40+ Valuable Household Items That Could Be Worth a Fortune

40+ Valuable Household Items That Could Be Worth a Fortune

It’s possible that there is more money sitting in our homes than we realize. Many of us have multiple items that are no longer being used, however, we often forget that some of these items may be worth a lot of money. These hidden treasures can vary from old toys to outdated gadgets, and there is a specific market that is interested in each of these collectibles and is willing to pay a significant price for them. Although identifying which items are valuable can be challenging, we have created a comprehensive list to assist you in discovering the unexpectedly valuable items you might possess.

Original Edition iPod

The iPod, which initially hit the market in October 2001, was once a highly sought-after device among millennials. However, due to the fast-paced development in technology, it is now seen as a vintage gadget that holds sentimental value. As a result, first-generation iPods have been fetching prices as high as $20,000 when sold.

If you happen to have kept your very first iPod, then you may have some good fortune. As long as the device is in decent condition, whether it is factory sealed or not, it is probable that you will receive a profitable outcome if you manage to sell it.

SONY Walkman

Why would the earlier versions of devices like iPods be considered less valuable when they first introduced the idea of portable music to the public? For example, the SONY Walkman was the first to do so and was released in 1979. Today, the original TPS-L2 model is worth almost $450.

The WM EX808HG and the DD Quartz are also valuable models that could be sold for a few hundred dollars in mint condition. Including their packages and accessories may increase their price by a few more dollars.


It seems you’re aware that antique market prices for traditional music players are increasing rapidly. The Zune is also now included in this expanding collection of vintage music devices.

You could be fortunate if you still have a Zune or other specialized music device from your high school years, as committed music enthusiasts are willing to pay generously to obtain them.

Vintage Comics

Superheroes have become highly popular and can take on any form in various settings. Due to the craze over DC and Marvel, the initial comic book exploits of these individuals can yield significant earnings. The Black Panther collection from the 1970s had a remarkable occasion on eBay, with values ranging from $50 to $1,000.

Typically, the cost of a character’s comic book rises dramatically when a movie is created about the character. Therefore, if you own a well-preserved comic book featuring a specific character that is about to be adapted into a film, make sure you have your eBay account set up and ready to go!

First-Edition Books

It is quite normal for initial prints of books to be sold at high prices in the market. The value of a book generally increases with age. This trend also applies to contemporary bestsellers like the Harry Potter series.

At present, the initial version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone published in 1997 is being sold for thousands of dollars. As per Reuters, a single copy was bought at the Heritage Auctions for an astonishing price of $471,000. It seems like it’s worth checking your book collection for any old copies!

Timeless Cookbooks

Vintage cookbooks have emerged as a highly desirable item for collectors in recent times. In case you are in possession of aged cookbooks that were inherited from your ancestors, they could fetch a considerable amount of money nowadays.

Antique dealers state that currently, cookbooks that are no longer in print have a high value. Even celebrity chefs like Julia Child remain in demand. For example, a first edition of Mastering the Art of French Cooking from 1961 was recently sold for an impressive $2,500.

VHS Tapes

It is common knowledge that the Disney vault is packed with valuable classic items. However, some people might not be informed that particular old Disney films can be valued as high as a vehicle in present times!

In case you possess the Beauty and the Beast Black Diamond Edition VHS tape at your place, it could earn you nearly $10,000, provided you find the right buyer. Additionally, VHS tapes of movies such as The Godfather trilogy or The Beatles documentary Let it Be, apart from the Disney tapes, can also fetch good prices, possibly hundreds of dollars or more.

Retro Video Games

Although PlayStation consoles marked the end of the era of video game cassettes, some scarce copies have resurfaced as vintage items. For instance, in 2017, a version of Super Mario Bros. that was available separately from the Nintendo Entertainment System under different packaging received an astounding bid of $30,000 on eBay.

Certainly, this game stood out as an exceptional case. However, there are numerous other uncommon games that individuals are eagerly searching for such as Gamma Attack, Wrecking Crew, Stadium Events, Kid Icarus, and Birthday Mania.

Game Boys

Apart from creating video games, Nintendo Entertainment System also developed an impressive selection of games for their portable gaming gadget, the Nintendo Game Boy.

Did you ever play cult classic Game Boy games like Shantae, Trip World, or Spud’s Adventure? If you still have them, you could potentially earn a lot of money by selling them. These games are now worth hundreds, possibly even thousands of dollars. So instead of holding onto them for your children, consider selling them and receive a payment ranging from $200 to $2,000.

Arcade Games

You may be surprised to learn that the outdated arcade game you recently retrieved from your parents’ attic could be worth a substantial amount of money nowadays, even if it isn’t functional. Experts in vintage items have revealed that even a broken arcade game could bring in anywhere from $100 to $400.

If everything goes smoothly, the cost will rise significantly above $600. Certain games, such as Asteroids that have a high level of replayability, are more in demand and have a resale value of $1,000. Pong’s market price has increased four-fold in the past four years and is currently approaching $2,500.

Boy Scout Memorabilia

Your school-time Boy Scout badges, medals, and belts are now deemed valuable as they have recently reappeared online and have garnered the attention of many potential buyers. A simple search on eBay will provide multiple expensive listings for these items.

Old Boy Scout items have sold for high prices, with one auction reaching up to $250 and other collections of patches, badges, and medals receiving bids over $100. Possessing items from your past scouting experience can be a profitable surprise.

Vintage Lunch Boxes

Here’s a rephrased version: “It’s another treasured item from your school years! Over time, various pop culture icons like musicians, superheroes, and cartoon characters have adorned the exterior of tin lunch boxes – the ones kids use to store their PB&Js and BLTs. Nowadays, these lunch boxes are considered valuable collectibles!”

Those lunch boxes and thermos are highly prized collectibles now, with prices starting at $100 or more. Even classic designs such as The Bonanza, Superman, and Lost in Space have increased in value and are now selling for $100 to $200. Surprisingly, The Wild, Wild West has become a strong competitor with a bid of $230, while even poorly conditioned Beatles-themed lunch boxes can fetch as much as $400.

Pokémon Cards

Once again, it is time to exchange your Pokémon cards! Complete sets of the standard Pokémon cards can fetch hundreds of dollars on eBay, and a solitary ultra-rare card can even amass thousands of dollars.

The Charizard that can breathe fire was sold for $11,999 at an auction, and it underwent a complete and detailed expert investigation. However, it’s worth noting that even a pile of ordinary cards that are in good condition can still get some money.

Classic Pyrex

First introduced in 1915, Pyrex utensils revolutionized home cooking. With unique borosilicate glass useful for versatile cooking and serving, those bowls and casseroles never seemed to break or wear out over the years.

So, it’s just their mere existence that makes them valuable. But, the perks here are certain rare sought-after designs, which have been sold as collectibles at handsome prices. Still, who would want to get rid of those beautiful and useful pieces anyway?

Depression Glasses

Here’s another piece of history that has resurfaced as a much more valuable item than before. During the Great Depression, food distributors like Quaker Oats came up with then-inexpensive glassware sets.

Typically manufactured in bright translucent colors, these glasswares were regarded as nothing more than cheap pieces of crockery, affordable for economically-strapped families. But, over the years, the history of that time has driven up the value of depression glasses to a considerable amount.

Vintage China Sets

Just like the Pyrex, the old China from your kitchen cabinet can be worth a lot too! Many of us have a good China set sitting in the cupboard, waiting for the fancy dinner party that never comes. Now is the time to make some dollars with those dainty little teacups!

China has a lot of value on eBay, EBTH, and similar sites. Some even go for hundreds, if not thousands! So, do your research to maximize your worth. If you think it’s a nice enough set, first get a ballpark estimate of its value from an antique dealer.

Retro Cookie Jars

These ceramic jars are cute little items that brighten up your kitchen, and can be hard to part with! But, if you can manage it, you can get a resale value ranging from $200 to even $2,000! That old cookie jar sitting on your countertop is one of the hottest collectibles right now.

An Uncle Mistletoe Marshall Fields cookie jar from the 1950s recently sold for $1,500. But, you don’t have to have such coveted versions. You can easily reap good cash, ranging from $200 to $700.

Coca-Cola Ad Pieces

The brand Coca-Cola is largely considered as the original king of advertising. Many vintage Coca-Cola ads are worth a lot of money today. Collectors especially prize the ads printed on regular items like utensils, jars, trays — which were once common in almost every household.

In 2010, an original vintage metal tray with a painting by Norman Rockwell sold at an auction for $1,610. But, don’t forget to double-check with an expert to make sure the ad in your item is an authentic one rather than a reproduction.

Slight Typo

Quarters are money. And when there’s an error, it’s worth more money! Once, the “T” on a coin pressing machine got smudged — and, as a result, a batch of Kansas-state quarters had its motto accidentally altered from “The G-d We Trust” to a deeper “The G-d We Rust”.

The error was quickly corrected, but in the meantime, those irregular coins made it out into the world. They’re now valued at almost $100 each! So, check those piggy banks you’ve been filling. There might be a very valuable printing error hiding in plain sight!


No list of valuable antiques can be completed without stamps! Collecting stamps has been a beloved hobby of people for centuries. Over time, many of these postage stamps have become obscenely valuable.

Some of those most valuable stamps can be floating around your house today — right under your nose! One of the most valuable stamps in the history of the USA was released in 1992. Today, one of these only 56 numbers of ‘inverted’ commemoratives goes for around $75,000.

Antique Furniture

Nostalgia sells at a high price! Vintage furnishing has always been a coveted home décor choice for many families. The return of ‘mid-century modern’ in interior design is all the proof one needs.

So, if you have any piece of furniture from your childhood — which simply won’t fit anywhere in your renovated modern-chic house — get ready to say goodbye to it. You’ll feel a lot better after receiving a handsome price on request for it, from the right buyer. The current fad is furniture from the 1980s and 1990s.

Rare Lego Sets

Childhood isn’t the same without Legos! First introduced in 1949, Legos have made their way from the kids’ rooms to multiplex screens over the years.

Through its journey of evolution, certain Lego bricks, sets, and mini-figures have become prized collectibles. The Lego Star Wars Cloud City set goes for $660 on average. Also, several rare character mini-figures go for $130 to $175, if in the original packaging.

Wrestling Action Figures

Since the 1980s, small plastic versions of big wrestling superstars have continuously been one of the best-selling toys in the world. Over the decades, a large collector community has developed around these toys.

Rarer figures from older companies and newer ones from iconic brands like Mattel can be sold at a vast price range of $100 and $10,000! Now, start rummaging through your toy figures box and get your eBay account ready.

Polly Pocket

The Polly Pocket craze of the ’90s gave birth to a magnificent line of miniature toys. With bright colors and impressive detailing, those inch-high toys were all about fun and cuteness overloaded! It’s eBay again that has given the line a second life as high-valued collectibles.

Among plenty of other pricey items, a Peter Pan-style Polly Pocket set was recently sold for $300. A collection of colorful houses was sold for $250. So, if you’ve got similar original Polly Pocket stuff in your home, get selling!

American Girl Dolls

American Girl Dolls are one of the cutest little pieces of childhood memory. A popular collectors’ item, the original ones from 1986 are making it rain now! With outfits and accessories, the popular Samantha was sold as high as $4,200 on eBay.

There are several others on the pricey list with more than $2,800 bids. Even dolls out of their original packaging can get a listing for hundreds of dollars, which is a nice profit compared to their original price back then.

Vintage Barbie Dolls

If American Girl Dolls can reach the coveted collectibles list, how can Barbie be any far behind? One of the most popular choices of dolls globally, Barbie is still reigning in the market and the hearts of people.

Barbie dolls in any style have been one of the most valuable and collected items over the years. The classic older dolls that appeared in a different style and shape than today’s popular kind are the most sought-after. Even those out of their boxes can fetch a pretty penny if in good shape.

Ad Signs From Back in the Day

Before pop-up ads told us what to buy, advertising signs used to hang everywhere, from bars to gas stations. A surprising money-maker, some of these signs can bring in a nice chunk of change today!

From Coke to AAA Root Beer, Indian Motorcycles to Old Milwaukee, the once-venerable signboards are now listed on eBay for a range of $225 to $600. Some can even go for four-figure amounts! Maybe there’s one from your great grandpa’s old bar, now collecting dust somewhere in the garage that you can cash in.


Vintage toasters are truly worth something if you can sell them to the proper buyer. The older and less conventional they are, the more valuable the model is. The popular Sweetheart toasters were first sold in the 1930s.

The exposed sides of the electric toaster toasted one side of one bread at a time. There was a button or lever, which was used to flip the bread around, to toast the other side. Now auctioned off for $650, these models are charming antiques.

Vinyl Records

Thanks to the increasing vintage obsession of people, vinyl has seen a massive resurgence over the last decade. National events like the ‘Annual Record Sale Day’ have all sorts of buyers standing in a long line for special sales on sought-after vintage vinyl and limited release titles.

According to antique experts, coveted first pressings can command even thousands of dollars, others at least a hundred. A 1956 self-titled Elvis Presley album is listed for $105, and Prince’s Purple Rain is listed for $180.

Record Players

If vinyl is back with such a bang, that means the market is ripe for record players too! If you luckily have an old turntable in working condition, and you’re ready to part with it, you can look up the model on eBay in order to estimate a selling price.

For example, the Technics SL-1200 model is now worth $15,000 if it’s in well-working condition. But, no matter the model, the cost of a vintage turntable is likely to start from $150.

’80s Boomboxes

Before the game-changing minimalist designs of Bose and Apple products, high-tech looks were based on adding as many dials, switches, and buttons as possible! This trend reached an all-time high during the 1980s in the form of boomboxes.

These massive-but-portable systems were all the rage, and honestly, we kind of understand why — even if they’re considered retro nowadays. If you still have one in good working condition, you can easily get a good price on eBay.

Gibson and Fender Vintage Guitars

You have possibly abandoned all your hopes for joining a cool rock band ages ago. But, the Gibson you bought in high school using all your lunch money, well, that’s worth some serious money today.

Those guitars are consistently being sold and bought over a wide price range. A Gibson Les Paul from the 1950s may be worth hundreds of thousands today! What’s a better way to get rid of the frustration from all those failed lessons?

Caught on Camera!

The world of cameras is more complex than other vintage electronics or gadgets. There’s a lot to learn about camera equipment and films, especially in the current digital world. Developing a film is pricey, and building a darkroom to develop the films is even pricier!

Regardless, old cameras are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in today’s date — depending on the model. One of the most sought-after styles is Polaroid and the vintage model is Leica M3. It usually sells for $900 to $1,200.

Retro Vacuum Cleaners

This may not sound exciting, but retro vacuum cleaners stand at an impressive price point as valuable antiques. For example, a 1945 Kirby upright vacuum model is listed on eBay for a whopping $2,500.

Other older and rarer models could go for even more! So, next time you find an old Hoover in your grandmother’s attic, don’t throw it out. Just dust it off and it’s ready to go clean out someone else’s pocket for you!

Old Cellphones

You may have spent a fortune on the latest iPhone model, but don’t ignore those old flip phones or Sidekicks that are lying around in the drawers, collecting dust. It turns out, those outdated gizmos can be worth hundreds of dollars!

Rarity and novelty are only two of the many reasons that have made these classic cellphone models a collector’s favorite. A few of the valuable antique models are the Nokia 8850 Hiptop Sidekick, Motorola Lazer, the Ericsson GH 337, and T39M.

Thrifting for the Win

Fashion is good at one thing. It can recycle trends, which makes vintage clothing the ‘new luxury!’ Take, for instance, that princess ballgown from your prom or the retro t-shirts that you just can’t part with — this can all go for a nice amount!

While vintage frocks, dresses, top-n-skirts are all the rage again, it’s the shirts printed with a concert, advertising, or a cool scene that are attracting more fashion-forward buyers now. It’s time to declutter your wardrobe and give away those retro clothes to your local thrift shop in exchange for $200 to $800.

Time to Get a Watch

Just like clothing, vintage accessories are also in top demand in the fashion world. Among others, wristwatches are the accessory that gets the most action — especially men’s watches. It’s mainly the big names and their older versions that buyers look for in those timeless pieces.

Also, the more complex the system, the more valuable the watch is — even with some outdated styles and functionalities. Although there’s some sentimental value to items that have been passed down, vintage wristwatches are prized possessions, so it might not hurt to exchange that Rolex for a huge chunk of money.

Timeless Fashion

Yes — you saw it coming! Fashion history is fun to look at and to collect, but honestly, most of those accumulated pieces end up piled in a corner of your closet. Now, it’s time to earn a sizable chunk of change with them.

Branded vintage pieces, like early models of Chanel or Prada, can fetch at least $400 to $500 on a secondary retail market or online. The price can even shoot up to $2,000 or $3,000 if the product is in mint condition.

Old School

You begged your parents, saved up your allowances, and babysat for endless evenings just to buy those coveted pairs! And then, when your feet outgrew them — or the new cool models hit the shelves — you had no idea what to do with the originals anymore!

Take a pause and think twice before tossing them out. Early Air Jordan sneakers are now worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars… depending upon the model and the condition, of course. That’s your solution right there!

Autographed Sports Memorabilia

Autographs are high-rated items. But, before the days of these high-priced signings and autographed conventions, it was very common for the players to sign caps, balls, cards, and other memorabilia brought by kids at sporting events.

Now autographed paraphernalia has a huge market, flocked by collectors ready to bid high. If you have a Mickey Mantle autographed baseball lying around your grandad’s attic, it’s sufficient to say you’re a lucky one!

Disney Theme Park Souvenirs

For many, the Disney Theme Park Memorabilia is now nothing but souvenirs to remember a fun family vacation. But, for hardcore fans and dedicated ‘Disneyana’ enthusiasts, those souvenirs are the ‘holy grails’ of their collections.

Specifically, the older pieces from the early years of Disneyland and World Disney World are the most sought-after nowadays. So, if there’s any bit of early Disney merchandise hiding up in your attic, which you don’t mind parting with, log onto eBay and start selling!

Pedal Cars

If you have a pedal car in your family handed down from your granddad’s generation, you probably want to keep it for nostalgic reasons. But one day, your kids will outgrow it and the nostalgia might start to fade away. What’ll you do then?

The answer is simple! You’ll sell it. Depending on the model, age, and condition, a pedal car can bring a hefty amount of dollars today. For example, a 1930 Lincoln pedal car — even with a little rust on it — can fetch nearly $1,000.

Retro Apple Computers

Just like old iPods, early-generation Apple computers have also become extremely valuable with time. Released in 1976, the Apple I is now worth around $40,000, as there were only 575 models ever sold.

However, the Apple II was sold in six million units, making the model less valuable. But, for a mint condition Apple II, you can still get some good money, ranging between $700 and $2,500.


When there were no computers, we had typewriters. If you have a typewriter from that time or have inherited it from an older relative, chances are you can sell it for a considerable price.

A Remington No. 1 model, dating back to 1874, was listed on eBay for a whopping $27,000. It’s true that everybody can’t come up with a model quite that old and in working order. But, the general typewriters range between $50 and $500 — and that’s still quite a sum when you need it.


This is another nostalgia-inducing item, which is worth a good value if sold to a proper buyer. Almost all of us have a few random old postcards lying around in a drawer. A single postcard can range between $2 and $200 — depending on particular factors like rarity, age, condition, and subject matter.

Postcards in either Art Deco-style or signed by anyone noteworthy, with a message of significance or having a rare postal stamp or marking can be akin to a goldmine sitting right in your home!

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