Ideas For Your Next Festival look


As festival season approaches, whether you’re a Glasto girl or ready to rock out with Billie Eilish and The Killers at Leeds, it’s not just the music that allows you to express yourself. Festival makeup and hairstyles have the power to unleash your creativity and push the boundaries of self-expression.

Let’s be honest, can you truly achieve the ultimate festival vibes without going all out with a statement makeup look and a cute hairstyle? Festivals provide the perfect opportunity to embrace something graphic, bold, vibrant, and visually stunning. It’s a time to break free from the constraints of a regular work day and fully immerse yourself in a world of standout and beautiful aesthetics.

So, don’t waste this chance to let your creativity shine. Experiment with eye-catching makeup looks, play with vibrant colors, and explore unique hairstyles that reflect your individuality and add an extra dose of festi charm to your overall look. Let your imagination run wild and make a statement that will turn heads and make memories during this exciting festival season.

Graphic liner and face gems

Graphic liner and face gems are two popular trends in festival makeup that can transform your look and ignite your creativity. With graphic liner, you have the freedom to step outside the traditional boundaries of eyeliner and create bold, artistic designs. Whether it’s a sharp wing, intricate geometric shapes, or vibrant patterns, graphic liner allows you to make a statement and showcase your artistic flair. It adds an element of drama and uniqueness to your eyes, instantly drawing attention and enhancing your festival makeup.


On the other hand, face gems offer a whimsical and enchanting touch to your festival look. These adhesive gems come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to experiment with different arrangements and placements on your face. From delicate accents around the eyes to intricate designs on the cheeks or forehead, face gems create a dazzling and ethereal effect. They catch the light, adding a touch of sparkle and fantasy to your overall appearance, making you feel like a true festival goddess.

By combining graphic liner and face gems, you can truly unleash your creativity and take your festival makeup to the next level. Explore different designs, mix and match colors, and let your imagination run wild. These trends allow you to express your unique style, stand out from the crowd, and embrace the vibrant and artistic atmosphere of festivals. So, don’t hold backā€”grab your eyeliner, get your face gems ready, and let your festival makeup become a stunning work of art that reflects your individuality and love for self-expression.

Shimmer grunge eyeshadow

Shimmer grunge eyeshadow combines two contrasting elements to create a captivating and edgy makeup look. Grunge-inspired makeup is known for its bold and rebellious aesthetic, while shimmer adds a touch of glamour and sparkle. This trend brings together the best of both worlds, creating a unique blend of gritty and glamorous.

Shimmer grunge eyeshadow typically features deep, smoky shades with a metallic or shimmery finish. Think rich blacks, grays, or earthy tones paired with shimmering silver, bronze, or gold accents. The result is a mesmerizing and multidimensional eye makeup look that exudes attitude and sophistication.

Complete the look with smudged eyeliner, either in a dark shade or a metallic hue that complements the shimmer in the eyeshadow. Blend it out for a smoky effect and finish with mascara to define the lashes. The combination of shimmer and grunge elements in the eyeshadow creates a striking and daring makeup look that is perfect for a night out or any occasion where you want to make a statement.

Remember to balance the rest of your makeup to keep the focus on the eyes. Opt for neutral or muted tones for the lips and cheeks to let the shimmer grunge eyeshadow take center stage. With this trend, you can embrace your inner rockstar and showcase your unique style with a touch of glimmer and grit.

Bubblegum pink liner and face gems

Bubblegum pink liner and face gems are a delightful and whimsical combination that adds a playful touch to your makeup look. Bubblegum pink eyeliner brings a vibrant pop of color to your eyes, creating a fun and youthful vibe. It’s a bold choice that instantly grabs attention and adds a touch of unconventional charm to your overall appearance.

To enhance the playful nature of the look, incorporate face gems into your makeup. Choose gems in complementary shades like iridescent or pastel colors to match the bubblegum pink liner. Strategically place the face gems on your temples, cheekbones, or around the outer corners of your eyes to create a whimsical and enchanting effect.

To balance the vibrant eyes, keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Opt for a natural-looking foundation or tinted moisturizer, soft blush, and a subtle lip color that complements the bubblegum pink liner. This allows the eyes to remain the focal point and ensures a harmonious and cohesive look.

Bubblegum pink liner and face gems are a fantastic choice for festivals, costume parties, or any occasion where you want to embrace your playful side and make a statement. This combination of vibrant color and sparkling accents adds a touch of magic and creates a look that is both eye-catching and fun. So, get ready to rock this whimsical and bold makeup trend and let your inner creativity shine.

Embellished eye crease

The embellished eye crease is a glamorous and sophisticated makeup trend that takes your eye look to the next level. By adorning the crease area with sequins, glitter, or jewels, this trend adds a touch of luxury and allure to your eyes. To achieve this look, start with a neutral eyeshadow base and then define and deepen the crease with a pigmented shade.

Using a small brush and cosmetic adhesive, carefully apply the embellishments along the crease line, creating a pattern or design that suits your style. Whether you opt for a subtle scattering of embellishments or a bold, intricate design, the result is a mesmerizing and eye-catching effect. Keep the rest of your eye makeup simple to allow the embellished crease to shine.

Embrace the elegance and opulence of the embellished eye crease trend to create a stunning and captivating makeup look for special occasions or nights out where you want to make a statement.

Sparkle lashes

Sparkle lashes are a dazzling and glamorous trend that instantly adds a touch of enchantment and sparkle to your eyes. Unlike regular false lashes, sparkle lashes are adorned with tiny glitter particles or shimmering accents, creating a mesmerizing and eye-catching effect. These lashes come in various styles, from subtle and delicate to bold and dramatic, allowing you to customize your look based on your personal preference and the occasion.

Sparkle lashes are a fantastic choice for special occasions, parties, or even festivals where you want to make a statement. They can be paired with a variety of makeup looks, from soft and romantic to bold and vibrant. Whether you prefer a full set of sparkle lashes or just a few strategically placed accents, they instantly elevate your eye makeup and create a captivating and glamorous appearance.

To complete your look, keep the rest of your makeup balanced. Opt for neutral or shimmery eyeshadows, a soft eyeliner, and a lip color that complements the sparkle lashes without overpowering them. This ensures that the focus remains on your dazzling lash line.

With sparkle lashes, you can embrace your inner sparkle and transform your eyes into captivating works of art. They provide an opportunity to add a touch of magic and glamour to any makeup look, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. So, go ahead and let your lashes shine with the enchantment of sparkle lashes.

Prism eyeshadow

Prism eyeshadow is a captivating and mesmerizing trend that involves using a combination of vibrant, iridescent colors to create a multidimensional and prismatic effect on the eyes. This trend takes inspiration from the enchanting play of light and color seen through a prism, resulting in a unique and eye-catching makeup look.

To achieve the prism eyeshadow look, start by applying a neutral eyeshadow base to create a smooth canvas. Then, select a range of shimmery or metallic eyeshadows in various hues, such as blues, purples, pinks, greens, or any other vibrant colors of your choice. Apply each color to different sections of the eyelid, blending them seamlessly together to create a gradient or a mosaic-like effect.

To enhance the prismatic effect, consider using duochrome or iridescent eyeshadows that have a color-shifting property when they catch the light. These eyeshadows create an illusion of multiple colors dancing across the eyes, adding depth and dimension.Prism eyeshadow is a trend that allows you to experiment with bold and vibrant colors, unleash your creativity, and create a truly mesmerizing eye look. It’s perfect for special occasions, festivals, or any time you want to make a statement. With the prismatic effect of the eyeshadows, your eyes will become a captivating and radiant focal point that reflects your unique style and love for artistic expression.

Sequin floating liner

Sequin floating liner is a glamorous and eye-catching makeup trend that adds a touch of sparkle and allure to your eye look. By applying sequins or small glitter particles above the eyeliner, a floating effect is created, enhancing the eyes and adding a dazzling element.

After applying your preferred eyeliner along the upper lash line, carefully place sequins or glitter with cosmetic adhesive just above the liner, following its shape or creating a unique design. The sequins adhere to the glue, resulting in a mesmerizing floating effect that adds depth and dimension to your eyes.

Whether you choose subtle sequins for a delicate touch or bold glitter for a dramatic statement, the sequin floating liner allows for endless creativity. Keep the rest of your eye makeup minimal to allow the sequins to shine, and get ready to steal the spotlight at any special occasion or event with this glamorous and radiant look.

Acid yellow eyeshadow

Acid yellow eyeshadow is a vibrant and daring makeup trend that adds a bold pop of color to your eye look. This electrifying shade of yellow is not for the faint of heart and instantly grabs attention, making a striking statement.

To enhance the impact of the acid yellow eyeshadow, consider adding depth and dimension with complementary shades. You can incorporate a slightly darker shade of yellow or a hint of orange in the crease or outer corner of the eyes to create a gradient effect.

To complete the look, define your lashes with mascara and add a touch of highlight to the inner corners of the eyes for an extra pop. Keep the rest of your makeup relatively neutral to allow the acid yellow eyeshadow to take center stage.

Acid yellow eyeshadow is a bold and vibrant choice that is perfect for festivals, parties, or anytime you want to make a statement. It exudes a sense of confidence and creativity, allowing you to embrace your unique style and showcase your love for adventurous makeup looks. So, unleash your inner boldness and embrace the electrifying allure of acid yellow eyeshadow for an eye-catching and fearless makeup look.

Cobalt graphic liner

Cobalt graphic liner is a captivating and bold makeup trend that adds a vibrant and eye-catching element to your eye look. Using a rich cobalt blue shade, this trend involves creating precise and graphic lines on the eyelids, resulting in a striking and artistic effect.

By applying a thin and precise cobalt blue eyeliner or using a highly pigmented cobalt blue eyeshadow mixed with a mixing medium, you can draw bold lines along the upper or lower lash line in a winged shape or geometric design. Keep the rest of your eye makeup simple to let the cobalt graphic liner take center stage.

Apply a neutral or shimmery eyeshadow on the eyelid, define your lashes with mascara, and add a soft highlight to the inner corners of the eyes for a touch of brightness. Cobalt graphic liner is perfect for special occasions or whenever you want to make a dramatic statement with your eye makeup. Embrace the bold and confident allure of cobalt graphic liner to elevate your eye look and leave a lasting impression.

Floral face art

Floral face art is a captivating and whimsical trend that adds a touch of natural beauty and artistic flair to your makeup look. By creating intricate designs using flowers, petals, and foliage on various parts of the face, such as the cheeks or temples, floral face art transforms your face into a living canvas.

Whether you choose delicate blooms for a soft and romantic look or vibrant flowers for a bold statement, floral face art allows you to embrace the beauty of nature and express your creativity. Using cosmetic adhesive or skin-safe glue, carefully apply the flowers and petals to create a design that complements your features and desired style.

This versatile trend is perfect for festivals, garden parties, or any occasion where you want to make a unique and nature-inspired statement. Pair your floral face art with a natural base, soft eye makeup, and a subtle lip color to let the flowers shine. Celebrate the beauty of nature and showcase your artistic side with the enchanting allure of floral face art.

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