These 30+ Cat Hacks That Will Make Every Cat Owner’s Life Easier

These 30+ Cat Hacks That Will Make Every Cat Owner’s Life Easier

Since ancient times, we have kept cats as companions. While each four-legged furry friend is unique, there are commonalities between cats and their owners. These hacks may prove useful in maintaining order in your home and keep your feline friend content.


Look for Makeshift Toys

While observing your cat in your home, you might realize that not everything that captures their focus has been specifically purchased from a pet store.

Chances are, you have witnessed your feline companion developing an infatuation with a roll of paper towels or joyfully frolicking in a cardboard box from an online order. Allowing them to engage in such activities can provide entertainment for them and save you some cash. However, it is important to ensure that any playthings they use are secure and not hazardous.

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Save Your Furniture Legs

Although you adore your cat, you’re hesitant to walk into your house and find your furniture in ruins. Is there a solution? Just a small amount of twine could be the answer.

A method to make scratching posts for cats and safeguard your furniture is by winding twine around the legs of your furniture with caution of not damaging the furniture and securing it firmly enough to remain in place.


The Foil Trick

Although we love our pets, there are certain locations where they are not permitted, such as your countertops where it is likely that you do not want them to roam around.


You have a few options to prevent your cat from climbing on surfaces that you do not want them to. One solution that you might have readily available is using aluminum foil, which is commonly found in most kitchen cabinets. The sound of crinkling foil typically scares cats away and they will avoid stepping on it.

Tape Can Work Too

As mentioned before, there are various methods to prevent your cats from jumping on the counter. If foil does not work for your cat, do not lose hope. You can consider testing another approach by using double-sided tape.


Alternatively, standard masking tape can be utilized, but it is important to orient the adhesive side upward. Similar to yourself, it is likely that your cat does not desire to step on sticky areas.

Creative Shelving

The amount of space required for a cat to explore and exercise may differ depending on their breed and personality, but it is necessary for all cats.


In case you live in a compact area, you may be concerned about providing enough space for your cats. However, you can solve this problem by installing shelves that would enable your cats to reach and utilize the vertical space of your home. It would be even better if the shelves have a scenic lookout spot, providing extra benefits for your feline friends.

Add a Brush to the Wall

There are some advantages of utilizing this trick. Do you ensure that your feline receives sufficient brushing? Do you have to provide scratching time when you’re occupied?

Attach a cat brush to either a furniture item or a wall with the bristles facing outwards. This will serve as a convenient spot for your cat to rub up against throughout the day. In case your cat shows no interest initially, putting some catnip on the brush will surely capture their attention!


Getting Rid of Ants

As the temperature increases, it is a common experience to find ants swarming a cat’s bowl when you try to exchange its remaining breakfast with dinner. However, there is a silver lining since ants are unable to move across water.

By forming a barrier around your food, you can safeguard it from these insects. You can accomplish this with designated pet dishes or by nesting your current dish inside a more extensive dish filled with a shallow amount of water.


Warm Up Their Food

There are several ways you can make your cat’s food more appealing if they’re not finding it tasty. The aim is to enhance the smell of the food for your feline companion.

In order to achieve this, you should mildly heat it in the microwave. Keep in mind that the intention is to just slightly warm the food. Prior to serving, ensure that it has cooled down enough for your cat to consume.


Hiding the Litter Box

If you own cats, ensuring the presence of a litter box in your home is a must. However, it’s likely that you don’t want to constantly see it in your living space.

If you’re open to giving up a cabinet, you can conceal a litter box within it. To ensure that it’s always available to your cat without keeping the cabinet door open, you can take out the middle portion of the door and hang curtains in its place.


And Reducing the Smell

Although sight is not the only factor to consider with a litter box, the strong odour that it can emit is one of the biggest downsides. Since it is essentially a bathroom, this is to be expected.

There are some ways to reduce the scent coming from your litter box. Those who indulge in tea might have some green tea readily available that they can use. Just by adding green tea leaves when you’re replacing the litter, it could also aid in eliminating bacteria.


Create Your Own Scoop

Keeping the litter box clean is one of the most effective methods to prevent any odor. Regular scooping in between changing the litter can greatly assist with this.

It is possible that you are already aware of this, but in case of an emergency, you can use a plastic milk jug to make a do-it-yourself scoop for your cat litter. Additionally, if you want to put in extra effort, you could slice sections of the scoop to create a sieve-like scooper.


Use Citrus

Physical objects like foil or tape are not always necessary to prevent your cats from entering restricted areas. One instance where this is applicable is when your cat is destroying your plants.

Consider including some orange peels in the pot to discourage your cats from being attracted to it. This may aid in safeguarding your plants, but it may not be an adequate deterrent for plants that are poisonous to cats. It is preferable to avoid having such plants within their range.


But Not Too Much

Along with the advice about using citrus to repel cats from plants, it’s important to be cautious and not cause them undue anxiety.

In case you observe that your cat appears anxious or tends to conceal itself after you have finished cleaning, it would be wise to check the cleaning products you make use of. It’s possible that your lemon-based floor cleaner might be causing undue stress for your beloved feline. This is because cats have a highly sensitive sense of smell, making the pungent aroma of citrus fruits overwhelming for them.


Tackling Accidents

Occasionally, even the most obedient feline can unintentionally make a mess. Therefore, if this happens, it is crucial to act promptly and effectively to fully sanitize the affected area and eliminate any unwanted odor. Having vinegar and baking soda in your storage is advantageous in such situations.

To begin, saturate the affected region with a blend of vinegar and warm water in the ratio of one to three. After five minutes, remove the solution and spread some baking soda on the surface to lessen the odor. After an hour, vacuum the area to complete the process.


Building a Ladder for Your Cats

As discussed earlier, climbing is a preferred activity among cats. One can quickly observe this behavior once they become a cat owner.

It is important to provide your cats with numerous options for climbing so that your curtains do not get damaged in the future. To make a ladder for your cats, you can utilize additional twine and a board. Wrap the rope around the board and ensure it is secure, then place the board in a stable location.


Organizing the Cat Food

An uncovered cat food container is not very safe from curious cats and their skilled sense of smell. Additionally, it can also lure in unwanted pests.

Many individuals prefer to store and maintain the freshness of their cat food by using a plastic container. Nevertheless, it might be worth it to contemplate using a plastic jug instead. By doing so, you can easily pour out the appropriate amount of food during mealtime.


Upgrade Your Cat Toys

Numerous individuals who have cats possess an assortment of toys in their homes. Among these toys, certain ones are particularly popular, including a ball containing a bell.

By utilizing a cardboard box that is idle, you can create an amusing toy for your cat which can serve the purpose of a puzzle and keep them engaged for a considerable period. Simply make cuts in the box to allow your cat to play with the ball inside.


A Grassy Bed

There are a lot of risks to letting your cats outdoors. As such, many cat owners decide to keep their pets indoors to keep them safe.

That doesn’t mean you have to forego anything natural for your cats, though, and they might even like a bit of indoor greenery. Grass is easy to grow and allows you to bring a bit of the outdoors inside for your cat. Plus, it makes for a comfortable bed for them.


Another DIY Scratcher

Another cheap thing you can turn into a surprisingly satisfying toy for your cat is actually a toilet brush. Well, all you really need is the brush part of it.

After removing the wand arm, you can bend the stiff-bristled brush into a scratching toy like this one. This way, your pet can play around and brush themselves. Just make sure you’re using new brushes for this hack to keep everything hygienic!


Loosen Hair With Rubber Gloves

Cat hair is one thing that you can’t avoid as a cat owner. If you’ve ever cleaned up after your cat, you know it’s easy for this hair to stick to the furniture.

Even if you run the vacuum over it, you might struggle to get hairs caught in the cushions out. Before you get started, throw on a pair of disposable or even rubber dish gloves and run your hands over the furniture to loosen the pet hair.


Leave Your Carrier Out

Most pet owners dread hauling their carriers out to take their cats somewhere. A lot of them simply hate being in the carrier and grow distressed in its presence.

While it’s tempting to hide your cat’s carrier to avoid stressing them out, you might be doing the opposite! If you leave the carrier out and even make it a cozy spot for your cats to curl up, they’ll have better associations with it than if they only see it before a visit to the vet.


Keeping Them Busy

If there’s one thing that’s abundant in many homes, it’s empty toilet paper rolls. We all run into one eventually, right?

You can recycle these paper tubes into cat toys with a simple DIY. All you have to do is throw a few cat treats in the tube to capture your cat’s interest and fold the ends closed. Now your cat has a puzzle with a tasty reward!


Add a Few Pinecones

If you aren’t a fan of citrus either, there are other ways to keep your cats out of your houseplants.

Much like your countertops, one way to keep your cats off the soil is to make it an unpleasant surface to walk on. Instead of tape, it’s easier to crumble some pinecones on the surface of the soil. This will make it rougher and less tempting for wandering paws.


Keep Dryer Sheets Around

If you need to look sharp or want to wear black, your cat might have you reaching for the lint roller. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find.

When you’re in a pinch or if you just want something more multi-purpose than a lint roller, try the dryer sheets you probably already have in your laundry room. You can either use the dryer sheet in the dryer or wipe down your clothes directly as you walk out of the door.


Have a Variety of Toys

When your cats start to create mischief, there are a few reasons behind it. One common culprit is simply boredom.

You might be confused if you notice that your cat is starting to act out due to boredom even if they have some toys around. Offering more variety will keep them engaged in their toys than the chaos they can create around the home. Try a few of the DIY toys we’ve covered to give your cats some options!


Add a Rubber Mat

You can have the cleanest litter box in the world but you still might find the granules themselves all over the house.

This is thanks to the litter that sticks to your cat’s feet when they leave their litter box. By adding a rubber, gridded mat in front of the litter box, you can help catch the litter on their feet before they trot away across your floor.


A Budget-Friendly Alternative

When you’re buying cat litter often enough, you’ll want to find a cheap but safe alternative when you can. What can you turn to?


One way to save money is to swap out your cat’s traditional litter with options like horse pellets. These are less costly per unit and you can use them almost exactly the same way. All you have to do is add them to your litter box.

Redesigning a Bookshelf

If you have an old bookshelf that you aren’t sure what to do with, you can make it into a space for your cats. There’s no need to pay for an expensive cat tower.

You will need something to cut the shelves with here. From each one, you’ll want to cut a square but don’t cut the shelf fully in half. Instead, you just want to create an opening your cat will fit through.


A Little Reassurance

When you have to head out of the house and leave your cat behind, you can’t really explain to them where you’re going like a child or a partner. Not to mention, your cat misses you when you’re away too.

If you have a cat that gets anxious when you’re gone, they might find comfort in an odd place. This is one time you might want to leave your dirty laundry lying around. Rolling in your scent can comfort a lonely pet.


Make Some Space

When you work at your desk, your cat might not be the emblem of productivity. In fact, they might try to nap on your keyboard or notes as you go.

They really just want to spend time with you and they can be really determined. Rather than trying to fight them for the space, it’s sometimes easier to concede some space to them. Add a little box for them to rest in and you’ll likely coexist easier.


DIY Puzzle Toys

This one is surprisingly simple. All you need are some toys your cat already has, some treats, and a reusable container big enough to hold them.

All you have to do is cut holes in the lid and place the toys and treats inside. However, if you just take a knife to the lid, those jagged edges might hurt your cat’s paws. You’ll need to use heat to soften them to a better shape.


Grow Your Own Catnip

If there’s one thing that almost all cats can’t resist, it’s catnip. This treat is tasty and rewarding to your cats and makes for an exciting treat for them.

When you want to offer your cats this treat anytime they want, you’ll want to consider growing some yourself. Even if you don’t have a particularly green thumb, it’s not too hard to handle and you can give it to your cats as is or prepare it as a dried treat.


Catnip Toy

There are toys you can buy that are full of catnip. They’re made this way to keep your cat engaged even after the initial novelty wears off.

An old pair of baby socks and a simple sewing kit is all you need here. First, it’s best to dry the catnip if it isn’t already. Then, just fill the sock and sew it shut. If you aren’t confident in your sewing skills, try just tying the sock in a knot!


Play with Paws

This is a hack that’s better if you can start it when you get your cat. Even still, it’s an easier one to execute with certain cats than others.

When you play with your cat, don’t harass them but try to touch their feet as much as they’ll allow. The goal here is to get your cat used to you handling their feet. This will pay off later when you’re trying to clip their nails.


Use Their Love of Boxes

Cats love a place to hide and curl up. In place of a den in the wild, most cats turn to cat houses in their home. You can make your own, too.

All you have to do is grab a box and cut out a door to allow them to come in and out. For maximum comfort, add a blanket or pet bed to make the bottom softer. Now, you have a cat house with none of the cost!


Give Them a Window Seat

There are plenty of things that can keep your cat busy throughout the day. Some of those things don’t take any extra effort from you.

If you have a cat you’ve caught chattering at the birds in the morning or people watching as pedestrians walk by, give them a window seat to hang out in. This will give them a place to rest and a free source of entertainment.


Add a Bird Feeder

Speaking of cats who enjoy bird watching, there is a simple hack that you can use to benefit both parties in this situation.

Adding a birdfeeder outside of your window is a great way to support the local wildlife. It’ll also attract birds near your window that your cat can watch to their content. Since there’s a window between them, you don’t have to worry about any birds getting hurt with this hack either.


Benefits of a Shallow Plate

While we love these little guys and how clever they can be, some seem to struggle with their technique at dinnertime.

Some cats will even chow down their food so fast, it’s only minutes later that they throw it back up. To avoid this, try switching out your deeper dish for a wider, shallower plate at feeding time. As an added bonus, it helps with whisker fatigue.


Brush Them Daily

If you want your cats to shed less, there’s not much you can do to stop the process — it’s natural and necessary.

On the other hand, there are ways that you can make sure less of this fur ends up on your clothes and caught in your carpet. If you take time each day to brush your cat, you’ll catch more of this shedded hair at the source and it’s always good to tend to your cat’s coat.


Staying Hydrated

Some cats don’t visit the water fountain as much as they should. So, anything you can do to promote better hydration is great for their health.

There are a few ways that you can do this. Wet food is a great way to go and you can even add extra water. If your cat prefers dry food, you can add a bit of water to that as well for a hydrating “soup” as needed.


Another Tip

You might also find your cat will drink more water if you switch out their water bowl for a running water fountain. These options are actually great because your cat is more naturally drawn to running water.

As a result, they’re more likely to drink more water from a running source like a fountain than a bowl of still water next to their food. This can also help if you have a cat that loves to steal faucet water!


Create Plenty of Accessible Spaces

Does your cat seem more stressed out when you throw a dinner party? This is because cats aren’t always eager to meet new people, especially in large groups.

To help alleviate this stress, make sure they have plenty of accessible spaces to hide around the house. Don’t put them all in the living room because if you’re entertaining — they may not want to be in there. Use shelves, DIY houses, and even boxes to create these spaces.


Another Way to Get Rid of Hair

If you do your hair with hairspray, you can actually find another use for this household product to help you out.

Spraying a towel with hair spray and wiping down the fabric covered in cat hair, you can pick up the pet hair with ease. Then, all you have to do is wash the towel. This method should pick up any loose lint, too.


Tackling Bathtime

Cats don’t need baths as often as dogs. However, whether it’s a mischief-born mess, a litter box mishap, or health issue, cats occasionally need help from their humans. With their claws out, though, bath time can be a painful hassle.

The bathtub can be really intimidating to a cat, so one way to help make it less stressful for them and less painful for you is to bathe them in a sink instead.


Play Before Bed

Your sleep schedule might not line up perfectly with your cat’s. Still, you might not want to be awakened throughout the night by them. An excellent way to enrich them and tire them out is to take some time to play with them before bed.

If you try to work 20 minutes or so into your routine each night to play with your cats, you’ll have a better chance of getting a full night’s sleep. Plus, it’s a good way to bond with your cat.


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