How to Identify Celebrities Who Are Actually Rude in Real Life


Ever noticed how some celebrities seem super friendly on screen but might not always be so nice in real life? Ellen DeGeneres, Christina Aguilera, and a few others have had their moments of not being the kindest to people around them. It’s a reminder that what we see isn’t always the full picture!

Ellen DeGeneres Is Rude To Staff And Guests

You might be surprised because Ellen DeGeneres, who seems really nice on TV, has stories about not being so friendly off-camera. Some people who used to work with her say she didn’t talk to them or even look at them when the cameras were off.

DeGeneres reportedly chooses someone to be unkind to each day during filming. She keeps mints outside her office as she dislikes bad breath and might send someone home if their breath isn’t fresh. When Nikki De Jager, also known as NikkiTutorials, was on her show, she didn’t have her own bathroom like other guests and was treated differently.

Christina Aguilera Insulted ‘Voice’ Contestants

Back when Christina Aguilera was a judge on The Voice, her amazing singing skills made her a top mentor. But backstage, her behavior was quite different from what people saw on screen.

Behind the scenes on The Voice, Christina Aguilera reportedly behaved in ways that weren’t so great. She allegedly made unwanted advances toward male contestants and got upset if people didn’t listen closely to her advice. She also apparently ignored contestants on her team and even forgot their names.

Jennifer Aniston Made Jay Mohr Cry

While working on the movie Picture Perfect with Jennifer Aniston, Jay Mohr shared on his podcast that the experience wasn’t enjoyable. He mentioned that Jennifer’s actions on set caused him to leave feeling upset multiple times.

On the first day of filming, she allegedly yelled that she disliked him and questioned why they picked Mohr over other options. Throughout the filming, Aniston reportedly spoke negatively about him.

Cameron Diaz Lectures Her Fans

Cameron Diaz has won the hearts of many fans with her roles in movies like Bad Teacher, Charlie’s Angels, and Shrek. However, some who’ve met her haven’t had the best experience and ended up feeling disappointed.

People who’ve met Diaz mentioned that she behaved rudely and would lecture them about why asking for an autograph was pointless.

Amy Schumer Interrupts Other Comedians

Amy Schumer, the comedian known for her humor, began her career in New York doing stand-up before hitting the big screen. However, with her rise to fame, some say she might have lost touch with her roots.

On one occasion, she reportedly interrupted another comedian’s performance to rehearse her jokes for her SNL appearance. This interruption happened while the comedian had invited his friends and family to the show, making the experience quite disappointing for them.

Jennifer Lawrence Is Rude To Fans

Admitting to being rude doesn’t necessarily make it less offensive, but it might show self-awareness. Regarding Jennifer Lawrence, during an interview with Adam Sandler, he inquired about how she handles the spotlight, considering her immense fame in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lawrence shared that she sometimes behaves rudely to avoid interacting with fans. She mentioned giving them dirty looks when she notices them coming closer and consistently turning down requests for selfies.

Jennifer Lopez Refuses To Speak To Flight Attendants

Jennifer Lopez began her career with modest origins, but some say that the fame might have changed her, considering her roots as “Jenny from the Block.”

While on a United Airlines flight, a stewardess asked Jennifer Lopez what she wanted to drink, but she reportedly ignored her and instead instructed her assistant to convey her order for a diet coke with lime.

Jonah Hill Is Rude In Interviews

Jonah Hill, known for his funny and lovable roles on screen, reportedly has a different personality in interviews that contrasts with his usual on-screen persona.

During an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Jonah Hill reportedly criticized the questions, labeling them as dumb and irrelevant. In another instance, he insulted both the show and the interviewer during the interview.

Catherine Zeta Jones Is Unapologetically Rich

While some prefer not to show off their wealth, Catherine Zeta-Jones is known for enjoying flaunting her affluence and making it evident to everyone.

In an interview, Catherine Zeta-Jones expressed that she wouldn’t apologize for her expensive red carpet attire or her considerable wealth. She boldly stated that she isn’t humble and doesn’t feel the need to be. Additionally, she mentioned not considering a million pounds to be a significant amount of money.

Adam Levine Won’t Give Autographs To Ugly Girls

Adam Levine, the heartthrob frontman of Maroon 5, is married to a well-known model and is adored by fans. However, it’s been suggested that he doesn’t treat all his fans equally.

There’s an incident where a fan asked for Adam Levine’s autograph, but he reportedly turned her down, stating he “doesn’t give autographs to ugly chicks.” Looks like not everyone can be a supermodel, Adam!

Rihanna Hit One Of Her Fans

Rihanna, despite being seen as a sweet person by many, had an incident where she hit a fan over the head with a microphone at a concert when the fan reached out towards her.

Another time, when a fan recreated a red carpet look Rihanna wore in the past for her prom outfit and shared it online, instead of offering encouragement, Rihanna retweeted jokes about the outfit, making the girl the subject of ridicule on the internet.

Christian Bale Made A Little Girl Cry

Christian Bale has a reputation for being difficult on set and carrying a diva-like attitude, which seems to extend to his interactions with fans. In a tell-all book by his assistant, it was revealed that he would yell at young girls to the point of making them cry.

There’s a disturbing incident where a fan sent Bale a letter, and reportedly, he told his publicist that the fan should be eliminated, even coming up with a disturbing and graphic way to do so.

Ariana Grande Licked Donuts And Didn’t Pay For Them

Ariana Grande, often seen as America’s sweetheart, had a moment caught on security cameras in a bakery where she was seen licking donuts on the counter and laughing about it with her friends.

Grande has been labeled a diva by several of her staff members, reportedly having her crew carry her when she’s too tired to walk. It seems like the fame might have had quite an impact on her.

Pierce Brosnan Pushed James Corden And His Wife

It seems the behavior isn’t limited to fans; some stars are also unkind to fellow celebrities. James Corden shared that Pierce Brosnan was one of the rudest celebrities he’d encountered.

According to James Corden, while at a U2 concert, Pierce Brosnan allegedly shoved Corden and his wife out of the way to navigate through the crowd, without offering an apology or acknowledging them.

Mariah Carey Pretends To Not Know J.Lo

Mariah Carey’s known for diva behavior, snapping at staff, and high demands from assistants. She’s not just tough on her team but also isn’t friendly toward celebrities like Jennifer Lopez.

Mariah Carey’s playful quip about not knowing Jennifer Lopez became a running joke from the 2000s. When asked about J.Lo, Carey humorously responded with, “I don’t know her.” Lopez later clarified their encounters on a talk show, adding a fun twist to the playful banter between the two icons.

Tobey Maguire Is Rude To Waiters

Tobey Maguire is known for his unique requests at restaurants, not just for dietary needs but also for his personal amusement.

During a poker tournament, Tobey Maguire’s reputation as a poor tipper emerged when he reportedly attempted to exchange a thousand-dollar chip for a waitress to perform an unusual request.

Charlize Theron Steals Soul Cycle Spots

SoulCycle, a popular indoor cycling chain, boasts a cult-like following among celebrities. Classes are in high demand, often selling out within an hour of booking, requiring advance sign-ups days ahead for a spot on the bikes.

Charlize Theron’s attendance at SoulCycle has raised eyebrows, as she’s been known to arrive late and request others to vacate their bikes for her.

Tom Cruise Trash Talked Brooke Shields

While Tom Cruise is recognized for occasional outbursts and his association with Scientology, he’s also been reported to have criticized other celebrities, though details about specific instances might not be widely known.

In 2005, Tom Cruise publicly criticized Brooke Shields for using prescription medication to manage her post-partum depression, suggesting it affected her career, leading to a publicized dispute between the two over mental health treatments.

Julia Roberts Is Rude On Set

Appearances can be deceiving! Despite Julia Roberts’ charming persona in interviews, there have been occasional reports suggesting that she might not always be the easiest person to work with on set.

During the filming of “Hook,” reports surfaced that Julia Roberts would isolate herself in her trailer for extended periods, causing delays on set. Allegedly, she didn’t apologize for the delays upon her eventual arrival.

Spike Lee Left In The Middle Of The 2019 Oscars

Spike Lee’s interactions with fans haven’t always been positive. There have been accounts online where individuals claimed Lee made controversial comments, including labeling some as “rednecks” or “racists,” during his visits to colleges, tarnishing his reputation among some.

At the Oscars last year, Spike Lee, despite winning Best Director for his film, reportedly became visibly upset when the movie didn’t win Best Picture. He purportedly walked out during a speech, expressing his disappointment.

Mel Gibson Made Anti-Semitic Comments

Absolutely, in 2006, Mel Gibson faced severe backlash after making anti-Semitic remarks during his DUI arrest, causing a significant controversy and impacting his public image.

During his arrest, Mel Gibson used derogatory and misogynistic language towards the female officer, including offensive terms. He has expressed disdain for feminism and holds views suggesting a lack of belief in gender equality, further adding to his controversial statements and attitudes.

Charlie Sheen Yells At His Manager

Charlie Sheen’s behavior during the latter part of “Two and a Half Men” made headlines due to his tirades and rants. He was ultimately fired from the show after directing crude insults at the producer and expressing ill wishes towards them.

Charlie Sheen’s public outbursts continued when he directed anger at his manager and demanded an apology from CBS, believing they owed him for his dismissal and replacement by Ashton Kutcher on “Two and a Half Men.”

 Katie Couric Bullies Her Coworkers

Katie Couric has indeed enjoyed a highly successful career in broadcast journalism, known for her on-screen presence. However, there have been occasional reports about her behind-the-scenes interactions with coworkers, which have generated varied opinions.

There have been reports suggesting that Katie Couric’s behavior on set could sometimes be perceived as critical or judgmental, especially regarding clothing choices. Instances of perceived bullying or displaying traits associated with a mean girl image led to some individuals being hesitant to work with her.

 Ben Stiller Has Outbursts On Set

Ben Stiller’s on-screen tantrums might seem like an act, but some who’ve encountered him off-camera have described him as cold and egotistical, a contrast to the characters he portrays.

During the filming of “Meet the Fockers,” there were reports that Ben Stiller earned the nickname “little focker” due to his dissatisfaction unless he had someone attending to his needs consistently on set.

Johnny Depp Ruins Hotel Rooms

Johnny Depp has faced allegations of volatility and recklessness, similar to his “Pirates of the Caribbean” character. His former bodyguard filed multiple lawsuits against him, citing unpaid wages and unfavorable working conditions.

In 1994, there were reports of Johnny Depp causing damage to a hotel room and allegedly attempting to blame an armadillo for the destruction. In 2018, he faced a lawsuit from a location manager who claimed Depp had punched him in the face.

 Mike Meyers Is Difficult To Work With

Reports suggest that despite Mike Myers’ comedic talent on-screen, there have been claims of him being difficult to work with behind the scenes, portraying a challenging demeanor off-camera.

During the filming of “Cat in the Hat,” reports emerged that Mike Myers made unusual requests, such as needing someone to follow him and feed him chocolates. Additionally, there were claims of his habitual lateness and tendencies to micromanage the production.

DJ Khaled Is Sexist

Dj Khaled faced criticism for comments that were perceived as misogynistic when discussing relationships, suggesting that women should treat men like kings and implying different standards for men and women. These statements stirred controversy and received backlash.

Dj Khaled has remained unapologetic about his controversial remarks on relationships, showing little concern for public opinion. There hasn’t been any indication of an apology, suggesting that one might not be forthcoming.

Kristen Stewart Gets Into Fights On Set

Kristen Stewart often carries a demeanor of being unbothered, but in 2018, she faced significant online backlash for perceived rudeness toward people, contrary to her usual laid-back attitude.

During the filming of “Underwater,” reports surfaced of Kristen Stewart being involved in several on-set disagreements, leading to production delays. There were claims, including online remarks labeling her as a “maniac” due to these reported conflicts.

Liv Tyler Doesn’t Like Waiting In Lines

Coming from a Hollywood background, Liv Tyler has been accustomed to a privileged lifestyle since birth. Some suggest that this upbringing might have influenced her behavior and interactions with others.

There have been accounts, like one at the Museum of Modern Art in Los Angeles, where Liv Tyler reportedly attempted to bypass a long line, expecting VIP treatment. When informed about the need for prior arrangements even for VIP access, it allegedly led to a confrontation with security, resulting in her leaving the scene in frustration.

 Kevin James Won’t Shake Fan’s Hands

Despite his lovable on-screen persona in shows like “King of Queens” and “Kevin Can Wait,” there are suggestions that Kevin James might differ from that image in real life.

There have been reports suggesting that Kevin James might not extend respect to those who aren’t at his celebrity status level. An incident at a pizza place where a fan attempted to shake his hand allegedly resulted in James swatting it away before walking off, indicating a lack of willingness to engage with fans.

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