35+ Pictures of Celebrities Who “Disappeared Into Nowhere,” and if We’re Being Honest, We Completely Forgot About Them

35+ Pictures of Celebrities Who “Disappeared Into Nowhere,” and if We’re Being Honest, We Completely Forgot About Them

Undoubtedly, actors have their moments of fame which can last for varying durations before they move on with their personal lives away from the public attention. Although such transitions typically occur gradually, there are instances where celebrities disappear without a trace, leaving people to ponder over their whereabouts. For anyone curious about such cases, this compilation presents a list of actors who suddenly vanished from the limelight and their present situation.

Molly Ringwald

During the 1980s, Molly Ringwald became the well-known figure for teenage movies. She discovered her passion for acting at a tender age, featuring in Diff’rent Strokes. Her prominence commenced with the 1984 film, Sixteen Candles. She refused to take up the part of Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman, rejecting rom-coms altogether.


Molly decided to relocate to Paris and embark on an adventure, during which she began a romantic relationship with Velery Lameignere. However, after three years of being married, the couple decided to part ways and Molly went back to her hometown. Molly has always imagined leading a simple life, blending in with the people in a small town where she is not known by anyone. Despite this, she does make some acting appearances, such as her role on Riverdale.

Frankie Muniz

Undoubtedly, Frankie Muniz’s appearance has remained unchanged despite the passing years! During the early 2000s, Frankie achieved fame as a child actor with his prominent role in the popular TV series “Malcolm in the Middle”. Since then, he has mostly kept a low profile, avoiding the public eye.


These days, he is more focused on spending time with his family although he can still be seen in movies and TV shows on some occasions. He used to be into car racing, playing music with bands, as well as selling olive oil in Scottsdale, Arizona through a shop he opened.

Bret Michaels

We don’t know how we overlooked Bret Michaels and the show Rock of Love. At the beginning of the reality TV genre, the reality dating program was very popular.

Although the lead singer of Poison was previously successful with his band, he faded into obscurity following the conclusion of their show in 2009. Fortunately, he was given a new opportunity to shine when he participated in the 2020 season of The Masked Singer as the banana.


Nikki Blonsky

After her successful appearance in the 2007 film redo of Hairspray, featuring John Travolta and Zac Efron, she was unable to secure another popular movie role. Subsequently, she explored various professions such as makeup artistry.

Throughout her career as an actress, she has taken up numerous roles in television movies and episodes. Her appearances include shows like Huge and Ugly Betty, with her being a part of the cast in the reality program Life Unfiltered 2021.

Mara Wilson

Wow, it’s Matilda! This movie has brought happiness and excitement to multiple generations of children. Even though actress Mara Wilson took a hiatus from Hollywood between 2000 and 2011, she has recently made a comeback to the industry. She pursued a career as a writer while attending NYU.


From 2012 onwards, Wilson has been occupied with writing for episodic television, one of which is BoJack Horseman. At present, she writes as a full-time profession and produces content for her blog, as well as contributing to notable publications such as The New York Times and Elle.

The Olsen Twins

In the late ’90s and early 2000s, the Olsen twins were dominant in the entertainment industry through their TV and movie appearances and fashion business. However, presently, the twins have disappeared from the public eye.

In 2014, the pair declared their retirement from the acting profession and ventured into the fashion industry by introducing two fashion labels, the Row and Elizabeth and James, which they still operate at present. However, their brands are not as trendy as they were in the past.


Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Cates, the popular ’80s star from the Fast Times at Ridgemont High TV series, still looks stunning although she hasn’t appeared in any productions for a while. Even after a flourishing career in Hollywood, she made the decision to dedicate herself as a full-time mom to the two children she shares with Kevin Kline, her husband.

After her kids were grown, she established a tiny boutique that functions somewhat similarly to a general store called Blue Tree, where she is still employed at present.

Amanda Bynes

We can sense that Amanda’s presence is missed. Amanda had a thriving career as a Nickelodeon star and was one of their most accomplished stars. During the 2000s, she was flourishing as an actress. However, her career started to deteriorate in early 2012. Due to her involvement in a DUI and two hit-and-run accidents, she was placed under a probationary period of three years.


As time went by, she faced ongoing legal issues, and gradually, it became apparent that she was struggling with mental health difficulties. Similar to Britney Spears, she was put under conservatorship.

Meg Ryan

After appearing in the drama film Rich and Famous in 1981, she initiated her acting profession. Her acting vocation progressed with her consequent involvement in a CBS soap opera titled As the World Turns.

Over time, Meg Ryan has played significant roles in various unforgettable romantic comedies in the film industry of Hollywood. However, she unexpectedly disappeared from the public eye. Nevertheless, her absence was not tantamount to complete disappearance as she chooses to avoid public attention now and focuses primarily on roles in producing and directing.


Rick Moranis

During the 1990s, many households of individuals who grew up during this era featured the distinctive bespectacled face of Rick Moranis, particularly if you were a fan of his work in Ghostbusters, Little Shop of Horrors, or Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. However, he seemingly vanished from the public eye. In the ten years leading up to the dawn of the new century, he ceased to appear on-screen but continued to lend his voice to various projects.

In 1991, after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequently passed away, he made the decision to leave acting so that he could raise his children at home. However, he made a humorous comeback in 2020 in a commercial with Ryan Reynolds.

Willa Ford

You most likely recognize her name. She gained popularity through the hit song I Wanna Be Bad, which was the peak of her career. Ford made her debut as a young pop sensation on MTV around 2001, where her provocative appearance was a defining trait. Her influence is reflected in the global music charts.


She has only released one studio album, but she has also worked as a host on some reality shows, acted in several shows and movies, with her most recent role being in 2016. For the past few years, she has focused on motherhood and being a spouse.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Throughout his career, Daniel Day-Lewis has produced exceptional films and was even awarded multiple Oscars for his outstanding performances in movies like Lincoln and There Will Be Blood. However, in 2017, he officially announced his retirement from acting and stated that he would not be returning to the industry.

Prior to the debut of his latest movie, Phantom Thread, the actor shared with W magazine that it is important for him to perceive the significance of his work in what he is currently undertaking. On certain occasions, the work seems crucial, almost irresistible. The main thing that concerns him is that the audience must believe in it. Unfortunately, his recent work has not been satisfying this criteria.


Ricki Lake

What’s the current status of Ricki Lake? During the late 1990s, Ricki Lake was a flourishing actress who appeared in both movies and scripted television. She starred in Hairspray in 1988 and the 1990 film Cry-Baby alongside Johnny Depp. After working for many years, she largely withdrew from the public eye.

In addition to producing and presenting a documentary called The Business of Being Born, she participated in the 2014 edition of Dancing With the Stars and was a competitor on The Masked Singer program in 2019. While promoting improved reproductive healthcare, she has primarily focused on taking care of her family in recent times.

Lindsay Lohan

During the later part of her career, she had troubles with substance abuse and problems with her family. She made unsuccessful efforts to make a comeback in Hollywood, leading to her withdrawal from the limelight. However, in 2020, she reactivated her Instagram account, launched a new song, and was interviewed by David Spade on Lights Out.


According to Lindsay, she has resided in Dubai for six years without visiting Los Angeles since the early 2000s, which was intentional. However, things seem to be going well for her now, as she will be featured in a romantic comedy on Netflix in 2022.


In 2011, the most popular songs on the chart were Sexy, And I Know It and Party Rock Anthem. LMFAO had some of the biggest hits, known for their amusing yet captivating dance-pop songs that appealed to people of all ages, including children and the elderly.

Although they dominated the pop scene for a brief period, the duo, who are related to the Mowtown founder, consist of an uncle and nephew who eventually went their separate ways. The individual, who had previously served as a judge on X factor, paused his touring activities for one year, transitioned to a vegan lifestyle, discovered love and new interests.


Mischa Barton

In 2003, Barton was cast as Marissa Cooper in the television series The O.C. and quickly gained worldwide popularity. Although the series was not long-lived, Barton’s portrayal of the character secured her position as one of the most adored actresses. Unfortunately, her character was written out in the third season of the show, and Barton subsequently vanished from public view, prompting numerous admirers to question her whereabouts.

Apart from her involvement in The Hills revival, she also featured in other productions such as Virgin Territory (2007), The Beautiful Life (2009) – Ashton Kutcher’s short-lived TV show, and Assassination of a Highschool President (2008). Currently, she is still taking part in less popular ventures.

Judge Reinhold

In the summer film festivals of 1984, Reinhold became well-known for portraying the character of junior detective Billy Rosewood alongside Eddie Murphy, who played the role of his buddy. He was featured in the two sequels of the film that were released in 1987 and 1994.


Reinhold has also appeared in movies like Ruthless People (1986), The Santa Clause (1996), and Gremlins (1984). However, in recent years, he has not had as many significant roles in films. Despite this, at least one follower was thrilled to discover a photo of him on the Beverly Hills set.


Enya, who is 54 years old, secured the 28th position in the Ireland Top 50 list in 2016. The Music Millionaires of Britain ranked her higher than Adele by two spots. She still resides in her castle home located near wealthy individuals like Bono in Dublin. Enya’s most recent music release was in 2015, and on November 20, 2015, she released her album Dark Sky Island, which debuted at eighth on Billboard’s 200 charts.

According to the Times editor, Enya’s sales have increased by a million dollars this year despite her lack of activity. The editor also mentioned that Enya has a successful career with a great track record for selling records, and as long as her name remains on the list, her wealth won’t diminish.


Erik Per Sullivan

Erik Per Sullivan, who played the character of Dewey in the well-liked TV series “Malcolm in the Middle,” seems to have left the acting profession and resides in seclusion since that time. His involvement in a 2010 movie named “Twelve,” where he portrayed a minor character named Timmy, has been his only noteworthy entertainment gig.

He appears to have transitioned to a new career following his retirement from acting. When it comes to Sullivan’s personal life, it seems that he utilizes his Instagram account for posting. He has been relatively inactive on social media since his noteworthy role as Dewey which earned him fame.

Mena Suvari

The person in question, who is an actress, model, producer, and designer, came into this world on February 13, 1979. After working as a model for many years and featuring in numerous TV programs, she made her first appearance in a full-length movie with the 1997 drama titled Nowhere. She has had two failed marriages in the past. In 2018, she gave birth to a son, Christopher, after falling in love with Michael Hope, who works as a prop designer.


After that, she has starred in different films, for example, Sugar & Spice, American Horror Story, and Six Feet Under. Additionally, she remains active in the advertisement business and small screen productions while preparing for her next films. Amongst her upcoming projects, she will be playing Nicole in The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and appearing in the horror movie Apparition. Moreover, Paradise Cove and Viscous are her next films.

Richard Simmons

Simmons had been a well-known and influential figure in Hollywood for more than three decades until he unexpectedly vanished from the public gaze in 2014. He achieved great success with his Sweatin’ to the Oldies VHS workout video in 1988, generating more than $200 million in revenue and becoming one of the most lucrative workout videos of all time.

During the 1990s and 2000s, he stayed in the limelight by writing successful books, featuring in infomercials, and showing up on talk shows in the wee hours of the night. Despite his purported health problems, Simmons, who is naturally introverted, seems to be relishing his retirement. He currently lives by himself in the Hollywood Hills and refrains from the public eye.


Julia Stiles

When it comes to mainstream Hollywood, Julia Stiles became closely associated with the movie 10 Things I Hate About You upon its release in 1999. Over the last few years, she has devoted her time to her family, including her newborn son Arlo and four-year-old Strummer, alongside her husband. Despite her family obligations, Stiles remains dedicated to pursuing her acting career.

The upcoming movie she is featured in is Orphan: First Kill, a continuation of the well-known scary movie from 2009, which will be hitting theaters soon. Also, she is cast as Olivia Kullersen in DreamWorks’ Dragons: A Journey through the Nine Realms.


The debut single from the album, Eyes Wide Open, was well-received by both critics and fans in October 2010, and was given a ranking of 25 by Triple J.


Gotye’s financial situation was transformed when he unveiled “Somebody That I Used To Know” featuring Kimbra on July 6, 2011. However, he has remained relatively quiet since then and has not undergone any significant transformation. De Backer remains true to his artistic vision and continues to create, compose, sing, and write on his own terms, as he has done in the past.

Leelee Sobieski

During the periods of 1990s and early 2000s, Leelee Sobieski acted in quite a few unforgettable movies like Never Been Kissed, Deep Impact, and The Glass House. Nonetheless, she eventually left the film industry, and in 2012, Sobieski stopped working in movies and television to focus more on her artistic career.

At present, Leelee Kimmel is identified by her married surname and is 38 years of age. She has ventured into a different form of artistic expression and has embraced motherhood.


Jonathan Taylor Thomas

As a young child, the previous heartthrob for teenagers started his career. He voiced the character of Spot in the U.S. edition during the 80s. Later, he acted in The Brady Bunch’s spinoff, and eventually got the part of Tim Allen’s son in Home Improvement. Additionally, he’s well-known for voicing Simba in The Lion King.

At the age of 17, Thomas shifted his focus from acting to academics. Recently, Thomas celebrated his 41st birthday in September 2022. Although he bid farewell to Hollywood in the conventional sense after the show’s conclusion in 1998, he still appeared on TV from time to time.

Eliza Dushku

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, Eliza Dushku had a successful time in her career. She appeared in multiple shows as Alice Bloom, including the 1992 film That Night. These roles ultimately led to her big break in 1998, where she played the character of Faith in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Despite not being as popular as she once was, Eliza Dushku is still living her dream life, which primarily consists of raising a family with her husband, keeping her occupied.

Josh Hartnett

In the early 2000s, Josh Hartnett gained a lot of attention and was compared to Tom Cruise due to his rapid rise as a movie sensation right after his first appearance on the big screen. However, despite his quick fame, Hartnett disappeared from the industry soon after and faced criticism for his decision to leave Hollywood altogether.

In recent years, Hartnett has made a comeback on the screen. He has candidly given interviews about his break from Hollywood, which he discovered was the correct decision for him both professionally and mentally, even if it was only for a brief period.


Seann William Scott

Since the mid-1990s, his acting profession has thrived with several appearances in movies and TV shows. In recent times, he has starred in films like Bloodline from 2018, the TV series Lethal Weapon, and Already Gone from 2019.

After being in existence for more than two decades, it is time to mark the success of American Pie. Scott, who has spent 45 years working, has also diversified his projects, including launching a new television series this year.

Jason Lee

Jason Lee has been involved in acting since 1991, playing roles in both adult and children’s projects. Although he has not been as active recently, his latest work stands out as some of his most compelling. He has primarily dedicated his attention to photography for the past 15 years.


Lee has made occasional voice performances in animated projects like We Bare Bears and The Harper House from last year, despite having little experience in live-action roles.

Josh Hutcherson

At a young age, Josh Hutcherson made a name for himself in the acting industry with his notable appearances in several movies such as Bridge To Terabithia, Journey, and The Hunger Games. He commenced playing the character of Ultraman in 2019, and he also earned roles in upcoming films like Across The River & Into The Trees and The Long Home, both of which are scheduled for release soon.

Although Hutcherson is familiar with being in front of the camera, he has chosen to explore different opportunities in the field by directing and producing. Alongside his role in Escobar: Paradise Lost, he also functioned as a producer for the movie.


Tom from MySpace

Tom sold MySpace to NewsCorp for an impressive amount of $680 million just before retiring in 2009, following the social platform’s inability to compete with Facebook. He is now residing in Hawaii and pursuing a profession in travel photography, which is truly a dream come true for him at the age of 47.

The entrepreneur has fewer followers than his MySpace days, but still has a substantial 637,000 fans who appreciate the photographs he posts.

Jerry Springer

Following a 40-year-long tenure on the Cincinnati City Council, Jerry Springer pursued careers as an anchor, commentator, and judge. He expressed his desire to retire while still in good health. In February, at the age of 78, Springer announced his resignation from television after completing three seasons of NBC Universal’s Judge Jerry.


The show was broadcasted until September, which marks the end of the TV season. After spending 40 years in front of the camera and 10 years in politics, Springer, who is currently living with his wife in Sarasota, Florida, feels it is time to take a break.

Mel Gibson

At the age of 23, Gibson had already established a strong reputation in Australia by starring in the well-known soap opera The Sullivans. Nevertheless, it was his role in Mad Max that truly launched his career. This dramatic action film follows a police officer as he battles against a rampaging gang in Australia.

Lethal Weapon, featuring Danny Glover as a co-star, pioneered buddy-cop movies that became hugely popular globally and contributed to Gibson’s status as an icon. Recently, Gibson revealed his plans to return to directing after almost a decade.


Randy Quaid

Besides appearing in dramatic movies, Randy Randall Rudy Quaid has also acted in humorous films. He was recognized with several honors, such as the Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, BAFTA Award, and G Award, for his outstanding portrayal in The Last Detail. In 1978, he played the role of a convict in Midnight Express.

It’s common knowledge that the actor has been residing in Vermont for a while now and has been involved in legal troubles with his wife, which has caused him to stay out of the limelight since 2018.

Geena Davis

Virginia Elizabeth Geena Davis, who is both a producer and an actor, hails from the state of Virginia in the United States of America. She has gained recognition for her exceptional talents and has been presented with a number of accolades, such as a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award. Geena began her career in Hollywood in 1982 with the film Tootsie and went on to establish herself as a well-known figure in the industry over the course of the following ten years.


In the 1980s, she starred in movies like Beetlejuice and The Fly directed by Tim Burton. With her exceptional talents, she eventually won an Oscar. As Davis entered her forties, she became a mother and took a break from acting. However, she has recently resumed her acting career.

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson’s undeniable talent as an actor has earned him the reputation of being the greatest of all time in the eyes of many. His outstanding performances in classic films such as Batman, The Shining, and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest have cemented his status as a Hollywood legend.

Nicholson’s acting career came to an end when he announced his disinterest in acting, and nowadays, he no longer appears in films.


Shelley Duvall

Shelley Duvall gave an exceptional performance in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. One of her many noteworthy roles and supporting parts was in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall, which was quite comedic.

Suddenly, she vanished without explanation. It was not until Dr. Phil interviewed her that the public was made aware that Duvall had departed the organization owing to her mental health struggles. Given her ongoing battle with this ailment, it is doubtful whether Duvall will ever make a comeback to the entertainment sector.

Gene Hackman

Over the past ten years, some popular actors/actresses in Hollywood such as Gene Hackman have retired from the industry. During his extensive career, he starred in various movies such as The French Connection, The Conversation, and The Royal Tenenbaums.


Hackman retired from acting because he refused to be involved in the anxieties and concessions that come with being a celebrity. He has stated that he didn’t have any more interest in this line of work.

Cameron Diaz

As the star of The Mask opposite Jim Carey in 1994 and a booming career during the 1990s and 2000s, her career cemented her as a leading lady in Hollywood. The last time she appeared in a movie was in 2014. Upon being questioned, she explained that she had worked full-time for nearly two decades in the motion picture industry and that she no longer felt “complete.”

Although she hasn’t said she is leaving the film industry, the actress has stated that it’s important for her to recharge herself for a while. It does seem that she is planning a bit of a comeback in the coming years.


Jonathan Ke Quan

A native of Saigon who had to flee his country at an early age, Ke Quan starred in many of the greatest action films of the 1980s. He might be remembered as Data, a member of The Goonies, or as Short Round, Indy’s former partner from Temple of Doom.

As a result of a lack of acting jobs for actors of Asian descent, Quan ended his acting career in 2002. After Crazy Rich Asians’ success, he reconsidered his position. Eventually, he returned to the industry, playing the lead role in Disney’s remake of American Born Chinese. It’s scheduled for release in the near future.

Lou Bega

Lou Bega is best known for his Latin pop song “Mambo No. 5”, a remake of an instrumental song by Perez Prado. He began his career in hip-hop as a rapper. His discovery of Latin music came about while he was living in Miami.


Inspired by the sounds and fashions of mambo, he composed “Mambo No. 5”, which grew to be a worldwide hit quickly, peaking at number five in Europe and the United States, becoming an anthem for sporting events. In addition to being available for corporate events, Lou is quite active on Instagram. His followers get a lot of insight into his life through his posts.

Taylor Lautner

Despite his aged appearance, Taylor Lautner remains delightful as ever, but have you seen him in a film recently? What about on television? That’s right. His most recent IMDB credits are for playing Dale on the Cuckoo series. However, he hasn’t completely vanished; his Instagram following exceeds six million (certainly due to the Twilight series), which shows how loyal his fans are.

Lautner’s first film since Run the Tide was released in 2016, is called Home Team, and will be released in 2022. It stars Rob Schneider and Kevin James and is about a New Orleans Saints coach.


Ryan Cabrera

That name hasn’t been heard for quite some time! It seems like Ryan Cabrera disappeared so long ago that he’s almost forgotten. Despite that, we enjoyed “On the Way Down” and his relationship with Ashlee Simpson when she had a reality show on MTV.

Ryan is currently performing on the lounge circuit. Although he performs in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs and occasionally appears on celebrity television shows, he essentially leads a normal life.

Taran Noah Smith

The Home Improvement co-star Taran Noah Smith left the showbiz industry on his own accord after the series ended in 1999. At the time, he was 16 years old. During his 10 years on the show, he earned a good amount of money.


He used that money to start the vegan restaurant, Playfood, which he operated for a short period. Then he spent some time volunteering, but we haven’t heard much from him. Many believe he is living a simple life.

Thora Birch

As a four-year-old, she appeared in Quaker Oats advertisements, becoming a rising star. Her commercials continued after that, and she landed her first film role barely two years later. Thora Birch had a good decade in the ’90s. In addition to her many television and film roles, Thora Birch remains an important figure in Hollywood.

As a matter of fact, in 2022, she starred as Nicole Schmidt in The Gabby Petito Story. In addition to directing television movies, she has also worked as a producer.


Celebrities, by their nature, tend to live their lives in the open. This means that we often learn things about them that we didn’t expect. Lately, this seems to include the hygiene practices of everyone’s favorite celebrities and some of them have really given fans some pause. These celebrities all shared hygiene habits that fans and critics pushed back on.

Post Malone

Post Malone has long been the source of speculation that he’s a smelly guy. However, there isn’t a whole lot of concrete evidence to prove it’s as bad as everyone says.

The rumor that his manager quit working with him due to the smell only helped fuel the fire. The singer has assured fans that the rumors of his smell have been greatly exaggerated but that he chooses not to “wear any deodorant or anything.”


Jessica Simpson

No one was quite ready when Jessica Simpson told Ellen Degeneres that she only brushes her teeth about three times a week. At least she flosses and uses mouthwash daily.

Degeneres pressed her as to why and Simpson answered, “Because my teeth are so white and I don’t like them to feel too slippery.” She said that she does wipe them down, though, with a t-shirt or cloth. Still, she insists that her breath stays fresh.

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher and Mina Kunis recently garnered a lot of attention for their hygiene practices. They discussed it on an episode of the Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert.


Kunis stated, “When I had children, I also didn’t wash them every day. I wasn’t that parent who bathed my newborns – ever.” Ashton later added, “If you can see the dirt on them, clean them. Otherwise, there’s no point.” Once everyone listened to the episode, plenty of people took to the internet to share their opinions.


Audiences weren’t sure what to do when Adele admitted, “I’d like to stop picking my nose, it’s a really bad habit that I have.”The revelation didn’t stop there either.

She continued, “The best thing is I pick my own kid’s bogeys. Even further, she added on, “When he was a baby and had his first cold – yes we’re getting really gross now – I sucked the snot out of his nose because he was so congested.”


Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey revealed that he had forgone deodorant and cologne over the last 20 years. Yet, some argue that he should probably do something to offset that. Specifically, his co-star in Fool’s Gold, Kate Hudson, found it a bit much at times.

He’s since shared that Hudson did ask him to use salt rock as an alternative to deodorant to help reduce the smell of body odor when they filmed scenes together. We wonder if he ended up taking the suggestion.

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

In the situation with Kunis and Kutcher, Dax Shepard was actually the one to start the conversation. He stated that soap wasn’t necessary every time in the shower.


On the View, Shepard and his wife, Kristen Bell, addressed the issue again. Bell stated that she is a “big fan of waiting for the stink,” further explaining that, “Once you catch a whiff, that’s biology’s way of letting you know you need to clean it up.”

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has a long career of movies behind him. Still, it surprised fans to hear his hygiene admission in an Esquire interview.

The star told the interviewer that he doesn’t use deodorant. He explained that he does this because he believes that the human body is set up so that it “self-cleans.” Yet, he also said he showers about three times a day, so it could be a much worse hygiene confession.


Shia LaBeouf

Since his Disney beginnings, LeBeouf has become a rather eccentric star in Hollywood. Unfortunately, he’s also gotten some complaints about body odor.

One person to say so was Maddie Ziegler, the dancer he worked with when filming “Elastic Heart” by Sia. Later, while filming the movie Fury, he also forwent showering to get into character. While it may have worked, the cast and crew didn’t appreciate the results during the long hours shooting scenes together.

Adrienne Bailon

The last thing anyone expected from this former Cheetah Girl is a confession of questionable hygiene. Yet, she claimed that she “never gets sick” despite this upsetting tidbit.


On an appearance of The Real, the actress and musician came under fire when she admitted that she doesn’t always wash her hands in the restroom. She argued, “Not at home. What did I touch? It’s my house. The toilet paper touches my behind. I don’t touch my behind. Not this skin.”

Jake Gyllenhaal

With the bathing debate raging strong, Gyllenhaal had an admission of his own to add. He’s not one for frequent bathing.More specifically, in 2021, he told Vanity Fair that “more and more, I find bathing to be less necessary at times.”

We have to wonder about the specifics of this comment. After all, everyone has a different standard for “often” it seems but we’re not too confident in how often “less necessary” bathing means.


Megan Fox

Megan Fox has starred in a number of movies now, including a good number of fan favorites. However, we probably didn’t need to know about her flushing habits. She’s mentioned in an interview that she often fails to flush behind her, even when she’s at other people’s houses.

She also added a confusing and additional detail that, “My wardrobe on Transformers always smells like farts, and I have no idea why.” At the very least, we’re glad to know she’s honest.

Jennifer Aniston

If we were as busy as Jennifer Aniston, we’d probably need a lot of coffee to help us out too. The only problem is that coffee doesn’t come without a cost.


Unfortunately for some of Aniston’s costars, this frequent coffee consumption on the set can lead to some upsetting results when there’s a kiss in the script. Both Jason Bateman and Alec Baldwin have complained about it and Bateman even went as far as to directly offer the actress mints before moving forward with one scene.

Zac Efron

You would hope that someone who hits the gym hard and frequently would shower off the sweat that they’ve built up. That isn’t always the case, however.

Actor Zac Efron is known for his choice to skip out on showers, even after a heavy-duty workout. On the bright side, he doesn’t necessarily forego cleanliness altogether but rather puts his faith in baby wipes to keep himself clean. It sounds like an option — even if it’s a questionable one — for a busy lifestyle!


Jennifer Lawrence

This one isn’t so much a case of bad hygiene as it is a ritual that tends to gross her costars out. They only have to worry about it for a scripted kiss, though.

The actress has shared that especially while she was filming The Hunger Games, being smelly was part of the job. If there was a kissing scene, she’d prepare with a good, stinky lunch heavy on ingredients like garlic and tuna. We guess it could have helped break the tension!

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has come a long way since his Twilight days. The actor has made his way up as a heavy name when Hollywood needs a serious actor. On the other hand, he revealed a secret about being the face of a fragrance.


He told Allure that while he’s a spokesperson for Dior Homme, he doesn’t wear the cologne every day. In fact, he told the interviewer that he’s heard that he smells like crayons. We suppose it could be much worse than crayons!


We should start by saying that this is an older story from Kesha. So, maybe she’s changed her ways since this interaction.

She once told an interviewer during a BBC interviewer that she wasn’t someone who smelled good and that she’s even been told that she smells like a diaper full of shrimp. We’re not sure we would even know how to react if someone told us we smelled like a diaper full of shrimp.


Viggo Mortensen

This is another situational story, so we can’t say that his hygiene is bad all of the time. He just got into some method acting to act in Lord of the Rings.

To prepare for the role of Aragorn, he decided he needed an idea of what it was like to live like the characters to get in the headspace. So, he left behind his more-than-comfortable home to live in the woods. Unfortunately, it’s hard to stay tidy when you’re living off the land.

Simon Baker

Simon Baker opened up about his opinions on personal hygiene in an article with People magazine. Particularly, he stated that he isn’t a fan of deodorant.


However, it seems like the admissions didn’t stop there. Baker is close friends with actress Naomi Watts and she even serves as the godmother to his daughter. Watts has described Baker’s style in that he “rolls out of bed and is ready to go” and that the star isn’t “much of a groomer.”

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley is well-known for her preference for some natural options over traditional ones and has spoken more than once with some unexpected opinions. For example, she forgoes deodorant but makes up for it with essential oils in its place.

That sounds like it might work but it also leaves her clothes stained with the essential oils, according to some sources. This has included accusations that designers who work with Woodley don’t really want their lenders back.


Miley Cyrus

There were rumors flying around a while back that Miley Cyrus used to live in quite a state. Specifically, they claimed the star let her house fall into a state of disarray.

The rumors weren’t about a few dishes either. They claimed that the star left animal waste, old food, and mounds of dishes piled up. Life & Style magazine even asserted that it came up in the split between Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. We wonder how much weight is behind these claims.

Cameron Diaz

When The Other Woman premiered, interviewers probably weren’t expecting Cameron Diaz to take a stance on deodorant. They probably really didn’t expect a stance against it.


The actress said, “I don’t believe in antiperspirant. It’s really bad for you. I haven’t used it for almost 20 years.” That’s fair enough but she also claimed that wearing deodorant can make things worse. She claimed, “You’re stinky because you use antiperspirant. It keeps all the stink in.”

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman has made herself a titan in Hollywood. With titles like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill under her belt, she remains a household name. Yet, that doesn’t mean she’s perfect.

If one stylist is to be believed, Thurman sometimes arrives “wearing clothes covered in crusty, smelly food.” They even doubled down on what they said, claiming they once pulled a two-week-old shrimp off of Thurman’s back. How would you not notice rotting seafood on your back?


Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper graces plenty of television screens every day as one of the famous faces of CNN. Yet, he’s sparked a hygiene debate before.

He once admitted that he usually wears a trusty pair of jeans when he isn’t dressed for work. That seems fine until he admitted that he wears the same pair of jeans every day and only washes them about three or four times a year. The admission was controversial, to say the least.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is well-known as a fashion designer and he even sells his own fragrances. So, you’d probably expect that those scents were among his favorites.


Speaking to New York Magazine, though, Ford confessed that he doesn’t actually use his own fragrances. For that matter, he forgoes any fragrances at all, even opted away from deodorant. In a not-so-flattering light, he described his own personal odor as “a little sweat [and] a little dog.”

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone has been questioned by her fans more than once for hygienic practices. For one, she’s known to leave deodorant behind, even for a workout.

One concept that made headlines a while back was when she shared that she fed her son from her mouth. More specifically, she would chew the food for him before letting him eat it. It was a practice that many questioned, especially the potential transfer of germs.


Orlando Bloom

From Pirates of the Caribbean to The Lord of the Rings, Orlando Bloom has had quite a few memorable roles. However, there are some complaints against the actor. Off-screen, he’s been accused of being a little bit messier than he appears at his movie premieres.

Bloom’s former partner, Miranda Kerr, has even admitted that she would drop hints that he might want to “was his clothes and perhaps shower more often,” which isn’t something most people want to hear.

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller has delighted fans more than once with a fashion sense that’s easy to recognize. On multiple occasions, they’ve stolen the show on the red carpet. Yet, as we’ve seen, fashion and flawless hygiene don’t always go hand in hand and the same seems to be true here.


In an interview they did with GQ, Miller shared that they aren’t that stringent with their hygiene routine. They described their personal scent as “cigarettes and not deodorant.”

Adam Morrison

Adam Morrison first rose to fame as an NBA player. However, his six-year career also included notes on his personal hygiene, especially from his teammates. They had some upsetting accusations too.

For one, they said the athlete rarely showered, which isn’t something that you hope for from someone who frequently works out. They even said that he was known to sport the same three polo shirts for a year although we can at least hope they were washed frequently.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Aside from an illustrious career as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Leonardo DiCaprio is well-known for his deep concern for the environment. Some sources have claimed that the actor takes these concerns into account in his hygiene routine.

These claims include saving water with fewer showers and skipping out on deodorant because they claimed that he considers it “unnatural.” At least we know he’s trying to make these changes for the greater good.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron was questioned in 2008 when she admitted one hygiene confession to David Letterman. However, she didn’t say that she doesn’t shower. Rather, she said that she’d be fine if she couldn’t shower for a week.


“I’m very spoiled and I don’t take for granted how lucky I am to stay in fancy hotels and fly first class,” she shared, “So when I do have a little time off, I like to get down and dirty.” We can’t blame her too much for this approach!

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox has brought quite a few memorable characters to life over the years. Still, she isn’t perfect when it comes to hygiene.

Former husband and fellow Scream actor David Arquette confessed, “Courteney may be pretty, but if she’s not on top of it, she smells like a truck driver.” Don’t worry that it puts a wrench in things or that Arquette is complaining, however, and he even continued to say that he likes that about her.


Jason Segel

Many fans know Jason Segel from his role in How I Met Your Mother. You might not know this behind-the-scenes fact about the show, though. At the time of filming, it wasn’t uncommon to catch Segel smoking between takes.

This was something Alyson Hannigan, the actress who played Lily, took issue with. Apparently, the actress drew a line in the sand and refused to do an onscreen kiss until he stopped smoking. Funnily enough, it worked!

Christina Aguilera

There are few pop stars that have reached the heights that Christina Aguilera has. The musician has been among the most well-known in her field.


Still, no one can reach perfection and according to some sources, Aguilera doesn’t always smell like roses. More specifically, Hannah Hooper from Grouplove has said that Christina has often had an unexpected fragrance. Hooper has said that she will “swear to G-d that she smells like hot dogs.”

Gwenyth Paltrow

Actress and founder of Goop, Paltrow has come up with some interesting self-care solutions over the years and plenty of them have come under fire. Her search for an alternative to deodorant hasn’t always been successful either.

According to some attendees, the star was trying out a new alternative at the Met Gala once that didn’t hold up well. As a result, the product didn’t keep her smelling fresh while everyone socialized throughout the night, much to other stars’ chagrin.


Kourtney Kardashian

We’ve seen a lot of the personal lives of the Kardashian family over the years. Keeping Up With the Kardashians even brought up some hygiene debates. Particularly, fans were surprised to hear that the star had left deodorant behind while she was pregnant.

We can’t blame her for being concerned or even skipping a few hygiene steps here and there but her partner at the time, Scott Disick, made it clear to audiences he had a problem with the decision.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has made waves with hygiene decisions before too. However, her choices might actually have some weight to them.The confession that caught fans’ attention was when Kim admitted that she only washes her hair about twice a week.


Shortly after the 2016 clip came out, many had questions but there were some people on her side. Many hair care professionals even said that one to three times a week is actually enough.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has often been cited as a star that works a disheveled appearance into his fashion sense. Some of it might not just be for the look either. The actor has come up time and time again for his choice to steer away from frequent showers.

Unfortunately for his castmates on Pirates of the Caribbean, the actor shared that he even skipped a few times brushing his teeth to really get in touch with Jack Sparrow’s character.


Julia Roberts

Much like her fellow actor Leonardo Dicaprio, Julia Roberts has her own concerns about the environment and she’s made changes to suit these concerns.

First, she chooses to shower less frequently. Instead of a hygiene decision, however, this is actually to conserve water. Similarly, she abstains from deodorant in a similar concern that it’s bad for the environment. We’re glad to hear that this comes with fairly selfless reasoning, in the end.

Kristen Stewart

Supposedly during Twilight, Kristen Stewart forewent some important hygiene tasks during filming. We have to wonder if this was more due to the stress of filming than a frequent habit.


It’s been rumored that, during this time, Stewart would wait a while between hair washes and sometimes even skip past brushing her teeth twice a day at times. To be fair, there’s no word on whether these rumored habits continued after the series wrapped.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has taken over Hollywood more than once during his career. He’s frequently branched out into other business decisions as well as taken on new roles. This included a partnership with Chanel No. 5 but it ultimately ended.

At that point, Pitt decided that he was done wearing what he referred to as “synthetic scents.” Actress and then-spouse Angelina Jolie even joked that around their house, the kids referred to him as “stinky Daddy.”


Harry Styles

Many people already know that Harry Styles was a member of One Direction before forging a solo career of his own. Of course, you can’t get much closer to someone than living on a tour but with them.

Zayn Malik noted in interviews before that the singer has particularly smelly shoes, adding that he couldn’t be convinced to smell the singer’s socks. Later on, his former girlfriend Taylor Swift even made comments on his oral hygiene.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has come under fire for a lot more than just his hygiene over the course of his career. Yet, it wasn’t a topic that was completely left out. Stylists that have worked with the star have complained more than once about having to deal with some horrific B.O.


One stylist even anonymously described Gibson as “the worst smelling celebrity on the planet,” adding to his now-tarnished reputation with an accolade that no one would want.

Nicole Polizzi

If you don’t recognize the name Nicole Polizzi, you’ll definitely recognize this star by her one-name moniker, Snooki. We’ve seen a lot of the reality star’s life play out on screen.

Once, she decided to share her skincare routine much to the horror of listeners. While exfoliating your skin can be great for it, we’re not sure that cat litter is up for the job. Yet, Polizzi swears by the practice even though it sounds like a particularly harsh exfoliant!


Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was well-known for her raunchy humor and wasn’t afraid to go for a dirty or mean joke. So, fans might not be surprised to learn she had a few quirks of her own.

The comedian was known to opt to forego deodorant but she wasn’t afraid to look for alternatives. The only problem is that the alternative she chose was still kind of shocking. Instead of just getting an all-natural deodorant, Rivers mixed booze and water in a spray bottle, which she would then apply to her clothes.

Vanessa Paradis

In her own right, Vanessa Paradis has found success as a model and an actress. She even dated another actor on this list — Johnny Depp — for a time.


It turns out their hygiene habits may have been more alike than most people care to consider. There have been plenty of claims that the star fails to shower regularly and it often leaves others steering out of her way to avoid the results of that decision.

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