How to Make the Most of Dresses That Look So Bad, They Deserve to Be Shown


Quality dresses don’t happen by chance. It takes patience, creativity, and revisions to create something fabulous. There’s a Facebook group called ‘You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress’ that humorously educates on what not to wear. It showcases bizarre fashion disasters for entertainment and awareness. Feel free to cringe and vote for your favorite fashion fails!

Seen Today At Tjmaxx And I Feel Like It’s The Definition Of What This Group Was Created For

Mary Waldron, the founder, saw her Facebook group gain popularity unexpectedly after 6-7 months. She attributes its rise to the trend of shaming groups on Facebook at that time. She believes these groups unite people by sharing hilariously bad things, similar to kids joking about a teacher’s bad tie. It’s the shared laughter over terrible fashion that draws people together on a larger scale.


Saw This Dresss On A Wedding Photographers Page And Knew I Had To Share With Y’all

Don’t Worry Ladies, You Too Can Look Like A Figureless Polka Dot Worm For The Low Price Of $2,790!

The group’s name, ‘You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress,’ originated from a comment in the group about wedding dress shaming. Originally focused on wedding dress shaming as ‘You Can’t Slap On A White Skirt and Call it a Wedding Dress,’ it evolved to include all dress types as more people joined. The recent name change reflects this inclusivity after the admin team decided to embrace all types of dresses within the group.

Saw This On Instagram. Can’t Decide If That Is A Butt Crack

Pizza Dress

Ummm A Scuba Diving Dress? My Questions Are Why, For Who And Why Is It Almost $5,000

Mary’s perspective on “really bad” dresses involves extreme impracticality, ones that seem like they could fall apart or malfunction at any moment. However, outside the group, she keeps an open mind about fashion, valuing individual taste. She emphasizes that the most crucial aspect of a dress is how it makes you feel when you wear it. If a dress brings happiness, she encourages wearing it confidently because dressing your body should be about personal choice and joy.

 When You Haven’t Done Laundry So You Just Wear Something You Found Stuffed Way Back Under Your Bed

For Your Consideration… Some Of This Is A Photoshop Fail, Admittedly


The Facebook group, with nearly 60k members, strictly focuses on shaming dresses, not individuals or bodies. The moderators emphasize that hate is unwelcome and require faces and identifying information to be covered. They discourage anger towards past dress choices, urging members not to take things too seriously. Interestingly, the group steers clear of politics and avoids posting about pretty dresses, maintaining its focus on showcasing fashion fails.


Just Whyyyy?

Don’t Understand “Fashion” These Days

Absolutely, being stylish goes beyond randomly picking items—it’s about finding pieces that stand out. Oyinda Akinfenwa, the mind behind Janore, excels in crafting versatile dresses. In an interview, she highlighted common designer pitfalls like poor materials and creative blocks, shedding light on the challenges designers face in creating quality fashion.

Looking For Summer Street Style For A Client I’m Photographing And I Find This Monstrosity

Not Beyoncé Wearing Capri Sun Straws

Today’s Finds

I Saw This Dress And Just Had To Post It In Here Lol But It Has Holes In A Whole Lot Of Unflattering Places

Not Blurring Out Bc Shes A Celebrity, Ms Alexa Demie I Love You But What

Please Make Them Stop. Please

Hakuna Matata

I Always Wanted To Look Like A Hamburger

Yano… Just Not Feeling These

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