Hilarious Memes That Introverts Will Relate To, Shared by the “Fear of Going Out” Community


Are you an introvert who often finds themselves opting for a cozy night in rather than facing the outside world? If so, you’re not alone! The “Fear of Going Out” community understands the struggles of introverts and has shared a collection of hilarious memes that perfectly capture the joys and challenges of being an introverted individual. From the relatable moments of canceling plans to the sheer delight of staying in with a good book or favorite TV show, these memes are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Join us as we explore ten side-splitting memes that will surely resonate with introverts everywhere. Get ready to nod your head in agreement and embrace your inner homebody!

Donation Meme

Find humor in the irony of grocery store checkout screens probing you to donate $20 to end child hunger while you’re trying to save a mere $.50 with a coupon on a bag of potatoes. Laugh along with these hilarious memes that capture the introvert’s perspective on corporate responsibility. Reflect on the absurdity and let the memes do the talking!

Cats Are Good

Embrace the magical bond between cats and introverts where communication transcends language barriers. Witness the humor in being best friends with a little feline companion who bites yet inspires whimsical songs. These relatable memes capture the heartwarming moments of falling asleep side by side, cherishing the unique connection formed in silence.

We Needed This

Experience the joy of thunderstorms like an old soul with your favorite coffee on a covered porch. Discover hilarious memes that perfectly capture the introvert’s longing for this serene moment. Indulge in relatable content and embrace the cozy charm of solitude.

Hysterical Laugh

Discover the humor in reimagining mansplaining as “correctile dysfunction” and join the laughter that lasts for hours. These side-splitting memes resonate with introverts, capturing the hilarity of such a clever twist on a common phenomenon. Embrace the shared amusement and enjoy the comedic relief these memes provide.

Self Diagnose Goes Wrong

Embrace the hilarity of self-diagnosis gone wild as someone humorously claims to be a raccoon after Googling their symptoms. These relatable memes perfectly capture the quirky introspective moments where introverts find amusement in their own unique perspectives. Laugh along and revel in the absurdity of this imaginative self-discovery.

Household Task

Celebrate the triumph of finally tackling a minor household task after procrastinating for a staggering 18 months, only to realize the lesson learned is that history repeats itself. These humorous memes resonate with introverts who can relate to the cycle of procrastination, capturing the lightheartedness in our repeated patterns. Find solace in the shared laughter and embrace the quirks of our human nature.

Starbucks Barista

Venture into the humorous chaos of Starbucks’ “paid forward” trend through the eyes of a former barista, where confusion reigns and wrong drinks abound. These relatable memes resonate with introverts who understand the frustration, suggesting that instead of paying for the next person’s order, consider tipping the hardworking, understaffed employees who diligently craft your drinks. Laugh along and find solidarity in the shared experience of coffee shop shenanigans.

Hungry Caterpillar

Discover the whimsical allure of the “Very Hungry Caterpillar Clinic,” where you indulge in eating your feelings for six days, cleanse with a refreshing salad, take a two-week nap, and emerge transformed like a butterfly. The witty reply about a group rate adds to the humor, appealing to introverts who can relate to the desire for a collective experience. Enjoy the relatable memes and embrace the laughter that accompanies this imaginative journey.

Shoutout Two Modes

Celebrate the two sides of being an introvert with this relatable shoutout! Some days, you’re the mod who’s tirelessly doing all the things, while other days, you’re the mod taking a well-deserved break, recovering from the exertion. These hilarious memes capture the humorous duality and resonate with introverts who understand the ebb and flow of energy. Enjoy the laughter and find solace in the shared experiences.

Earth Is A Nice Place

Join the laughter as David Attenborough’s sentiment resonates with introverts who appreciate the beauty of Earth without the chaos of human presence. These hilarious memes capture the shared agreement, highlighting the humorous side of this perspective. Explore and enjoy the lighthearted humor while reflecting on the tranquil allure of a people-free world.

Up And Not Crying

Discover the Norwegian way of responding to “how’s it going” questions with the lighthearted and relatable phrase “up and not crying.” These hilarious memes capture the reasonable standard of emotional resilience, particularly in today’s challenging times. Laugh along and find solace in the shared understanding, embracing the humor that introverts can relate to.

Depressive Episode

Celebrate the triumph of moving past a depressive episode with a dash of humor as someone refers to it as a “depressive series” with season eight now available. These hilarious memes capture the relatable experience of introverts, finding lightness in their journey while acknowledging the ups and downs of life. Laugh along and embrace the resilience in finding amusement even in challenging times.


Discover the hilarity of falconry and finance in the UAE, as a zoo separates five parents after their mischievous birds were caught encouraging each other to swear at guests. These relatable memes capture the amusing side of introverted moments, finding laughter in unexpected situations. Embrace the shared humor and enjoy the lightheartedness, celebrating the quirks of our feathered friends.

Major Depression

Find humor in the face of rising depression rates as someone humorously gestures broadly at everything in response to the news. These hilarious memes capture the relatable perspective of introverts, highlighting the absurdity of life’s challenges. Laugh along and embrace the shared laughter as a reminder that humor can be a powerful tool in navigating difficult times.

Arriving In Hell

In this comical encounter, upon arriving in hell, someone hilariously expresses their admiration for the devil’s eggs, leading to a humorous exchange. These relatable memes capture the unexpected humor introverts can find even in unconventional situations. Embrace the laughter and enjoy the lightheartedness, finding amusement in the most unexpected places.

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