15 Disasters Just Seconds Away: How to Prepare for Them


Some people can make poorly thought-out decisions with potentially disastrous consequences, either due to miscalculating risks or simply not caring. Thanks to photography, these moments have been captured just seconds before the impending disasters unfolded.

Her face is going to get absolutely smashed

The ominous title suggests a moment of impending impact or collision, where the phrase “Her face is going to get absolutely smashed” hints at an unfortunate and potentially painful situation. The words evoke a sense of anticipation and concern for the well-being of the person in question, leaving readers curious about the context and outcome of the impending event.

When you go too hard on the dancefloor

“When you go too hard on the dance floor” hints at a scenario where someone enthusiastically immerses themselves in dancing, perhaps with excessive energy or uninhibited moves. The phrase suggests a lighthearted perspective on the aftermath of an intense dance session, leaving room for humorous or entertaining anecdotes about the energetic individual and their dancefloor escapades.

Oh lord, this is going to be bad

Oh lord, this is going to be bad” implies a sense of impending trouble or an unfortunate outcome. The phrase suggests a moment of realization or anticipation of something undesirable about to happen, leaving room for suspense and curiosity about the nature of the impending situation.

What the hell is she trying to attempt?

What the hell is she trying to attempt?” expresses bewilderment and curiosity about someone’s actions, indicating a sense of confusion or disbelief. The phrase suggests a situation where the observer is puzzled by the motives or goals of the person in question, leaving room for speculation and a desire to understand the purpose behind their actions.

This is why women live longer

“This is why women live longer” is a humorous or sarcastic remark often used to highlight risky or reckless behavior that might lead to accidents or mishaps. The phrase suggests that the actions being observed are potentially dangerous or foolish, emphasizing a stereotypical notion that women tend to be more cautious or sensible in certain situations.

Why would you think that going anywhere near that thing is a good idea?

Calculating distances is not this guy’s strong suit” suggests that the person in question may struggle with accurately determining or understanding distances. The phrase implies a potential for miscalculations or misjudgments in situations that require spatial awareness, creating a humorous or lighthearted tone around the individual’s navigational challenges.

Men never grow up they just get bigger in size

Men never grow up; they just get bigger in size” is a humorous and often tongue-in-cheek observation about the perceived eternal youthfulness or childlike qualities that some associate with men. The statement suggests that, while physical stature may increase with age, certain playful or youthful characteristics persist throughout a man’s life.

Do you want to screw up your eye? Because this is exactly how you do it

Do you want to screw up your eye? Because this is exactly how you do it” conveys a warning or cautionary tone, suggesting that the depicted action or behavior could lead to damaging or harming one’s eye. The phrase implies a potential consequence for a specific action, emphasizing the importance of avoiding such behavior to prevent injury or harm to the eye.

Grandma is freaking out more than him

This is probably what hell looks like

This is probably what hell looks like” is a figurative expression conveying a sense of extreme discomfort, chaos, or unpleasantness in a given situation. The phrase is often used to emphasize the intensity or negative aspects of an experience, suggesting that the observed scene or circumstance is exceptionally challenging or distressing.

How much do you wanna bet that this picture was taken in Australia?

How much do you wanna bet that this picture was taken in Australia?” playfully implies that the image or situation being referred to is characteristic of the unique and sometimes unusual experiences commonly associated with Australia. The phrase is often used in a humorous or stereotypical context, inviting speculation about the location based on certain distinctive features or elements in the picture.

I’m about to diiiiiveee innnnn

“I’m about to diiiiiveee innnnn” likely refers to a playful or enthusiastic expression signaling someone’s readiness to engage or participate in something exciting. The elongation of the word “dive” and the drawn-out “innnnn” suggest a sense of anticipation or eagerness before embarking on a particular activity or experience.

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