These 45 Weird Photos Are True Mind Bogglers That’ll Surely Confuse You


Have you ever come across a photo on the internet that seems so odd that you have had to take a second look to understand what’s going on? From misleading adverts to dirty signage at restaurants claiming to strive for quality, a simple photo can be completely misunderstood if taken from the wrong angle or at the wrong time. Here’s a list of our own that feature optical illusions so confusing that you will need to do a double-take to figure out what is going on.

Kudos to the Cameraman!

It takes a certain amount of talent and a whole heap of patience to capture the perfect action shot of an animal running. This cameraman took it to the next level when he captured this photo of what looks like a dog in a bubble.

This definitely took a second to figure out. It’s also one of the prettiest illusions we’ve seen — just an absolutely perfect shot. We wonder how many bubbles they had to blow to get this picture.

Toy Story Comes to Life

Imagine waking up from your beautiful slumber in the middle of the night to see this monstrosity coming at you! It’s quite easily the stuff of nightmares. Thankfully, upon closer inspection, it is just a dog wearing a teddy bear on its face.

This mind-boggling photo will have you thinking you are trapped in a real-life Toy Story situation. But, look more closely at this “teddy,” and you’ll see that all is well and there are no toys coming to life anytime soon.

Wow, This Little Guy Aged Quickly!

At first glance, it sure seems that there is a bit of a Benjamin Button situation going on here as we look at an adult holding a small child with a very grown-up-looking face.

But, look closer, and you, too, will see that it’s just an angle issue and that the face we see is that of a man holding the baby. We’re not going to lie; this one took more than one look to figure out, making it a mind-boggler of note.

Portal Into the Unknown

Is it just us, or are tattoo artists getting more creative with their designs? While this tattoo is not everyone’s cup of tea, you’ve got to admit that it is pretty cool, and it looks like this man has a portal leading to the inside of his head.

Ever wished that you could see into someone’s mind or brain? Well, with this optical illusion tattoo, you can. But, we’re not sure how comfortable we are when looking at this picture. Something about it just seems unsettling.

Beam Me Up, Kitty

No, this cat isn’t preparing for a trip to outer space. Thanks to the photographer’s great skills with a camera, a bubble, and a well-timed photo, they captured this one-in-a-million picture that is sure to make you look twice.

While it would be fun to see a cat join NASA’s space program, we’re sure this kitty has enough fun playing with bubbles while being the subject of a funny photograph.

That’s Not a… Nevermind

Angles definitely matter when it comes to taking photos, and this is the perfect example. At first glance, it seems that this gentleman is sitting on a toilet. Walk around the corner to get a proper view, and you will discover that it is nothing more than a leather recliner.

Using the toilet in public is a big no-no. So, it’s a good thing this person made sure that they were not just viewing an innocent act taken from the wrong angle.

3D Fun

You, too, can create an optical illusion in your home when you place a 3D photo next to a mirror. Look at the picture in the mirror, and boom, Magic!

In this photo, the homeowner placed a 3D picture of a moose on their bathroom wall. But when looking in the mirror, the picture is completely different. Give it a try in your home, and you, too, can have some decor fun creating your own optical illusions this way.

Giraffes in Their Natural Habitat

At first glance, these might look like wild giraffes. But, upon closer inspection, you will see that these are, in fact, industrial constructions. Paired with a rather spectacular sunset, we don’t blame you for thinking this was a pic of animals in the wild on a safari drive.

No matter what it actually is, the photo is still pretty cool and is a worthy addition to your photo wall at home or at work. Is anyone else reminded of the opening sequence of The Lion King?

The Disappearing Cup

Is this a short cup, or is there more to this picture than the eye can see? Look closer, and you can just about make out the outline of a cutout in the desk that is hiding the rest of the cup.

This is a rather genius solution. It keeps your drink from being accidentally dropped or spilled. Even if it’s meant to be a hole for all your office equipment cables to go through, we love this.

No Feet on the Table!

Before you shake your head in utter disgust at the thought of dirty feet on the dinner table, a quick zoom-in will reveal that those are not the man’s legs at all but rather those of a baby sitting on his lap.

Thankfully, it seems that he does actually have some manners and didn’t leave his dinner table etiquette at the door or ignore the rules. It does, however, lead us to wonder where the baby’s head is. But, we will leave that for another day and another list.

The Return of the Centaur

You are forgiven for thinking that the Centaurs have returned when you look at this photo. Thanks to an interesting camera angle, the hind legs of a dog appear to be the lower half of the man in the photo.

Just goes to show that camera angles are everything when taking a photo, and even a photo of a German Shepherd walking towards a man standing on his deck can look like something it is not.

The Mystery of the Floating Leg

Some people have the strangest luggage. Who carries a leg with them on the subway? Does it indeed belong to someone on the train?

A quick second glance will reveal that the leg does indeed belong to the person seated beside the suitcase and is not just a prop or prosthetic that someone decided to bring with them on their daily commute.

Charlotte’s Web Meets the Moon

A rising moon is one of the most beautiful things to photograph. Add in a spider weaving its web, and you have a magical photo opportunity.

Taken at just the right time, this photograph portrays the spider weaving the rising moon into its web. But, a proper look will clear up any confusion you may have in no time.

When Size Can Be Deceiving

We wouldn’t want to be these guys working on the underside of this bridge. Look at the second photo, and you will see exactly why we would consider this dangerous.

While the first photo shows a group of men working on some form of construction, the second reveals the sheer size of the bridge. No, thank you! We prefer our feet planted firmly on the ground where it’s safe, and there is no risk of falling to your death.

Floating Canoe or Clever Photography?

Thanks to the shadows, clear water, and angle of the canoe, we, too, thought this woman was in a floating canoe. This truly is a mesmerizing photo.

With water this clear, the only indication that the canoe is safely in the water is seen by the ripples. It would indeed be pretty cool to have a floating canoe, though, even if they only existed in our dreams.

A Hairy Situation

At first glance, this man appears to be wearing a pair of really fluffy pants. Actually, it’s just bubbles collecting on his leg hair underwater. This photo is mind-boggling and requires a second glance to understand.

Ah, the magic of photography. We can’t say this photo makes us feel anything other than a bit weirded out… But, maybe that’s just us.

Where Is the Rest of This Dog?

The pajamas, the fact that his fur is similar to the color of the carpet, and his surprised look all lead us to think that this dog has been cut in half.

Our brains worked overtime trying to figure this one out. Did you see it at first glance, or did you have to take a second look to figure out where the missing body parts went?

Risen From the Ashes

This photo requires not one, not two, but three or more looks to ascertain just what is going on. Is this smoke? Dust? Is it an owl or bird rising from the ashes?

While it is clear that the figure in the photo is a bird, we’re guessing you didn’t figure out that it is an imprint of a bird that flew into a window. How many times did you have to study this photo to understand it?

Mirror Image

Riding back to back on a motorcycle is definitely not recommended, so you will be pleased to know that the passenger on this bike is facing the right way and that you are merely looking at the rider’s reflection in the mirror they are holding.

We wouldn’t recommend transporting a mirror this way, though. It seems kind of dangerous and could cause those witnessing this rather strange event to have a car accident as they crane their necks to make sense of what they are seeing.

A Bag of Legs

This photograph takes the term “bag-lady” a bit too literally. On second glance, though, you will see that the woman’s body is hidden from sight by the deck chair.

You’ll also note that she doesn’t have a straw bag for an upper body, or that no one has left their prosthetics on the sand unattended. We, too, were worried there for a second.

The Backwards Boy

Trying to figure this one out just about gave us a headache. But, we finally made sense of it. It took some time and more than one look, but we nailed it. Yay, us!

This young boy must have confused quite a few people when he put his hoodie on backward and put his hands behind his back, giving everyone around him the impression that his head was incorrectly attached to his body.

I’ll Be Your Uber Driver Today

Imagine approaching your Uber only to be greeted by this sight. Do you take a chance and hope that this doggo has his driver’s license?

Thankfully the pup, too, is a passenger, and a well-timed photo is the secret to this mind-boggling picture of a driving doggo.

Growth Spurt

This poor pup has a rather small head for his body size. Or does he? What on earth is going on here? Could it possibly be shrunken head syndrome?

There are actually two dogs in this photo, with the larger dog hiding the body of the puppy. Phew. Here we thought this creature was a mutant with a small head!

My, What Long Arms You Have

A beautifully captured photo of an even more beautiful group of friends. But, what is going on with that girl’s arm? Does she just have freakishly long arms, or is there more to this photo than we can see?

Don’t worry! This lady’s arm is perfectly proportionate. Her hand is just being hidden by the girl seated in the photo.

A Waiting Room for Dogs

It’s nice to see that more and more buildings, trains, and buses are being inclusive of dog rights and providing comfortable seating for them.

Just kidding. Thanks to the camera angle of this photo, it looks like this pooch has a comfy seat. But, a closer look reveals it is just a trick of the eye, and the dog is seated next to a woman.

Cartoon or Real Life?

This one is sure to have you puzzled. Is this a photoshopped creation, or is there indeed a cartoon drawn on this photograph of a hill?

It is neither. This incredible illusion actually exists! It’s actually an art installation in New Zealand called “Horizons” that was created by artist Neil Dawson. Go check it out in real life if you don’t believe us!

Holed Up

We’ve all seen those photos of bathrooms that have been painted to look like the floor has fallen away, right?

We wouldn’t blame you for being naive in thinking that this, too, is a clever design trick. But, step on it, and you will find yourself in trouble, as the floor really has fallen away in this sitting room.

The One-Legged Girl

This photo had us staring for a little longer than usual as we tried to puzzle out where the lady’s other leg was hiding! While we can see that there are clearly two shoes in the photo, the way she is sitting is hiding her other leg.

Another clever example of trick photography that almost had us fooled. But, that was a pretty scary ten seconds while we tried to figure it out.

Have Your Dress and Eat it Too

We all know that weddings can be expensive. But, at first glance, we thought this bride was taking cost-cutting measures a bit too far by combining her wedding dress and the cake.

Thankfully it is just another mind-boggling photo that was created using clever camera angles, and the bride is actually standing behind the cake.

A Portal to Another World

At first glance, it seems that this woman has found a portal to another world. But, credit must be given to the photographer who had us all fooled.

This is no portal and is actually a photo of a woman lying on the steps on her back at the base of a rippling pond. We do wonder where the portal would have led to, though.

When You Eat Something Spicy

Camera angles, the use of light and natural shadows, and playing with the focus of your lens can result in some interesting photos, as this photographer found out.

No, this poor cow is not tooting out flames. But, it sure does look like it got into the farmer’s chili or peppers patch.

The World’s Biggest Seagull

For those who fear birds, this would be the ultimate nightmare. Comparing the size of the gull to the person in the photo, we, too, thought that this was a giant seagull.

Thankfully it isn’t, and the photo was taken with the seagull in the foreground of the photo. Ornithophobes can breathe a sigh of relief that giant birds do not actually exist. Phew.

It’s a Horse Eat Horse World

If you always thought horses eat hay, you were not wrong. This mind-boggling photo had us all thinking that the horse in the foreground had eaten another horse.

On closer inspection, though, you will notice the horse in the front has its mouth open and is blocking your view of a second horse in the background. The last thing we need in this crazy world is a horse that eats others.

The Morning After

One-night stands can be pretty awkward. But, can you imagine waking up after a crazy night only to be greeted by this hairy sight?

Bet we had you fooled with this photo that looks like this pooch grew a pair of arms. Despite it being fake, we still think that waking up to a snuggle with this sweet boy would be awesome!

When You Mistake Seeds for Bugs

Watermelon is a great summer treat… But, not when it is covered in bugs like the one in this photograph. An initial look reveals what seems to be a photo of a juicy seeded watermelon. However, closer inspection reveals that it is covered in yucky bugs.

Probably best to skip this treat at your next picnic. Are we the only ones with our skins crawling now?!

Bro, Do You Gym?

Ever seen a buff-looking giraffe? We thought that this seemed too good to be true. Thanks to the angle of the camera, this giraffe looked like it had spent considerable time in the gym getting fit and building muscle.

Pictured here, however, is a giraffe bending and ultimately concealing the long neck that these animals are known for. Honestly, even after looking at it for a while, it’s still hilarious.

Love the Heels!

This restaurant decided to cleverly conceal the bottom of its bar with a mirror, making it look like the barmen were wearing mini skirts and sky-high heels.

Whether this was a clever marketing campaign or not, it sure made patrons take a second look to make sure their eyes weren’t deceiving them. Can you imagine seeing this when you have had one too many drinks? Mind-blowing!

Gymnast Zebra

Move over, Gymnast Barbie, because there is a new girl in town! Is it just us that are confused, or does it look like this zebra is balancing her legless body on her nose?

In a well-timed photograph, this zebra’s body conceals its legs as it bends its neck to graze. Phew. We were kind of worried about how the poor thing would run away if threatened by a predator.

A Clever Marketing Campaign

The ad agency behind this genius advertisement is definitely worth the cost the pet product company paid the agency for its services. Used as a way to advertise flea control products, when viewed from above, the people walking over this floor sticker appear to be fleas.

Absolutely genius! This advert does, however, only make sense when viewed from above and would do well placed in a busy mall or airport.

Ma’am, Your Uber Is Here

In another case of mistaken identity, this dog appears to be driving this car. While we wouldn’t exactly say no to a lift from this good boy, it’s nice to know that it is simply a well-timed photo of a dog sitting between the seats of this car and concealing the driver’s head and body.

Pity. We would have given this pup a considerable tip for their lift services. What a barking shame, but we think that they only drive people to the dog park.

Head Dispenser

Blink when looking at this picture, and you will think that this poor cat has lost its head and is trying to retrieve it from the box. Bending away from the camera, the cat’s head is hidden.

The body belonging to the head in the photo is actually tucked away in the box. We had a good laugh while trying to figure this one out, and we are relieved to say that no kitties were harmed in the making of this photo.

Snack Time

We’ll forgive you for thinking that this poor kitty is snacking on a pole due to hunger. But, don’t worry. This adorable ball of fluff is simply resting its head on a wooden beam.

Cats are known for resting in the weirdest positions. This often leads to strange sights like this that would have us calling the owners out for starving their pets.

It’s a Sign!

This is a rather ironic situation, to be honest. With their motto speaking of quality, their sign is less than impressive. It is either very dirty or poorly designed.

Whatever the case, the eatery would probably attract more hungry patrons to its location if the sign was better maintained and reflected the company’s motto. We definitely wouldn’t visit an establishment that can’t be bothered to reflect its quality in its signage.

Blending In

A quick look at this photo seems to show a rather messy meal placed directly on the tablecloth! Before you get worked up and wonder what savage would skip using a plate, take a closer look.

We think it is a rather poor design choice. But, the owner of this table decided that buying plates to match their tablecloth would be a great idea.


This picture certainly makes us start believing in supernatural animal-people. We’re a little worried that this person seems to be able to transform into their creature form even when the full moon isn’t up.

Or, at least we would have been worried if we didn’t take a second look and realize that this photo was just taken at a very confusing angle. Could you face this creature?

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