Makeup Artists Share 25+ 3D Looks That Require a Second Look to Figure Out


Did you know that makeup isn’t just for hiding flaws? It’s been used for ages as war paint and to stand out. We’ve found some seriously talented artists who take makeup to a whole new level with mind-blowing 3D art. Get ready to meet these amazing artists and their jaw-dropping optical illusions that’ll leave you amazed and a bit puzzled!

Mimi Choi

Hey there, kiddo! So, imagine there’s this super talented person from Canada named Mimi Choi. She’s like a makeup wizard – you know, like someone who’s really, really good at doing makeup magic.

Mimi does something really cool and kinda crazy. She makes her face look all sorts of amazing ways, like she’s a real-life magician. Sometimes she makes herself look really pretty, other times she makes herself look strange and weird, and sometimes it’s like, “What in the world is happening here?!”

Mimi Choi

But guess what? She’s not using any fancy computer tricks like in video games. Nope, not at all! Mimi’s like an old-school magician – she’s using regular makeup that you’d find in a store. Yep, the same stuff people use to make their faces look different for parties or special events.

Dain Yoon

Got another cool story for you. So, all the way in South Korea, there’s this amazing artist named Dain Yoon. She’s like a wizard of makeup too, but she doesn’t just stop at her face – she also paints her body!

She’s got more than five hundred thousand friends following her on Instagram. That’s like having a whole bunch of buddies who love what she does! She’s like a rock star of makeup art.

You know what’s super cool? Dain didn’t just start doing this yesterday. Nope! She actually started painting when she was just a kid, like when you first started scribbling with your crayons. And guess what? Right from the start, she was really, really good at it. Like, she just had a natural talent for making art that makes people go “Wow!”

Luca Luce

Get ready for another fascinating tale. We’re flying over to Milan, Italy, a place known for its fancy fashion and beautiful art. And guess what? We’re meeting a creative genius named Luca Luce!

Luca is like an art superhero from Italy. He’s got this super cool title on his Instagram that says he’s the “First hand and head painter 3D in the world.” But you know what? Some people are raising their eyebrows at that claim, because painting on heads has been around for a looong time. Like, even before our grandparents were little kids!

Luca is like a magician with a paintbrush. He takes his hands and brushes and creates incredible artwork on people’s heads. It’s like he’s turning their heads into his canvas – imagine that! He makes things look so real that they pop out like they’re 3D. It’s like he’s bringing his art to life.

21st Century Boy

Ready for another adventure in the world of art? Buckle up, because we’re diving into the story of a rising star named Andy.

Andy is like a magician of makeup, just like the ones we’ve talked about before. But guess what? He’s doing something extra special – he’s creating designs that look like they’re jumping out of the screen! And guess where he shows off his cool tricks? Yup, on social media, where he has a bunch of buddies following him on Instagram and TikTok.

Now, here’s the cool part: we don’t even know his full name! He’s like a mystery artist, keeping us all curious about who he really is. But one thing’s for sure – he’s all about making awesome art with makeup.

Cakeface RJ

Hold onto your hat, because I’ve got a story that’s as sweet as frosting on a cake. We’re hopping over to the United States to meet someone super cool – Cakeface RJ!

Now, RJ isn’t just any ordinary person. Nope, RJ is like a makeup magician who’s also a superstar on the internet. Imagine having loads and loads of friends following you on social media, like Instagram. That’s RJ’s world! People love what RJ does so much that they’re hitting that follow button like crazy.

Here’s the scoop: RJ is one talented trendsetter. You know what that means, right? It’s like RJ is the leader of a super stylish pack. And guess what RJ says? Working with Instagram feels like a magical moment that’s come full circle. It’s like RJ’s career started on Instagram, and now it’s bloomed into something amazing.

Say Hello to My Little Sis

Time for another story that’s as cool as a popsicle on a hot day. We’re headed to Vancouver, a place where awesome things happen. And guess who’s from there? The super talented Mimi Choi!

Mimi is like a real-life fairy with a makeup wand. And you know what’s super neat? She’s from Vancouver, a really awesome city in Canada. Mimi’s journey didn’t start with makeup magic, though. Nope, she used to be a kindergarten teacher, just like the ones who help you learn and play at school.

But guess what? Mimi’s heart was in a different kind of artistry. So, she decided to take a leap and follow her passion. She joined a special place called Blanche Macdonald. It’s like the Hogwarts of makeup and beauty, where people learn to become amazing artists in makeup, hair, fashion, and nail design. Imagine that, a school where they teach you how to make people look super fancy and stylish!

Oprah Winfrey

Get ready for a fun twist in our story. So, you know about Cakeface RJ, the makeup magician we talked about earlier, right? Well, guess what? RJ’s got a hidden talent up those colorful sleeves!

RJ doesn’t just create amazing and wild designs – RJ can also paint famous people. But here’s the super cool part: RJ uses RJ’s own face as the canvas! It’s like RJ is a magical chameleon, transforming into different people right on RJ’s own face.

Imagine this: you’re looking at a picture that seems like an oil painting of Oprah Winfrey, the amazing lady who’s famous for her talk show. But wait a second, there’s a twist! RJ didn’t actually paint Oprah’s face directly. Nope! RJ painted Oprah’s face over RJ’s own face. It’s like RJ’s face became a blank canvas for a masterpiece that’s all about Oprah.

It’s like RJ’s playing a really cool game of dress-up and imagination. RJ’s showing us that art isn’t just about paper and brushes – sometimes, your own face can be the canvas, and makeup can be the magical tool.

Bird Brain

My curious friend! Ready for another cool tale? Hold onto your imagination, because we’re diving into the world of Luca Luce, a makeup magician with a twist.

Now, Luca isn’t new to the makeup game. Nope, not at all! In fact, he’s been working his magic on TV as a celebrity makeup artist for more than 20 whole years. That’s like a really long time! But guess what? In 2014, something magical happened.

Luca decided to take a different path. Instead of just regular makeup, he started creating something super mind-boggling: optical illusion makeup designs. Imagine this: it’s like he’s turning faces into magic tricks that make you look twice!

At first, Luca used his own hands as his creative canvas. But you know what’s even cooler? He quickly took things up a notch. He thought, “Why stop at hands when I can use my head and face?” That’s right, he transformed his very own head into a masterpiece canvas.

Salvador Dali’s Surrealism

Get ready for another whirlwind of creativity. We’re diving into the world of Mimi Choi and her magical inspiration.

So, Mimi Choi, the makeup wizard we’ve been talking about, has a secret sauce for her amazing creations. She finds inspiration in all sorts of places! Imagine getting ideas from pictures, paintings, and even feelings. It’s like she’s sipping on a potion of inspiration from the world around her.

Imagine this: Mimi’s like a curious explorer. She looks at photos and paintings and lets them spark her imagination. Just like when you see a super cool picture and it makes you think of awesome stories, Mimi looks at those things and thinks about makeup masterpieces.

And here’s the super neat part: Mimi’s creations can sometimes remind people of famous artists. Like this melting face she made? It’s like a nod to the amazing works of Salvador Dali, who was all about creating crazy and surreal art that messes with your brain in the coolest way.

Pablo Picasso’s Cubism

Ready for another exciting journey into the world of creativity? Buckle up, because we’re diving into Mimi Choi’s magical world of inspiration.

Remember how we talked about Salvador Dali and his surreal art? Well, Mimi isn’t just inspired by him – she’s got a whole palette of inspirations! Imagine her like a treasure hunter, looking for sparkly gems of creativity everywhere.

And guess what? In this photo, Mimi’s taking a page out of Pablo Picasso’s art book. Picasso was like a magician with paint, and he had this style called “cubism.” Imagine looking at an object from all different angles and then putting all those angles together in a super creative way. That’s cubism!

So, Mimi’s done something similar with her own face. She’s turned herself into a living piece of cubist artwork. It’s like she’s breaking her face into different shapes and angles, just like how you might build something with colorful blocks.

It’s Hip to Be Square

Another exciting chapter in the colorful world of creativity. We’re about to explore the land of squares, where art gets a fun twist!

Remember how we talked about Pablo Picasso and his cubist art? Well, guess what? Mimi Choi isn’t the only one who thinks squares are super cool. We’re introducing a new artist to our story – Luca Luce! He’s taken inspiration from the early 20th century cubist style, just like Picasso and some of the other artists we’ve chatted about.

Imagine this: Luca’s turned his own face and head into a masterpiece that’s full of squares and blocks. It’s like he’s playing a creative game of building with geometric shapes, just like building a colorful tower with your toy blocks.

And here’s the fun part: Luca’s not just using colors – he’s also using his hair and beard to add some extra magic. It’s like he’s mixing different elements together to create an artwork that’s as unique as a snowflake.

Korea Cube

Ready for another artistic adventure? Get ready to be amazed by the magical world of Dain Yoon.

Remember Dain Yoon, the awesome artist we talked about before? Well, she’s not just about painting herself in one way – she’s like a shape-shifting wizard! Imagine this: she’s taken the idea of cubism, which is all about using squares and shapes to create art, and she’s turned herself into a living cube masterpiece.

Dain Yoon’s painted her face and body with lots and lots of cubes. It’s like she’s transformed herself into a walking puzzle of shapes and colors. Now, here’s the fun part: people on the streets of Seoul, the awesome city she’s from, might have been really surprised when they saw her. Imagine walking down the street and suddenly spotting someone who looks like they’re from a horror movie, but in a really cool and artsy way!

It’s like she’s brought a horror movie scene to life in the most creative and unexpected way possible. People might have done double-takes, thinking they’ve stepped into a magical world where art and reality blend together.


Buckle up, because we’re diving into the world of mind-boggling illusions created by the one and only Mimi Choi.

Okay, so get ready for this one – Mimi’s cooked up an optical illusion that’s like a riddle for your eyes! It’s so tricky that even the smartest of minds are scratching their heads. Imagine looking at something that seems totally impossible – that’s what Mimi’s made!

In this illusion, Mimi’s like a magician who’s playing with our brains. It looks like her real arm is entering the side of her head. And wait for it… she’s also painted a hand onto her face! It’s like she’s mixed reality and art in the most confusing, yet awesome, way possible.

Now, here’s the fun part: the longer you stare at it, the more it messes with your brain. It’s like trying to solve a super tricky puzzle that just keeps getting more and more mysterious the harder you look.

But don’t worry if you’re feeling stumped. Mimi’s an artist with a touch of magic, and she’s showing us that sometimes, things aren’t what they seem. It’s a reminder that art can be like a magic trick – surprising, puzzling, and always leaving you wanting to see more.

Freddie Mercury

Get ready for a rockin’ twist in our artistic adventure. We’re diving into the world of Luca Luce, and guess who’s making a special appearance? The legendary Freddie Mercury!

Now, you know how we’ve been talking about Luca Luce and his magical makeup art? Well, in this picture, he’s taken a creative leap that’s as epic as a rock concert. Doesn’t he remind you of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, with that cool cat vibe?

Luca’s not just about creating stunning designs – he’s also got a “flash” of inspiration, just like the way Freddie Mercury had a knack for creating unforgettable music. Imagine Luca working his magic under pressure, like an artist getting ready for a big show. He’s saying, “Don’t stop me now,” and he’s making sure that “the show must go on.”

It’s like he’s channeling the energy and passion of Freddie Mercury, who was known for his electrifying performances and incredible stage presence. Luca’s showing us that inspiration can come from anywhere, even from rock legends who lit up the stage with their talent.

I Want to Break Free

Get ready for a chuckle because we’re diving into the world of relatable morning feelings with a touch of Mimi Choi’s magic.

So, in this illusion, Mimi’s created something that most of us can totally relate to – that feeling of wanting to “break free” from your bed in the morning! It’s like she’s taken the everyday grogginess and turned it into an awesome optical illusion.

Imagine looking at something and realizing, “Hey, that’s exactly how I feel!” Mimi’s managed to capture that feeling using her makeup magic. It’s like she’s giving us a glimpse into a universal experience.

And here’s the fun part: even though it’s a great illusion, if you look closely, you can still make out Mimi’s hair. It’s like she’s blending her artistic genius with a bit of everyday reality.

Now, here’s a secret – Mimi doesn’t need any fancy magic spells to create her illusions. Nope! She’s using regular beauty makeup products, just like the ones you might find in your own makeup kit. She’s got her trusty makeup brushes and fine detail paint brushes, and she’s turning herself into a canvas for creativity.

An Apple a Day

Hey there, my tech-savvy buddy! Get ready for a chuckle because we’re diving into the world of Dain Yoon’s artistic antics and a touch of computer chaos.

So, in this picture, Dain Yoon is taking blending to a whole new level – she’s trying to “blend in” with her laptop! Imagine trying to match your look with your laptop’s style. It’s like Dain’s turned herself into a stylish chameleon, and her laptop is the playground.

Now, here’s the funny part – you might think creative people are all organized and neat, right? Well, sometimes, even the most creative minds can have a bit of chaos. Just look at Dain’s desktop – it’s a colorful mix of icons and pictures, and it’s a bit of a creative whirlwind!

It’s like Dain’s showing us that even though creative people might have messy desktops, it doesn’t mean their ideas aren’t super cool. Creativity often comes with a dash of imagination and a sprinkle of chaos – and that’s what makes it awesome!

And here’s the joke: forget about cleaning off her makeup, Dain’s got a whole digital cleaning to do! It’s like a reminder that even though we might focus on our art, it’s also important to tidy up our digital spaces every now and then.

Cheeky Waterfalls

There, my imaginative explorer! Get ready for another dip into Cakeface RJ’s world of mind-bending artistry. And this time, we’re diving into an optical illusion that’s as wet and wondrous as a hidden waterfall.

Guess who’s making waves again? Yup, it’s Cakeface RJ! In this illusion, she’s brought us a visual treat that’s as cool as a glass of water on a hot day. Imagine this: she’s got a real hand holding an actual glass of water – you can’t get more real than that! But the magic happens when you look at the rest of her – everything else is painted on her face and body. It’s like she’s mixing the real world with her artistic imagination.

Now, here’s where it gets extra amazing. It’s like she’s got a secret waterfall right on her own face! The real water stays in the glass, while the painted water appears to fall into a magical hole in her forehead. Then, it cascades down like tiny waterfalls from her cheeks, collecting in a pool on her neck. It’s a visual trick that’s both mesmerizing and mind-bending.

As for the water-flushing technique for brains – wouldn’t that be something? Imagine if we could give our brains a refreshing splash of creativity whenever we needed it! But for now, the closest thing we have is the magical world of art, where artists like Cakeface RJ turn everyday things into jaw-dropping illusions.


Mimi, just like many creative souls, prefers the nighttime vibes. She feels her most imaginative when it’s past midnight, and the world is all hushed and peaceful. When everyone else is snuggled up in bed, she’s just getting started, working through the night to craft her amazing artworks.

But here’s the twist – when the sun’s up and it’s daytime, Mimi’s secret weapon is sunglasses. They help her hide the little eye circles that come from those late-night artistic marathons. It’s like her stylish shield for looking fresh and fabulous even after those creative all-nighters.

Happy Birthday to Me!

On his birthday, Luca, the art enthusiast, spills the beans: he’s inspired by everything magical and fantastical. Art school wasn’t his route, but his heart dances for makeup and 3D art. One day, the thought struck him: why not paint images right on his hand using makeup? And guess what? For a simple task like having a spider take a break on a face, he’s done in just half an hour. Talk about speedy magic!

But hold on, the fun doesn’t stop there. When things get more complex, like doing cubism across the whole face, it’s a two-hour (or more) adventure. And here’s the icing on the cake – when it’s Luca’s birthday, he does something sweetly wild: he bakes himself a birthday cake… right on his own head! Now that’s what you call a one-of-a-kind celebration!

She’s Got Seoul

n the journey of every artist, Dain Yoon shared that it took her some time to discover her unique style. Yet, once she unlocked the magic, she conjured up this mesmerizing nighttime artwork. While it might not be top-notch camouflage, she seamlessly melds into the Korean sunset backdrop. We’re not entirely sure if Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece, Starry Night, inspired her, but let’s imagine it did. So, we’ll affectionately name this creation “Starry Seoul Night.”


After some more digging, it turns out that Andy comes all the way from Poitiers in the beautiful land of western France. Here he is, channeling his inner Na’vi from James Cameron’s blockbuster hit, Avatar. It’s like he’s captured the spirit of a brave warrior right on his own face, and those colors, shades, and shadows are nothing short of amazing.

And hey, look at those cheekbones shining through that makeup masterpiece! Creating this look must have taken Andy quite some time – you can practically feel the dedication. But hold on, there’s a little mystery here: those ears. Have male Na’vi always sported such cute, pink pixie ears? And that nose – well, it’s got a bit of an attitude, doesn’t it? All in all, Andy’s got us pondering the quirks and charm of the Na’vi universe!

Beautiful Butterflies

Oh, behold the breathtaking scene of those lovely blue butterflies fluttering away from Mimi’s enchanting face! But here’s the puzzle – how on earth are they taking off, unless they’re secretly hitched to her hair with invisible wires? This mesmerizing masterpiece surely demanded a good chunk of time to come to life.

Mimi, the maestro herself, spills the beans – she adores a good challenge. Her artistic marvels take anywhere from one to five hours of her dedicated magic. She’s all about crafting optical illusions with makeup, because, well, it’s like the ultimate challenge in her makeup universe. And what can we say? Challenges seem to be her thing, and she’s conquering them in the most creative way possible!

Jack Skellington

No wonder Luca Luce is a burst of creativity! Just check him out here, hanging out with the iconic Jack Skellington who’s got a permanent spot in his imaginative mind. Jack’s like a secret source of inspiration for Luca, and it doesn’t matter if it’s Halloween or Christmas – the creative juices keep flowing all year round.

Oh, and let’s talk about Jack Skellington for a moment. You might know him as The Pumpkin King, and he’s the star of Henry Selick’s fantastic stop-motion animation gem, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Wait, Henry Selick? Yep, that’s right! He’s the director behind the movie, not Tim Burton as many might think. So, now you’ve got the scoop on where this awesome inspiration is coming from!

Qinghua China

Check out Mimi’s incredible artistry! She’s turned her face into a piece of broken Chinese pottery, inspired by the famous blue and white Qinghua porcelain that’s been cherished in China for centuries. These porcelains usually boast charming designs of flowers, fish, and old-time Chinese countryside scenes. But Mimi’s added her own twist by showcasing a striking dragon pattern, adding a dash of her unique magic.

And that’s not all – take a look at how she’s made the broken crockery seem to spill across the table, and her face appears hollow, just like a real piece of pottery. That dragon she’s painted is jaw-droppingly impressive, and don’t miss the attention to detail with the realistic cracks on her face, mirroring the ones you’d find on an actual broken plate. It’s like she’s turned herself into a living work of art with a fascinating story to tell.

Chris Brown

Once again, the amazingly talented Cakeface RJ has pulled off something extraordinary. This time, she’s transformed herself into none other than the rapper Chris Brown. Unlike her Oprah Winfrey illusion, which looked like a stunning oil painting, this version of Rihanna’s former flame is incredibly lifelike and photorealistic. RJ’s craftsmanship is so spot-on that she might just stroll down the street and find herself getting asked for autographs – well, more like Chris Brown’s autograph, but you catch our drift!

This masterpiece took RJ hours to bring to life, and she’s spilled the beans that nailing Chris’ fiery red hair was the real challenge. It’s a testament to her dedication and artistic skill that she’s captured every detail so brilliantly. Who knew makeup could turn someone into a celebrity look-alike this convincingly?

Anyone Up for a Cup of Tea?

Who’s up for a virtual cuppa? Feast your eyes on this absolutely mesmerizing artwork: a cup of tea in mid-spill. It’s a masterpiece that must’ve been crafted with endless care, likely taking Mimi all day (or should we say, all night!). This incredible piece captures the moment a milky cup of tea takes a graceful dive from quite a height, making a delightful splash across the table.

But here’s the real magic – right between the teacup and the table is none other than Mimi’s face. You can even spot the strands of her hair elegantly mingling in the liquid tea. If you squint just right, her beautiful eyes, nose, and mouth are still discernible. It’s like she’s turned herself into a canvas for an artful tea spill. This level of detail and creativity is absolutely mind-boggling!

Lizard Brain

Hold on tight for a brainy revelation! You’ve heard of the third eye, right? Well, here’s a twist – the pineal gland? Yep, it’s a legit eye! If we rewind back millions of years through evolution, guess what? This gland actually had its very own eyelid! And guess who’s still rocking eyelids on their pineal glands? Lizards! They’re the cool ones flaunting this ancient feature.

But wait, there’s more. Brace yourself for the lizard brain scoop. You know that basal ganglia bit in our noggin? Yeah, that’s also known as the lizard brain or reptilian complex. And here’s the kicker: could this be where Luca Luce found inspiration for his eerie, alien lizard crawling out of his brain design? It’s like he’s tapped into the ancient mysteries hidden within our brains and let them crawl out into the light.

Fish Face

Dive into Mimi’s artistry, and you’ll spot a fishy masterpiece that’s like a twist on an old gem called Vertumnus. Flashback to 1591, and Giuseppe Arcimboldo crafted a portrait of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, using fruits, veggies, and blooms. Yep, it’s as whimsical as it sounds!

Now, meet Vertumnus, the Roman god of seasons, growth, gardens, and fruit trees. Mimi takes a page out of his book but with an aquatic twist. Her fishy face is a breathtaking medley of marine wonders – think flatfish, shrimp, starfish, and shellfish, with an eel playfully winding around her neck. It’s like she’s giving a nod to the past while conjuring up an underwater masterpiece that’s purely her own.

Dark Elf

Here’s one of Andy’s horror-themed designs. We think he’s half been possessed by some sort of Dark Elf from another far-off, fantastical, and other-worldly realm. That fantasy realm, of course, exists only in Andy’s imagination.

The makeup is fantastic, especially the black neck and jaw with silver lips, and the contact lenses make him look extremely devilish. However, we’re unsure what’s going on with all those beads and the wire getup around his face. It looks great, though, Andy!

Life Is a Carousel

This carousel design was the last thing Mimi should have been doing. When she finally finished painting it and posted it on her Instagram account, she wrote, “I painted this look while I was 30 weeks pregnant.”

We won’t go into the gruesome details in case you get icky, but let’s just say that Mimi also experienced several bouts of morning sickness as she created this one. Do you know what British people call carousels? Merry-go-rounds! How cute is that? Don’t tell Mimi, as it might set her off again!

I Scream for Ice Cream

If you’re wondering why Cakeface RJ goes by that name, the reason is that she has a sweet tooth. She loves ice cream so much that she can eat three at a time!

This design took her a full six hours to create, and when she had finished and was snapping the final photos, she had to rush as the ice cream pops were melting. And when she doesn’t get ice cream, that’s three more mouths and three times the volume she can scream at!

Big Mouth

How does Mimi Choi power through her mammoth nighttime art sessions? Well, she’s finally been caught in the act. Here she is, stuffing her giant mouth with a rather bland, floppy, and uninspiring-looking pizza.

She says she “painted a piece of paper and glued it onto my skin to blend with my facepaint because it would have been impossible to disguise my real lips seamlessly! She added, “Plus, it allowed me to go far beyond the edge of my face to create a more proportionate tongue.”

Jackson Pollock

Andy’s gone the full hog on this one. While he looks like he’s turned himself into a Jackson Pollock painting by having a friend throw gallons of paint all over him, we know that’s not Andy’s style. That’s far too random and haphazard for a guy like Andy.

He would have spent hours painstakingly painting every little detail. With all those pinks and yellows, the colors are incredibly striking. Once again, the contact lenses are essential, but the most striking element is those crazy eyelashes.

Slice of Life

If you ever feel like you’re falling apart, spare a thought for poor old Mimi Choi! After Mimi’s slice of pizza, she decided she needed another slice. But this time, she plumped for a slice of life. This great design shows Mimi’s face as if it has been sliced into strips of pasta, perhaps linguini.

If you feel like you could fall into those big brown anime-sized almond-shaped eyes, think again. Those aren’t actually Mimi’s real eyes; she’s drawn those on with makeup.

Not Just a Pretty Face

Dain Yoon says, “My face is the most powerful medium of art. I can use my canvas to express my individuality.” Her handpainted designs can take anywhere from 3 to 12 hours. She says, “The real face reveals itself underneath the hand that hid it, expressing how the first impression of a person does not tell the whole story.”

And speaking of, “The real face revealing itself underneath the hand that hid it,” here’s Dain’s face on her fingernails. If you’re wondering, yes, that’s her real hair!

Black Panther

Cakeface RJ doesn’t just turn herself into rappers and daytime chatshow hosts like Chris Brown and Oprah Winfrey. With the right makeup and a few spare hours on any given Sunday, the unbelievably gifted artist can also turn herself into superheroes — which we think is a superpower in itself.

In this instance, she has used her face as the canvas for Marvel’s Black Panther, so brilliantly portrayed by the late, great, and sorely missed Chadwick Boseman. This is the point you cross your arms on your chest and proudly state, “Wakanda Forever!”

Cubist Cleopatra

After pursuing art from an early age, being in the art industry since the age of 10, and undergoing years of training at two prestigious colleges, all of Dain Yoon’s hard work is finally paying off. She’s worked with Apple and BMW, and she gets to fly all over the world to show off her designs.

Here she is outside The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. While her blue face and body art makes her look like a cubist Cleopatra, we’re not sure the camel is that impressed! Maybe he’s in denial. Get it? De Nile!

Jeff Goldblum

In an unusual shot, we get to see Mimi au naturel and in all her glory. She’s finally getting the props she deserves and made it to Hollywood. Here she is painting beloved actor and all-around superstar Jeff Goldblum.

Mimi posted on Instagram, “Behind the scenes of my day with Jeff Goldblum. Watch me transform Jeff in The World According to Jeff Goldblum by streaming the episode “Cosmetics” on Disney+.” So, now you know where you can watch Mimi on TV.

Hollywood Calling

Dain Yoon’s exploits have taken her all the way to Hollywood with an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Appearing on Ellen’s armchair, the Korean artist sported six eyes and three mouths.

Ellen asked her if she ever went out looking like that, and Dain said she sometimes goes out in public wearing her creations, and one time she scared a baby and made them cry! The moral of the story, in the words of the great Joseph Campbell, “Follow your bliss.” In other words, do what you love, and it will take you far!

The Eyes Are the Window to the Soul

We shouldn’t have favorites, but this photo is one of our faves. As you can see with your own eyes, uber-talented makeup artist Mimi has painted dozens of eyes (with eyelashes!) onto her own face, and the Guillermo Del Toro Pan’s Labyrinth-inspired result is as shocking as it is beautiful. Surprisingly, not everyone is a fan of Mimi’s work.

She says, “I think all artists who display their work publicly are susceptible to critique because art is subjective. I tend to turn negativity into a positive force to improve on my craft.”

Hey, Hands Off!

Believe it or not, only two of these hands are real. Dain Yoon’s real hands are the one up by her mouth and the lowest one in the bottom right of the photo. Since all art is subjective, there’s more than one way to interpret this design. The first is to see it as quite sensual, going by Dain’s expression.

But the other way is more sinister, as though she’s being captured by Thing — the dismembered hand from The Addams Family… and his siblings!

She’s Gone Bananas!

It’s not just her face that Mimi Choi paints. Here, she gets fruity by transforming her own legs into a couple of bananas. And then she went the whole hog and started peeling herself! We think the effect is great. The bananas, peeling skins, and even the little sticker look wonderfully realistic.

Although we must point out that the actual banana looks a little too bobbly. It reminds us more of corn on the cob. Not sure what we’re complaining about, as we wouldn’t know where to start!

Hieronymous Bosch

Is it just us, or is there an element of Hieronymous Bosch’s hellscapes to this creation? Dain Yoon studied scenography, which paved the way for her theatrical career.

She said, “Since I was a freshman, I’ve done many part-time jobs that I was interested in; stylist, teacher, graphic designer, film assistant, movie makeup, theater makeup, musical costume, model, etc.” Yoon continued, “After I did many part-time jobs, I mixed all those together that I enjoyed doing. It really helped me to find my own art style.”

I Like Candy

In this instance, Mimi Choi has given in to her sweet tooth. Because who wouldn’t wish for more mouths to eat candy? If you had nine extra mouths, what candies would you eat? We’d go for exploding popping candy, although it might be a bit like a bomb going off in your head!

This example of Mimi’s crazy makeup art is perhaps the one that looks most photoshopped, but after getting to know her work, we can safely say that it isn’t. Note to Mimi — you’re supposed to unwrap candies before eating them!

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