Make Traveling Simple With These Smart Plane Hacks


Traveling on an airplane can be fun with friends or family, or even when you’re on your own. But let’s be honest, it’s not always a piece of cake. Short flights are better than long ones, but the coolest vacation spots are often far away. The good news is, lots of people have figured out clever tricks to make flying easier. Check out these awesome airplane hacks to make your travel experience way better!

Avoid Fizzy Drinks to Stay Comfortable in High Altitudes

On a flight, everyone looks forward to the beverage service, but skipping certain drinks can be a smart move. When you’re up in the air, your body adjusts to the higher altitude, and avoiding fizzy drinks can be helpful because they can be irritating. It also helps prevent unwanted gas, which is good for you and everyone else on the plane. Opting for hydrating choices like water is definitely a better idea.

Book an Aisle Seat for Extra Space

If your airline lets you pick your seat, here’s a smart trick for potentially getting more space, especially if you’re traveling with others. Book the aisle and window seats, leaving the middle one empty. Most people avoid the middle seat because it’s not as comfy as the others. This way, there’s a good chance no one will reserve that middle seat, giving you and your travel companions more room.

Say No to Ice on the Plane, It May Not Be the Cleanest

Staying healthy is important, so it’s a good idea to be cautious about what you consume. While ice on a plane is generally safe to eat, it might not be as clean as you’d expect. Airlines often source their ice from external companies, which means it goes through storage before reaching your cup. The storage area might not be the cleanest since it’s not disinfected regularly. To play it safe, you might want to skip the ice and opt for other beverage choices.

Noise Cancelling Headphones on the Plane Can Help You Relax

Long flights can feel even longer with noisy disruptions, like crying babies or persistent coughing. If you don’t have noise-canceling headphones, it’s a good idea to get a pair before your next flight. They allow you to kick back and relax, even amidst the chaos. Rest is crucial during travel, and noise-canceling headphones can really make a difference in creating a more peaceful environment for yourself.

Get Settled Before Taking That Nap

Taking a nap during a flight can make time fly by, so it’s a valuable thing to do. While some people nod off as soon as they’re in their seats, it’s actually better to wait a bit. Falling asleep too quickly can prevent your body from adjusting during takeoff, and you might miss out on the snack service. So, take your time to get settled before bedtime to make the most of your in-flight nap and the services offered.

The Overhead Air Vent Keeps the Germs Away

If the thought of someone coughing nearby on your flight makes you cringe, here’s a handy tip. Airborne germs tend to linger when there’s not much airflow, so it’s a good idea to keep the vent above you blowing. The fresh air can help disperse any germs that might be heading your way. It’s especially useful, but be sure to bring an extra layer to stay warm since the airflow might make it a bit cooler.

Frozen Water Can Pass Through Security

The bummer about flying is that you can’t bring liquids through security, leaving you thirsty or spending a lot at the airport. Usually, you have to buy drinks inside, which can be pricey. A smart workaround is to freeze your drinks and bring them through security while they’re still frozen. Once they thaw, you have a refreshing drink without breaking any rules. It’s a clever hack to save both money and thirst on your journey.

Stop a Stiff Neck With This Clever Travel Pillow

Whether it’s a blow-up pillow or one that goes around your neck, there are different choices. These pillows are designed for comfort and to help prevent neck discomfort while traveling. When you travel, it’s common to experience a stiff neck and back pain, and not using a pillow can make these symptoms worse. This pillow allows you to rest your head in front rather than in the back.

Go Left for a Shorter Security Line

Most people naturally prefer turning to the right when faced with a choice between two lines. This inclination has a surprisingly logical reason. While there are left-handed individuals, they are statistically fewer than right-handed ones. Because of hand dominance, most people tend to turn to the right when selecting a line. Opting for the left line might actually save you a considerable amount of time.

Plan the Perfect Travel Kit Ahead to Have Everything You Need on the Plane

From socks to toilet paper, having a special travel kit that accompanies you on all your adventures can save you time. We suggest including essentials like deodorant, extra clothes, sunglasses, your passport, and anything else you might need quickly. Keeping these items in one place makes life simpler, and you won’t waste energy wondering where your essential things are when you need them.

Keep a Charging Cable Nearby in the Airport

It’s crucial to pack a charger before heading out on a big trip, but it’s a common item to forget. Fortunately, most airports have plenty of places to plug in your devices, whether you have the cable with you or can buy one. This way, you can board your plane with confidence, knowing you won’t have to stress about a low battery on your phone when you land.

Keep Your Seat Germ-Free With Disinfectant Wipes

Nobody enjoys getting sick, and unfortunately, traveling puts you at risk of catching something. The good news is there are several ways to help prevent illness, and one of them is carrying disinfectant wipes when you travel. Before settling into your seat, give everything a quick wipe down to ensure your area is clean before you touch anything. While it won’t guarantee you won’t get sick, it’s a great preventive measure.

Book This Airline for Comfortable Economy Seating

There’s an airline that lets passengers transform their economy seats into beds for extra comfort. If you choose to fly with Air New Zealand, you might have to pay a bit extra for this feature, but it’s still more affordable than booking a seat in a premium section. This is a fantastic option for parents traveling with kids, allowing them to snuggle up during the long journey without the stress.

Carry Perfumes With Mini Portable Bottles

Narrowing down liquids within the airline limit can be tricky, as they are not only limited but also heavy and take up space. A great solution is using portable perfume spray bottles, available online or at local stores. These bottles are a fantastic way to save space while carrying your favorite scent. They are much smaller than standard-sized ones and can be easily filled with the perfume of your choice.

It’s Always Better to Pack More Than Less

Because of airlines’ restrictive weight limits, many travelers opt to pack fewer clothing items. While that’s okay, ensuring you have extra undergarments can be super beneficial in certain situations. Wherever you’re headed, laundry might not be an option, and you might find yourself showering less frequently due to a busy travel schedule. Having extra accessible underwear, especially in your bag, is a great backup if either scenario arises.

Motion Sickness? Choose a Seat Closer to the Plane’s Center

Turbulence is a common occurrence during flights, and while some people can handle a bumpy ride bravely, others find it challenging. Unfortunately, turbulence is often caused by weather changes beyond anyone’s control. However, one thing you can manage is your seat choice. If you want to minimize the chances of feeling queasy, consider selecting a seat closer to the center of the plane rather than one at the back.

Dryer Sheets Keep the Clothes in Your Suitcase Smelling Fresh

Stretch to Increase General Blood Flow

Flying can have various effects on the body, including poor circulation and reduced blood flow. Insufficient movement during a flight could lead to potentially serious conditions. While it’s advised to stretch during a long flight, stretching before boarding is even better. This helps prepare your body for the extended journey and may prevent adverse side effects, ensuring a healthier start to your vacation.

Bring Your Own Clean Blanket Onboard the Plane

Napping on a plane is a great way to rest and make time pass quickly. That’s why a blanket is a must-have item, but you might want to avoid using the blankets provided by the airline. Even though they may look clean, they might not have been washed as thoroughly as you’d prefer. Thankfully, bringing your own blanket is simple, ensuring you have a clean and comfortable option whenever you need it.

Save Money by Not Hiring a Tour Guide for Your Travels

Many first-time travelers often consider hiring a tour guide due to their lack of experience. Fortunately, the need for extensive experience is no longer a barrier to exploration, thanks to the vast power of the internet. You can now research and plan your trip independently, allowing you to save money, travel on your own terms, and explore destinations without the need for a guide to lead the way.

Dress Down for Maximum Comfort

For short flights, you can wear whatever you want without much concern. However, when it comes to long hours of travel, comfort should be a priority. Flying can be stressful on the body, so wearing something comfortable can keep you at ease throughout the flight. Additionally, you can always change into something more suitable once you land or reach your accommodation during your adventure.

Create a Seat Alert Online for Guaranteed Comfort

Absolutely, setting up seat alerts on websites like expertflyer can indeed be a lifesaver for travelers. It’s a smart strategy to avoid the stress of an uncomfortable seat assignment, and having the opportunity to switch to a more preferable seat if one becomes available can significantly enhance the overall travel experience. Thanks for highlighting this useful tip!

Get Offline Maps for Wifi-Free Zone

Accessing maps in wifi-free or service-free locations has become much easier with this simple tip. Before heading out to your destination, download the map on your phone so it can be used anytime. This ensures that you’ll never get lost, regardless of your phone’s connection status. Navigating through unknown territory has never been more accessible.

How to Pack Smart Instead of Light

Packing can be a dreaded task for some, while others have mastered the art. Efficiently fitting a part of your life into a suitcase isn’t always easy—it can feel like a puzzle. One helpful tip is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. This not only keeps your clothes more organized but also saves space, making the packing process a bit more manageable.

Make a Copy of Important Documentation

Losing something as crucial as a passport while overseas can be highly problematic and may even complicate your return home. To avoid such issues, make copies of your essential documents before leaving for your trip. This ensures you have a backup to prove your identity in case you lose items like your identification card. Having duplicates of important documents is generally a good practice, providing an extra layer of security in case the originals are lost or damaged.

Use a Binder Clip as a Razor Cover

Keeping track of the small plastic covers that protect razors can be challenging, yet they are crucial for safety. An alternative solution is to use binder clips, which are easier to find and work just as effectively as the generic razor caps. Simply clip a binder onto your razor, and you’ll have a convenient and safe way to store it without the risk of getting cut or injured. It’s a simple and practical hack for ensuring razor safety during travel.

Prepare for Airport Security to Make Things Easier

While many aspects of travel are exciting and fun, airport security can be a bit stressful, especially for those unfamiliar with the rules and regulations. Fortunately, these strict measures are in place for safety reasons, and it’s normal to make mistakes once or twice. To streamline the process and avoid unnecessary delays, checking the restrictions beforehand ensures that you’ll pass through security quickly and spend less time than you might expect at the airport’s security checkpoint.

Avoid the Wait by Calling Customer Service

When booking airline tickets, you can do it online or by phone, and if you prefer talking to a person, you might encounter long wait times. However, there’s a trick to bypassing those extended waits. Customer service queues tend to be much shorter than other departments, so calling them directly means you won’t have to endure the same lengthy wait times you may have experienced in the past. It’s a helpful strategy for getting through to a representative more efficiently.

Bring Snack From Home to Save Money

Snacks might not be the first thing on your mind when packing for a trip, but bringing your own can help save money. Airport vending machines and kiosk stores often raise their prices, assuming many travelers will buy snacks for their flights. Stay ahead of the game by bringing your own, and the extra money in your pocket will make it worth the effort. It’s a simple way to cut down on unnecessary expenses during your travels.

Make Some Friends by Exploring Solo

Embarking on independent travel around the world takes courage and determination, and you shouldn’t have to wait for anyone to start crossing things off your bucket list. While it’s natural to feel a bit lonely at the beginning of your vacation, there’s an app that can help with that. It’s called Party With the Locals, and it connects you with local people interested in making friends with travelers. Simply download the app on your phone, and you can start making friends for life as you explore new destinations.

Find a Travel Buddy for a Great Adventure

Solo vacations certainly have their perks – you don’t have to wait around for anyone, and there’s nothing better than a bit of alone time. Plus, you have the freedom to do everything on your own terms. However, not everyone is ready to travel solo. Apps like Backpackr can be incredibly helpful in this regard, allowing you to safely and securely connect with other vacationers who are in the same location as you. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of solo travel while also having the option to connect with like-minded individuals during your journey.

Bring an Empty Cup to Stay Hydrated

When packing for your trip, consider adding a travel mug to your suitcase. It’s a simple addition that can keep you hydrated during your thirstiest moments. Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or hiking a mountain, there might not be a convenient place to buy a drink. By keeping a portable bottle filled, you’ll ensure you never find yourself searching for a place to spend money on a sip of water. It’s a practical and cost-effective way to stay hydrated while on the go.

Keep a Portable Battery at Arm’s Reach

When it comes to portable chargers, there are various types, and some hold a more substantial charge than others, providing you with more accessible power for your phone. Investing in a charger that can store a lot of energy ensures you won’t struggle to find a charging station during your trip. While it might be an additional item to carry, portable chargers are generally not very heavy, and you’ll likely find yourself thankful for choosing to bring one, especially when you need a reliable source of power on the go.

Drink Water Mid-Flight to Avoid a Cold

The air pressure inside an airplane is different from that on the ground, so fresh air is continuously pumped into the cabin. While the air is clean, it tends to be very dry, and insufficient hydration can lead to a scratchy throat. Doctors recommend staying hydrated during a flight to help your body adjust and recover from the long and potentially stressful journey of air travel. Drinking enough water is a simple yet important way to stay comfortable and healthy while flying.

Make Extra Money by Giving up Your Seat

Airlines occasionally overbook flights, meaning they’ve sold more tickets than there are available seats. While many passengers may not consider giving up their seat, doing so can come with significant benefits. Most airlines offer generous cash compensation and may assist you in booking a new flight for free. However, if you have specific time constraints and need to be somewhere at a particular time, volunteering to give up your seat might not be the best option for you.

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