no denying that it was pretty small, this didn’t seem to affect Brad.

Kellie Pickler – $1.435 million

It feels like Kellie Pickler has been around forever, and yet she’s still so young! Even since finishing sixth on American Idol when she was just 19, the talented country singer was able to capitalize on the early success in her career and was able to purchase this beautiful, stone-faced house.

Located in the Green Hills of Nashville, Tennessee, Pickler’s home is surrounded by trees. This four-bedroom, four-bathroom house has a pool, a fireplace, an elevator, and even a media room!


Alan Jackson – $28 million

Having been a successful country star since the ’90s, Alan Jackson has built up a pretty impressive net worth; big enough to own some beautiful homes over the years. Although it has been a decade since Jackson sold this 19,000 square-foot home, it had to be on this list for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, the $28 million price tag was too high to ignore. Since then, Jackson has also lived in a Franklin, Tennessee home that had eight bedrooms, a pool, a gym, and was worth $3.75 million.

LeAnn Rimes – $4.7 million

While she has certainly crossed over in a number of genres, LeAnn Rimes’s country roots are unmistakable. The “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” star has built a happy life for herself and partner Eddie Cibrian. Back in 2013, the couple purchased a two-story Spanish style castle, which was built eight years beforehand. They purchased it for a cool $3 million and are extremely happy with their investment. The home covers a whopping 8,600 square feet and boasts six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.


George Strait – $8.9 million

The man often referred to as the “King of Country” has had a huge impact on the genre ever since debuting back in the ’70s. These days, George Strait is thinking about selling his beautiful San Antonio estate.

Located on a hilltop, this 7,925 square-foot home, resembling a modern castle, includes three bedrooms, four bathrooms and other cool amenities such as a sports court and a pool/spa. That’s not all. Strait’s home also has surround-sound, plenty of outdoor space, and even has its very own guest house.

Randy Travis – $14.7 million

There is no denying that Randy Travis has had it tough in recent times. From health problems to financial struggles, the “Forever Together” singer has been in desperate search of a break.


There was a time when Travis spent most of his time at his luxury ranch, reminiscent of a chapel, which he originally purchased from the former governor of New Mexico. This unique looking home has three bedrooms, a library and a recreation room, a bowling alley, and a gym, amongst other amenities.

Taylor Swift – $17 million

While she has certainly branched out into other genres over the years, Taylor Swift will always be proud of what she has contributed to the world of country music. Swift originally came to fame with classic country numbers such as “Love Story” and “Our Song.”

Back in 2013, when the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer was dating Conor Kennedy, the grandson of Robert Kennedy, she purchased this stunning home in Martha’s Vineyard for a whopping $17 million.


Jason Aldean – $7 million

Over the last 15 years, Jason Aldean has been blessing the country radio airwaves with his smooth vocals. The “Dirt Road Anthem” singer has since splashed the cash on some fancy real estate. Most recently, Aldean and wife Brittany sold this Columbia, Tennessee home for $7 million.

The 120-acre home is an hour’s drive from Nashville and looks more like a modern castle than a traditional home. With six bedrooms, nine bathrooms and other cool amenities such as a bowling alley and a wine cellar, the big price tag makes sense.

Trisha Yearwood – $2.2 million

Although she ended up moving in with husband Garth Brooks, there was a time when Trisha Yearwood had her own home. In fact, she carried on owning the Brentwood, Tennessee house until eventually listing it for $2.2 million.


Yearwood even used it as the filming location for her famous cooking show Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. This stunning white house unsurprisingly has a pristine kitchen with granite countertops. The home also has two bathrooms on the main floor, as well as a pool.

Ronnie Dunn – $9.25 million

Ever since teaming up with Kix Brooks back in the ’90s, Ronnie Dunn has been a force to be reckoned with in the world of country music. Despite the duo breaking up and going their separate ways, Ronnie has managed to build up an impressive net worth for himself.

In the last decade alone, Dunn was able to purchase a beautiful home for $2 million. With six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, Dunn decided to put this 10,898 square-foot mansion up for sale just a year later.


Miley Cyrus – $5.8 million

While she is regarded these days as purely a pop star, Miley Cyrus’s country roots are unquestionable. The “Wrecking Ball” singer ended up buying this farmhouse-style two-story home for $5.8 million. It was built in 2014 and spans a whopping 6,689 square feet.

The home includes five bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and that’s just the beginning. It also boasts an elevator, a bar, and a luxurious kitchen. The best part for Miley is that it is a stone’s throw away from Franklin, Tennessee, her beloved hometown.

Jake Owen – $1.5 million

The following home is extra special because it has been lived in by not one, but two big country singers. Both Loretta Lynn and Jake Owen have lived in this stunning rural Kingston Springs home over the years.


In October 2017, the latter put the 4,918-square-foot home up for a sale price of $1.5 million. With four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms and surrounded by seven acres of woodland, Jake also did a lot of work to the home, expanding the master bedroom and even installing a recording studio.

Reba McEntire – $5 million

Those who grew up during the ’90s might be familiar with Reba McEntire from her very own comedy sitcom, Reba. However, her part to play in country music is also undeniable. The red-headed country legend has delivered hit after hit.

These include the likes of “Does He Love You” and “Fancy,” to name a few. In recent times, McEntire has sold her farmhouse in Tennessee for a cool $5 million. This 13,000 square-foot house, which is surrounded by 83 acres of living space, includes seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms.


Kix Brooks – $5.45 million

Arguably better known for his work in the country duo Brooks and Dunn, Kix Brooks has also been a force to be reckoned with as a solo recording artist. The country legend has since used his earnings to invest in a beautiful home, which includes a three-story staircase and a wine cellar, amongst other amenities.

When Brooks originally bought the home, there were wildflowers decorated around the wooded entrance. According to Nashville City Paper, it was 2008’s most expensive home buy.

Blake Shelton – Undisclosed

It would be an understatement to say that Blake Shelton’s talents have stretched way beyond country music. He found himself a completely new audience ever since becoming a judge on American Idol and getting into a relationship with Gwen Stefani.


When they are not busy working, Blake and Gwen like to kick back at the former’s beautiful Lake Texoma House, which was built on a stunning 1,300-acre area. Gwen has taken her children to Blake’s home on a number of occasions already.

Big Kenny – $10 million

The first half of Big & Rich, Big Kenny, lives by that name when it comes to his housing arrangements. Back in 2007, the successful country star built this huge home, which he has since referred to as the “University of Creativity,” or “Chateau di Amore.”

Despite being appraised at $5.2 million, Kenny has asked for nearly double that when putting the estate up for sale. This Nashville home boasts eight bedrooms and six bathrooms and just like Big Kenny’s name suggests, it is a staggering 20,000 square-feet.


Charles Kelley – $2.91 million

There is no denying that Charles Kelley has been tearing up the country charts, with numerous hits such as “Like a Cowboy” and “How Country Feels.” It’s unsurprising then that he has managed to invest in some beautiful homes over the years.

Despite buying this Nashville home for $1.6 million back in 2012, Charles and his wife Cassie managed to sell the four-bedroom, four-bathroom house for nearly double that. This 6,682 square-foot home is surrounded by 1.56 acres and even has a pool house attached to it.

Randy Houser – $1.5 million

Someone like Randy Houser is perfectly capable of buying a beautiful Nashville mansion and putting it up for sale to earn a profit. The man responsible for hits such as “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” put a $1.5 million price tag on his four-bedroom, four-bathroom home.


This French country-style house is 7,093 square feet in size and boasts a wide range of cool amenities. These include a living room with a fireplace, a butler’s kitchen, an icemaker, and a seven-car garage.

George Jones – $3 million

The late George Jones was certainly one of the greats of country music. Even though he is no longer with us, we couldn’t ignore the stunning First Lady Acres home he bought for Tammy Wynette back in 1974. This 10,000 square-foot home, surrounded by eight acres in Tennessee, is part of country history.

This beautiful home has an incredible nine bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Moreover, it boasts a gym, helipad, gourmet kitchen, three-car garage, swimming pool, and theater. The property was eventually sold for $3 million in October 2017.


Martina McBride – $2.7 million

When Martina McBride isn’t busy adding to her long list of hit country singles, she’s hosting her very own cooking show. While she doesn’t live in the house that she films the show in, that should take nothing away from how beautiful the place is.

As of January 2019, the Tennessee farmhouse was on the market. The 7,500 square-foot home has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms and has 676 square feet of living space. Despite being built in 2017, the house still has plenty of Southern charm.

Billy Ray Cyrus – Undisclosed

Not only was Billy Ray Cyrus already a big name in the world of country music, but his reputation has since blown up for a number of reasons. Not only have some of his children also followed in his footsteps, but he even managed to crossover in rap when he featured on Lil Nas X’s hit single “Old Town Road.”


Unsurprisingly, Cyrus lives extremely well, especially since venturing into the world of real estate. He had numerous houses with his wife. However, there is no denying that their L.A. home is the crown jewel.

John Denver – $11 million

While the late John Denver is deeply missed by country fans around the world, we couldn’t ignore the beautiful home he once lived in. The “Take Me Home, Country Roads” singer’s Aspen, Colorado home was a true sight for sore eyes.

Having previously sold in 1999, the home went up for a sale again 20 years later – this time, for $11 million. Since then, the Aspen trees surrounding the house have grown a bit more and the current owners seemed to maintain the home pretty well.


Gretchen Wilson – $1.7 million

Shortly after making her 2004 debut, Gretchen Wilson went on to establish herself as a true country great. Her “Redneck Woman” hit earned her a Grammy Award and with that type of reputation can only mean big things – like big homes, for example.

After having 13 hit singles in the Billboard Country Chart, Gretchen has managed to capitalize on her success will some serious real estate. She ended up selling this huge Nashville estate for $1.7 million. It even has a recording studio.

Brian Kelley – $6.24 million

One of half of the popular duo Florida Georgia Line, Brian Kelley certainly knows how to live well when he’s not recording or on the road. The talented musician hasn’t just lived in this beautiful 70-acre home, he also tied the knot with Brittney Cole Kelley on this estate for their wedding ceremony in 2013.


Six buildings form the self-dubbed “Kelley Compound,” including the main house and two single-family homes. There is even a treehouse recording studio attached to the estate via a bridge.

Emily Robison – $1.5 million

Another member of Dixie Chicks who made this list is Emily Robison. Unlike many other people on this list, Emily once lived in a stunning loft located in what was once the Duerler Candy Factory.

This historically significant building was originally built in 1926 before finally being converted into condos nearly 90 years later. The 4,778 square-foot San Antonio home is believed to be valued at $1.5 million and has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. There is even a soaking tub included in the home.


Kelsea Ballerini – $585,000

Young country star Kelsea Ballerini has developed a big fan base ever since debuting in 2015. The “Miss Me More” singer has been coy about showing off the exterior of her Nashville home. However, she had no problem doing a complete photoshoot of the redecorations she did on the inside of her house.

She worked with online interior designer Lauren & Wolf to create a minimalist design. “I spend so much time on the road, it’s important to have that home base,” she told Popsugar.

John Rich – Undisclosed

Part of the iconic country-rock band Lonestar, John Rich has had plenty of success over the course of his career. This has allowed him to invest in some really cool home features, such as this guitar-shaped swimming pool at his Mt. Richmore home.


The 17,081 square-foot mansion includes five bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and even an elevator. Maybe the best part of the home is Rich’s very own private club, which includes a bar, a stage, and an incredible view, all in one.

Barbara Mandrell – Undisclosed

If you were a country fan during the ’70s and ’80s, it was impossible to avoid the soothing vocals of Barbara Mandrell. With hits such as “Sleeping Single in a Double Bed” to her name, it is no surprise that she was able to acquire some beautiful homes over the last few decades.

One of her most iconic homes is, without a shadow of a doubt, the Fontanel Mansion. While she no longer lives there, this 1987-built estate has become a tourist attraction/retreat since it was purchased in 2002.


Toby Keith – $999,995

Another recording artist who has taken the country music scene by storm over the years is Toby Keith. With studio albums and number one singles going into the double digits since 1993, this has been more than enough to keep food on the table in the Keith household, and then some.

He ended up putting this West End/Whitland house up for sale, with the home being valued at just under $1 million. The two-bedroom, three-bathroom home was built back in 2000 and even has a pool.

Natalie Maines – Undisclosed

There is no denying that Natalie Maines is best known for her work with the country group Dixie Chicks. The lead vocalist has a huge part to play in the band’s success over the years.


Responsible for songs such as “Goodbye Earl” and “Travelin’ Soldier,” Maines had enjoyed her time living with ex-husband Adrian Pasdar in their beautiful Austin home ever since moving in around the turn of the century. However, their marriage came to an end and Maines has since moved on to pastures new.

Gary LeVox – $295,000

Some country stars like to have their homes built as opposed to buying one that’s already standing. For example, Gary LeVox decided to make this happen in 2005. He had this 12,800 square-foot mansion built, including five bedrooms and six full bathrooms.

Some of the other cool amenities include a swimming pool, fitness room, and even a home theater, as well as stunning marble floors and fabric ceilings. When everything was said and done, it seems like LeVox and architect Mitchell Barnett did a fine job.


Maren Morris – Undisclosed

Country singer Maren Morris was excited to build a family with her husband in their beautiful Nashville home. She fell in love with the pad for its “classic southern charm” and three bedrooms and three bathrooms were more than enough space for them to raise their future kids.

“It has a wraparound porch, which I love,” Morris said. “That was one of the things that drew me to the house.” Since then, the couple has completely renovated the backyard, which they often have parties on.

Vince Gill – Undisclosed

Whether it’s for his work with the Pure Prairie League or for his solo credentials, Vince Gill is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the world of country music. With so much commercial success to his name, Gill has proudly owned his Brentwood, Tennesse home for a while now.


In fact, it is believed that it is the first home he purchased after becoming famous. There have been plenty of times when Gill has kindly allowed news channels to come and give interviews in his humble abode.

Loretta Lynn – $349,900

One of the early stars of country music, Loretta Lynn has certainly lived in her fair share of beautiful homes over the years. The singer of classics such as “Coal Miner’s Daughter” even had the same home that fellow country star Jake Owen lived in at one point.

While she has certainly had more expensive homes, Lynn’s first Nashville home is something of a tourist attraction these days. Lynn lived in this three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,820 square-feet home during the ’60s with husband Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn.


Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash – $595,000

Although they are no longer with us, it makes perfect sense to include the home of country legend Johnny Cash and wife June Carter Cash. While the couple was not so fortunate with some of their homes, with one of them burning down, another still stands today.

Located in Hendersonville, Tennessee, the Cash’s 1963 ranch house, also known as Mama Cash’s place, was eventually put up for sale at a discount of $595,000. However, there are no records that indicated whether or not it is still on the market.

Carrie Underwood – $395,000

Ever since winning season four of American Idol, Carrie Underwood has gradually established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of country music. With multiple albums and Grammys to her name, it should come as no surprise that Carrie treated herself to a nice first home.


Over the years, she has lived in numerous locations, including Ottawa and Franklin, Tennessee. But she thoroughly enjoyed her first home post-Idol, which had three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Garth Brooks – $3.5 million

While this bird’s eye view presents Garth Brooks’ home in all its glory, it is what lies inside that truly shows how far this country music legend has come. The man responsible for songs such as “Friend in Low Places” shares this Oklahoma home with wife Trisha Yearwood, which they purchased back in 2014.

They moved here because Brooks wanted to be close to his kids from his previous marriage. This French country style home has seven bedrooms, 9.5 bathrooms, a gym, and a five-car garage.


Crystal Gayle – Undisclosed

It is impossible to deny the impact that Crystal Gayle has had on country music. The seasoned singer was a huge crossover success during the ’70s and the ’80s. As a result, she has always managed to keep herself well sheltered. There is no that much information about the home that Gayle lives in.

However, if these satellite images are anything to go by, we are confident that she lives well with her husband Bill Gatzimos. They live in a large Bell Meade home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kenny Chesney – $7.9 million

There is no denying Kenny Chesney’s place in country music history. The successful recording artist has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. This means that he has managed to acquire some truly stunning homes over the years, including this beautiful home located in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.


It turns out though that the estate, which overlooks the North Shore and Caneel Bay, has had its fair share of bad luck. Not only was it broken into, but it was also hit by Hurricane Irma.

Kelly Clarkson – $7.449 million

American Idol star Kelly Clarkson has certainly come a long way, not just in the world of country music, but also in the world of real estate. The “Since You’ve Been Gone” singer once lived in a Belle Meade stone-faced home that she ended up selling for $1.449 million.

Since then, Clarkson has never gone without work and has managed to acquire even bigger and better homes. She most recently moved to Encino, California. That wasn’t before she sold this Hendersonville, Tennessee home for a whopping $7.499 million.


Tim McGraw & Faith Hill – $18.5 million

With numerous studio albums combined and having sold tens of millions of records, there is no denying that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are one of country music’s true power couples. Their huge reputations also mean that they have the financial resources to own multiple homes.

Not only did they manage to buy their own island in Exuma Cays, but they also own a beautiful Tennessee home that was built back in 1800. It boasts three bedrooms, four bathrooms and is surrounded by 600 acres of land.

Keith Urban – $3.45 million

Without a doubt one of the most successful country singers of the last 30 years, Keith Urban is well within his rights to live in a beautiful home. Until recent times, the New Zealand-born singer had been living with Hollywood superstar wife Nicole Kidman in a stunning 5,086-square-foot home in Franklin, Tennessee.


Originally valued at $3.45 million, this four-bedroom farmhouse is a 30-minute drive away from Nashville and has been described as a very private space, with a “renovated and expanded brick farmhouse and guest cottage.”

Sheryl Crow – $3.8 million

One of the most well-respected female country singers of all time, Sheryl Crow has won fans from many different places due to her ability to adapt to different genres. Back in 2006, the “Strong Enough” singer bought a stunning 152-acre farm home and ended up converting all of the buildings that needed electricity to solar power.

The estate includes an elevator, a barn, a stable, and even a recording studio. Fast forward seven years though and Crow decided to sell the home to ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill.


Martie Maguire – $5.995 million

The Dixie Chicks have certainly put their stamp on the country music scene over the years. One person who seems to have been a reliable figure in the band since their creation is talented fiddler Martie Maguire. Back in 2004, she purchased a beautiful 1975 Texas ranch compound with her husband Gareth.

However, the couple since put up the home for sale, hoping to turn a profit of over $3 million. This impressive compound has a kitchen, a dance studio, a recording studio, and a five-stall stable.

Dierks Bentley – $1.7 million

Certainly one of the most popular country musicians in recent times is Dierks Bentley. With so many albums and singles to his name, Bentley was excited to make Nashville his home. Since then, he and his wife have sold their Green Hills home.


The 4,428 square-foot home was first listed at $1.7 million and boasts four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Built in 1930, the home is surrounded by 0.6 acres of living space and also has a pool area and a two-car garage.

Luke Bryan – $620,000

What sets this country singer’s home apart from many of the others on this list is the fact that it looks so normal in comparison. Luke Bryan might be as successful as many of the other aforementioned country stars, but he sure does know how to blend into the background with his home.

While he could easily purchase something much bigger to live in, Bryan is more than happy to keep things fairly humble when it comes to accommodation.


Dolly Parton – $1.2 million

What else can be said about Dolly Parton? There is no denying that this living legend is one of the most important figures in the history of country music. The singer behind the classic “I Will Always Love You” has lived in many houses over the course of her long, illustrious career.

However, there is something about this quaint Nashville home that she lived in with her husband Carl Dean from 1980 to 1996. This one’s a true trip down memory lane.


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