13 Celebrities That Have the Most Gorgeous Children

13 Celebrities That Have the Most Gorgeous Children

Kate Moss and Lila Grace Moss – Age 14

Kate Moss is a renowned model who has maintained her significance in the industry for years, and even now she showcases her remarkable talent on the runway. Her daughter, Lila Grace Moss, has inherited her mother’s stunning features and has already made a name for herself in the modeling world. At such a young age of 15, she has even graced the cover of Italian Vogue, and it is evident that she will continue to have a thriving career as a model.


Kate Beckinsale and Lily Sheen – Age 17

Although Kate Beckinsale is an accomplished actress, it’s impossible to ignore her stunning physical attributes that have been passed down to her daughter, Lily, who appears to be emulating her mother’s career path. Lily has already taken on some minor movie roles, but is presently prioritizing her studies before determining her future profession. Considering the exceptional talent that runs in her family, it wouldn’t be unexpected if Lily becomes a major star in the near future.


Bette Midler and Sophie Von Haselberg – Age 31

Bette Midler’s extensive tenure in Hollywood has resulted in a noteworthy net-worth of $230 million, cementing her status as a prominent figure in the industry. Sophie von Haslberg, Bette Midler’s daughter, likely had a thrilling upbringing due to her mother’s career success. However, Sophie desired to make a name for herself and pursued her own career rather than relying on familiarity. Consequently, she has acted in Irrational Man and Ask for Jane.


Jim Carrey and Jane Carrey – Age 30

Shortly before turning 30, Jim Carrey became famous in Hollywood for his part in the sketch comedy program, In Living Color. Following that, he has starred in many popular movies and has become a major Hollywood figure. His daughter appears to have inherited his charming smile and a passion for a career in the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, Jane Carrey is not pursuing acting like her father; instead, she aspires to be a singer.


Charles Delevingne & Cara Delevingne – Age 20

Cara Delevingne has established herself as a prominent supermodel of the current times, and her attractive appearance and distinctive eyebrows have contributed to her own success and wealth. Despite her natural talents, Cara owes her thick eyebrows to her father, Charles Delevingne, who bears a striking resemblance to his daughter, so much so that she could be viewed as his female counterpart.


Bob Marley and Ziggy Marley – Age 35

Despite his passing over 30 years ago, Bob Marley’s influence and impact in the music industry remains undeniable. Through his chart-topping hits such as Jamming, One Love, and Waiting in Vain, Marley successfully became one of the greatest selling artists in history. In honor of his father’s legacy, Ziggy Marley formed his own band named Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers and also joined his dad’s band, the Wailers. Besides these accomplishments, Ziggy pursued a solo career.


Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas – Age 30

Hollywood has witnessed the power of the Douglas family, with both Kirk and Michael exhibiting their exceptional acting abilities for years. Kirk Douglas, who is now 101 years old, has dedicated decades to the film industry, featuring in more than 50 movies. His son, Michael, seems to have inherited his father’s passion and success, having starred in numerous films. Now, we eagerly anticipate if their legacy will continue through the generations.


Lenny Kravitz and Zoë Kravitz – Age 26

It’s no shock that if your father is Lenny Kravitz, you would desire to mirror his every action. Zoë Kravitz, Lenny’s daughter, has shown that she views her father as a legend by emulating his style at the same age of 26. Their similar dreadlocks, attire, and piercings, coupled with Zoë’s career as an actress and singer, provide evidence that her parents have served as a source of inspiration for her.


Maria Shiver and Katherine Schwarzenegger – Age 23

If you have glimpsed at the progeny of Arnold Schwarzenegger and ex-wife Maria Shriver, you would acknowledge their exceptional charm. Despite being blessed with good looks like her siblings, their daughter Katherine chooses to maintain a low-profile with her stunning beauty. Unlike her father who dominated the silver screen, she seems to have opted for a different path of writing and harbors desires of becoming an author instead of an actor.


Will Smith and Jaden Smith – Age 18

Will Smith was first acknowledged at the age of twenty-two for his lead performance in the TV show “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” Following a successful six-year run of the program, Smith shifted to film and became the most reliable global celebrity according to Forbes rankings. It comes as no shock that his son Jaden has received the same abilities, such as good looks and excellent acting, thanks to his genes. Jaden has already displayed his talent in both acting and singing and has a promising career ahead of him.


Steven Tyler and Liv Tyler – Age 30

It can be intimidating to attempt a singing career when your father is the frontman of a famous band like Aerosmith. Liv Tyler may have been discouraged from pursuing singing for this reason, and thus we may never see if she has the talent for it. But despite this, Liv Tyler has proven herself to be a skilled and attractive individual, making a successful career for herself in modeling and acting.


Julio Iglesias and Enrique Iglesias – Age 42

Enrique Iglesias, who has consistently released successful music, has an equally talented father who is known as a Latino icon from the 70s, and sold millions of records. Enrique likely found inspiration in his father’s numerous accomplishments and as a result, has become one of the greatest Spanish artists in history in his own right. The Iglesias family seems to have inherited a knack for success.


Pierce Brosnan and Dylan Brosnan – Age 20

Pierce Brosnan has had a successful profession in the entertainment industry, starting out in the 1980s and acting in many blockbuster films. He even became the fifth person to portray James Bond, 007. In the meantime, his son Dylan has no aspirations to follow in his father’s footsteps and become the next James Bond. Instead, he has taken after his father’s handsome appearance and has modeled for top brands like Burberry.


Christopher Reeve and Will Reeve – Age 25

Will Reeve had an admirable father who served as a role model of heroism for him, just like Superman. Regrettably, his father passed away when he was eleven, followed by the death of his mother just two years after. Will’s teenage years were challenging, but he was able to attend college and acquire a degree. Thanks to his parents’ wealth, he was fortunate to afford his education. Additionally, it appears that Will inherited his father’s good looks!


Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner – Age 21

Everywhere you look, there are numerous accounts about the Kardashian/Jenner family. However, one of the younger siblings has taken it upon herself to create her own career path. Kendall Jenner has established herself as one of the topmost successful models globally, even achieving the honor of being crowned Model of the Year in 2017. If you glance at her mother Kris Jenner, who is also her manager, you might notice a striking similarity between her and her daughter from over four decades ago. Without a shred of doubt, Kris continues to exhibit her glamourous qualities and looks more mesmerizing now in her 60s.

Jayne Mansfield And Mariska Hargitay – Age 29

Mariska Hargitay appears to be unaffected by her mother’s fame in her career, despite portraying the beloved character of Olivia Benson on popular television. Her mother, Jayne Mansfield, was a famous model who frequently posed for adult magazines such as Playboy. Mariska has inherited her mother’s good looks, but she has opted for a different path in entertainment. Although Jayne’s career peaked in her 20s, it took Mariska longer to achieve similar levels of success.

Madonna And Lourdes Leon – Age 21

Madonna, known for her electrifying pop songs that continued to captivate audiences in the 1980s and beyond, wasn’t initially thought to pursue motherhood. Regardless, fans couldn’t help but adore her growing family over the years. Now, as Madonna ages gracefully, her daughter Lourdes has come of age and bears an uncanny resemblance to her mother during her pre-fame days. Not only does Lourdes share her mother’s striking looks, but she’s also becoming a fashion icon in her own right, just like her iconic mom.

Martin Sheen And Charlie Sheen – Age 20

Sometimes, it can be difficult to recall that the younger Sheen is a part of a renowned family due to his wild behavior. Martin Sheen, the father, adopted his famous family surname by discarding his original name, Ramón Gerard Antonio Estévez, to make his way in Hollywood. Yet, he decided to name his son with his given name, Carlos Estevez, who later took on the name Charlie to fit better within the Hollywood scene. As a result of several collaborated film projects, this duo is now recognized as one of the most high-profile family empires.

Susan Sarandon & Eva Amurri Martino – Age 30

Eva Amurri, the daughter of Hollywood star Susan Sarandon and Franco Amurri, has ventured into acting, following in the footsteps of her famous mother who gained high recognition in the film industry for her roles in iconic movies like Atlantic City and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Amurri has already played significant roles in TV shows like Californication and Middle of Nowhere, although she has a long way to go before catching up with her mother’s remarkable career in entertainment.


Alan Thicke and Robin Thicke – Age 30

Robin Thicke achieved unprecedented success with his music video for Blurred Lines in 2013, but he has had prior experience in the music industry, having worked in it for more than 20 years. Additionally, he comes from a family of entertainers, with his father Alan Thicke being a well-known actor and host. Although Alan passed away in 2016, Robin can carry on the legacy of the Thicke family and their contributions to the entertainment world.


Reese Witherspoon and Ava Elizabeth Phillippe – Age 18

Reese Witherspoon has established her value in the entertainment industry by appearing in Legally Blonde, Walk the Line, and Big Little Lies. Nevertheless, her daughter Ava Elizabeth Phillippe bears striking resemblance to the Academy Award-winning actress and could easily be mistaken for her twin. Being the eldest daughter of Reese’s previous marriage, 18-year-old Ava could potentially pursue an acting career just like her mother and father did.

Uma Thurman and Maya Thurman-Hawke – Age 19

Uma Thurman, a renowned actress, is well-known for her roles in blockbuster hits such as Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill franchise, making her a familiar face in the entertainment industry. Besides her successful acting career, Thurman has also dabbled in modeling, leveraging her stunning looks to her advantage. Her daughter, Maya Thurman-Hawke, inherited her mother’s striking features and hopes to emulate her footsteps in both fields of modeling and acting.


Donald Sutherland and Kiefer Sutherland – Age 51

Kiefer Sutherland, a renowned actor in Hollywood, gained immense popularity for his starring role in the successful TV series, 24. Despite being in his fifties, he continues to excel in his career, which may have been influenced by a prominent figure in his life. This inspiring individual is none other than his celebrated father, Donald Sutherland, who initiated his acting journey in 1962 and has contributed to numerous blockbuster hits like The Hunger Games saga, Ordinary People, and Citizen X.


Clint Eastwood and Scott Eastwood – Age 30

Despite being the son of Academy Award-winning and multi-millionaire Clint Eastwood, Scott did not have a smooth entry into the entertainment industry. The famous actor and director made his son work hard to earn both his college tuition and acting opportunities, including small roles in some of his father’s movies. Nevertheless, Scott’s efforts paid off, and he eventually acted in The Fate of the Furious and amassed a satisfying net worth that he can proudly claim to have earned on his own.


Meryl Streep and Mamie Gummer – Age 31

Mamie Gummer, daughter of one of the most renowned female figures in the world, who holds the record for 21 Academy Award nominations, winning three, may feel the burden to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Despite the daunting challenge of achieving the same level of success, Mamie has taken up acting and has secured various television and film opportunities.


Jude Law and Rafferty Law – Age 21

Jude Law, an actor from Britain, gained popularity in the United States for his numerous successful films throughout the years. Besides his acting abilities, Law’s attractive appearance also captured the audience’s hearts. Fortunately, Law’s good looks were inherited by his son, Rafferty Law, who is 21 years old and has already modeled for high-end fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana.


Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson – Age 25

Converting! Wait…

Jack Nicholson and Ray Nicholson – Age 26

Jack Nicholson has been involved in the entertainment industry for more than six decades. Although he faced setbacks in his acting career at the age of 26, he switched to working behind the camera. Over time, his talent and hard work paid off, and he has earned 12 Academy Award nominations, making him the most nominated male actor in the Academy’s history. It is possible that his son Ray was inspired by his success and pursued a career in acting and assisting directing. It seems that the Nicolson family has a bright future ahead.


Tom Hanks and Colin Hanks – Age 25

When you look like a multi-award winning actor, you must get many mistaken fans asking for your autograph. However, when that person you are being mistaken for is your father, it may not be exactly what you want to hear. As for Colin Hanks, we can imagine he is proud of his famous father who starred in the hit film Forest Gump and is worth millions of dollars.


Eric Roberts and Emma Roberts – Age 27

The Roberts name is no stranger in Hollywood, mainly thanks to America’s sweetheart, Julia, who has captivated the world with her acting talents and captivating smile. Her brother, Eric was the first member of the family to set his sights on Hollywood in the mid 70’s and has since garnered over 400 credits. Meanwhile, his daughter Emma started off her career in 2004 in Nickelodeon’s, Unfabulous, and has since managed to surpass her father when it comes to her net value.


Blythe Danner & Gwyneth Paltrow – Age 44

While Gwyneth Paltrow has gone on to become one of the most recognized names in Hollywood, she learned a lot from her mother, Blythe Danner. The seasoned actress has been in the film industry for nearly 50 years and has starred alongside Woody Allen in a handful of his movies. Of course, Danner received a lot of buzz after starring alongside the likes of Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller in the comedy film series Meet The Parents.

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Stellan Skarsgard & Alexander Skarsgard – Age 34

While Stellan Skarsgard’s reputation in Hollywood has slowly developed over the years, his sons seem to have blown up at a much younger age. Bill Skarsgard might be a huge blockbuster hit with his role as Pennywise the Clown in It: Chapter 1 and 2, however, his brother Alexander is also making a big splash in the world of acting right now. With big roles in shows such as True Blood and Big Little Lies, Alexander is here to stay.

Damon Wayans & Damon Wayans Jr. – Age 30

The Wayans are undoubtedly one of the most prolific families in the world of comedy. While Damon Wayans has been very successful with his own sitcom My Wife and Kids, his son, Damon Wayans Jr. has also landed some big roles in TV over the last few years. Although the show Happy Endings ended up getting canceled after a couple of seasons, it was critically acclaimed and Wayans Jr. had a big part to play in its success.

Peggy Lipton & Rashida Jones – Age 26

When you are the child of a multimillion-dollar record producer and a model, you are simply destined for success. This is what happened for Rashida Jones, who ended up becoming famous in her own right, after being brought up by parents Peggy Lipton and Quincy Jones. She has gone on to star in numerous movies, such as I Love You, Man, and has been a main in shows such as Parks and Recreation and Angie Tribeca. Sadly, Rashida’s mom Peggy died in 2018 after a long battle with cancer.

John Lennon & Sean Lennon – Age 31

It must be difficult following in the footsteps of one of the greatest musicians to ever live. And while Sean Lennon might never be as famous as his late father John, he is sure to be stopped in the street every once in a while for his resemblance to The Beatles legend. He looked enough like his father already, but the fact that Sean also wears similar glasses to his “old man” definitely hits home how much they look alike.

David Beckham & Brooklyn Beckham – Age 17

There was a time when David Beckham was one of the greatest soccer players in the world. While he was winning trophies for the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid, he was also busy being one of the most marketable celebrities on the planet. He also started to build a family with Spice Girl wife Victoria. His firstborn, Brooklyn, is the double of “Golden Balls.” It definitely helps that both of his parents are fairly good-looking individuals.

Lisa Marie Presley & Riley Keough — Age 29

The only child to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Lisa Marie Presley is a singer-songwriter, issuing three albums of her own. Although she followed her father’s footsteps, Lisa’s daughter — Riley Keough — decided to go down the path of modeling and acting, which is still in the entertainment industry nonetheless. In any event, Keough is best known for her appearances in films like Magic Mike and Logan Lucky. She also gained prominence for her role in George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road. We think Elvis would be very, very proud…

Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson — Age 25

Goldie Hawn, aside from being Hollywood royalty, is an American actress who rose to fame on the NBC sketch comedy program Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. She then went on to receive the Academy Award and Golden Globe for her performance in the 1969 romantic-comedy Cactus Flower. Hawn’s daughter, Kate Hudson, is no stranger to the spotlight. While she started her career as a dancer, she ultimately shifted to acting on both television and film. Not only did she inherit her mother’s talent, receiving awards of her own throughout the years, but she also seems to have taken after Hawn in the looks department — same facial features and golden locks.

Kate Capshaw & Jessica Capshaw — Age 31

Kate Capshaw, a.k.a. Mrs. Spielberg is a retired actress best known for her performance as Willie Scott in the 1984 action film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. She went on to star in other movies including Dreamscape and The Love Letter. Although Kate married Steven Spielberg in ’91, she did have one child — Jessica — from her previous marriage. You may recognize the blonde bombshell as she played Dr. Arizona Robbins on the medical drama TV series Grey’s Anatomy from 2009-2018. And with that, we think it’s safe to say that Kate passed her talent and good looks onto her daughter…

Billy Joel & Alexa Ray Joel — Age 25

Alexa Ray Joel is the daughter of Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley. Considering that her father is a musical genius, it comes as no surprise that Alexa took after him. While she may not have inherited her mom’s qualities, Alexa certainly grew up with her dad’s musical talents. By the age of 19, she had performed her first live show. Now, at 34 years old, Alexa has her own album and several singles to her name. Aside from all of that, though, doesn’t Alexa totally take after Billy in the looks department also? From their deep-set eyes to their full lips, there’s no doubt that Alexa is the piano man’s daughter.

Denzel Washington & John David Washington — Age 33

If you grow up with an award-winning actor father like Denzel Washington, you’re just automatically destined for greatness. That’s why it’s really no surprise that John David Washington, Denzel’s oldest son, inherited both his father’s good looks and acting skills. His first experience in the entertainment industry was when he was just seven years old. He appeared as a student in Spike Lee’s 1992 film Malcolm X, which Denzel starred in. Before returning to acting in 2015, though, John played professional football. Today, he’s best known for his role in the HBO comedy series Ballers.

John Aniston & Jennifer Aniston — Late 30s

Sure — Jennifer Aniston has undoubtedly made herself a household name over the years but she may have had some help along the way. Aside from inheriting her glowing skin and Greek features from her father, John, she also happened to get his acting skills. That’s right, guys. John Aniston was in the industry long before Jen was even born. He’s best known for his role as Victor Kiriakis on the NBC daytime drama series Days of Our Lives.

Lebron James & Lebron James Jr. — Age 14

Even if you’re not a big basketball fan or avid watcher, we can guarantee that you know the name, LeBron James. A player for the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron is often regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time. He married his high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson, got married in 2013 and now share three children together. LeBron James Jr. or ‘Bronny’ seems like he’s following in his father’s footsteps. He’s apart of the Amateur Athletic Union‘s North Coast Blue Chipsbasketball team.

Kim Kardashian West & North West — Age 5

Kim may have had a more or less scandalous start but there’s no denying that she’s established herself throughout the years. Now one of the most successful media personalities and businesswomen in all of Hollywood, Kim is known and praised for her curves. She stepped into the spotlight when ‘skinny’ was the most fashionable thing around. She gave confidence to all women out there with bigger bottoms and heavier chests, showing them to love themselves exactly as they are. With that, we have no doubt that Kim is instilling the same values in her own daughter.

Kelly Ripa & Lola Consuelos — Late Teens

Named by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the “Most Powerful People in Media,” Kelly Ripa is an actress and talk-show host. She’s most widely known for her portrayal as Hayley Vaughan on the ABC daytime soap opera All My Children in which she acted alongside her now-husband, Mark Consuelos. She is also the co-host of the syndicated morning talk show, Live! with Kelly and Ryan. Although their daughter, Lola, has attended some red carpet events from time to time, she has yet to give us any signs that she wants to follow in her parent’s footsteps.

Janet Leigh & Jamie Lee Curtis — Age 25

Jamie Lee Curtis has been known as the scream queen of Hollywood since her days as Laurie Strode in John Carpenter’s horror film Halloween. What you guys may have not known, though, is that Curtis inherited her stunning looks and acting abilities from none other than her parents and old-time actors, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis. Janet was most recognized as the doomed Marion Crane in Alred Hitchcock’s 1960 Psycho. Tony Curtis achieved the height of his popularity during the fifties and sixties, including the time he starred in Houdini alongside his then-wife, Janet.

Gwyneth Paltrow & Apple Martin – Age 15

There is no better saying than, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” when describing the resemblance between these two. Apple is the eldest of two of Gwenyth’s children from her marriage to Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Although it may seem like the two just look like mother and daughter, there is no denying that at age 15 the two look very similar.

Chris Pine & Robert Pine – Age 35

Robert Pine is best known as Sgt. Joseph Getraer on CHiPs, and the rest of his TV credits are too long to list here. His son, Chris Pine, looks a lot like his father. Younger generations might not recognize Robert, yet Chris is famous for playing many high-profile movie roles. He was Captain Kirk in the Star Trek reboot from 2009 to 2016, Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, and (most recently) Robert the Bruce in Outlaw King.

Georgia May Jagger & Mick Jagger – Age 25

Georgia May Jagger takes after her father, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. Despite looking more like him than some of Jagger’s other kids, she has followed in the footsteps of Jerry Hall, her American model mother, becoming a model and designer when she came of age. Georgia May moved to New York in 2010 to continue her fashion career, although she notably appeared at the closing ceremony at the 2012 Olympics in London as a representative of British fashion, alongside Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

Ireland Baldwin & Kim Basinger – Age 24

When you look at her face, you can see that Ireland Baldwin has a lot in her from her father, Alec Baldwin, yet there’s a good reason she’s most often compared to her mother, Kim Basinger. Just like her, Ireland became a model and actress, although substance abuse issues and rehabilitation programs have forced her to take breaks from her modeling career. As far as acting is concerned, Ireland debuted playing the daughter of Basinger’s character in Grudge Match, a 2013 film featuring Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro.

Ashley Judd & Naomi Judd – Age 30

Ashley Judd is the younger sister of Wynona Judd, who became famous as part of the mother-daughter duo The Judds, and they look alike. The Judds sold more than 20 million albums before they disbanded in 1991, after Naomi announced doctors had diagnosed her with Hepatitis C. Although Ashley wasn’t part of her family’s Grammy-winning ensemble, Ashley became famous as an actor who played in movies like Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Ashley is also an activist heavily involved in humanitarian work.

Dylan Penn & Robin Wright – Age 26

Sean Penn has come a long way since playing Spicoli on Fast Times in Ridgemont High, establishing himself as a superb actor in the ’80s and ’90s, which happened to be the same time future (ex) wife Robin Wright was making a name for herself as a superb actress. When you look at their daughter, Dylan Penn, she looks just a tad bit more like her mother than she does like Sean. Dylan has followed in her parents’ footsteps and become an actress, yet she is most notable for her successful modeling career.

Patrick Schwarzenegger & Arnold Schwarzenegger – Age 23

Patrick Schwarzenegger made his film debut at the age of 10 in the movie Benchwarmers. Now in his mid-20s, he’s taken after his father quite a bit. To be fair, he also looks like his mother, Maria Shriver, who is also a member of the prolific Kennedy family, yet he is undeniably his father’s son. Instead of going into writing like his journalist mother, Patrick followed in his father’s footsteps. Not into bodybuilding and weightlifting (although he does look like he keeps in shape), but acting and modeling.

Christie Brinkley And Sailor Brinkley Cook – Age 19

Christie Brinkley was one of the most iconic models in the 1970s and ’80s, despite being only a teenager when she started out. Even as she’s aged, Christie still looks incredible, traits that her youngest daughter, Sailor, seems to have also inherited. Just as her mom did in her late teens, Sailor has embarked on a modeling career of her own. With looks that are strikingly similar, it’s likely that Sailor will also find fame on her own terms.

Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber – Age 16

Cindy Crawford is one of the biggest supermodels of all time, and the legendary model’s daughter is following in her footsteps. Kaia Gerber, at age 16, has already had her own Vogue covers and walked the catwalk for major fashion brands.


Faith Hill And Audrey McGraw – Age 18

With one of the most successful country artists of all time as your mom, it’s hard to not try to follow in her footsteps. While her daughter is rarely in the public eye and unrecognizable, Audrey is practically Faith’s mini-me — just with brown hair! The pair were seen together just before Audrey’s birthday at the Versace NYC show and they looked almost like sisters. Audrey shares her parents’ musical genes and we hope to hear her voice one day.

Yolanda Hadid and Gigi Hadid – Age 22

You are probably very familiar with the name Gigi Hadid since, over the last few years, she has appeared on every major magazine cover and fashion catwalk. From Tommy Hilfiger to Chanel, Gigi Hadid has shown no slowing down, and she is only 22! It is her mother, Yolanda Hadid, who she can thank for her model looks and figure, however, since Yolanda was a huge hit in the 80’s. Before settling down to have a family, it was Yolanda who was jetting around the globe to walk the runways.


Cheryl Ladd & Jordan Ladd – Age 30

The apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree as far as Cheryl Ladd is concerned. The seasoned actress is best known for her role as Kris Munroe in the classic action series Charlie’s Angels, having replaced Farrah Fawcett from the second season onwards. Then there’s Cheryl’s daughter, Jordan Ladd. While she hasn’t necessarily hit the same heights as her mother, Jordan has had her fair share of success on-screen, having starred in movies such as Never Been Kissed and Death Proof.

Heather Locklear and Ava Sambora – Age 20

There is no missing Heather Locklear when she appears on screen, as most people are sure to give her a double take thanks to her beautiful hair and striking eyes. At 20-years-old Locklear was a vision of beauty, and it seems as though her daughter, Ava Sambora, has inherited her mother’s good looks. While studying at Loyola Marymount University, Ava is also reportedly pursuing a career as a model. Locklear’s career can certainly be an inspiration for her children, but perhaps not everything should be followed suit.


It’s easy to admire people in the public eye. Whether it’s our favorite musician, a top athlete, or a movie star, there’s lots to like when it comes to super-talented people. However, when these people fall from grace, it can be extra disappointing. Recently, Redditors discussed the celebrities they admired but no longer do. From scandals and rumors to actual crimes, some information really changes how you view a person. Check out the celebrities that people no longer admire!

Lea Michele

For years, actress Lea Michele was seen as the precocious kid from Glee. Her famous fictional character, Rachel Berry, seemed to be pretty close to the real-life actress. The acting, singing, dancing star got her start on Broadway.

For a while, there were rumors about Lea Michele being demanding and difficult to work with. However, the truth came out in 2020 when her former co-star Samantha Ware accused her of racism on set. Other cast members agreed, and the actress lost sponsorship deals.

Oscar Pistorius

If we’re talking about celebrity falls from grace, the case of Oscar Pistorius is a huge one. The South African double-amputee was an Olympic and Paralympic star and the first to win a non-disabled track medal.

However, one year after the 2012 Summer Olympics, Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. The world’s media went wild, and the court case was all over the media. Eventually, the former athlete was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Armie Hammer

Similarly, Armie Hammer was a much-admired actor that starred in films like The Social Network and Call Me by Your Name. Part of an American dynasty, the star enjoyed a successful career over many years. However, in 2021, the star lost a wealth of fans and work due to allegations of cannibalism.

That’s right — several women stepped forward to allege various types of abuse at the hands of Armie Hammer. As a result, he was dropped by his agent and publicist, and he lost several upcoming projects.

Chrissy Teigen

She was the internet’s darling, so perhaps it was inevitable it would all come to a crashing halt. TV personality and model Chrissy Teigen was one of Twitter’s foremost voices, with a huge following. However, in 2021, TV personality Courtney Stodden accused the star of cyberbullying.

Indeed, Stodden had the receipts and exposed Teigen as a vicious bully. After that, more reality TV personalities stepped forward with their own evidence. Since then, Chrissy has apologized, and spoken about being supposedly “canceled.”

Kanye West

It’s hard to overstate just how celebrated Kanye West was when he released his first album. The rapper had a unique voice, and mixed gospel music with lyrics about race and alienation. There’s a reason many people claim the guy is an artist, and someone who’s made a huge contribution to music.

However, Kanye West also says absurd and offensive things, leading to many fans no longer admiring him. Famously, during an episode at TMZ, the rapper claimed that slavery was a choice. Recently, he’s also made several antisemitic remarks which have people questioning if they should still listen to his music.

Allison Mack

This list is chock full of celebrities with extremely shocking personal lives. Up next is Alison Mack, known for playing Chloe on Smallville. The actress attended a women’s group in 2006 that led her to join organization NXIVM, which was later revealed to be a cult.

Along with the group’s leader, Keith Raniere, Mack recruited participants and oversaw abusive practices. Ultimately, Alison Mack was sentenced to three years in prison and charged with trafficking, racketeering, and forced labor.

Felicity Huffman

As big fans of Desperate Housewives, we always saw actress Felicity Huffman as similar to her fictional character, Lynette Scavo. We could imagine her as a mom and wife, and as someone ambitious and independent. Plus, Huffman was an award winner! She was worthy of admiration.

Alas, in 2019 Felicity Huffman was implicated in the Operation Varsity Blues scandal. In other words, she paid to get her kids into good colleges by cheating SATs. She was sentenced to two weeks in prison.

Bill Cosby

For decades, comedian and actor Bill Cosby was described as “America’s Dad.” He had groundbreaking roles, won numerous awards, and was a loving father of five. His sitcom, The Cosby Show, was the highest-rated show in the USA. It also led to multiple much-loved spin-offs.

In 2014, numerous allegations of assault poured in against the star. When the #Me Too movement hit in 2018, people started paying attention. Despite Cosby eventually being released from prison on a technicality, many have lost all admiration for him.

Shia LaBeouf

As a child star, actor Shia LaBeouf also spent many years cultivating his fans. We watched him on Disney Channel’s Even Stevens, then watched as he graduated to grown-up roles in the Transformers franchise. Heck, we even liked his weird performance art.

Shia LaBeouf does have a history of substance abuse, and several run-ins with the police because of this. In 2020, his ex-girlfriend — singer FKA Twigs — sued him for assault and battery. He has since taken a break to receive treatment.

Tom Cruise

Who could have predicted that Tom Cruise’s life would have turned out this way? The guy is a top-action star who does his own amazing stunts. He’s been in countless iconic movies, and starred alongside a host of amazing performers. He has so much going for him! And yet…

As most people know, Tom Cruise is massively into The Church of Scientology. As a result, TC has spouted some controversial views. People also lost admiration for the star because of his treatment of his ex-wives. Team Katie!

Ian Watkins

There’s no doubt that Lostprophets fans had a hard time dealing with the actions of lead singer Ian Watkins. Or rather, they all immediately stopped admiring him in any way because of his terrible crimes. The Welsh musician was charged in 2013 with a series of horrific offenses relating to young children.

Ian Watkins pleaded guilty, though later described his crimes as “mega lolz.” He was sentenced to 29 years in prison, and considered an extremely dangerous offender.

Jared Leto

For a while, there’s been a bit of online murmuring about Jared Leto. On the one hand, he has plenty of fans from his time with 30 Seconds to Mars, or from his many movie roles. On the other, he’s a method actor that often goes too far and seems rather pretentious.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, the star seemed to find out about it much later than the rest of us. Why? Because he was at a silent meditation in the desert of course.

Charlie Rose

Unfortunately, many men on this list have committed horrible crimes against women. It’s disappointing that this behavior is so common, and that it can go unchecked in the entertainment industry for so long.

TV host Charlie Rose was on our screens for decades. Just like Bill Cosby, it was later revealed that he was continually harassing and assaulting women. Multiple women that worked for Rose came forward about their experiences. The journalist was suspended, and his show’s distribution canceled.

Mario Batali

Likewise, once admired celebrity chef Mario Batali was faced with the consequences of his actions in 2019. The American chef owned multiple restaurants across the country and was a staple on the Food Network. But behind the scenes, he too was harassing women.

Again, multiple women came forward to speak about their experiences. In response, Mario Batali closed all of his restaurants or surrendered ownership. Then, in 2019, he was charged with assault and battery. Not much to be admired there.

Sharon Osbourne

For many years, Sharon Osbourne was seen as a savvy manager and businesswoman. The England-born TV personality first appeared on her family’s reality series, then appeared as a judge on several talent shows. Landing her own talk show along the way, Sharon eventually ended up on CBS talk show The Talk.

But, it seems that Sharon Osbourne was actually hiding some pretty nasty views. In 2021, she was fired from The Talk for disrespectful behavior and making racist comments.

Kevin Spacey

For many years, people viewed Kevin Spacey as an extremely talented actor. He had starred in many acclaimed movies, and was fronting a new series on Netflix. However, in 2017, someone revealed that the actor had assaulted them when they were just 14 years old.

Kevin Spacey made things much worse for himself in his response to these allegations. He used the opportunity to come out as gay, which caused even more outrage. He also commented that he didn’t remember the incident.

Louis C.K.

We are still seething over Louis C.K. and we doubt we’ll ever stop. The comedian and actor was much admired for and framed himself as a feminist. His routines would refer to how difficult it was to be a woman, especially in our society.

It was eventually revealed that the comic was a predator himself. Multiple women came forward with details about his actions, and he was revealed for what he really is. Though he has attempted a comeback, Louis C.K. gets no admiration from us.

R. Kelly

And of course, the same stands for R. Kelly. Despite the musician being accused of terrible crimes early in his career, somehow he managed to get out ahead of them. For years, people have sung along to “Remix” or “I Believe I Can Fly” without totally acknowledging who wrote and recorded them.

Now, finally, R. Kelly is behind bars. He’s been overseeing a cult targeting young black women for decades now, using his power and celebrity to commit horrific crimes.

Danny Masterson

It’s pretty alarming that so many celebrity men have been involved in crimes against women. We know this is too common in general, but perhaps adding fame and money makes people all the more likely to abuse their power. Actor and Scientologist Danny Masterson was once admired as Hyde in That ‘70s Show.

Now, he’s been revealed as a predatory criminal. In 2020, the actor was charged with four allegations of assault against women. On his way to one of the hearings, the star insensitively posted a selfie online (pictured).

Chris Brown

For the life of us, we can’t understand how Chris Brown still has a career. It’s widely known that he beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, and has been accused of the same since. The star was arrested in 2013 for assault and is barred from entering the UK, Australia, or New Zealand.

Incredibly, people, Chris Brown is still admired by some. Just recently, singer Lizzo faced backlash when a video of her was released telling Brown he was her ‘favorite person.” Wow.

Elon Musk

Some people automatically view billionaires as worthy of admiration. After all, they’ve amassed so much wealth that they must have done something worthwhile, right? In reality, the opposite is often true. Elon Musk has repeatedly violated labor laws and exploited his workers.

The Tesla founder was also ridiculously unhelpful during the Tham Luang cave rescue mission, and has voiced all sorts of outlandish views. He spread misinformation during global lockdowns, violated laws, and donated the wrong equipment to hospitals.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Speaking of misinformation, actress Gwyneth Paltrow is also guilty of spreading it. The Oscar-winning actress founding lifestyle brand Goop back in 2008 and has faced backlash for promoting pseudoscience. Over the years, Goop has encouraged their customers to insert jade eggs, get body parts steamed, and wear stickers to “rebalance the energy frequency in our bodies.”

Shamefully, the company landed a Netflix series in 2020, which also spread misinformation. Since then, a company has filed a complaint against them for deceptive marketing.

James Charles

With huge fame comes huge amounts of power and attention. Sadly, what some celebrities choose to do with that power is shameful. YouTuber James Charles became the first-ever male face of CoverGirl and branched out into creating his own cosmetics.

In 2021, it was revealed that the star had been grooming two underage boys. As a result, he was dropped by Morphe and temporarily demonetized on YouTube. On top of that, he’s been accused of overworking and underpaying his employees.

Ellen DeGeneres

Since we’re talking about mistreating employees, how could we neglect to mention Ellen DeGeneres? The actress, comedian, and talk show host spent years building a brand all about being kind. Literally, her show’s slogan was, “Be kind to one another.” Apparently, it wasn’t so kind behind the scenes.

In 2020, multiple former employees came forward accusing the show of being a toxic work environment. Ellen and senior producers were also accused of racism and harassment. Unsurprisingly, she isn’t admired by many anymore.

Elizabeth Holmes

Here’s another billionaire that turned out to be pretty rotten. Elizabeth Holmes was admired as the youngest and richest self-made female billionaire ever. But, just one year later, she was revealed to be a fraud. The businesswoman claimed her company had developed revolutionary blood-testing technology. In reality, she had misled investors and the US government.

Elizabeth Holmes’ case started in August 2021 and she faces up to 20 years in prison. Her then-boyfriend and COO of the company, Ramesh Balwani, also faces charges.

Dr. Phil

Philip McGraw, better known as TV’s Dr. Phil, became famous on The Oprah Winfrey Show before landing his own show in 2002. On the face of it, it looks like the formerly licensed clinical psychologist wants to help people on his show, but does he really?

Dr. Phil has faced lots of scandals over the years, including when he visited Britney Spears in hospital and released information. There have also been serious abuse allegations about the ranch he sends patients to.

Tiger Woods

He was a true hero for many — one of the greatest golfers of all time, and one of the most famous athletes ever. At his peak, Tiger Woods didn’t even seem human. It goes without saying that he was admired by millions.

But then, in 2009, the golfer was forced to admit to multiple infidelities. Ultimately, over a dozen women came forward saying they were in affairs with the star. As a result, he lost a huge amount of partnerships, worth billions of dollars.


She was the wacky wig-wearing singer of “Chandelier,” but now Sia is the creator of an extremely offensive movie. For a while, people admired the singer’s attempts to stay out of the spotlight. Covering her face to check out of celebrity culture? We can get behind that.

Unfortunately, the singer’s movie Music cast the neurotypical actress Maddie Ziegler rather than an autistic person. It also shows dangerous practices, clichés about autism, and a racially stereotyped character. Big thumbs down.

Michael Jackson

Now, here’s a minefield. Across the globe, the King of Pop was celebrated and emulated. He was the height of cool and at the forefront of fashion, music, and dance. He was MJ for goodness sake!

The star found himself in court in the noughties over accusations of child abuse. Though he was acquitted of the charges, many more have cropped up over the years. Now, Michael Jackson isn’t an admirable figure. Many now see him as the predator he was.

Joe Paterno

He was once referred to as JoePa and celebrated as the most victorious coach in NCAA football history. However, Joe Paterno lost his sheen in 2011 when Penn State fired him from his post as head coach.

It turned out that Joe Paterno’s longtime assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, had been abusing children for decades. An FBI report claimed that the once-admired coach concealed information about his colleague’s actions and didn’t report an incident to the police. He passed away shortly after being fired.

Hilaria Baldwin

We’ll never get tired of talking about Hilaria Baldwin and her quest to be seen as Spanish. The Boston-born yoga instructor married Alec Baldwin in 2012, and accumulated lots of fans. Often speaking in a “Spanish” accent, Hilaria’s agent listed her birthplace as Mallorca, and she was on the cover of ¡Hola! magazine.

Alas Hilaria — or Hillary, her birth name — isn’t Spanish at all. Former classmates claim she darkens her skin and hair in order to look Latina. She says she’s culturally “fluid.”

Roseanne Barr

A real staple in the ‘80s and ‘90s, actress and comedian Roseanne Barr was on televisions across the country. She’s won an Emmy and a Golden Globe, and made many of us laugh. But, when Barr’s show was rebooted in 2018, it was quickly canceled when she posted a racist tweet.

The actress and comedian has also tweeted various conspiracy theories, particularly in relation to high-profile gun crime cases. Ultimately, ABC rebooted her show without her.

Joss Whedon

Many people admired Joss Whedon, especially for his female-centered shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. He also wrote hit movies, including Toy Story and The Avengers movies. What a shame then that he’s actually horrible.

Lots of Buffy stars came forward with accusations of a toxic workplace. Actors Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa also called the director “gross, abusive” and “unprofessional.” Joss Whedon threatened Gal Gadot’s career and bragged about making writers cry. His ex-wife confirmed he was a cheating jerk.

Mel Gibson

Speaking of jerks, we’ve got another! We once thought that actor Mel Gibson was a true Hollywood star. He was in hit movies, he made megabucks, you know…the usual story. Unfortunately the usual story in Hollywood is that rich, powerful men are egotistical and dangerous.

The Academy Award-winning actor and director has actually been making bigoted comments for years. He’s been caught making anti-Semitic, homophobic, racist, and misogynist statements. His former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, accused him of domestic violence.

Scott Baio

Actor Scott Baio has been in loads of high-profile roles. He was Chachi on Happy Days, the lead character in Charles in Charge, and Bugsy Malone himself! Despite being lots of people’s favorite characters growing up, Scott Baio is no longer admired by anyone.

In 2018, the actor’s former costar Nicole Eggert accused him of inappropriate behavior when she was underage. Later, another former colleague, Alexander Polinsky, accused him of abuse and assault. He has also spread offensive conspiracy theories.

Lori Loughlin

We’ve mentioned actress Felicity Huffman but she wasn’t the only famous face involved in Operation Varsity Blues. Actress Lori Loughlin was also implicated for using bribes to get her daughters into college. Worse still, she pretended her kids were athletic rowers when they had never even trained in the sport.

Her daughters, including YouTuber Olivia Jade, were allowed to stay enrolled at the University of Southern California. The star was sentenced to two months behind bars in 2020. She was released in 2021.

Lance Armstrong

At one stage, many of us have worn a brightly colored Livestrong bracelet. They were all the rage back when we all admired Lance Armstrong as a record-breaking cyclist. The athlete won the Tour de France a massive seven times, and started his own charity.

It turned out Lance Armstrong hadn’t fairly won any of his medals, so he was stripped of them all. In a huge doping investigation, it was discovered that he was the ringleader of a sophisticated operation.

Mark Salling

Here’s the second Glee cast member on our list. At one point, fans admired actor Mark Salling for playing the singing bad boy on the musical show. In real life, he dated co-star Naya Rivera and was an enthusiastic bird watcher (yes really).

Unfortunately, it was later discovered that Mark Salling was abusive and in possession of tens of thousands of troubling images. He was removed from an upcoming movie project and eventually pleaded guilty. He died by suicide in 2018.

Paula Deen

She was one of the Food Network’s biggest stars. Paula Deen was a Southern cooking queen for many years, appearing on TV, writing books, and running restaurants. It all came crumbling down when employees accused her of racist discrimination.

It turned out the famous chef used racial slurs and considered a “plantation-style” wedding with black servers. In 2015, images of the star and her son dressed in brownface emerged, causing more controversy. Thankfully, Deen lost a host of sponsorship deals.

James Corden

Much like Ellen DeGeneres, there have been rumors for years about James Corden. Again like Ellen, voices from within the industry have called the English host rude, arrogant, and unpleasant to work with. Indeed, in one clip with Jimmy Kimmel, he couldn’t name two of his own camera operators.

The actor also played a gay character in musical The Prom and was criticized for using stereotypes. Hospitality workers have also confirmed that the star is rude and entitled with staff.

Conor McGregor

Irish-born MMA fighter Conor McGregor has been a household name since 2008. In fact, he’s the biggest pay-per-view draw in MMA history! Despite his popularity over the years, though, Conor has begun to make headlines for matters other than his career.

From sucker-punching an old man at a pub to mocking his rival’s recently deceased father, we’re honestly not at all surprised that people are beginning to lose admiration for the 33-year-old fighter. We’d call him a champion, but that’s not really champion-like behavior.

Andy Dick

Andy Dick is an American comedian that’s known for holding very little back and for his outlandish behavior, of course. Although he has built up a pretty loyal fanbase over the years, people seem to be having trouble supporting the 55-year-old’s actions.

Who can blame them? After learning that Andy has been charged and arrested on multiple occasions for misconduct and harassment, it’s hard to stand in the guy’s corner. Not so admirable, if you ask us.

Jennifer Lopez

We’re not going to lie — it hurts us to even include this one on the list. After all, we’ve loved J.Lo ever since we could remember. Still, sometimes there’s more than what meets the eye. According to one Reddit user, their friend waited on Jenny at a restaurant way back when.

Not only did she demand that someone run to the store to get the kind of bottled water that she liked, but she also complained left and right. The worst part? She didn’t tip the waiter a single cent after camping out at the restaurant for three hours.

Mario Lopez

Listen, as much as we loved the original Saved by the Bell as kids, we can’t say the same about AC Slater’s Mario Lopez. Aside from the fact that he’s cheated on more than one of his partners, he also severely injured one Reddit user whilst they were practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at their local gym.

Rather than coming to the guy’s aid or even apologizing, Mario allegedly walked away with no remorse. As the Reddit user said, “It takes a special kind of human to lack that much empathy…”

Jenny McCarthy

Born and raised in Illinois, Jenny McCarthy is an actress and model that first rose to prominence after her first Playboy photoshoot. Unfortunately, the blonde bombshell now makes headlines for different reasons…

Over the years, McCarthy has written several books about parenting. In the process, the 48-year-old has promoted the disproven idea that vaccines cause autism. Furthermore, she believes that chelation therapy, a home remedy for autism, helped cure her son of autism. Naturally, these outspoken views have been met with much criticism and controversy.

Craig Thompson

This isn’t the first YouTuber to have made the list. YouTube star Craig Thompson began making videos as a 10-year-old. His Mini Ladd channel had 5.74 million subscribers, while another 1.13 million followed his updates as Craig Thompson.

And although life seemed to be smooth-sailing for the Irish-English streamer, allegations were made against him during summer 2020. Two women stated that the internet star had used his popularity to solicit inappropriate pictures from underage fans. Gross!

Marilyn Manson

Born Brian Hugh Warner, Marilyn Manson has been known for his controversial stage personality and image since he first entered the industry in 1989. It turns out, though, that he’s actually a lot more controversial than his music.

During September 2020, several of Manson’s former acquaintances began communicating with each other. Then, on February 1st, former fiancée Evan Rachel Wood accused him of abuse. Following those allegations, multiple other women came forward via Instagram. It wasn’t long before he was dropped by his record label, talent agency, and long-time manager.

Demi Lovato

After appearing on a series of kids’ shows, Demi Lovato rose to prominence for their portrayal as Mitchie Torres in Camp Rock and its sequel. Over the years, there’s no doubt that Lovato has become an advocate for many issues, using their voice and platform to raise awareness.

And although people seemed to appreciate their passion, Lovato ended up facing serious backlash when they posted a story calling out a frozen yogurt shop for promoting ‘diet culture’. They later apologized but it seems as though some people feel that it’s too little too late.

Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski is a Polish-French director — and a talented one at that! He also happens to be a fugitive from the US criminal justice system, having fled the country back in the late ’70s. There’s no doubt that Polanski’s films have made an impact on the entertainment industry.

Still, we’d be lying if we said that his success wasn’t outshined by his arrest and charge for narcotizing and assaulting a 13-year-old girl. After learning that the judge planned to reject his plea deal and impose a prison term, Polanski fled to Paris where he has remained ever since.

Steve Jobs

Apple chairman and co-founder Steve Jobs was a pioneer in the computer industry and so, it comes as no surprise that his name is known by all. But, even the highest-looked-upon people have a dark side.

For some time now, we’ve all known that Jobs initially denied paternity to his eldest daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs. He didn’t start paying child support until a court ordered him to start payments. According to Lisa’s memoir, he rarely saw her as a young child and emotionally tormented her as a teen when she moved in with him.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray first rose to prominence in the ’70s as one of the leading cast members on Saturday Night Live. From then on, Murray’s career continued to soar to new heights as he landed starring roles in tons of films including Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, and Groundhog Day among several other box-office hits.

So, it goes without saying that the star is beloved by many — or rather, was. When the truth came out that he allegedly beat his ex-wife during their marriage, and that he tormented Luci Liu on the set of Charlie’s Angels, Murray’s fanbase undeniably declined.


For years now, Beyoncé has dominated the entertainment industry. As one of the world’s best-selling recording artists, it’s evident that Queen B has had an impact on people across the globe — in both positive and negative ways.

Many look up to her as a role model and empowered feminist, meanwhile, the superstar’s Ivy Park clothing company only pays 64 cents an hour to the female workers that make the clothes in Sri Lankan sweatshops. According to reports, these women deal with tragic living and working conditions. We’re disappointed, Bey.

Tyra Banks

Oh, Tyra Banks… where do we even start? If you’ve watched even one season of America’s Next Top Model, then there’s a good chance you lost respect for the model a long time ago. She may have taken the modeling and entertainment industry by storm — becoming a progressive “girl boss” in her own right — but so has her temper and condescending attitude.

Over the years, the TV personality has faced serious backlash for her treatment of aspiring models and some tactics employed by the show. Some former fans have even gone as far as calling her a bully.


Canadian-born Drake first gained recognition as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation. From there, Drake subsequently pursued a career in music, which was obviously a good move considering that he basically became an overnight rap sensation.

Still, even he has skeletons in his closet. When it was initially revealed that he and actress Millie Bobbie Brown are pals, fans found it endearing. However, after they realized that the two frequently text, their tune changed a tad. In fact, some find it extremely bizarre being that he’s 35 years old, while she’s only 17.

Elisabeth Moss

Dubbed the “Queen of Peak TV” by Vulture, Elisabeth Moss is a critically-acclaimed actress who first gained recognition in the ’90s political drama The West Wing. She then reached a wider audience as Peggy Olson in AMC’s Mad Men.

Today, she’s the starring character of The Handmaid’s Tale, a dystopian series in which a totalitarian society subjects fertile women to child-bearing slavery. It’s a riveting show, really. Even so, fans find it hard to believe or even understand how Moss could play the leading role in a series such as this when she herself is a Scientologist.

Woody Allen

We’re not going to lie; it’s slightly concerning that director Woody Allen isn’t more frowned upon as a person. There’s no denying that his career has been fruitful, considering that he has directed several Academy Award-winning films.

Still, we can’t help but feel like that’s all overshadowed by the fact that he cheated on girlfriend Mia Farrow with adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn — whom he then married! During Allen’s separation from Farrow, he was also publicly accused of assaulting his daughter, Dylan. Although this allegation gained considerable media attention, Allen was never charged or prosecuted.

Barbara Walters

Throughout her career, retired journalist Barbara Walters was known for her hard-hitting questions. But, where’s the line? In 2013, former child actor Corey Feldman appeared on The View, where he opened up about the powerful person in Hollywood that harmed both him and a fellow actor.

Despite how grave a subject this was, Walter scolded Corey, saying, “You’re damaging an entire industry!” So, when this interview was first released, it was naturally met with much backlash. Years later, after the video began to circulate once again, Corey’s fans demanded that Barbara apologize.

James Franco

Here we have yet another celebrity who was accused of inappropriate and exploitative behavior back in 2018, and yet, is still able to walk around as if there have never been any allegations made against him. Actor and filmmaker James Franco is extremely talented — we’ll give him that.

But, when he constantly makes headlines for matters other than his career and projects, it’s hard to turn a blind eye. Remember back in 2014 when text messages surfaced between the actor and a 17-year-old teen girl from Scotland? Major red flag, people!

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is a name known by all — he’s one of the most recognizable and influential film personalities in the world, after all! Born Datuk Fang Shilong, Chan has been acting since the ’60s, performing in over 150 films during his career!

Despite his success, though, he’s lost quite a few fans over the years. Not only is he noted for his hardline politics and conformity with the Chinese government’s policies, but he also allegedly isn’t a very good father.

Anthony Kiedis

Red Hot Chili Peppers leading man Anthony Kiedis has certainly been an influential musical figure since he entered the industry in 1982. Unfortunately, some of that influence happens to be negative. Now almost 60 years old, Kiedis is no longer respected or admired the way he once was.

In his 2005 autobiography, Scar Tissue, Kiedis recounts his intimate relationship with a 14-year-old schoolgirl. Kiedis was 23 years old at the time, and even after discovering her age, he didn’t break off their relationship. It’s hard to even look at him now after learning this.

John Lennon

As the founder, co-songwriter, and co-lead vocalist of the Beatles, John Lennon quickly rose to prominence. Aside from his talent, he was also adored for essentially becoming the face of peace.

What fans may have not known, though, is the fact that Lennon often flew into uncontrollable fits of rage that he directed to the various women in his life. He also neglected his eldest son for years — to the point that Julian himself has stated Paul McCartney was far more of a father to him than John ever was. Ugh, this hurts our hearts.

Bill Gates

We can’t speak about Steve Jobs without discussing Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Although he’s changed the way we view technology, his relationship with the late Jeffrey Epstein has changed the way we see him. When fans heard that Gates was somehow connected to the convicted offender, the internet went wild.

Of course, we can’t say that we’re totally surprised considering that Epstein managed to lure an astonishing array of rich and powerful men into his world. According to Gates, it was a “huge mistake to spend time with him…”

Ansel Elgort

Despite that Ansel Elgort’s time in Hollywood has been somewhat brief, he has certainly made himself known in that short time with roles in films including The Fault in Our Stars, The Divergent series, and Baby Driver. In the last year, though, his name has been making headlines for different reasons.

In 2020, a tweet from a now-deleted Twitter account shared a detailed story of an encounter with Ansel, in which he reportedly assaulted a 17-year-old woman. Although he denies these allegations, he did apologize for his behavior during their so-called “breakup.”

Sean Connery

Born and raised in Scotland, the late Sean Connery was beloved by all — every woman wanted him and every man wanted to be him. The first actor to portray fictional British secret agent James Bond on film, there’s no denying that Connery left his mark on the entertainment industry.

Still, just because someone is talented doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a good person. According to multiple sources, Connery believed it was acceptable to hit women if they didn’t behave “properly”. While he was from a different generation, that’s just never an excuse.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard first gained mainstream recognition for her performances in Never Back Down and Pineapple Express. As you might have guessed, however, the actress began making headlines for other reasons — like her marriage to Johnny Depp.

Their split drew significant media attention as she accused Depp of being abusive throughout their relationship. Depp then sued Heard for defamation in 2019, which a Virginia judge refused to dismiss after Heard asked for it to be thrown out. Although it looks Depp’s luck has turned since recordings of Heard were released, his career took a major hit.

Drake Bell

If you grew up during the ’90s or early 2000s, there’s no doubt that you recognize the name, Drake Bell. Now 35 years old, Bell’s career was at an all-time high during his stints on The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh.

That’s why it was such a bummer to find out that the actor was charged with the attempted endangerment of a child. As a result, Bell was sentenced to two years’ probation and 200 hours of community service. He’s also now a registered offender as he began contact with this fan when she was 12.

Tim Allen

Known for playing Tim “The Toolman” Taylor on ABC’s Home Improvement, actor Tim Allen has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time now. Throughout the years, Allen has kept extremely busy with various films and television series.

Recently, though, it seems that the actor might have been canceled… again. Not only has been slammed for his ultra-conservative views but he was also called out for a transphobic joke he made five seconds into the Golden Globes’ preshow last year.

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton is referred to as one of the most influential guitarists of all time — and rightfully so! Since his start in the music industry, Clapton has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times! In recent months, though, the 76-year-old has been in the tabloids for allegedly spreading fake news.

Not only that, but he recently embarked on a US tour booked in red states despite the continuous increase in numbers and death rates. As a result of his now-conservative views, the musician has lost quite a few fans.

Alec Baldwin

While his wife has belonged on this list for years, sadly, we now must give Alec Baldwin this dubious honor. This comes after the heartbreaking incident that happened on the set of Rust in October 2021.

Due to an accident with a failed prop, Baldwin was involved in the tragic fate of the film’s cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins. Four months later, he has officially been charged for the crime. What a tragedy.

Jimmy Page

From one rocker to another, Jimmy Page is next. Like Clapton, Page is considered one of the most influential guitarists of all time. Unfortunately, his level of talent doesn’t make up for the fact that he’s a creep. In 1972, Led Zeppelin was in LA for their North American tour.

It was then that Page, who was 28 years old at the time, began dating 14-year-old Lori Mattix. What’s more, Lori had avoided Page’s advances several times, even revealing that she was scared of him. Finally, the band’s manager “kidnapped” her and brought her to Jimmy’s hotel room.

Kat Von D

Known as Kat Von D, Katherine Von Drachenberg is a Mexican-American tattoo artist and makeup mogul who’s best known for her work on TLC’s LA Ink. Over the years, Kat has garnered a lot of fans as well as critics — not only for her past comments but also because of the people she chose to accept in her life.

Many have accused the 39-year-old of being anti-Semitic as well as an anti-vaxxer. Although Kat has addressed these issues, claiming that because she’s Latina, she can’t possibly be anti-Semitic. Unfortunately, not everyone is buying it.

Jeffree Star

YouTuber Jeffree Star had tons of fans thanks to his makeup skills, celebrity pals, and no haters attitude. However, once someone has that many public feuds, you have to wonder if they’re actually the problem. Among others, Jeffree Star has argued with Kat Von D, Kylie Jenner, and Tati Westbrook.

Plus, there are multiple cases where the YouTuber has used racial slurs. In 2020, one of his former websites was uncovered, complete with racist symbols. Most recently, he has been accused of multiple cases of assault.

Liam Neeson

We are very much not over discovering that Liam Neeson is racist. For our whole lives, he’s been a celebrated Northern Irish actor. He was Schindler! He did all those Taken movies! He was in Love Actually! But alas, Liam revealed himself in 2019.

During an interview, Liam Neeson confessed that he once went looking for a black person to attack when his friend was assaulted. He also called the #Me Too movement a “witch hunt” on Irish TV.

Matt Lauer

An admirable clean-cut news anchor — that’s what many thought Matt Lauer was. He was a regular host on NBC and co-hosted several Olympics opening ceremonies. However, in 2017, a female staffer from the 2014 Sochi Olympics claimed that the TV personality had harassed her.

Since then, a wave of further allegations has poured in. It seems that Matt Lauer regularly harassed, coerced, and sent inappropriate messages to women. It seems that NBC was aware of this behavior and quashed stories about Harvey Weinstein.

Jussie Smollett

As a child star, Jussie Smollett had tons of fans. Then, he landed the groundbreaking role of Jamal Lyon in Empire. However, on more than one occasion, the star has been caught lying to the police. Back in 2007, he gave the wrong name when pulled over. In 2019, he was caught staging a hate crime.

The actor claimed he was beaten by two men in ski masks. However, he was later charged for filing a false report. The star’s trial starts towards the end of 2021.

Jenelle Evans

Lastly, we turn to former teen mom Jenelle Evans. The reality star first appeared on our screens in 2011 and had limited visitation to see her son, Jace. The young mom found fame on the show, with some admiring her ability to keep going through continual difficult relationships.

However, in 2019, MTV said they wouldn’t film any future shows with Jenelle. The star’s boyfriend Davis Eason beat and shot their family dog when she nipped at their daughter, Ensley.

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