30 Hilarious Hedgehog Cake Fails That’ll Make You Smile


It’s the holiday season, and you’ll likely be cooking a lot. With quarantine, cooking shows on TV, and a yummy candle scent, you might start thinking about making a cake. Alright, listen up, because this is important. If you ever think about making a hedgehog cake, seriously, take a moment and think about making something else. Believe me, there’s a good reason why hedgehog cakes are basically a meme these days.


This time, dailyjugarr has put together a list of hedgehog cakes that people tried to make. It’s a tribute to our determination, confidence, and hopes. But you know, sometimes our hopes don’t quite match reality. Chocolate hedgehog cakes are a prime example of that.

Hedgehog Cake Fail

A mom tried to make a hedgehog cake for her daughter’s birthday, but it turned out really ugly. One of the young guests even cried because of how it looked.

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Thunder Dungeon Hedgehog Cake

In “Thunder Dungeon Hedgehog Cake,” a daughter tries to bake a chocolate cake for her mom’s birthday, but it turns out looking really ugly despite her best efforts.

Oddlyterrifying Hedgehog Cake

Every year on my birthday, my mom does something funny. She looks for the strangest cake online and bakes it for me. The latest one looks like a lamb, but it’s definitely odd. This tradition started five years ago when my mom, Carol, made a purposely weird and creepy cake just to make me laugh. Cake Decorator Misunderstanding


Cake Decorator Misunderstanding

Reddit user blueberry shared that her mom ordered a graduation cake with a “cap” drawn on it, but it seems like there might have been a misunderstanding.


Cake Wrecks is all about sharing these unintentionally sad, silly, creepy, and inappropriate cake mishaps. The creator isn’t here to blame decorators; Cake Wrecks is simply about finding humor in unexpected, sugar-filled situations.

Porcupine Dining Misadventures

If you’ve ever daydreamed about having a porcupine as your culinary companion, well, it might be time to rethink your menu choices! Those spiky fellas make for pretty challenging dining partners. Stick with something a tad less prickly, and your taste buds will thank you!

“Cake Decorating Wisdom


Lily’s like, “Hey folks, go wild with your cake-making styles and rules!” According to her, there’s no cake-police waiting to judge your every move.

And here’s the secret sauce: Pay close attention to that buttercream and those facial features. When it’s spine time, channel your inner Zen master and space those spiky bits evenly. Your cake will thank you for the prickly precision!

Hedgehog Cake Fails


If you search for “hedgehog cake” on Google, you’ll be amazed to find out that nearly half of the 23,200,000 results are pictures of failed attempts at making this delicious treat. Scrolling through the internet, these hedgehog cake mishaps have become a meme in their own right, highlighting how our hopes often clash with reality.

Lately, there’s a meme making the rounds on social media, asking, “On a scale of hedgehog cake, how are you feeling today?” It’s a fun way to express all the different emotions we’ve been experiencing lately, using hedgehog cake as a quirky measuring stick.

Sonic Cake Inspiration

The hedgehog cake meme got a boost from an SNL skit featuring Eddie Murphy in the Holiday Baking Championship. In the skit, bakers had to make cakes inspired by their holiday childhood memories.


Eddie, playing Mitch, shared that his cherished memory was playing video games on Christmas, leading to the creation of the Sonic the Hedgehog cake.

Chocolate Hedgehog Delight

This hedgehog cake was a cocoa lover’s dream come true! Crafted by my husband, Al, for our son’s birthday, it was a triple threat of chocolate goodness. The foundation was a luscious chocolate sponge, generously topped with velvety chocolate buttercream, and crowned with chocolate bars standing tall as spikes.


Our son’s wish for a cake that screamed “chocolate” was hilariously embraced by Al, who turned it into a hedgehog that was practically shouting “chocolate” from every delicious angle. It was a sweet masterpiece that left our taste buds in chocolate heaven and our son with a birthday to remember!

Funny Fake Teeth

Now, for the grand finale, carve out a mouth opening and pop in some hilarious fake teeth. But hold onto your hats; finding those faux chompers in the middle of non-Halloween times can be an adventure! We embarked on a quest that led us to Party City, where we scored a pair of not-so-impressive vampire teeth. Surprisingly, these were the lower set—the upper ones had these comically oversized fangs!


In conclusion, these 30 hilarious hedgehog cake fails are sure to bring a smile to your face. They remind us that even in the world of baking mishaps, there’s always room for laughter and creativity. So whether you’re a seasoned baker or just someone who appreciates a good chuckle, these adorable yet imperfect hedgehog cakes are a delightful testament to the joy of trying, failing, and finding humor in the sweetest of places.


1. What’s the story behind these hedgehog cake fails?


These hedgehog cake fails are a collection of humorous and often endearing attempts by bakers to create hedgehog-themed cakes. They highlight the contrast between expectation and reality in a fun and lighthearted way.

2. Why hedgehog cakes specifically?


Hedgehog cakes have become a popular subject for bakers and cake decorators due to their adorable appearance. However, recreating their spiky charm can sometimes lead to unexpected, comical results.

3. Are these cakes intentionally made to look bad?


Not necessarily. These cakes are typically made with the best intentions to create something cute and delicious. However, the outcome often takes an amusing and unexpected turn, resulting in cake fails that make people smile.

4. How can these cake fails make us smile?


The humor in these cake fails lies in their imperfections. They show that even when things don’t go as planned, there’s room for laughter and creativity. They remind us that it’s okay to embrace our baking mishaps with a sense of humor.

5. What can we learn from these hedgehog cake fails?


These cake fails teach us that perfection isn’t always the goal in creative endeavors. They encourage us to find joy in the process, appreciate the effort, and celebrate the imperfections that make life amusing and memorable.

6. Can I submit my own hedgehog cake fail for inclusion?


While you may not be able to submit your own cake directly to this collection, you can certainly share your creations and baking adventures on social media or websites dedicated to cake fails. Joining the conversation can be a fun way to connect with others who appreciate the humor in baking mishaps.

7. Where can I see these hedgehog cake fails?


You can typically find these hedgehog cake fails shared on various websites, social media platforms, and blogs that focus on humorous and creative baking attempts. Simply search for “hedgehog cake fails” online, and you’re likely to come across a treasure trove of delightful and funny images.


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