40+ Unique Rules Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Her Kids Follow, Including Ones Chris Martin Doesn’t Agree With

40+ Unique Rules Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Her Kids Follow, Including Ones Chris Martin Doesn’t Agree With

Celebrities have a hard time parenting in the public eye while trying to maintain a regular lifestyle. Gwyneth Paltrow has received harsh criticism for her unique parenting style, which has raised some eyebrows. Her strict household rules will be examined, as well as those that her ex-husband Chris Martin disagrees with.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Path to Motherhood

Gwyneth Paltrow, a celebrated actress who has received numerous awards, has gained recognition for her performances in popular films such as Shakespeare in Love, Emma, Seven, and Sliding Doors. After a serendipitous encounter with Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, behind the scenes of one of his shows in October 2002, the couple swiftly fell in love and entered into a fast-paced relationship that led to their wedding just a few months after in 2003.


The couple kept their wedding under wraps and only revealed it to the public several months afterward. Their first child, a daughter named Apple, was born in 2004, and they had their second child, a son named Moses, two years later in 2006.

The Marriage Fell Apart

Regrettably, the couple was separated in 2014 due to several discrepancies and a speculation of unfaithfulness. Their divorce was concluded in 2016, which was unexpected for many individuals who believed that their marriage was perfectly matched.


Paltrow and Martin, without taking into account their marital status, make an effort to raise their children in a collaborative manner and try to spend their leisure time together as a family as much as feasible. However, Martin differs from Paltrow when it comes to some of her questionable regulations for their children since he prefers a more lenient parenting approach.

Respecting the Rules

Though he may not necessarily agree with his ex-wife’s decisions, he still treats them with deference and refrains from meddling excessively. Even though some may disapprove of Gwyneth’s parenting guidelines, it’s crucial to keep in mind that both parents only want what is best for their kids.

Although Gwyneth enforces certain rules with her children to provide them a normal life, it may not be suitable for everyone. Despite being public figures, she and Chris don’t want their children to live in the limelight.


No English TV Shows or Cartoons

Paltrow is determined to instill multilingualism in her children, Apple and Moses. To achieve this goal, she has implemented a strict guideline for them to only watch TV programs in foreign languages. Although some might find this approach strict, it provides the kids with the chance to learn a new language, which is precisely what the actress desires for her offspring.

Chris Martin has a laid-back attitude towards the content his children view and allows them freedom in their choices when spending time together.

No Processed Foods

Everyone knows that Gwyneth Paltrow follows a healthy lifestyle, which she also implements at home. As a result, she has completely eliminated processed foods such as snacks, chips, cookies, cake, and string cheese from the diets of her children Apple and Moses.


Paltrow has expressed her strong opposition towards this popular snack for kids. She even mentioned her dislike for this treat during a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel, stating that spray cheese is not something she would enjoy at a party.

Strict Diets

Speaking about food, Paltrow frequently talks about the strict eating habits she has enforced on her kids. Gwyneth who is a health-conscious person has revealed that her diet doesn’t include meat, dairy products, soy, shellfish, coffee, alcoholic drinks, and sweeteners.

Fortunately, Apple and Moses are not obligated to adhere to the same diet as their mother, Gwyneth, who advocates for a gluten-free, low-carb lifestyle. Gwyneth has defended her approach, citing scientific evidence that suggests gluten may be responsible for several health problems in children, and stating that she only wants the best for her kids.


Spending Time Outdoors

There is a common understanding, along with Paltrow’s belief, that spending time outside is not just beneficial, but it is also essential. Paltrow motivates her children to spend as much time as they can outdoors.

Gwyneth and Chris’s children are likely to be found outdoors, whether they are taking a walk, harvesting crops or swimming in the pool. It’s commonly said that getting sufficient vitamin D is important and spending time outside also has therapeutic effects on both the mind and body.

Finding a Balance

It’s common knowledge that having a set routine is beneficial for children, and it can be challenging for kids with famous parents to find time to relax amidst their busy schedules. Paltrow has eased some of the stress by reducing her workload as an actress and dedicating more time to her family.


Having a proper balance between work and play is crucial, and Paltrow has put in considerable effort to achieve that for her family. She believes that spending her entire life working and not enjoying time with her children would be a regrettable situation.

Always Use Flax Oil

Gwyneth includes various activities in her daily schedule to make sure that her kids have everything they require in the morning before going to school. This involves arranging their clothes, preparing their meals, and ensuring that they have a nutritious breakfast to kick-start their day.

Even when they’re in a rush, the entire family makes sure to consume a spoonful of flax oil blended with lemon flavoring before leaving the house. Flax oil is known to aid in digestion by decreasing the chance of constipation and also can decrease the possibility of heart disease. Good job, Gwyneth!


Social Media No-No’s

Paltrow aims to live a regular life while keeping her children away from the attention of the public. She only shares their photos on social media on rare occasions.

When you take a brief look at her Instagram profile, you will come across lots of pictures related to family and lifestyle, however, there are hardly any pictures of her kids. Gwyneth believes that once they grow up and can make their own choices, they can click their own photos. Until then, she wants to keep her children safeguarded.


In the United States, Gwyneth Paltrow was born and raised, while Chris Martin, the frontman of Coldplay and father of Apple and Moses, grew up in the United Kingdom. When they were younger, Paltrow made every effort to encourage her children to speak with an elegant British accent.


As the children have grown older, she has had decreased influence over their language. Currently, it is reported that the children use a combination of American and British jargon, which is understandable given their parents’ background. We appreciate a blended accent!

Religious Beliefs

Paltrow brought up her kids in a Jewish environment, practicing the Sabbath and maintaining a kosher household. Bruce Paltrow, who happened to be the actress’s dad, was Jewish.

Despite being brought up in a household that practiced both Judaism and Catholicism, she aimed to impart Jewish values to her children from the beginning. Chris didn’t have a strong inclination towards any particular religion, so Gwyneth’s desire was inconsequential.


Schooling Options

It appears that Chris Martin, the father of the Paltrow children, preferred that his kids attend public school so they could have access to music and other activities that would enable them to lead a relatively ordinary life.

Most parents would agree that Paltrow wants the best education for her two children as she has enrolled them in private schools.

Family Time

Gwyneth and Chris deserve recognition for prioritizing their children even after their marriage ended suddenly in 2014. Despite the separation, they have mutually decided to focus on their children’s well-being and still engage in family activities together.


When asked about her family’s decision to have brunch together despite their divorce, Paltrow clarified that it expresses a message of “We may hate each other now and never want to see each other again, but since it’s Sunday, we’re going to brunch and that’s what we’ll do.”

No Junk Food

Although we have previously talked about Gwyneth’s children adhering to rigorous diets, it’s worth noting their prohibition on unhealthy foods. Following their separation, Martin took the kids to a restaurant where they were observed consuming large amounts of french fries with their hands.

The media referred to Paltrow’s decision to do away with junk food entirely as a “French fry frenzy”. On the other hand, Martin is known to give his children chips, cookies, and candy secretly, believing that an occasional treat is beneficial, while Paltrow has a self-imposed weekly limit for drinking Coca-Cola.


Mobile Phone Rules

It appears that Apple Martin got her first mobile phone comparatively late, especially when compared to her friends, as she obtained one only on reaching the age of 12. Although this might not be viewed as particularly unusual for people of an older generation, societal norms have since transformed.

Despite the rule being peculiar, Paltrow takes a lenient stance on mobile phone usage and permits her children to text and use social media at their discretion. However, they were not authorized to own a phone until they reached a certain age.

Plans for the Future

Paltrow desires her children to pursue their individual career paths and is making an effort to discourage them from involvement in the entertainment business. Being from a family of popular parents, she hopes for her kids to have regular professions eventually.


It will be fascinating to observe how things unfold since Apple has already shown her passion for pursuing a musical career. A few years ago, the children performed on stage with their father and his band, while Gwyneth watched from the audience.

Family First, Always

It is beyond any question that Paltrow has a strong affection towards her children and makes every possible effort to provide them with a joyful life. She often emphasizes that her family is her top priority and has admitted that she still sleeps with them at night and even permits them to miss school for a day to spend more time with her.

A strange rule that she had when her children Apple and Moses were young was to take a family bath together, but now that her kids are teenagers, this rule is no longer in effect.


Spending Lots of Time Together

Gwyneth places great value on spending time with her loved ones. She believes that building and enhancing strong family ties and bonds is highly beneficial for one’s wellbeing. Hence, she makes a conscious effort to spend quality time with her family every day. This isn’t difficult for her as she finds her family to be quite adorable.

The children split their time between their mother and father’s homes in both the UK and the USA, giving them the opportunity to benefit from both environments.

The “Relaxed” Rules of Gwyneth Paltrow

Although some of Gwyneth’s stringent regulations may appear excessive to some people, others allow her to have a good time and enable her children to have enjoyable childhood experiences.


In the lines that follow, we will examine some of the less strict regulations that Gwyneth has introduced in her parenting style now that her children are teenagers.

Video Games

Although some of Gwyneth’s more stringent regulations may appear excessive to a lot of people, there are other regulations that allow for her to have fun and allow her children to enjoy their childhood. As her kids are now teenagers, Gwyneth has eased up on many of her rules.

It’s well-known that she favors foreign language cartoons for her kids, but there are no restrictions on the quantity or category of video games they can play. The children are allowed to play video games whenever they want.


The Easing of Snack Rules

As the children grow up, Paltrow has become less stringent regarding her policy of not allowing snacks or unhealthy food and grants them the occasional indulgence in candy or Oreos. Although they still follow a nutritious diet, she has switched from serving carrot sticks and hummus to providing more sugary delights such as cotton candy and chocolate bars.

Chris feels a sense of relief after making this decision as he strongly believes that children should have the freedom to enjoy snacks. He would often give them candy secretly in the past. Great job, Chris! We are sure your children appreciate your actions.

Skipping School

Previously noted in Gwyneth’s list of stringent regulations, it is important to highlight that the actress permits her children to miss school for the purpose of spending quality time together. In a recent interview, she disclosed that she allowed her daughter, Apple, to skip school on one occasion to enjoy a day of shopping and spa treatments.


We fully support this regulation and are of the opinion that occasional breaks for mental health or illness are essential. Additionally, it allowed the two wonderful women to connect and strengthen their mother-daughter relationship, which is crucial in today’s hectic society.

No Summer Camps

It’s common for children to go to summer camps and be away from their parents for eight weeks, but Paltrow goes against this tradition as she prefers spending time with her kids.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel about her parenting choices, she mentioned that although she had attended different camps during her childhood summers, she would rather spend those summer months with her own children.



In 2008, Gwyneth Paltrow launched her Goop business which has now grown into a thriving enterprise consisting of a television series, print publication, and an e-commerce website. As a Hollywood celebrity, Paltrow deems it crucial to introduce her children to her entrepreneurial mindset.

She motivates them to pursue their aspirations and desires to eventually take charge of the Goop enterprise. In the event that they decide to establish their own enterprises rather than acquiring Goop, they will, at the very least, possess some valuable entrepreneurship abilities.

Reinventing Themselves

Gwyneth aims to provide her children with an optimal upbringing by exposing them to diverse cultures and lifestyles through relocating between countries, thereby enabling them to gain as much experience as they can.


Despite the disagreement of many parents who think that this will only result in disturbance and disorder in a child’s life, she has made a firm decision to bring up her children according to her own beliefs.

School Transport

Gwyneth strongly avoids using school buses and instead chooses to ride a Vespa with her kids to school every day. She bought the Vespa several years ago, and firmly believes that taking her children to school personally is extremely significant.

Even though it may appear unusual, we appreciate Gwyneth’s efforts to guarantee her children’s safety during the school commute and her selection of a greener transportation option.


Chris Martin Disagrees

It’s common for couples to have disagreements on raising children, and it’s important to know that there’s no one perfect way to parent. Even celebrity couples like Chris Martin and his ex-wife have faced disagreements regarding their parenting choices when they became parents.

In 2004, a baby girl named Apple was born, and in 2006, a baby boy named Moses was added to the family. Martin has some objections to certain rules, as he thinks that alternative choices would have been better for his children.

The No Cartoons Rule

Paltrow insists on exposing her kids to foreign language cartoons, whereas Martin permits his kids to watch their preferred cartoons in their English language.


Martin allows his children to watch as much TV as they want and frequently organizes movie nights with his teenagers, meaning that Apple and Moses can enjoy the benefits of both scenarios.

Laid-Back Parenting Style

It is evident that Chris Martin is the more relaxed parent between the two and he has admitted to giving his kids snacks and other goodies without their mother’s awareness.

In 2014, not long after the couple’s split, the media reported that he took his children on a restaurant outing where they indulged in an abundance of french fries. While it’s not advisable for children to solely rely on this fast food, it’s perfectly fine to enjoy it occasionally as a special treat.


Rocky Balboa Diet

Coldplay singer Chris believes in adopting a “Rocky Balboa” diet, in which he eats everything that the boxing star would eat.

While he was following a vegetarian diet during his marriage to Paltrow, he now enjoys meat as much as the next person. He also gives his children ice cream and other treats that they’re not usually allowed when they’re at home with Gwyneth.

Artistic Dreams

Gwyneth has publicly expressed her wish for her children to have normal careers away from the limelight. Still, Chris Martin is an avid believer in following your dreams and encourages his children to pursue their passions.


For Apple, this dream is to become a musician, and it’s a dream that Chris fully supports. He’s more than happy to provide the guidance and connections she needs to get somewhere in the industry when the time is right. He can also ensure she avoids the downsides and pitfalls of the industry too.

Controlling Parents

Gwyneth Paltrow has often been labeled a control freak or helicopter parent by the media. But Chris Martin is the opposite and believes in letting his kids enjoy life as much as possible. Dubbed one of Hollywood’s best fathers, Martin lets his children enjoy the finer things in life and spoils them.

It can be tricky to go against your wife’s wishes when it comes to raising children, but Martin takes it all in his stride as he, too, wants to give his children the best start in life.


Family Time Is Important

This isn’t really a rule that Martin doesn’t agree with, but it’s worth a mention. His wife has often spoken of the couple’s dedication to raising their children together and has mentioned how they still do things together as a family.

Martin agrees and is often seen out and about with the family doing normal family things together. In 2016, the children performed on stage with Martin and his band while their mother watched lovingly from the audience.

Parenting Styles

When Martin and Paltrow split in 2014, they both agreed that they’d do their best to raise their children together. While Gwyneth has some outlandish and over-the-top rules for her children, Martin is more relaxed with his parenting approach.


He’s more focused on letting his children lead their own lives and make their own choices. He’s a strong believer in letting them follow their dreams and not letting fame and celebrity get to them.

To Each Their Own

We’d really love to know more about what Chris thinks of some of the stricter rules his ex-wife has for their children. Let’s be honest, though – we all know that he’s too good of a guy to ever speak publicly about this topic.

Instead, he raises his children the best way he can and lets his wife do the same in her home. Whatever they’re doing, it seems to be good because their kids are well-adjusted, respectful, and kind. Well done, Gwyneth and Chris!


Love is an intensely personal thing, especially when it comes to family, and the Royal Family is no exception. The Queen isn’t only a monarch and Head of State, but a woman, a mother, and a grandmother, too, with a family all her own — and every family has its complicated story.

It’s Tough At The Top

The Queen has reigned for 67 years and counting — longer than even her great-great-grandmother. In that time, Queen Elizabeth was blessed with children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. That’s a lot of competition for attention. Now, also with in-laws in the picture, let’s take a look at the Queen’s relationship with each family member…and why a certain relationship is particularly complicated.

One Big Happy Family

Queen Elizabeth married her husband, Prince Philip, in 1947 — that means they’ve been together over 72 years. The couple are actually third cousins, something you wouldn’t see these days. Over that time, the couple has brought four children into the world: their eldest, Charles, Prince of Wales, the heir to the throne; Anne, Princess Royal; Prince Andrew, Duke of York; and their youngest, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. They have all gone on to have children of their own.


Sister And Aunt

As well as being a wife, mother, and grandmother, the Queen is also a sister and an aunt. Her father King George VI had only two children, both daughters: Elizabeth, the eldest, and Margaret, the youngest. Though Margaret has now sadly passed away, she is survived by two children of her own, David and Sarah. The Queen’s niece and nephew are 20th and 23rd in line for the throne, respectively.

A Royal Grandmother

The Queen and Prince Philip have eight grandchildren altogether, though some are more famous than others. The whole world knows Prince William, who is second in line for the throne, and his younger brother Prince Harry is just as popular. Up until recent years, Prince Harry was third in line. The Queen’s other grandchildren are Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall, Princess Anne’s children; Lady Louise Windsor and James Viscount Severns, Prince Edward’s children; and Princess Beatrice of York and Princess Eugenie of York, Prince Andrew’s daughters.

Playing Favorites

If you ever asked your grandparents who their favorite was, they’d look at you with a twinkle in their eye and swear they loved everyone just the same — but we all know love and favoritism are two very different things. In the Royal Family, Prince Charles was said to be the Queen Mother’s favorite grandchild. The two shared a special bond, which was a great comfort to the Prince when he was grieving the death of his wife, Princess Diana.


Learning The Ropes

Like the Queen Mother, Queen Liz is very involved in her grandchildren’s lives — especially William, the future heir. From early on, she took an active role in Prince William’s education, knowing he will someday be King. With Prince Harry, on the other hand, the Queen has been known to take a more casual approach with less focus on royal responsibilities — the two have been seen chatting and laughing on many occasions.

The Royal Princesses

Sharing the spotlight with Princes William and Harry are their cousins, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. These two are well-known socialites and fashion icons in their own right and have made quite a splash in society. Their outfits and their lifestyles have caught the eye of the public, and won them many admirers — but have they made enough of an impression on the grandmother to qualify as the favorite?

The Newest Additions

The list of grandchildren continues with the children of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex. A daughter was born to the couple in 2003, Lady Louise Windsor, followed by her little brother James, Viscount Severn, born in 2007. These two are the youngest of the Queen’s grandchildren, and the youngest are often the favorites in any family. Still, there are more grandchildren to go, so we shouldn’t make our minds up just yet.


A Growing Family Tree

That might seem like a lot of names to keep up with, but we’re not done yet. The Queen’s reign has been a long one, and as time goes by her family continues to grow, with the addition of several great-grandchildren. The Queen is great-grandmother to Prince William’s children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, as well as Prince Harry’s son Archie. There are also Savannah and Isla, and Mia Grace and Lena Elizabeth. The great-grandchildren are still quite young, but their time will come to shine.

Heir to the Throne

Prince William is second in line to the throne, after his father Prince Charles, and you might expect that would make him his grandmother’s favorite. The two have spent a lot of time together since William was born, with his gran training him in what it means to someday be King. The two are very close, and they have a unique relationship. They are grandmother and grandson, but they are Monarch and Future Monarch, as well — though it seems that hasn’t quite made him the favorite, after all.

Prince Harry And His Gran

Prince Harry, William’s younger brother, has his own unique relationship with the Queen as well. There have even been rumors that he was the favorite, and it’s not hard to see why. In the Queen’s Christmas Message in 2017, she had photos of her family members on display — but only one of her grandchildren was include in the shot. You guessed it — it was Prince Harry. Not even Prince William and Kate made the cut!


Almost A Favorite

Prince Harry was once third in line for the Throne, but since the birth of his nieces and nephews, he has moved back a bit in the succession. This has meant his relationship with his grandmother is not quite as serious or professional as her relationship with William. Harry and Lizzie are often seen laughing and joking around, and the two appear to be very fond of one another — which has fuelled rumors that he is the favorite for quite some time.

Promoting the Games

Prince Harry and the Queen promoted the Invictus Games in a 2016 video, filming a light-hearted take on an American video. One clip you’re sure to recognize from the video is Prince Harry’s now famous mic drop. The Invictus Games allow sick, injured, and wounded veterans to compete, as well as armed services personnel, and the Queen is said to have had a great time filming the video.

Harry and Meghan

The Royal Family is like other families in many ways, but in some ways can be quite different. Family events and holiday meals must still follow protocol, and even a Royal’s partners must receive an official invite before they can attend. In 2017, in a big break from protocol, Prince Harry’s partner Meghan was invited along to Christmas — sparking further rumors than Harry might well be the favorite after all.


Love And Marriage

The Queen isn’t just the Head of State — she is also the Head of the Church of England, and the Church has a complicated history with divorce, to say the least. The Queen has traditionally avoided weddings where either party was divorced, like Prince Charles’ wedding to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. However, the Queen broke tradition to attend Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle — who was divorced before she married the Prince. Yet more fuel on the fire of the rumors that Harry is the favorite!

The Last Laugh

Another royal tradition is to treat the Queen with the utmost respect — the Royal Family will avoid poking fun at Her Majesty, but that doesn’t seem to include Prince Harry. Harry has been known to make playful comments about his grandmother, which no one else would do, like the time he said he found it very hard to shop for her. Although it’s a tame comment, it’s out of the ordinary to be so light-hearted about the Queen, and it points to Harry at least being in the running for the position of favorite.

A Family Tragedy

When Harry and William were young, their mother Princess Diana passed away. William was 15, and Harry was only 12. This tragedy brought them closer to their grandmother, who was there for them after their mother’s death. They were only kids, after all, and they needed love and support following this dark and troubled time. The Queen was there for her grandsons when they needed her most, and that formed a special bond between the Princes and their grandmother.


Meghan and The Queen

Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan, now Duchess of Sussex, has been seen in public spending time with the Queen — it’s as if the two of them are the best of friends. It seems clear that the Queen has welcomed Meghan into the family and into her heart. Meghan and the Queen were seen in public together less than a month after she and Prince Harry were married — now that’s a friendship formed in record time!

An Olympic Effort

Princess Anne is the Queen’s only daughter, and she has two children, a daughter and a son: Zara Tindall and Peter Phillips. Zara has known her fair share of the spotlight, too, though not in the realms of fashion and high society. Zara has competed in the Olympics, winning silver at London in 2012. She has inherited her grandmother’s love of horses, and has won many other equestrian competitions — enough to make her the favorite?

The Common People

Although Zara and Peter’s mother is a Princess, they didn’t inherit a royal title like their cousins. That’s because, according to royal tradition, only the children of a Prince are granted the title of Prince or Princess. They were given the opportunity, though, when the Queen offered them both a “courtesy title.” That’s the kind of generous offer someone might make to a favorite, though in the end the two of them decided to decline, instead living without such royal titles.


One Of The People

Peter Phillips, like his younger sister Zara, declined the offer of a “courtesy title.” He preferred instead to live a regular life as one of the people — as regular as possible, at least, for a man whose grandmother is the Queen! Peter has worked several jobs, received a university education, and has raised a family of his own — a life any common man might live. So, it may come as something of a shock to learn he is said, by many, to be the Queen’s favorite grandchild!

A Cherished Bond

Who is Peter Phillips, anyway? Born November 15, 1977, he is the only son of the Queen’s only daughter, Princess Anne, and he’s the firstborn of the Queen’s grandchildren, too. Peter might not get the same amount of press as some other members of the Royal Family, but he shares a unique and close bond with his grandmother all the same. When he and his sister were younger, they spent time with the Queen in Balmoral, Sandringham, Windsor, and played in the halls of Buckingham Palace.

A Loving Grandchild

Like so many of us, Peter loves his gran. He speaks of her with warmth and fondness, and he has expressed his respect for her role as the monarch of the United Kingdom and head of the Royal Family. The two spend time together when they get the chance, sharing a cup of tea and chatting about life. Things haven’t always been quite so friendly, though — Peter has caused some scandals in his time, and they’ve landed him in the Queen’s bad books.


Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Peter’s come a long way since he was a little boy growing up in the royal palaces. Even without the title of “Prince,” Peter’s place in the Royal Family has been of great interest to the public, particularly his wedding. There are strict protocols around royal weddings: the Palace only allows official statements and photos of the Royals, and everything needs to be approved in advance — but when Peter was married, he had other ideas…

A Public Wedding

Peter married his sweetheart, the Canadian actress and model Autumn Patricia Phillips, in 2008. Although the Queen approved of the match, there was part of Peter’s plan she would certainly not have approved of — if she had known. Without his gran’s knowing, Peter had made a £500,000 deal with the tabloids, giving exclusive wedding snaps to Hello! Magazine. Photos not just of the happy couple, but of the other Royals, as well…

A Public Backlash

The wedding photos of Peter and Autumn were printed, and they came as quite a surprise to the Queen and the Palace. It’s hard to imagine the Queen being anything but displeased when she found out. Not only that, but the government got involved as well — the Queen is the Head of State, and so the government takes Palace protocol very seriously. The Queen was not a “footballer’s wife,” they said — she shouldn’t be shown off so casually in a tabloid magazine.


A Family Affair

The rest of the Royal Family was not amused, either. Princes Harry and William were unhappy to discover their new girlfriends featured in the wedding pics as well. The princes were planning to use the wedding as an opportunity to introduce their girlfriends, Kate Middleton and Chelsy Davy, to their grandmother. Now, they felt that this personal and private occasion had been spoiled by Peter’s decision.

Alright In The End

It took some time until the Queen was on good terms again with Peter, and the whole ordeal seemed to be forgotten. Peter’s wife, Autumn, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Savanah, only a few years after the wedding. This happy occasion seems to have smoothed things over, and the Queen was reported to be thrilled at the new addition to the family.

Out Of The Spotlight

Peter and Autumn had their second daughter, Isla Elizabeth, in 2012. It was around this time that they started to retreat from the public eye and pursue their own lives in private. Peter may have learned his lesson from the scandal of his wedding photos, although he is still involved with his family, which he would demonstrate again some years later with a very special event.


A Special Event

The Patron’s Lunch was a special event organized for the Queen’s birthday, and Peter played a big role in putting it together. It commemorated his grandmother’s special day and highlighted the tireless work she had done as Queen. Prince Harry and Prince William were involved as members of the Patron’s Lunch board, but Peter was the one who brought it together and made it happen — which is exactly something that a favorite would do.

The Race For Favorite

So, the Queen is very close with Prince William and Prince Harry, having a unique relationship with both — but they don’t quite qualify as the favorite. In the final count, with all things considered, the Queen’s grandson Peter wins that position. There’s one simple fact that can’t be overlooked here: Peter is the Queen’s first grandchild. It was Peter who made her a grandmother, and Peter is the grandchild she’s known the longest. That has to form a special bond, and it shows.

A Shocking Result

It might come as a shock that the Queen’s favorite isn’t one of her more well-known grandchildren, like Prince William or Prince Harry, but these things don’t always turn out how we might expect — and that’s not to say the Queen doesn’t love all her grandchildren equally. After Peter put together the Patron’s Lunch, though, we have to ask: who doesn’t love a big, fancy birthday party? A special celebration goes a long way, even if the Queen does spend more time with Prince William and Prince Harry these days.


The Favored Child

If Peter is the Queen’s favorite grandchild, who does that make her favorite child? For many years now, it’s been said that the Queen’s favorite child is her second son, Andrew. Andrew is the Queen’s first child to be born after she began her reign. The last ruling queen to give birth was Victoria, over a century before. She has spoken proudly of his service in the Falklands War.

The Favored Great-Grandchild

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is the latest of Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandchildren to be born, bringing the number to seven. It’s still early days for the great-grandchildren, though — they’re all so young, and they haven’t had much chance to develop a relationship with their great-grandmother just yet.

Word On The Street

This is all just speculation, of course, because the Queen would never admit she had a favorite — but it’s human nature to have favorites, and Queen Elizabeth is just as human as the rest of us. Based on rumors shared by many sources, and the evidence we see from public occasions, it seems that Peter stands out as the favorite grandchild — but of course, Lizzie’s love for her entire family is without question.


A Mother’s Love

There’s nothing quite as personal as a mother’s love for her children, and although the Queen is a very public figure she keeps that aspect of her family life as private as possible. The Queen has many demands on her time, and Prince Charles has spoken of his mother’s absence when he was young. On the other hand, his brothers and his sister have spoken fondly of their mother’s warmth and love when they were growing up.

Third In Line

Princess Elizabeth wasn’t born as the heir to the throne — in fact, for most of her life, she was third in line. Then, with the death of her grandfather when she was only 10, she became second in line. Her uncle, as the eldest son, took the throne. This was a short reign, though, because he abdicated shortly after. This made his younger brother — Elizabeth’s father — the King. In 1952, when her father passed away, Elizabeth took the throne, being only 25 years old.

Who Runs The World?

When she was only 14, Princess Elizabeth wanted to fight for her country when World War II broke out. She was too young, of course, but it goes to show that the Queen has always loved her country.


The war raged on, and when she turned 18, the girl who would be Queen joined the women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service — making her the only Head of State alive today who saw active service in WWII.

What’s In A Name?

Gammy, Nona, Oma — people have more names for their grandparents than we can count. Although most of the Queen’s grandchildren affectionately refer to her as “Granny,” it seems there are two exceptions. When he was still very young, William couldn’t quite pronounce “Granny” — so his special nickname for Lizzie was “Gary.” Kate Middleton has said her son George follows in William’s footsteps, calling the Queen by the adorable nickname of “Gan Gan.”

Many Happy Returns

Everyone has that friend who celebrates her “birthday week,” and the Queen takes the opportunity to celebrate her birthday twice a year. It’s just another perk of being the boss. Her actual birthday is in the gloomy month of April, so following a family tradition she chooses to also celebrate in a sunnier month like May or June. Other monarchs have done the same, and it sounds like a good deal to us!


A Sad Ending

After being married 12 years, the news of Peter’s split from his wife Autumn is said to have greatly upset the Queen. Some sources have said that Autumn’s decision came as something of a shock to Peter, too, who was said to be “devastated.” However, there have also been reports that the split is amicable, after months and months of a rocky relationship. The pair are said to have had a “conscious uncoupling,” but they aren’t planning to finalize the divorce in a hurry.

A Friendly Word

There was some concern that Autumn would return to Canda, and take her children with her — something the Queen would not want to see happen to her great-grandchildren, or her family. That didn’t happen in the end, though. Zara, the Queen’s eldest granddaughter, is reportedly quite close to Autumn. It’s said that the two spoke things over, and Autumn made the decision not to leave the country.

A Family Home

Zara and Autumn are close friends, in part because of their close proximity. The two live at Gatcombe Park, Princess Anne’s estate, and their daughters are close as well. It’s no surprise, then, to hear that Autumn had considered moving back to Canada — it can’t be comfortable living with your ex, after all, but Zara is said to have reassured Autumn that she’s still one of the family, no matter what’s happened.


Family Comes First

Despite their split, and despite Autumn’s Canadian citizenship, she and Peter have both decided to stay in the country. It appears they’re putting their children first, and want to be the best parents they can be to their girls. Autumn’s decision might be unrelated, but it comes at a time when a split with the family and a move to Canada is in the news with another of the Queen’s favorite grandchildren, Prince Harry, and his wife Meghan.

A Shift Of Focus

With the world reeling from the news that Harry and Meghan were moving to Canada, there was less of a focus on Autumn and Peter announcing their separation. It’s said the couple was struggling before now, and perhaps they took this as an opportunity to make the split public. 2020 has barely even begun and already the Queen’s grandchildren have been making a big splash in the news. With Harry and Meghan’s big announcement, though, Autumn and Peter’s news might make less of a stir.

The Times Are Changing

How could this news affect the Queen’s choice of favorite? Everything changes over time, after all, which includes personal relationships — and the Queen is no exception. She won’t be as close with Harry and Meghan anymore, because they’ll be too far away to catch up quite so often anymore. When it comes to Peter, time will tell how his latest news might change his relationship with the family.


Her Relationship With Charles

One of the most enigmatic royal relationships has undoubtedly been between The Queen and her son, Prince Charles. Many believe that the two never managed to form the bond that had been hoped for. This was in no small part due to the fact that Elizabeth started her royal duties around the same time that Charles was still very young. In fact, experts believe that Charles had a closer bond with his nursery staff, as well as his grandmother. He gave her an emotional tribute at her funeral in 2002.

Charles & Diana Broke Her Heart

It is clear that Queen Elizabeth II found it very difficult to come to terms with what was happening between her son Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. From day one, the couple didn’t seem to be on the same page and with time, they grew more and more distant. With both parties reportedly cheating on each other, The Queen managed to avoid sharing her thoughts on the matters at every possible opportunity. Despite this, experts can’t help but assume that the Queen was left heartbroken.

She Hardly Approved

It was a saga that had so many twists and turns. Prince Charles’s relationship with Camilla has been extremely unpredictable. Although he seems to have finally gotten his way with the Duchess of Cornwall, The Queen didn’t seem to exactly approve of their holy matrimony. Ultimately, she didn’t get in the way of the couple’s love, despite the fact they were both divorcees. On April 9th, 2005, Charles and Camilla officially tied the knot at a registry office. “She’s made our father very happy,” Harry said.


She Loves Kate

It is no secret that The Queen has a strong relationship with her grandson Prince William, as well as his wife Kate Middleton. However, there’s actually much more to it than that. Ingrid Seward told Majesty Magazine that Elizabeth II could end up seeking more support from the couple after it was announced that Peter and Autumn Phillips were no longer together. “If she didn’t have them, I think she might say to herself: ‘Goodness, after over 70 years on the throne, it’s come to nothing,’” Seward said.

Not So Complicated Anymore

To say that The Queen’s relationship with Harry and Meghan has been complicated would be the understatement of the century. While some have wondered why The Queen has been so lenient towards Meghan, there have also been incidents when she has been surprisingly withholding from the Duchess of Sussex. It is also believed that The Queen was deeply “disappointed” when Harry and Meghan decided to spend their first Christmas as a family away from the royal family.

She Didn’t Attend Archie’s Christening

It is generally accepted that a baby’s birth helps to bring families closer together. However, this seems to have caused the opposite effect when baby Archie was born. It turns out that the Queen didn’t end up attending the christening of Harry and Meghan’s newborn son, despite being seen in photoshoots with him. Moreover, Elizabeth II had attended ceremonies of other grandchildren. What makes things even stranger is that The Queen was apparently planning a 38th birthday party for Meghan around the same time.


She Kept Breaking Rules for Meghan

What also adds to the mixed signals The Queen was sending Meghan Markle was her tendency to bend the rules for her – something that completely bewildered the media. Before Meghan even married Harry, The Queen reportedly let Meghan attend the family Christmas dinner, something that only family members were allowed to attend in the past. Moreover, Harry ended up becoming the first royal to marry a divorcee in the church. The Queen was responsible for that…

Putting Her Foot Down

Although The Queen has been very lenient towards Meghan in many respects, there have been other situations where she has been pretty strict. For example, she didn’t let the Duchess of Sussex have access to her Royal jewelry collection. “There was this row where Meghan wanted this particular necklace, Harry said ‘Meghan gets what Meghan wants,’ and the Queen turned around and said ‘oh, no, she doesn’t,” commentator Gavin Gray said. “I decide what necklace is going to be worn out of the Royal Collection.’”

What Does She Think of Their Decision?

One decision Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that was bound to upset The Queen was their choice to step down as “senior members” of the Royal family. After issuing a statement on social media, The Queen commented on the news, claiming that the family “are entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan’s desire to create a new life as a young family.” However, it is believed that Prince Charles is “livid” about it. Moreover, insiders have claimed that The Queen has been personally “hurt” by the news.


They’re Staying Loyal to Her

On the flip side, Harry and Meghan have made it crystal clear that they are still determined to make The Queen proud and are, by all accounts, still representing her. Their decision to step down as senior royal figures has certainly made experts question their loyalty to Elizabeth II. However, the couple has since doubled down on their stance, claiming that they are just as loyal to “Her Majesty The Queen” as ever. Time will tell if they are being honest.

A Difficult Time

The Queen is said to be quite upset at the news of Peter and Autumn’s split. Three of the Queen’s four children are divorced, and now it seems the same thing is happening to her grandchildren. That isn’t the real reason, though. It turns out it wasn’t just Peter who was the Queen’s favorite, but his wife Autumn was one of her favorites as well. The two are said to be close, and it must be a difficult time for the Queen to be losing a friend from the family.

Making A Break

Some days, it might seem like the Royal Family is falling apart. First, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their decision to step down as working royals and move to Canada, and then the announcement of Peter and Autumn’s split. There are some who say that Harry and Meghan’s decision gave Autumn the courage she needed to make her own break from the family, despite the sacrifices she’d made to become a part of the family in the first place.


A Matter of Faith

Autumn met Peter in 2003 at the Montreal Grand Prix. They began dating, long-distance at first, and after a few short years, Peter proposed. It seemed like a fairytale romance. There were sacrifices to be made, though. Autumn had been raised Roman Catholic, but to marry a Royal she had to convert to the Church of England — a long-standing royal tradition. Autumn made the change, and the two were wed.

A Royal Surprise

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Peter’s relationship with Autumn is that at first, she didn’t even know he was a member of the Royal Family! We have to wonder how that didn’t come up in conversation sooner. It wasn’t until she’d moved to England that she found out about her boyfriend’s family. Apparently, it happened by chance when she saw Peter at Prince William’s 21st birthday — while watching TV with her mother! “What have you gotten yourself into?” her mother asked, and perhaps she was wondering the same thing.

Milking It

Despite the ups and downs, life goes on for Peter. He continues to work, sometimes finding the strangest of jobs. Most recently, he’s been spotted appearing in ads — for a milk manufacturer based in China! Appearing as “British Royal Family member, Peter Phillips,” he speaks of Jersey cows, of his childhood, and of drinking glasses of milk. Not everyone bought it, though — Darren McGrady, Princess Diana’s former chef, hit back. He claimed that when it came to milk, maybe Peter had enjoyed the occasional glass, “a couple of days at Christmas and a weekend at Easter.”


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