05 Essentials Hair Tips for Low Porosity Hairs

Our hairs always need good care and hair essentials for nourishment. Lets get into the essentials for low porosity hairs.


     Our hairs always need good care and hair essentials for nourishment. Lets get into the essentials for low porosity hairs.

1. First Essential is a Clarifying Shampoo

     If you are someone with low prosody hair you know that the product buildup is real and it just makes it that much more difficult for our hair strands to absorb moisture. So it will be really important for us to incorporate a clarifying shampoo. In that way we will be able to deeply cleanse the hair strength so that we can get rid of all that product buildup.

2. Deep Conditioner with Hydrolyzed Protein

     So basically hydrolyzed protein is really moisturizing to the scalp and hair it also helps the hair to hold onto or retain moisture for a longer period of time. Which is really good so how will you know if your deep conditioner even has hard drives protein in it. All you have to do is check the ingredient list on the back or the side of your conditioner and you should find the two words hydrolyzed and protein.

3. Products that Contain Humectants

     A humectant will take moisture from the air and add it to your hair oil cools that my favorite humectants to use in my hair is glycerin, which is a really popular one in a lot of products already contained glycerin in it so all you have to do again is check the ingredient list. You should see either vegetable glycerin or glycerin.

4. Lightweight Oils

     Low price oils have a little bit trouble absorbing moisture and heavier product so it will be really important to use a lightweight oil. It will be much easier for your hair to absorb and it won’t wear hair down. There are many like we also choose from so I would recommend just testing out a couple of them in seeing which ones your hair likes the best but personally my top 2 favorites are sweet almond oil and Jojoba oil.

5. Indirect Heat

     After applying product to your hair weather deep conditioning or moisturizing, heat is going to be really beneficial to your low prosody her because the heat is going to help the hair cuticles open up to allow for all of that moisture to absorb inside. You can use a dryer bonnet attachment along with your hair dryer. These are the low porosity hair essentials that will help you to get the moisture out of your hair regimen and maintain healthy.

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