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Many brides dream of a perfect wedding dress, but with the average cost around $2,000, not everyone can afford it. Some creative brides choose to make their own, crafting unique and special looks that stand out more than designer dresses. From pastel colors and bold silhouettes to unconventional materials and family heirlooms, these homemade dresses showcase individuality in ways you’ve never seen before.

Nailing the Fit

Turning your wedding dress vision into reality can be challenging. If you can’t find the dress you picture, why not make your own? Jasmine’s dress is a classic beauty with a modern twist – featuring a deep plunging neckline, romantic sheath design, sheer tulle sleeves, and delicate floral embellishments. It’s a unique creation that perfectly captures her personal style.

Floating on Air

Trends may change, but illusion necklines and naked lace have been a lasting hit in bridal fashion. This bride’s dress, even from five years ago, still exudes a trendy vibe. For petite brides worried about ballgowns being overwhelming, this bride proves anyone can pull it off. The fitted sheer lace bodice and flowy tulle skirt create a super feminine look, making her seem like she could float on air.

Crochet for Days

In recent years, crochet has made a significant comeback in fashion, reclaiming its place from the ’60s and ’70s. Surprisingly, this trend has seamlessly found its way into the bridal world, adding a perfect touch to the boho vibe.

Fit for a Princess

Brides aren’t just sticking to white dresses these days; blush tones are in high demand. Jackie Miller’s pink mermaid gown is right on trend, adorned with silver flower embellishments and a stylish crisscross back detail. The attention to detail in making her dress, especially sewing on the gorgeous flowers, is truly impressive. Designing your own dress allows you to unleash your imagination, creating a unique look that stands out like no other. The sky’s the limit!

Super Bride

While conventional wisdom suggests ordering a wedding gown six to seven months in advance, Zaji-Kali defied the norm by creating her lace mermaid gown just two months before her big day. But that’s not all – she didn’t stop at her own dress. Zaji-Kali also designed six outfits for the wedding party, including the flower girl’s ceremony and reception dresses. Balancing all this while planning the wedding must have been a remarkable feat!

$100 Gown

When you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a dress, but you’re a fashion-forward bride, why not create your own wedding dress?

It’s almost hard to believe that Daniela Tabois made this gown for only $100. The ballgown features ruffles on the bodice and a peplum waist before flaring out to a dramatic skirt with a tulle underlay.

Fit for Royalty

While we’ve seen pink, white, and green wedding dresses, a purple one is a rare find. Purple, the color of royalty, power, and wealth, was historically expensive and reserved for rulers. So, a purple wedding dress is a fitting choice for a bride seeking regal elegance.

Pandemic Bride

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, some brides chose to proceed with their weddings, embracing the beauty of love amid uncertainty. The sight of a blushing bride gazing at her groom with love in her eyes remains an enduring and heartwarming image, showcasing the resilience and joy found in these intimate celebrations.

Grocery Bag Wedding Dress

The creativity knows no bounds! Wedding dresses made from plastic grocery bags are an unconventional and unique twist. Brittany Beckers and Instagram user dirette94 teamed up to craft this dress, rolling grocery bags into a stunning creation. They even fashioned 3D flowers and a bouquet from the bags, showcasing an innovative and eco-friendly approach to bridal fashion.

Olive This Dress

For those who adore DIY projects, why not extend it to your wedding dress? Sara Nena envisioned a unique theme for her big day, with women wearing white and men sporting green accents. To bring her vision to life, the Greek bride sketched her wedding dress, incorporating green olive-nets for a distinctive touch. It’s a cool and creative way to make a wedding dress that stands out and hasn’t been seen before.

Dance the Night Away

Walking on Fire

Joanna embraced a challenge by creating her own ombre gown inspired by a Pinterest find. While many brides use Pinterest for gown ideas, not everyone attempts to make their dream dress. Joanna’s decision to craft her own unique ombre gown showcases a creative and personalized approach to bridal fashion, turning inspiration into a one-of-a-kind creation.

Twinkled All Night Long

The incredible feat of creativity! Katie managed to create her own wedding dress just two weeks before the big day. What’s even more astonishing is that she didn’t stop there—she also crafted three bridesmaid dresses and a flower girl dress. A testament to her skill and dedication, turning a tight timeline into a showcase of handmade bridal fashion.

“Frilly Things”

Stephanie and her partner have a beautiful love story, starting as childhood classmates, evolving into high school sweethearts, and continuing their journey through the same college. Engaged in 2017, they tied the knot before a judge in 2018, renewing their vows in 2019. Stephanie, the talented bride, added her creative touch by crafting her own dress and accessories. Her Instagram declaration, “I make frilly things,” is a testament to her artistic flair in creating unforgettable wedding attire.

Keeping Traditions Alive

Janani Mitchel, a Sri Lankan raised in Canada, beautifully blended her cultural roots in her wedding attire. Combining South Asian and North American influences, she crafted a dress that resonates with both traditions. In South Asian cultures, brides often wear red or green saris with golden brocade, while some opt for white or cream saris with golden brocade. Janani’s fusion dress is a celebration of her diverse heritage and a lovely nod to both cultural worlds.

Glitter and Hearts FOREVER

Hearts are the epitome of romance, and what better way to celebrate love than wearing them on your big day? This bride’s dress is a perfect blend of girly and edgy, featuring a blush color adorned with sparkly magenta hearts. The attention to detail is impeccable, extending to the accessories – from velvet pom-pom heels to a pink bow belt, hair bow, heart earrings, and necklace. Even the veil is adorned with pink glittery letters that spell out “FOREVER,” making every element of her ensemble a delightful expression of love and style.

Never Ending Patchwork

Quilted patchwork is a trendy sight on runways this season, often seen on jackets and sweaters. However, this bride elevated her love for the fabric by creating a handmade quilted patchwork dress. It’s evident that a lot of love and hard work went into crafting this unique dress, and the joy radiating from the bride showcases the satisfaction of a beautifully finished product.

A Sea of Blue and Pink

Renewing wedding vows is a special way for couples to celebrate anniversaries, and for some, it’s the perfect excuse to wear a wedding dress again! Anya Andre and her husband opted for a vow renewal in Hawaii after a decade of marriage. Breaking away from the tradition of blue or white attire for the beach, Anya stood out by creating a pink and white strapless ballgown, making her vow renewal a uniquely memorable occasion.

It’s Like Rain on Your Wedding Day

While rain on a wedding day is considered good luck, many brides still hope for a beautiful, sunny day. Lydia Downs, however, seemed to have dreamt of a rainy day, as her gray ombre wedding dress perfectly complements that theme. The attire, including her husband’s suit and the umbrellas they’re holding, creates a charming and cohesive look that embraces the idea of a rainy but luck-filled wedding day.

Old Hollywood

Crafting your own wedding dress is a source of pride and a significant accomplishment. Looking back at wedding photos, you can proudly tell your children and grandchildren that you made your own dress, a pretty cool feat. Vioula’s off-the-shoulder fitted gown with a ruffle skirt detail is a testament to her skill, and she looks like a star straight out of an Old Hollywood film.

Tim Gunn Approved

Whether inspired by Project Runway or simply a fan of Mood Fabrics, Heidi Cheng’s wedding gown featuring sequin metallic fabric would surely earn approval from Tim Gunn. The strapless fit and flare design includes a built-in steel-boned corset with bra cups and is adorned with black lace trim at the hem and neckline. In addition to the dress, the bride crafted her own star headband, beaded necklace, and even a labradorite skull pendant, showcasing her exceptional talent and attention to detail.

A Whole New World

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, some brides have chosen to move forward with their special day, adapting to the circumstances. This particular bride, determined to celebrate her love, took matters into her own hands by creating her own wedding dress. Featuring long sleeves and a dramatic high-low design with a tulle skirt, her gown exudes a unique charm. Rather than postponing, she opted for a small and intimate garden wedding, showcasing resilience and creativity during these unusual times.

Medieval Wedding

Choosing a unique path for their big day, Stephanie Raymond and her husband tied the knot at a Renaissance Fair, adding a touch of unconventional charm to their wedding. Stephanie’s dress, a white corseted gown with billowy sleeves, harmoniously blended with the fair’s atmosphere. Notably, her husband complemented the theme by wearing a jerkin, peasant pants, and boots. Beyond her dress, Stephanie displayed her creative talents by crafting her own wedding dress and veil, along with doing her own hair and makeup – a true showcase of personal touch and individuality on their special day.

Fit for Tea

Wearing your mother’s wedding dress is always sentimental, but sometimes the style might feel a bit outdated. Sarah L. Clark found a beautiful solution by using fabric from her mother’s wedding dress to craft her own tea-length strapless gown, incorporating a modern design. Demonstrating her creative prowess, Sarah went a step further, making not only her dress but also her shoes, her husband’s shirt and vest, and even the masks the couple wore—a testament to her talent and the significance of family in the celebration.

Twirl the Night Away

Indeed, tea length dresses got their name from being the appropriate attire for women attending tea in the 1920s. Heather’s choice of a tea-length dress for her wedding combines modesty with a touch of non-traditional flair. The white dress adorned with floral embroidery, lace overlay, and delicate floral details adds a super girly and charming touch. Beyond its aesthetics, the twirl-friendly nature of tea-length dresses makes them particularly enjoyable for dancing, creating beautiful moments that translate well in photographs.

Flower Power

Embracing the beauty of a summer wedding, this nature-loving bride made flowers a central theme of her big day. Going beyond the bouquet, she adorned her wedding dress with petals, covering the hem and neckline in floral details. Completing the enchanting look, the bride wore a flower crown, turning her fitted gown from a basic lace dress into a one-of-a-kind custom creation. The floral elements added a unique and personalized touch, capturing the essence of nature on her special day.

YouTube for the Win

Turning to YouTube for guidance can be a savvy move, especially when it comes to crafting something as intricate as a wedding dress. Justine Abbitt exemplified the power of online tutorials when she created a stunning, classic lace sheath dress for Michaela. The gown, featuring functional buttons and hook-and-eye closures, showcases the meticulous effort put into its creation. The addition of a satin belt not only breaks up the lace pattern but also enhances the bride’s silhouette, turning this DIY dress into a beautiful and customized masterpiece.

Lavender Dreams

Lavender has been a trendy color in various aspects, including wedding fashion, over the past few years. Offering a subtle departure from traditional white, pastel colors like lavender provide a unique and refreshing choice for brides. Especially suitable for those who want a hint of color without straying too far, lavender serves as an excellent alternative to blush. Its versatility is notable, complementing every skin tone and adding a touch of elegance to the wedding attire.

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