Barbie Movie Cast : Meet the Star-Studded Characters Bringing the Iconic Doll to Life


Yo, check this out! Greta Gerwig’s Barbie cast movie is just around the corner, and it’s gonna be epic! You won’t believe who’s gonna be in it, all the people you adore!

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are gonna rock it as Barbie and Ken, keeping it real with those classic roles. But wait, there’s more! The supporting cast is gonna be massive, with Barbies representing all sorts of professions, and you can’t forget their trusty sidekick Kens!

Emma Mackey, Alexandra Shipp, Dua Lipa, and Issa Rae are gonna be in as different Barbies, bringing some serious girl power. And we got Ncuti Gatwa, Simu Liu, and Scott Evans killing it as Kens too, among many others.

It’s gonna be a wild ride with all your favorite peeps in the mix. So get ready for the Barbie fever!


Margot Robbie as Barbie

So, there’s this doll, right? She gets kicked out of Barbie Land because they think she’s not perfect enough. Can you believe that? Anyway, she goes on this crazy adventure in the real world with her boyfriend, Ken. Sounds like a wild ride!

By the way, you know that actress Margot Robbie, yeah? She’s been in a bunch of stuff! She got her big break on the Aussie soap Neighbours, where she played a fashion designer named Donna Freedman. Then she made her way to Hollywood and blew up with her role in The Wolf of Wall Street.

After that, she became super famous and starred in a bunch of other movies. Like, she was in the first Suicide Squad, Focus, I, Tonya, Mary Queen of Scots, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Recently, she nailed it in the 2019 drama Bombshell, and people loved her performance so much that she got nominated for Oscars, BAFTAs, and Golden Globe Awards! And hey, she’s also in the 2022 movie Babylon.Margot Robbie is totally killing it in the acting game, and she’s definitely a household name now. Can’t wait to see what she does next!

Full NameMargot Robbie
BirthdateJuly 2, 1990
Occupationsmodel, Film producer, voice actor ,Film actor

Ryan Gosling as Ken

Oh, let me tell you about the love interest of the main character! They’ve been teasing us with lots of sneak peeks of Gosling in the role, rocking that platinum blonde hair and a denim vest. Looking sharp!

Ryan Gosling, man, he’s been in so much cool stuff! He actually started out as a kid star on Disney Channel’s The Mickey Mouse Club. But then he made it big and starred in a bunch of blockbuster hits and indie gems. You gotta check out The Notebook, Blade Runner 2049, Lars and the Real Girl, Blue Valentine, Crazy, Stupid, Love, Drive, The Place Beyond the Pines, The Big Short, The Nice Guys, and First Man.

Seriously, this guy’s got an impressive list of credits under his belt. He’s one talented actor, no doubt about it!

Full NameRyan Thomas Gosling
BirthdateNovember 12, 1980
BirthplaceLodon , canada
OccupationsSinger, Actor

Will Ferrell as the CEO of Mattel

Oh man, you gotta see this movie! Will Ferrell plays the CEO of Mattel, and he’s totally freaking out when he finds out that real-life versions of Barbie and Ken are running around in Los Angeles. Hilarious!

And let me tell you, Ferrell’s comedic talent is off the charts! He’s a veteran from SNL, and he brings that funny vibe to every film he’s in. Seriously, any movie is lucky to have him because he’s a comedy genius. He’s been at it for like two decades now, and his work is so good that it should be in a Comedy Hall of Fame if there was such a thing.

You’ve gotta watch his other movies too! I’m talking about the Anchorman flicks, Elf, Step Brothers, Talladega Nights, The Other Guys, and the Daddy’s Home series. Oh, and he even voiced President Business/Lord Business in The Lego Movie, another cool toy-based film.

Full NameJohn William Ferrell
BirthdateJuly 16, 1967
Birthplacecalifornia, U.S.
Occupationscomedian, singer , Film actor

Michael Cera as Allan

So, you know Ken, right? The guy with the killer jaw and good looks. Well, he’s got this best friend called Allan, who’s not as popular as Ken, but they’re tight. Allan is known for his super quirky style. Like, you’ve gotta see his Barbie movie character poster—it says, “There’s only one Allan.”

And yo, ever wondered where else Michael Cera has been in? Like, his fans would totally recognize him from awesome stuff like Superbad, Drunk History, Louie, Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Lemon, and Person to Person. Oh, and he also did the voice for Robin in the Lego Batman movie. Pretty cool, huh?

Full NameMichael Austin Cera
BirthdateJune 7, 1988
OccupationsFilm director , voice Actor

Emerald Fennell as Midge

Barbie’s BFF is Midge! Her character poster says it loud and clear, but we gotta wait for more deets, you know?

Oh, and speaking of stars, Emerald Fennell has been in some cool stuff too! If you’re a fan of The Crown, you’d recognize her as Camilla Parker Bowles. She’s also played Nurse Patsy Mount in Call the Midwife, and she’s been in movies like The Danish Girl, Anna Karenina, and Victoria, where she rocked as Ada Lovelace. And hey, she’s not just an actress; she’s also directed cool projects like Promising Young Woman. Talk about multi-talented!

Emerald FennellINFORMATION
Full NameEmerald Lilly Fennell
BirthdateOctober 1, 1985
Birthplacelondon , united kingdom
Occupationsscreen writer, Actor

Dua Lipa as the Mermaid Barbies

So, get this, Dua Lipa is playing a mermaid version of Barbie with blue hair! That’s all we know about her character so far, but it sounds pretty awesome!

And you know what else is awesome? Dua Lipa’s achievements! Apart from her debut in Barbie, she’s a total music sensation. She’s bagged six BRIT Awards, three Grammy Awards, an MTV Video Music Award, and two Guinness World Records. Like, that’s some serious talent right there!

Full NameDua Lipa
BirthdateAugust 22, 1995
BirthplaceLondon , united Kingdom
OccupationsSinger, Actress, model

Issa Rae as President Barbie

Alright, now let’s talk about Issa Rae. She’s a total boss! You might know her from her YouTube series Awkward Black Girl, which got her some serious attention. Then, she took things to the next level by co-creating, co-writing, and starring in her own HBO series called Insecure. And you know what’s even more impressive? She got nominated for Emmy and Golden Globe awards for her role in it.

But wait, there’s more! Issa Rae has also shown her acting chops in movies like The Hate U Give and The Photograph. She’s killing it in both the small and big screens!

Full NameJo-Issa Rae Diop
BirthdateJanuary 12, 1985
Birthplacecalifornia, U.S.
Occupationsyoutuber , Actor , Film Actor

Jamie Demetriou as a Mattel employee

Oh, Jamie Demetriou, the Mattel employee! Apart from his work at Mattel, Jamie is a talented star in the entertainment world.

He’s best known for his awesome work on Stath Lets Flats, which he not only starred in but also created and co-wrote. That show is a gem! And guess what? He’s also been a part of the hit series Fleabag. So, he’s got some serious acting and writing skills, making him a real powerhouse in the industry!

Jamie Demetriou INFORMATION
Full NameJamie Demetriou
Birthdate November 1, 1987
BirthplaceLondon , united kingdom
Occupationscomedian, actor and screenwriter

Dame Helen Mirren as The Narrator

Ah, Dame Helen Mirren, the all-knowing narrator of the Barbie film! But wait, there’s so much more to this talented lady. Dame Helen Mirren is a true legend of the stage and screen.

She’s taken on numerous iconic roles, like Detective Jane Tennyson in the Prime Suspect series, where she totally nailed it! And who can forget her mesmerizing portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen, for which she even won an Oscar. She’s got the skills and the grace, making her a true veteran in the world of entertainment!

Dame Helen MirrenINFORMATION
Full NameHelen Lydia Mirren Hackford
BirthdateJuly 26, 1945
BirthplaceLondon , united kingdom
Occupationsvoice Actor ,Film Actor

Connor Swindells as Aaron Dinkins

Hey there, I’m just a low-level intern at Mattel, but I’ll tell you about Connor Swindells! So, you probably recognize him as Adam from the awesome series Sex Education.

He totally rocked that role! But that’s not all he’s been in. Connor has also appeared in series like Vigil and SAS Rogue Heroes. He’s making waves in the TV world with his talent, and it’s pretty cool to see him in these different shows!

Connor SwindellsINFORMATION
Full NameConnor Ryan Swindells
BirthdateSeptember 19, 1996
Birthplaceunited kingdom
OccupationsActor , model

Emma Mackey as Physicist Barbie

Oh, imagine a Barbie who’s also a physicist – that’s so awesome! Now, let’s talk about Emma Mackey.

You probably know her best as Maeve Wiley from the hit Netflix series, Sex Education. She totally shines in that role! But hey, she’s not just limited to the small screen. Emma has also appeared in films like Emily, showcasing her acting skills on the big screen too. With her talent and charm, she’s definitely one to watch out for!

Full NameEmma Margaret Marie Tachard-Mackey
BirthdateJanuary 4, 1996
BirthplaceFrance , Le Mans
OccupationsActor , Model

Alexandra Shipp as Writer Barbie

Wow, a Barbie who’s also a writer? That’s pretty cool! Now, let’s talk about Alexandra Shipp. You might recognize her as Storm from the X-Men movies like Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix.

She totally rocked that role! But that’s not all she’s been in. Alexandra has also shown her talent in movies like Love Simon, Straight Outta Compton, and Tick, Tick, Boom! She’s a versatile actress, and her performances are definitely worth watching!

Alexandra ShippINFORMATION
Full NameAlexandra Ruth Shipp
BirthdateJuly 16, 1991
Birthplacephoniex , U.S.
OccupationsSinger, Actor

Kate McKinnon as Weird Barbie

Weird Barbie sounds like an interesting character, having gone through some tough times but still offering advice to the stereotypical Barbie. That’s pretty unique!

Kate Mckinnon's Weird Barbie To Emma Mackey's Physicist Barbie: 11  Different Versions Of The Doll In Barbie Movie

Now, let’s talk about Kate McKinnon. She’s a total breakout star from Saturday Night Live, and her comedic talent is top-notch! Apart from her sketch comedy success, she’s also made a mark in the film industry. You might have seen her in movies like The Spy Who Dumped Me, Rough Night, and Bombshell. With her wit and charm, she’s definitely a force to reckon with in both TV and movies!

Full NameKathryn McKinnon Berthold
BirthdateJanuary 6, 1984
Birthplacenew york , U.S.
OccupationsSinger, Actress, comedian

Ana Cruz Kayne as Judge Barbie

Judge Barbie sounds like a unique twist for the iconic doll! Now, let’s talk about Ana Cruz Kayne. She’s been making her mark in the entertainment world with some impressive roles.

You might have seen her in movies like Little Women, Jerry & Marge Go Large, and Painkiller. She’s definitely showcasing her talent in various projects, and it’s exciting to see her career grow!

Full NameAna Cruz Kayne
BirthdateApril 28, 1990
BirthplaceNew Haven, Connecticut, US
OccupationsAmerican Actress

Ritu Arya as Journalist Barbie

Journalist Barbie, a Pulitzer-prize-winning Barbie, is such a cool concept! Now, let’s talk about Rita Arya. She’s a British actress who has made her mark with some fantastic roles.

You might recognize her from series like Doctors, Humans, and The Umbrella Academy. With her talent and versatility, she’s definitely leaving a lasting impression in the world of television, and it’s exciting to see what she’ll do next!

Full NameRitu Arya
Birthdate 17 September 1988
BirthplaceGuildford, Surrey, England
OccupationsActress and musician

Nicola Coughlan as Diplomat Barbie

Diplomat Barbie, the Barbie who’s a diplomat, sounds like a powerful and inspiring character! Now, let’s talk about Nicola Coughlan.

She’s made a significant impact with her roles in popular series. You probably know her as Claire from Derry Girls and as Penelope in Bridgerton. She’s been killing it in these shows! And guess what? She’s taking the lead role in the upcoming third season of Bridgerton. That’s pretty exciting, and it’s clear that Nicola’s talent is getting her some well-deserved attention in the entertainment world!

Nicola CoughlanINFORMATION
Full NameNicola Mary Coughlan
BirthdateJanuary 9, 1987

Hari Nef as Dr Barbie

Dr. Barbie, the physician Barbie, is such an empowering character! Now, let’s talk about Hari Nef. She’s not only a talented actress but also a transgender activist and model, making a significant impact in multiple fields.

You might have seen her in movies like Assassination Nation, where she undoubtedly left a lasting impression. Additionally, she’s been part of TV shows like Transparent, You, and And Just Like That. Her versatility and advocacy work are commendable, and she’s definitely making her mark in the industry!

Full NameHari Nef
BirthdateOctober 21, 1992
Birthplace U.S.
OccupationsFashion model , Actor

Sharon Rooney as Lawyer Barbie

Lawyer Barbie, a Barbie who’s also a lawyer, sounds like a great addition to the diverse Barbie lineup! Now, let’s talk about Sharon Rooney.

The talented actress has appeared in various projects. She’s best known for her role in the TV series My Mad Fat Diary, where she made a significant impact with her performance. Rooney’s acting skills have also been showcased in other projects, making her a noteworthy talent in the world of entertainment!

Full NameSharon Rooney
BirthdateOctober 22, 1988
Birthplaceunited kingdom
OccupationsActor , Film Actor

Kingsley Ben-Adir as Ken

Ken #1, the loyal best friend of the stereotypical Ken, adds a great dynamic to the Barbie world! Now, let’s talk about Kingsley Ben-Adir.

He’s a talented actor with some impressive roles under his belt. You might have seen him in TV series like Vera, The OA, Peaky Blinders, and Secret Invasion. But what really got people talking was his acclaimed performance as Malcolm X in the film One Night in Miami. Kingsley’s acting skills have definitely made him a standout in both television and film, and it’s exciting to see where his career will take him next!

Kingsley Ben-AdirINFORMATION
Full NameKingsley Ben-Adir
BirthdateFebruary 28, 1986
BirthplaceLondon , united kingdom
OccupationsActor , Film Actor

Simu Liu as Ken #2

Ken #2, the rival for Barbie’s affections, adds some drama to the Barbieland story! Now, let’s talk about Simu Liu.

He’s become a household name, especially for Marvel fans! Simu Liu is best known for his incredible portrayal of Shang-Chi in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He made his debut in the movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and fans loved his performance! With such a major role in a blockbuster franchise, Simu Liu’s star is definitely on the rise, and he’s becoming a prominent figure in the world of Hollywood!

Full Name SEE-moo LEE-yoo
Birthdate19 April 1989
OccupationsCanadian actor

Scott Evans as Ken #3

Ken #3, another friend of Ken’s, brings even more fun and friendship to Barbieland! Now, let’s talk about Scott Evans. He’s been a part of some exciting projects in the entertainment world.

You might have seen him in the soap opera One Life to Live, where he showcased his acting skills. Additionally, Scott also made an appearance in the Netflix comedy series Grace and Frankie. With his talent and charm, he’s definitely making his presence known in both television and streaming platforms!

Full NameScott Andrew Evans
BirthdateSeptember 21, 1983
Birthplace U.S.
OccupationsActor , TV producer

Ncuti Gatwa as Ken #4

Ken #4, a close friend of Physicist Barbie and Ken, adds more depth to their circle of friends in Barbieland! Now, let’s talk about Ncuti Gatwa. He’s made a huge impact with his role as Eric Effiong in the hit series Sex Education.

Fans absolutely love him! And guess what? Ncuti has some even more exciting news – he’s been cast as the Fifteenth Doctor in Doctor Who. That’s a massive opportunity and a major milestone for him in the world of acting. With his talent and charisma, Ncuti Gatwa is definitely on the rise, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll do next!

Full NameMizero Ncuti Gatwa
Birthdate15 October 1992
OccupationsRwandan-Scottish actor

America Ferrera as Gloria

Gloria sounds like an awesome employee at Mattel, adding her unique touch to the magic of Barbie! Now, let’s talk about America Ferrera.

She’s a talented actress who’s been a part of some iconic projects. You probably remember her as Betty Suarez from the TV series Ugly Betty and Superstore, where she totally stole the show! But that’s not all she’s done. America has also starred in movies like Real Women Have Curves, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and its sequel, and she even lent her voice to the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. With her impressive acting skills, America Ferrera has left a lasting mark in both TV and film, and her contributions to the industry are truly admirable!

America FerreraINFORMATION
Full NameAmerica Georgine Ferrera
BirthdateApril 18, 1984
BirthplaceLos angeles, U.S.
Occupationsvoice Actor , film producer

Ariana Greenblatt as Sasha

Sasha, the daughter of Gloria in the real world, sounds like a delightful addition to the story! Now, let’s talk about Arianna Greenblatt.

She’s a talented young actress who’s been part of some exciting projects. You might recognize her from the Disney series Stuck in the Middle, where she showcased her acting skills. But that’s not all! Arianna has also appeared in movies like A Bad Moms Christmas, Avengers: Infinity War, and In the Heights, where she really stood out. And hey, she’s also been cast in the upcoming movie 65, which is sure to be another fantastic addition to her resume. With her impressive performances, Arianna Greenblatt is definitely a rising star in the world of entertainment!

Ariana GreenblattINFORMATION
Full NameAriana Marley Greenblatt
BirthdateAugust 27, 2007
BirthplaceNew York
Occupations Actress

Rhea Perlman as Ruth Handler

Ruth Handler, the real-life creator of Barbie and the first president of Mattel, played a crucial role in shaping the Barbie legacy! Now, let’s talk about Rhea Perlman.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES: Ruth Handler, Mattel Inc. co-founder and inventor of the Barbie Doll, displays the special 40th Anniversary Barbie at a press conference 07 February in New York City. A group of ten inspirational women were recognized at the press conference as “Ambassadors of Dreams” in a program designed to encourage and inspire young women. AFP PHOTO/Matt CAMPBELL (Photo credit should read MATT CAMPBELL/AFP via Getty Images)

She’s a talented actress who’s been part of some fantastic projects. You probably remember her as Carla from the beloved sitcom Cheers, where she absolutely nailed her role! But that’s not all she’s done. Rhea has also starred in movies like Canadian Bacon, Matilda, The Sessions, and Poms, showcasing her versatility as an actress. With her charm and acting prowess, Rhea Perlman has left a lasting impact on both TV and film, and her performances are truly a delight to watch!

Full NameRhea Jo Perlman
BirthdateMarch 31, 1948
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York, U.S.
OccupationsActor writer


In conclusion, the upcoming Barbie movie boasts a star-studded cast that is set to bring the iconic doll to life on the big screen. The film promises to be a captivating and visually stunning experience, with talented actors and actresses embodying the beloved characters we have known and cherished for generations. As the anticipation builds, fans eagerly await the magic and nostalgia that this talented cast will undoubtedly bring to this timeless and iconic franchise. With their passion and dedication, these stars have the potential to create a movie that not only appeals to new audiences but also resonates with longtime Barbie enthusiasts, honoring the enduring legacy of this cultural icon.

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