“Exposed: Instagram Influencers Caught Red-Handed Manipulating Their Photos”


Have you ever looked at a picture on Instagram and thought it looked like it was changed a lot, maybe even too much? Well, some people on Instagram use a lot of editing on their photos, and it’s becoming common. While we all make small changes sometimes, some popular social media stars have been caught using a lot of editing that makes their photos look really strange. Take a look at these examples to see that nobody’s perfect!


  1. 1 Designer Vera Wang Should Not Be Ashamed Of Her Age

    People all over the world were surprised when they saw Vera Wang, who is 70 years old. On her Instagram, she has been wearing tight exercise clothes, swimsuits, and fancy dresses. What's strange is that she suddenly looks like she's 30 years younger!

    Some online detectives compared herInstagram photos to other pictures of her that are public. It took some investigation to discover the real story. But the truth is, she looks her age, which is totally fine! Vera, you still look great, just not like you're never going to get old.

  2. 2 Grinning From Ear To Ear Has Never Been So Terrifying

    Many people desire a perfectHollywood smile, and today, you can achieve it with the help of modern dentistry, as long as you're willing to pay for it. But what exactly was this unusual and unsettling procedure?

    It was actually just a computer program fixing her smile in the pictures. That seems impossible, right? Even people who edit photos on social media thought it was going too far. Nobody has 100 teeth!

  3. 3 They Obviously Just Come From Different Dimensions

    Not every photo has great lighting right when you take it. We don't have a team of experts making us look perfect all the time like the Kardashians do. In this case, a woman tried to fool her followers by editing her photo after taking it. Did anyone believe it?

    Well, no one believed it. The big clue was her very regular-looking guy, who was clearly visible in the picture. Since there were no changes made to his face, the difference was too obvious. And people pointed it out, which was the right thing to do. Good job, internet!

  4. 4 A Beauty Transformation As Easy As One, Two, Three

    Let's be honest: We all enjoy seeing someone's body change for the better. It's really satisfying to look at pictures showing how they looked before and how they look now. And when it's agenuine transformation, it can even motivate us.

    In this case, things are quite different. Of course, our skin can look different under indoor office lights compared to outdoor sunlight. Normally, office lights can make you appear less flattering. But in this case, the real situation became evident when she was outside. Did anyone point this out? Yes, they certainly did.

  5. 5 Strong As An Ox, Honest As A Two Dollar Bill

    Arnold Schwarzeneggerworked really hard for many years to build a perfect body like Mr. Universe. But now, people can use editing tools to make themselves look super muscular without all that effort. This lady figured out how to do it!

    You don't have to spend a lot of time at the gym lifting weights anymore. You can just pick the parts of your body you want to make look better and, bam, you have shoulders like Hercules. You can even make your waist look smaller with a simple click. Did anyone actually believe this was a real physique? Nope, not really.

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