Botched Surgeries That Went Wrong And How To Avoid Them


Cosmetic surgery makes money by fixing things people don’t like about themselves. Some surgeries go wrong, like lips looking too full, fake abs that move, or noses with breathing problems. Check out 50 bad surgeries before deciding. It might make you think twice about getting surgery and just being okay with getting older.

Jawline for days

Yeah, cheekbone procedures are another common topic. People often joke that it looks like Angelina Jolie put her face in an industrial vacuum or that she resembles a caricature of herself. It’s a playful way of saying her cheekbone enhancements are quite noticeable.

Found this unfortunate on a brow shaming group on FB

Brow shaming can be tough. It would be better if people could focus on other things. Some might humorously wonder about practical aspects, like how someone eats with distinct lips or how much Chapstick they use. It’s a way of lightening the mood and shifting attention from appearance to something more lighthearted.

The doctor responsible for another botched surgery in this sub

Indeed, actions speak louder than words, and in this case, the person seems to be their own living advertisement for the remarkable work they’ve had done. The saying “never sample your own product” takes on a humorous twist in this context, suggesting that the person is boldly defying that advice by proudly showcasing the results of their cosmetic enhancements.

Her nose honestly scares me

It seems like they have quite the contrast in their noses! One person’s nose juts out dramatically, while the other’s appears to be collapsing inwards. The comment about making the nose too small and resembling a skull adds a touch of humor, and the mention of the dog looking alarmed suggests that even the pets might notice the differences. It’s a playful way of highlighting the uniqueness of their respective features.

There’s so much going on here

The exaggerated lashes seem to complement the overall bold look, even though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The suggestion that getting her nose done would make it a “beautifully perfect mess” adds a touch of irony, implying that perfection in this context is a bit unconventional.

Found this lady on Instagram, I honestly feel bad

The mention of “lotsa ladies getting tats these days” suggests a shift towards more women getting tattoos. However, the following remark about lips that “always stay open 24/7” humorously connects the idea of tattoos to the perpetual appearance of enhanced lips.

The comment expressing a wish for the lip filler trend to end reflects a personal opinion, noting that even when the results look okay, there’s a perception that they often seem odd, especially around the cupid’s bow. It’s a candid expression of distaste for the trend.

Insta model, extra pouty

She’s pouty because maintaining her lip fillers could mean using lots of Chapstick every day.Thinks it looks like a severe allergic reaction only affecting her lips.

Missing nose, duck lips and a uni-boob

The comparison suggests that if Michael Jackson had a female doppelganger from an alternate universe, they wouldn’t look as strange as the current situation. The comments humorously reflect on the trend of increasingly smaller noses, with one remark speculating if the ultimate goal is to eliminate noses altogether, playfully calling it the “No Nose” trend. It’s a light-hearted take on the evolving standards in cosmetic procedures.

Instagram vs. Reality after her 12th nose job

The concern about the person not being able to breathe through their nose anymore is a more serious note, highlighting potential functional issues arising from extreme cosmetic interventions. The mention of interviews where she’s mouth breathing adds a touch of sadness, acknowledging that despite her personality, the impact on her ability to breathe is a cause for concern.

She was interviewed for a newspaper in my hometown

She’s got a pillow-face, a look from the early 2000s. The suggestion is that she should let herself age naturally because she’s a natural beauty. The question, “Is your hometown Whoville?” is a playful way of commenting on her distinctive appearance.

A bit too much

The comment, “I don’t know why beautiful girls would do that to themselves,” expresses confusion about why attractive individuals would undergo certain procedures.

The second statement suggests that some people might tie their self-worth to their appearance, particularly focusing on features like waist size, lips, and boobs. The implication is that those who consider themselves average-looking might not experience the same pressure to define their worth in such specific physical terms.

I have to go now babe, my gym misses me

Women get silicone, guys get oil – that’s how it goes. The guy with oil implants might have a good body underneath, but he’s pushing unrealistic standards. The suggestion to “graft watermelons to your arms” is a funny way of saying he’s taking it too far.

Free nose job in Argentina posted by the girl on a shame me group on FB

The woman got a free nose job at a public teaching hospital, but the lesson learned is that “free” isn’t always a good thing. The mention of everyone wearing masks adds a touch of humor, perhaps implying that it’s a silver lining – her nose job isn’t as visible when everyone’s masked up.

What is with this face shape right now?! The guy doesn’t even look human anymore. Why would you *willingly* do that to yourself?

He might be regretting his choices, judging by his distant look. They say he’s trying to look like handsome Squidward. The comment about distorted ego and identity on the internet suggests that online influences can mess with how we see ourselves.

You Know You Want Me….

The phrase “maybe a bee wants you” suggests a humorous or light-hearted way of explaining an unusual situation. The follow-up comment expresses genuine confusion or disbelief, indicating that understanding the motivation behind a certain action or choice is difficult or puzzling.

Only 10% real lip tissue

The statement questions the value of looking “100% human,” implying that it’s overrated. The follow-up comment expresses a sense of regret or disappointment, suggesting that the person could have been attractive without spending a significant amount of money on alterations.

Saw this on r/instagram reality and couldn’t stop staring at that nose

The statement suggests prioritizing something else over fixing a nose issue, and the humorous reason given is to carry an emergency supply of Benadryl in case a bee seeks revenge on someone’s “twin girls.” This adds a playful and unexpected twist, using the bee scenario as a light-hearted way to bring attention to the importance of being prepared for unexpected situations.

Don’t even know where to start…

Let’s start by fixing that hair clip for a good laugh. Then, she might regret it when she can’t speak clearly. She looks like a character from the New Yorker, all exaggerated.


The advice about not pairing blue eyeshadow with pink hair is presented with a touch of humor, suggesting it can make someone look unnatural. The comment about a noticeable booger adds an unexpected and somewhat comical element. The response, “THAT’S what you chose to focus on,” indicates a playful acknowledgment of the unexpected focus in the conversation.

She can’t close her mouth…

The initial comment humorously suggests that a certain look can save time in daily tasks like eating or brushing teeth.

The comment from BURLYMEINLV reflects a desire for individuality and laments the prevalence of a “clone look” where many people seem to adopt similar styles. There’s an expressed preference for people to embrace their unique selves instead of conforming to a trend, highlighting a sense of individuality being lost in the pursuit of a common appearance.

Taking the term uniboob to a whole new level

The statement playfully mentions trends like the uni-brow and uni-boob and humorously speculates about what might come next, suggesting the idea of a “uni-butt.” It adds a lighthearted touch to the discussion, highlighting the cyclical nature of certain beauty trends.

He wants to look like Barbie

The first comment humorously suggests that a man with enhanced lips might attract hummingbirds, as they might mistake his lips for flowers on a feeder.

The second comment takes a more critical tone, stating that those who perform such operations are considered “very bad people.” The additional description about the surgery being done by doctors while he was passed out, with Sharpied-on eyebrows, adds a humorous and exaggerated narrative, contributing to a light-hearted and critical tone.

Mustache lip

The first statement humorously describes a “mustached lip” pairing well with a well-groomed “mustache eyebrow,” completing the set.

Breast enlargement done by a general surgeon

To distract from your uneven boobs, just point out your weird hair bun. Why not choose an expert when getting surgery?

I wonder how he eats. Tiny bites I guess

The first statement humorously introduces a fictional “ultimate new thing” in weight loss surgery as a cost-effective alternative with minimal side effects.

The second comment turns serious, mentioning a person who experienced a huge infection due to lip procedures. The reference to a documentary before the person’s death highlights the potential risks and consequences of botched surgeries. It brings a more somber note to the conversation about cosmetic procedures.

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