55 Fashion Trends That Make Us Uncomfortable


Fashion is constantly changing and evolving from one form to another. Today’s fashion trends are nowhere near those you could see on the streets 50 years ago. Each decade or period in time has its recognizable fashion trends, including the good ones and the not so great ones. This time, we are going to look at 40 of the most ridiculous fashion trends that emerged recently. We can’t help but feel uncomfortable looking at some of these fashion choices.


The Snake Hair Clip

We’ve seen all sorts of hair clip trends evolve throughout the years but this one is a first! Perhaps if you’re a nature lover or a big snake enthusiast, this would seem like an acceptable fashion choice.

However, we don’t see a reason why someone would put on a snake hair clip and go about their day like there’s nothing strange about it. We’re sure having a snake in your hair won’t make the others around feel comfortable either.

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Rather Odd Face Mask

These types of face masks are extremely popular in Venice and worn during the world-renowned Venice Carnival. However, we haven’t yet seen anyone with a mask as odd as this one.

This particular mask is made of small hands and feet which belong to some sort of a baby doll. If you look closely, you will notice that it also features sections of the doll’s face. We’ve seen some unexpected fashion choices lately but this one goes beyond weird.


The Foot Heels

Everyone loves heels! Is it just us or do heels tie any outfit together? While these shoes can do wonders for all sorts of styles, there have to be some boundaries where you should not cross the line.


This is a great example of how far not to go when it comes to wearing unique and extraordinary heels. We’re not sure how someone came up with this design but we don’t approve of it. Perhaps the designer was going for a more natural look with these unbelievable heels.

The Teddy Jumper

If you are looking for something extremely comfortable to curl up in, this teddy bear sweater is the perfect garment. It looks so soft and comfortable, as if it was made for cuddling on the sofa with a cup of tea in your hand.


The only problem is that this garment is designed to be worn in public. That’s right, this piece of outerwear is meant to be worn as a jacket over a shirt. Imagine seeing someone walking down the street in this teddy bear jacket, that would be a very weird fashion choice.

Hooves Instead of Shoes

This is where things go from weird to weirder. At first glance, you might not even understand what is going on in this picture. If you take a closer look at this “fashion trend,” you’ll notice that there’s something extremely wrong here.


Just looking at this picture makes us very uncomfortable. Is this supposed to be a costume of some sort or is it an actual daily outfit? We hope it’s only a Halloween type of joke, even though we can’t be so sure these days.

Dress up Like Medusa

If you ever feel like dressing up like a mythological monster, you’re in luck because some designers consider this to be high fashion. This outfit represents the Greek monster Medusa, who had snakes growing out of her head instead of hair.

Inspired by this rather odd muse, the designer created a dress out of Medusa’s snakes that was supposed to look like an out-of-this-world garment. In all honesty, we don’t see this catching on and becoming a streetwear trend, or at least we hope not.


The Dentist’s Ring

You’ve probably seen all sorts of rings in your life but we can bet that you’ve never seen this one. Rings are an important accessory to any outfit nowadays as both men and women wear them to complete their looks.

However, not all rings deserve to be called fashionable, especially not this one. What you’re looking at is a ring that portrays a set of teeth with braces. We can’t think of any context where a ring like this would be acceptable, unless you’re a dentist proposing to your girlfriend (who is also a dentist).


The Fish Tank Earrings

We’ve mentioned rings already and we cannot leave out earrings either, as these accessories are considered important fashion details. If you’re a big fan of fishing or you have a pet fish, you might like these fish tank earrings.

This is not something you’d see every day on the street and, even though it is not as cringe-inducing as the teeth ring, it does look like a very strange fashion choice. If we saw someone wearing these earrings, we’d assume that they are a big fish enthusiast.


Teeth Grills

Grills used to be a recognizable fashion trend for rappers and musicians in the entertainment industry who used gold grills to showcase their wealth and power. Nowadays, anyone can get a custom-made grill set to wrap up their look.

However, this is by far one of the ugliest teeth grills we’ve ever seen, given that it looks like braces with the Gucci sign on them. Some people just love to brag about their designer items, however, we don’t understand why someone would go this far.


The Barbie Choker

Chokers in general are quite a strange fashion trend that emerged in the last couple of years. Even if you are a big fan of chokers, you will most likely find this design way too weird to be worn either in private or in public.

The designer behind this “fashion” accessory makes all sorts of garments using Barbie doll parts, similar to the Venician mask made of doll parts we showed you earlier. We’re not sure what’s weirder, the Barbie head on the neck, or the fact that the choker is made of the doll’s hair.


Fuzzy Hats

When you think of fashionable accessories, fuzzy hats are not the first thing to come to mind. The bucket hat trend was going around for quite a while, making it impossible for us to leave it out of this list.

It’s already confusing enough to think about why someone would enjoy wearing fuzzy fur as a hat. The only thing that makes it even worse is the neon green color of this accessory. At least you can never get lost in a crowd wearing this hat.


Track Pants and Heels

Last but not least, we had to include the good old track pants and heels combo. When we say “good,” we mean horrible since there is no logical reason as to why these profoundly different clothing items should be paired together.

Wearing track pants and heels makes it look like you’re rushing to an important event but you don’t have time to change out of your gym clothes. While we could understand your situation under these circumstances, we don’t see a reason why this outfit should even be a thing.


More Barbie Parts

We’ve got more Barbie accessories on our list, including this unexplainable ring featuring nothing but the Barbie’s eye. This accessory looks like something that carries a deep meaning under its surface.

The ring was created by the same designer responsible for the choker we mentioned earlier. Unless people are completely obsessed with Barbie (which is already strange enough), we don’t see any reason why something like this would become a fashion trend.


The Tongue Heels

If you thought the naked feet heels you saw earlier were weird, this will knock your socks off. This strange pair of heels looks as if Miley Cyrus had designed them back in 2013 when the whole “tongue sticking out of the mouth” was a massive trend.

Perhaps these heels would sell well back in the Bangerz era. Today, however, we’re not sure if there is room for heels like these in anyone’s closet, unless you’re collecting the strangest fashion items ever created.


The Hair Bracelet

You’ve seen the Barbie choker made of the doll’s hair but this is where things get a lot more real. This bracelet is made of real human hair. Whose hair is it, you may ask? We’re guessing that no one knows.

If you fancy wearing a stranger’s lock of hair on your arm, this is a one of a kind product for you. However, seeing something like this makes us feel a bit uncomfortable. After all, who wears real human hair as an accessory, other than hair extensions, of course!


The Hand Phone Case

Now, this is the perfect phone case for when you’re feeling lonely. Someone came up with the idea of designing a phone case shaped like a human hand. That way, when you’re holding the phone you can feel like you’re holding someone’s hand.

While this could be a great joke if you want to prank someone single for a while, it surely doesn’t look like a serious fashion accessory. Besides, it probably feels weird or even scary to hold a skin textured phone case all the time.


The Necklace Trap

Necklaces usually serve to put an outfit together with small but intentional details. Well, some of them can make your outfit look amazing, even though this particular necklace is not one of the most fashionable choices.

It features a hunting trap that has no significant purpose or meaning. It would just look strange to walk around wearing a fake trap around your neck. Perhaps if you’re a member of a hunting group, something like this could make sense.


The Baby Bag

If you’re thinking “The Baby Bag” stands for a maternity bag for baby products, this is not it. What you’re looking at is somehow a real fashion accessory and not a very good one. This baby-shaped bag looks like something that came out of a horror movie.

Perhaps if you’re trying to leave some hints for your partner, you can consider carrying this baby-shaped bag to get them on the same page you’re on. However, we definitely won’t recommend following this rather unusual fashion trend.


Amazon’s Sun Protection

Wearing ordinary sunglasses is just too overrated these days. If you’re looking for good sun protection but you’re tired of the old sunglasses, check out this sun protector you can find on Amazon!

Believe it or not, people are wearing these shield-like accessories to protect themselves from sunlight outdoors. While it might be effective when it comes to blocking the UV rays, this accessory is way too far from fashionable.


Garish Chain Jewellery

The garish chain jewelry was made popular back in the 80s when Versace put out a variety of similar accessories. However, even back in the day this fashion trend was quite neglected compared to some of the more iconic garments.

We’ve seen chain jewelry make a comeback recently and it doesn’t seem like it’s working out in the 21st century either. It just looks like a bit too much is going on in this area and it’s not very fit for today’s popular fashion styles.


Puka-Shell Necklaces

It might not be as extreme as a hunting trap necklace, but this shell necklace definitely won’t make it into the top ten fashion accessories of our time. Shell jewelry in general is a bit unpleasant to look at with most clothing combinations.

Unless you’re chilling in Bali or another tropical location, there’s no good excuse for wearing such unfashionable accessories. If you remember the styles back in the 2000s, the puka-shell necklaces were quite popular, but not anymore!


Jorts from 2004

If you’ve never heard of Jorts before, you can call yourself lucky! Jorts, aka denim pedal pushers, were quite popular around 2004. However, we’re seeing some celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid trying to bring this trend back.

We’re not very optimistic when it comes to jorts making a comeback to the fashion scene. There were shunned for a reason. This particular type of shorts that looks like wildly cut pants is just a bit too careless and messy to be considered a fashionable choice.


The Candy Bag

We’ve seen all sorts of bags and accessories throughout the years but this one is a first. If you have a really big sweet tooth and you’re more than obsessed with candy, then you’d probably love to have this bag in your closet.

Shaped as a candy wrapper, this mini bag will portray the side of your personality that is absolutely in love with sweets. Perhaps if you are dressing up for a kids’ party or a candy tasting event, this accessory could be considered appropriate.


Insane Nail Art

Matching the color of your nails to the clothing can tie the entire outfit together. However, there are some nail-related fashion trends that we just cannot wrap our heads around. For instance, all the hype around extremely long nails seems a bit too much to handle.

You can only imagine the discomfort and inconvenience that comes along with wearing nails of this size. While fake nails can look good in certain contexts, this is not one of them. Besides, having nails this big looks too painful and unbearable.



Many celebrities have tried to make bodysuits a thing recently and some fans have even copied this style. However, certain types of bodysuits just make us feel a bit too uncomfortable.

After all, a bodysuit is nothing but a onesie made of stretchy fabric, which gets glued to the skin so much that taking it off turns into a nightmare. Besides, bodysuits seem to be quite inconvenient for everyday life since it will take a lot of time and effort to hit the bathroom break in one of these.


Skinny Jeans on Men

We’re all about equality and freedom when it comes to fashion trends. Who says men cannot wear skinny jeans? Well, whoever said it, they might be right in this case since these jeans seem to be way too skinny for a man to wear.

Not only does this outfit look strange and unpleasant, but it also gives a lot of discomfort to poor Conan O’Brien who had to squeeze into those jeans. Denim pants without any lycra are not only uncomfortable but they can cause serious nerve damage as well.


Massive Backpacks

These Japanese backpacks became a trend as soon as they were released. People went crazy for these human-sized backpacks that can fit nearly everything you own in your closet. If you don’t feel like packing lightly on your next trip, this will be the perfect bag to bring along.


We understand the need to have enough space for your essentials during the day but doesn’t this seem like a bit too much? Besides, imagine walking down the street with such a huge backpack on your shoulders, it must be quite a burden.

Crocs with Mini Bags Attached

Crocs were a bad fashion choice as it is, but it turns out they can somehow get even worse. Someone came up with the idea to attach mini bags onto crocs, as if you would need some sort of tiny storage compartment on your feet.

The bags can be placed either behind the heel or at the very front of the slipper. Either way, it seems way too unnecessary and also kind of ridiculous. This launch also has an official name – The Bespoke Pocket Clog.


Word Hair Clips

One fashion trend we saw all over the place back in 2019 was the one-word hair clips. While hair clips can be a good addition to an outfit, they mainly serve to hold the hair in one place for the sake of convenience.

One way you can completely ruin your look is by putting on some one-word hair clips, especially the ones by high-end brands such as Gucci and Versace. We get it that people like to showcase their branded accessories but this seems like crossing the line.


Biker Shorts

We firmly believe that biker shorts should, as the very name suggests, be used primarily by bikers. This is a type of clothing that serves a specific purpose in specific situations and thus should not be used as a fashion statement.

However, biker shorts became a popular fashion choice in the 90s, as well as recently when Kim Kardashian tried to bring them back. Is it just us or does this clothing item make the outfit look unfinished and sloppy?


PVC Heels

The whole idea of transparent footwear became popular when Kanye West released his Yeezy PVC sandals. People went crazy for those and, all of a sudden, the fashion world was filled with PVC footwear, including the heels in the picture.

Can you imagine how hot and uncomfortable these must be? Even though this is not one of the most bizarre fashion trends on our list, it’s one of the most physically uncomfortable choices. Besides, we’re not sure how to feel about the fact that the shoes are completely transparent.


Scrunchies as Bracelets

Here’s another example where repurposing accessories turned out to be a complete fashion failure. Scrunchies were designed to serve as a hair accessory and provide convenience when needed.

However, some celebrities including Jason Momoa and Dakota Johnson tried to switch things up and wear scrunchies as bracelets. This trend caught on pretty quickly but we’re not sure why. There’s nothing special about these accessories to be worn so openly and it just makes you look like you left the house without getting ready all the way.


Tie-Dye Clothing

Tie-dye clothing became one of the fastest-growing trends in 2019 when everyone became obsessed with crazy colors and DIY shirts. Even popular brands such as Polo and Prada started incorporating these patterns into their designs.

If you ask us, this seems like a bit too much color to handle and, luckily, it looks like this trend won’t survive beyond 2020. So many colors probably made it too difficult to match the rest of the outfit and make some sense out of it.


The Nicolas Cage Fandom

This shirt became quite popular in the last couple of months, especially among the Nicolas Cage fans. It’s understandable why the actor’s number one fan would like to own this shirt but we didn’t expect it to become so popular in general.

You must love Nicolas Cage if your fashion choices include a shirt with a dozen of his faces. We’ve seen many varieties of this type of clothing that features the faces of celebrities and, no matter how big of a fan someone is, it’s kind of weird to wear this in public.


The Bloody Fingers

This appears to be some sort of a double ring that makes your fingers look as if they are bleeding. Realistically, this would make for a great Halloween costume accessory if you’re going as Dracula or a horror movie character.

However, we don’t see a reason why someone would wear a knife ring daily. It doesn’t look like a very usual accessory, although we shouldn’t judge people’s choices. Perhaps having gore accessories is the next big trend.


Bucket Hats

Leather bucket hats, textiles, and other materials are making a comeback in various colors, textures, or models. Designers seem to think there are a lot of people willing to use a capsized bucket on their head.

Music stars and celebrities are among them. They are said to make a statement about style, fashion, and taste (mostly bad). If you are a fan of them, sure, go ahead! I’m not in the same boat!


Over-sized Clothing

We may love over-sized things, in general. The problem is not everybody is fit for it. Loving over-sized clothing is one thing, but wearing it is quite another.

This trend has been made popular by various celebs, but what looks good on them does not necessarily suit the rest of us. Who knows, perhaps next year we’ll gain a little weight and then it will turn out to have been a good decision.



It would be nice to know that foam-filled shoes designed for boating became a fashion item. Unfortunately, they are quirky footwear and not very fashionable. If you plan to use a pair around the house, that is fine. Otherwise, there are better options. This doesn’t mean they don’t have fans. They do.

Around the world, millions of people wear them, decorate them, and show them off. To satisfy this increased demand, the company that manufactures them had to outsource production. Still, there are better options.


Cut-Out Pants

I must admit that they catch the eye. Despite portraying some very low resources and dubious taste, they might even look cool and tempting on the right person. You may ask, who’s that person and why are they trending again?

A lot of people seem to consider cut-out pants a good idea, as a number of online fashion stores have reported a growing interest in them.


Very Fluffy Eyebrows

There is little introduction needed to this strange new fashion trend. There are a lot of accessories with a fluffy design, but maybe fluffy eyebrows are a step too far?

Well, it might be just what you need on those lazy days when tweezers do not sound appealing. But at the end of the day, we should all take care of ourselves. Maybe we could start braiding them if they grow too long and fluffy, who knows! I definitely hope this trend is not here to stay.


Dad Sneakers

Talking about over-sized, how about over-sized soles on old-style chunky sneakers like the ones your dad used to wear? Although they are trending again because, among other things, they are very comfy, they are a bit off-key and just don’t look right out on the street.

On the other hand, if you (or your dad) can afford some serious “dad shoes,” then go for an iconic and sought-after brand. They will definitely make you the hotshot of your entourage.


Fanny Packs

This is an interesting name for a very practical pouch. It used to be en vogue in the 80s, but their use diminished in the mid-90s, and they completely disappeared after 2000. The recent incarnation is also called a waist bag, and it is carried across the chest for improved usability.

It is also slightly bigger for added functionality, some models even being specially designed for concealed carry of handguns – where applicable, of course. Perhaps it is less of a bad trend and more of a good idea revisited.


Jeans Tucked Into Sandal Straps

Do you regularly wear your jeans tucked into your boots? If that’s the case, then the idea of sandal straps over your jeans may not strike you as odd. There are a lot of people thinking like that, and strappy sandals worn together with jeans are beginning to make an impact on the streets.

This trend is on the rise, and despite the weird look and probably uncomfortable feel, it’s going to stay with us for the next few months…at least!


Shoulderless Jacket

This one is clearly a terrible fashion decision. It goes a long way to show what happens when you’re out of ideas but still need to cut something just for the fun of it.

It’s not suitable for a walk in the park or in the sun. It is sheer, unadulterated kitsch, and it’s only purpose is to shock the audience and entice the gullible. Avoid it, it really is bad.


Transparent Handbags

If you plan to transport your valuables in a handbag, then definitely don’t use these. They may be trendy, even cute, but they are only meant for show, literally. For serious business, use the regular ones. Imagine using one in the underground or in an office space.

What would you carry in it? It is another interesting idea for those brave souls amongst us, and it is meant to push the envelope when it comes to combining traditional accessories with new materials.


Flower-Vase Hair

This may be considered artistic, even innovative, but it’s not going to catch on. If you want to increase your following on Instagram, increase your height, or just want a stunning selfie, you may want to try it.

Depending on the flowers and the color of your hair, the results you will achieve will probably vary considerably. It is not a trend, though, not even a bad one – it’s just a balancing act.


Square-Toed Shoes

Form follows function, right? Not exactly, or at least not always. Judge for yourself. After seeing square-toed shoes in mesh form, you might wonder how comfortable they are. Are they actually meant for wearing, or do they serve a different purpose?

Are they meant for pushing pedals or as a protective measure for escalator stair steps? Their form increases the surface of the sole, so people might just as well think of using them on sandy soils. It is a nice try, but not the wave of the future.


Muddy Jeans

Muddy jeans are a stunner – in a negative sense. If you need to spend roughly four hundred dollars and some change, maybe consider looking elsewhere. Muddy jeans represent a daring proposal for pieces of clothing with mud imprinted on them.

If you like dirt that much, you could probably buy something new and then roll around in the mud. That would be much cheaper and a lot more fun!


UGG Sandals

UGGs were a real hit a few years ago, but we were quite surprised that these UGG sandals are a thing nowadays. The fluffy UGGs were meant to protect us against the cold. But what is the purpose of these UGG sandals?

We are definitely more in favor of Crocs rather than these! But it is stiff competition. At least Crocs are a bit more appealing than furry UGG sandals. We cannot even imagine how hot your feet must get in these, especially during the summer. You could wear them for winter, but then your feet may get too cold.


Car Mat Skirt

Do you fancy looking like a car? Then, perhaps, you should try this one. With your handbag looking like a side mirror and your skirt like a rubber car mat, you are guaranteed to attract attention. Traffic police may even give you a ticket.

Unless you are in the car parts business and really want to sell products, don’t pick this one. It may be passable at an auto show, but it won’t attract a following on the catwalk.

We Don’t Have a Name for This One

This rather strange accessory became a big trend in Japan and on social media for reasons that we don’t quite understand. Perhaps the creator of this hair accessory was inspired by the boom of emojis on social media.

Other than that, we don’t have an explanation as to why someone would choose to wear this in public. This must be one of the top 10 most uncomfortable and unusual fashion choices around the world. It also makes for a great gift idea if you want to prank your friends or family members.

Bamboo Bags

If anyone is to blame for the appearance of bamboo bags in the fashion industry, it’s the online influencers. Everyone was rocking their nearly transparent bamboo bags on Instagram during 2019, thus powering a new and not so fashionable trend.

Our question is, what’s so special about this trend? Not only can everyone see the content of your bag, including personal belongings, but it’s also very uncomfortable to wear or carry all they long. It just doesn’t seem like bamboo bags are worth the effort.

Tiny Purses

Lizzo can be deemed responsible for the emergence of the tiny purse craze, as she carried a miniature bag at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles. People found this accessory rather interesting and decided to copy her style.

While we don’t condone the use of giant backpacks we mentioned earlier, we definitely wouldn’t go for a miniature bag either. Not only that there’s absolutely no point of having an accessory like this but it also looks kind of ridiculous.


Corsets are the kind of fashion choice that makes everyone feel a bit uncomfortable. It seemed like corsets became a popular outfit of choice back in 2019 when they were worn by many celebrities including Bella Hadid.

However, this doesn’t seem like an appropriate or even convenient fashion trend, given how uncomfortable it must be to spend hours wearing something so tight. If you ask us, this is one of the fashion trends that should be left in the past.


Patchwork used to be popular back in 2009 and earlier days, even though some tried to bring it back quite recently. Luckily, we don’t think this trend will be catching on again since this type of clothing looks too confusing and unpleasant.

While some might like to use patchwork to express their creativity, we find it a bit too excessive for the fashion world. If you look at this item of clothing, you can barely even figure out what is going on in all the pictures.

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