How to Take Amazing Photos from Drones That Show More Than Expected


Absolutely! Drones have revolutionized photography and exploration by providing access to stunning aerial views and locations that were once difficult or impossible to reach. From capturing breathtaking landscapes to offering unique perspectives of familiar places, drones have opened up a whole new world for photographers and enthusiasts. It’s fascinating to see how technology can enable us to explore and appreciate our surroundings in entirely new ways. What’s most exciting is the potential for even more innovative uses and advancements in drone technology in the future!

Morrison’s Quarry

Hover your drone over Morrison’s Quarry in Chelsea, Quebec, and capture its vast beauty. The aerial view is unmatched, revealing a stunning perspective of this unique location. Don’t miss this chance to document its breathtaking grandeur from above!

The crystal-clear waters make it an irresistible spot. Scuba divers revel in exploring the abundance of submerged treasures like tugboats and cars beneath the surface.

Worst Traffic Jam

China, boasting a population surpassing 1.42 billion, stands as the world’s most densely populated country. This demographic density contributes to the country grappling with extensive traffic congestion, a common sight due to the sheer volume of people and vehicles crowding its roads. The result? Epic traffic snarls have become a frequent occurrence in this densely populated nation.

Captured in 2010, this image showcases the Beijing–Hong Kong–Macau Expressway, packed with approximately 50 lanes of congested traffic. Astoundingly, this gridlock persisted for an incredible 12 days, believe it or not!

The Silverdome

Once the bustling home of the Detroit Lions football team, the Silverdome stadium now sits in neglect. After being relocated in 2002 and purchased by investors in 2009 with hopes of a soccer stadium conversion, the dream faded away, leaving the Silverdome as a somber reminder of what could’ve been—a missed chance for revival. Yet, take a peek inside for an astonishing glimpse into its history.

This monument holds significant historical weight, having hosted Super Bowls, NBA finals, a visit from the Pope, and even a concert by Elvis.

Skyscrapers Everywhere

Look at this cool picture of Hong Kong! It shows the tall buildings that make the city famous. But these buildings also make it hard for people to find homes they can afford. The fancy buildings make the housing prices go up, making it tough for regular folks to find a place to live. It’s like a big difference between awesome buildings and finding a home. But hey, the drone photo is really cool!

While skyscrapers offer an impressive sight, their history is often surrounded by controversy.

Paddleboarding A Great White Shark

Check out this picture taken with a drone off the coast of Southern California! It’s from a documentary made by Forrest Galante and Mark Romanov. They’re exploring how people and sharks are connected in the ocean. The picture might scare the folks in it, but for us, it’s just super interesting to see!

Jessica and Kelly, seen in this photo, were conscious of swimming alongside a great white shark. Their aim in taking this picture was to demonstrate that sharks aren’t as threatening as commonly believed.

The Boneyard

The United States spends a lot of money on military stuff. But what happens to the old stuff? In Tucson, Arizona, there’s a place called “The Boneyard” where they keep all the old military gear. They either use it again for something else or take parts from it. It’s a smart way to handle all these old things. And can you believe there are so many planes in one place?

Over 4,000 types of military airplanes rest in this location. It’s the biggest storage center globally and has been here since the Second World War ended.

Christ The Redeemer Statue

Check out this incredible shot of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue, captured by a drone! It offers a rare and stunning view of this iconic monument, showcasing a perspective that’s usually unseen. Thanks to amazing drone photos like this, we get to explore the statue and its breathtaking surroundings in a whole new way. Drones truly redefine what’s possible in photography, uncovering views that were once unimaginable.

At 124.7 feet tall, it stands atop the 2,329-foot-high Corcovado Mountain, making the drone flyer deserve full credit for capturing such a flawless shot.

The Six Flags Theme Park

Behold the abandoned Six Flags theme park in New Orleans East! Back in 2005, the park shut down as Hurricane Katrina approached. Sadly, it never reopened after that devastating event.

Two weeks after Hurricane Katrina, this picture was captured by a drone, showing that the park was largely submerged underwater during that period.

The Kraken Hole

Despite its frightening name, “The Kraken Hole” isn’t a natural phenomenon; it’s actually a human-made creation.

It’s an artificial spillway constructed at a California reservoir, but its appearance still gives off a spooky vibe.

Guatemalan Sinkhole

In 2010, Guatemala City was struck by Tropical Storm Agatha, resulting in the formation of this terrifying sinkhole.

The sinkhole measured approximately 65 feet in diameter and plunged to depths of around 300 feet. Its appearance is quite alarming, and what’s even more frightening is that sinkholes happen quite often in Guatemala City.

Pegasus Airline Flight 8622

This drone shot captures Pegasus Airlines Flight 8622 from Trabzon. Unfortunately, upon its arrival in Trabzon, it overshot the runway and slid down a cliff.

Thankfully, the plane stopped before reaching the Black Sea, avoiding any injuries. However, the airport closed and stayed shut until the investigation was completed.

Humpback Whale Jumping Out

This incredible shot was captured in Santa Barbara, California, where a humpback whale leaped out of the water, nearly colliding with a nearby boat.

Once the adrenaline settled, the crew was thrilled to have an amazing story to share. The drone footage provided solid evidence to back up their incredible experience.

The Communal Nest

At first glance, you might think it’s the head of a cow or moose, but it’s actually something truly astonishing. This photo captures the largest known bird nest, taken by a South African photographer using a drone.

This massive nest houses hundreds of social weaver birds known for their exceptional maintenance abilities. It’s why their nests can endure for up to a century.

Vietnamese Ducks

Captured above the Ba River, downstream of Tuy Hoa City, Vietnam, this photo illustrates the collaboration between humans and nature.

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