The Ultimate Guide to Giving a Hug to Brides Who Look Like They Could Really Use It


Weddings can be super stressful, bringing out the not-so-great sides of people and often leading to mishaps. Despite all the planning, the big day can feel like a high-stakes event where relaxing becomes a challenge. Bad things can happen, and it’s a choice between laughing them off or letting them spoil the day. Thankfully, many brides showcased here have bounced back from their wedding hiccups. We hope there was someone to comfort them and assure them that everything would be okay. After seeing these photos, we definitely want to give them a big hug.

White on white

This viral photo compelled the bride to clarify that her mother-in-law, despite appearing otherwise in the picture, is genuinely a kind person. The awkward situation arose because the mother-in-law had unknowingly chosen an extremely budget-friendly dress. While it’s surprising that someone could make such a choice without realizing its impact, the bride felt the need to set the record straight about her mother-in-law’s true character.

Falling for you

These two not only tumbled once but twice during their first dance—talk about going head over heels! A bruised bride is the last thing anyone wants.

Welcome to the family

This dog was well aware of the situation and wanted to assert that the new dad was entering bulldog territory. To make his point clear, he chose a rather unconventional moment, peeing on the bride’s dress during the vows.


If rain on your wedding day is considered good luck, does falling into a lake bring extra good luck? The only concern is whether this mishap occurred before the ceremony.

There goes the bride

Maybe we should collectively decide to avoid docks for wedding photos, considering the water-related mishaps. What could have been a lovely photo turned into a near-drowning incident. Let’s just hope the dresses had enough time to dry out.

Stuck on you

Love can be so unexpected that it gives you whiplash. In some cases, you might literally experience it because your veil gets caught on the rustic wood of your wedding venue, snapping your head back in the process. Now that’s a truly memorable walk down the aisle!

For better or worse

The bride is clearly smart – opting for coffee ensures she’ll remember the special moment when the groom fell asleep on her during the wedding. One can only imagine that the wedding night was quite the rockin’ experience!

Down the aisle

Yikes. The look on her face raises concerns about the potential pain after being dropped. Here’s hoping they took their photos before any grass stains appeared on her dress.

Something blue

Brothers, right? This unfortunate bride ended up with a mouth dyed blue after her brother handed her a “mint” before the ceremony.

That special someone

Even if you like squirrels, your wedding day is probably not the best time for one to decide it wants to play, land on you, or scratch your shoulder in your sleeveless dress during your photos.

I tumble for you

Falling is always embarrassing, but it reaches epic levels when it happens as you descend the stairs for the first time as husband and wife.

Abandon ship

Perhaps there were some beautiful photos captured before this mishap occurred. If the ceremony took place, there’s always the option to “dance and dry” during the ceremony. Trying to look on the bright side here, even though this situation looks like a bit of a nightmare.

It’s tough to wear white

Keeping a white dress clean is challenging, and it becomes even more difficult when people keep spilling (or spitting!) their drinks on you. Judging by this bride’s body language in the photo, it’s evident that she could have really used a hug at that moment.

Maid of dishonor

Perhaps people should consider passing a breathalyzer test before making wedding speeches. Hopefully, the friend in question was appropriately mortified once she sobered up because no one else in that photo seems to be having a good time.

We hope there was a backup

That awkward moment when you finally get the dress of your dreams, but instead of a top, it comes with pasties. Perhaps there’s still hope to salvage the skirt?

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