How to Avoid Being Caught Off Guard by Beach-goers


Sure! Imagine this: Picture a scorching hot day in summer. You grab your swimsuit, load up the car, and head to the beach for some awesome wave fun. And guess what? Sometimes, while chilling on the beach, you stumble upon something super cool! It might be a surprise from nature or even something quirky left behind by someone else. Basically, anything can happen at the beach! So, slap on some sunscreen, and let’s hit the road to see what we discover.

Mother Nature Formed These Frozen Sand Columns by the Sea

Even in freezing winters, the ocean stays unfrozen at the beach because warm underwater currents keep the waves coming. Sometimes, you’ll even spot frozen sand columns, shaped by cold and windy weather. Nature’s full of surprises!
It seems that pockets of water seeped into the sand and froze. As the dry sand was blown away, what remained were columns of frozen, wet sandy material. Quite fascinating!

He Just Wants to Talk About Your Straw Use (and Pose for a Selfie)

Imagine going to a quiet beach where not many people go. The cool thing? You might just meet some local animals! Take this lady, for example. She had the amazing luck of seeing a lovely loggerhead turtle coming out of the ocean to hang out and snap some selfies with her on the beach. Most sea turtles come on land to lay eggs, so this cute turtle was likely checking on its nest.

If the turtle wasn’t checking its nest, it might have been on a straw patrol at the beach. Making sure everyone uses paper or metal straws is serious business for this guy!

We Swear These Wave-Clouds Aren’t Photoshopped

Imagine this: someone chilling at the beach, just watching the waves, when suddenly they notice something super strange in the sky. All the clouds start making these wave shapes, all looking nearly the same! It was so odd, like finding a glitch in a video game. Luckily, instead of being too surprised, they quickly grabbed a picture of this amazing sight.

The water was beautiful, but those sky waves stole the show that day.

We Thought These Things Were Just in Movies

Since we started watching sci-fi movies, we’ve wondered about giant squids. And guess what? They’re real! But we still don’t know exactly how massive they can get. They hang out in deep, dark water, just like you’d imagine. But this one we’ve spotted? It’s not even close to the biggest one ever seen.

It’s unbelievable that this person is willing to lay down beside that creature. Even if they believe it’s dead, we’d still be worried it could suddenly come back to life and attack.

People Ask Them All the Time Whether They’re Related

Imagine meeting someone who looks just like you, but you know they’re not actually you. It’s super weird! You have no clue about them or where they came from. But look at the lady in the picture below—she’s taking it all in stride!

Who’s soaking up the sun more, the lady or the sea lion? Our bet’s on the sea lion, especially since she’s bundled up in a hoodie—the beach must be freezing!

Crystal Clear Water Makes for Incredible Tidal Pools

Imagine this: as a kid, one of the coolest things is hand fishing in tidal pools. It’s like playing a trick on the huge ocean as you find amazing creatures in those clear pools by the coast. And look at the photo below! When your surroundings are this beautiful, the fun just multiplies. Those crystal-clear pools are so mesmerizing, you could spend hours staring into them.

In a tidal pool, you’ll usually discover various creatures like snails, barnacles, mussels, urchins, and if you’re really lucky, perhaps even some lobsters. But remember, handle them with care and put them back where they belong!

Check Out the Wheels on This Guy’s Ice Cream Cart

Being a beach vendor in summer is tough, especially hauling stuff across the sand. But this guy went the extra mile and came up with a genius idea! Say hello to the mobile ice cream beach delivery cart—it’s like a tank with wheels and body armor, making lugging a shoulder tote a thing of the past.

Okay, so no real body armor here, but it’s got tank treads! Those treads help spread the weight and let the cart move smoothly over the sandy beach.

A Genius Way for Beach Walkers to Help With Litter

It’s super annoying when you hit the beach and find it messy because some folks didn’t clean up after themselves. You end up spending your morning tidying up their mess! Isn’t there a better solution? Sure there is! First, always clean up after yourself. Second, how about having something like this at your beach’s entrance? It could make a big difference!

This community aims to restore balance and keep their area tidy by offering people the chance to pitch in and clean up. Nobody enjoys seeing or dodging trash, especially while on vacation, so we reckon these baskets are a fantastic idea!

This Family Was Out for a Stroll When All of a Sudden…

Ever doubted the ocean’s power? Check out this pic below: that’s the bottom of a huge tree. No one knows where it got yanked from, but after a wild ride through the waves, it ended up on a Washington state beach. Notice the mom and her son chilling inside it? It’s massive, and the ocean tossed it around like a tiny rock!

The Northwest United States deals with “sneaker waves,” huge waves that suddenly hit the coasts due to ocean currents. That’s likely what pushed this tree back onto the land.

5-Year-Old Sends a Message in a Bottle, Strangers Find It

Here’s a heartwarming tale! A kid in Norway sent a message in a bottle out to sea, something lots of people do. But guess what? It actually worked out for him! Two pals in Denmark found the bottle and sent the boy the sweetest message back. They shared the journey details, where it landed, and even sent a load of treats for the boy and his classmates. How awesome is that?

The best bit of the message is how the people who got the bottle describe its speed. They did the math and shared that the bottle traveled at the same pace as a land turtle walks.

The Stingray Bag of Shame

Ever since Steve Irwin’s sad incident with a stingray, many of us have been wary of them and their barbed tails. But, truth be told, most encounters with stingrays aren’t fatal for humans. Even if you do get stung, there’s an antidote that can help. The only catch? It comes in a bright, super obvious orange bag that pretty much announces to everyone that you got stung. Embarrassing, right?

Choosing the bag over losing a foot seems like a no-brainer. But then again, maybe this person isn’t thinking outside the box. Why not simply bury the bag?

These Accessibility Mats Assure Everyone Can Get to the Beach

Beaches used to be tough for folks with disabilities. Regular wheelchairs struggled on sand, and walking on it wasn’t easy for others with disabilities. But guess what? Now there’s an invention to help out! These accessibility mats, like the one in the picture, make it much easier for wheelchair users and parents with strollers to enjoy the beach. It’s a total game-changer!

If you can move around the sand easily at the beach, try setting up your things a bit farther from the mat. This leaves the space close to the mat open for someone who might need it.

Even the Farm Animals Love a Good Beach Day

Over the years, we’ve noticed folks bringing their pets to the beach, and it’s been quite a mix. Some dogs adore it, some not so much. We’ve seen a few cats who enjoyed it, but generally, cats aren’t big fans of the sandy scene. And then there’s this cow—just check out that big grin! Seems like it’s having the time of its life at the beach!

Dressed in his hat and matching bandana, this little fellow looks all set for whatever comes his way. We’re bummed we missed out on petting him in this picture!

The Start of the Alien Takeover

Fish eggs aren’t something we usually spot, except maybe on sushi. And hey, we’re not even sure if a squid counts as a fish! But here’s the deal: what we’ve got here are squid eggs. Someone’s brother found them in a seashell on the beach. Hopefully, after snapping this pic, they put them back where they belong!

Typically, female squids lay their eggs and attach them to the ocean floor. But in this situation, a squid likely intended to deposit its eggs on the seabed but ended up catching onto that shell, which eventually washed up on shore.

Jurassic Park – Beach Version

Check out this Jurassic Beach creation! Building something this amazing must have taken ages, and we can’t believe it’s all made of driftwood and not modern stuff. But hey, the creativity and patience to craft this incredible sculpture are mind-blowing. Imagine if this person’s hobby is making dinosaur sculptures, and there are more cool ones scattered around the beach for everyone to enjoy!

Building a tyrannosaurus rex statue will require heaps of driftwood, but we say go ahead and give it a shot!

Stunning Driftwood Looks Like a Twisted Rope

When branches and logs wash into the ocean from the coast, something cool happens. The saltwater, wind, and waves team up to break down the wood. Slowly, they smooth it out and sometimes make cool patterns. Look at this log below—it’s shaped like a coil of rope! Nature’s pretty amazing, right?

We figured this occurred as the log kept rolling through the waves. Somehow, the ocean naturally shaped this cool spiral pattern!

Photobombed By A Billboard

When you’re at the beach, sometimes you want to show off a bit, whether to your friends or on social media. You aim to look great and show everyone how awesome your time is at this incredible place. So, you write a cool caption, toss in some hashtags, and share it with your pals or post it on your go-to social media site.

When you’re at the beach, sometimes you want to show off a bit, whether to your friends or on social media. You aim to look great and show everyone how awesome your time is at this incredible place. So, you write a cool caption, toss in some hashtags, and share it with your pals or post it on your go-to social media site.

Total Sun Protection

Certain folks are more sensitive to the sun, especially those with super light skin who need to be extra cautious. Surprisingly, people with red hair need even more care. But looking after your skin is a big deal for everyone, especially in the summer when it’s easy to forget. Also, not all sunscreens are alike—some sink into the skin nicely, while others come with a tint.

It’s crucial to avoid using sunscreen that matches your full-cover bathing suit. While sun protection is important, you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a whole body suit and face mask at the beach.

When You Unexpectedly Come Across an Artistic Masterpiece

Imagine if we said we spotted a stone eagle at the beach. You might think it’s a unique eagle species or a massive rock shaped like an eagle, right? But would you guess it’s a color-coded bald eagle crafted from pebbles and shells? Probably not! We were surprised too—we didn’t see that coming!This must have taken hours for this person to complete. We’re not sure if we would’ve had the patience to gather all the materials needed to put this beautiful creation together. 

Sand Carving Is a Real Art Form

An artist in California made a cool tool to dig and shape sand easily. It helps prevent holes from falling in and lets the artist make amazing designs. Imagine walking by and seeing that! You might think it’s aliens, not just an artist with a fancy shovel.

What’s so great about these artworks is how much they resemble things from the ocean. These sculptures blend in perfectly with the beach, almost like they’re seaweed or sea creatures.

This Beach Restaurant Gives Drinks on the House if You Pick up Trash

This beach bar had a super cool plan to keep their place tidy and help the neighborhood while getting more customers. They gave out buckets to people and said, “Bring back a bucket of trash, get a free hot drink!” So, customers might grab a drink, clean up, and come back for another freebie. Everybody wins! But, wait, what about hot drinks in the summer?

Because they’re giving out hot drinks, we think this was something for the winter. If they manage to tidy up the beach before spring, it’ll be clean and free of trash for everyone when summer rolls around.

Old Christmas Trees Put to Good Use

In some parts of North Carolina, there’s a special thing that happens every January. People living near the beach are told to take their Christmas trees and put them at the edge of the seawall. Then, a few days later, the authorities cover the trees with sand to make the seawall stronger and stop the beach from wearing away.

Every time we visit the beach, we spot these seawalls. Little did we know, we’ve been standing on a huge mound made up of years’ worth of Christmas trees!

Beware, Beach Hippos Are Hungry

Gotta admit, at first, we totally thought this was a legit hippo emerging from a muddy lake. Surprise, it’s actually a sand hippo rising from a sandy lake! How long do you reckon it took to sculpt something this detailed? Must’ve taken quite a while. But the way it’s halfway out and looks so real, bet the artist is a pro at this, not their first rodeo for sure!

To become a great sand sculptor, practice and learning techniques are key. No need for a huge sandbox; just experimenting with sand helps! Some take classes or join competitions to improve.

Poor Guy Still Looks Happy, Even As A Skeleton

On a Mexican beach, a fortunate person stumbled upon an intact blowfish skeleton nestled in the sand. Luckily, it was already cleaned up by scavengers. This lucky find offered a gleaming, smiling skeleton of one of the sea’s fascinating fish. Not many have seen them alive, let alone their skeletons. That’s why we find this discovery incredibly cool!

The blowfish, also known as pufferfish, has more nicknames than almost any other ocean fish. People call them puffers, balloonfish, blowfish, sugar toads, and a bunch of other fun names.

These Natural Stones Can Be Found Around Lake Michigan

We figured out these stones are from Lake Michigan. But here’s the mystery: why do they glow under UV light? Maybe we missed this in science class, but we’re stumped! Even so, it’s amazing and super exciting for these beginner rock hunters. But are those really just regular rocks?

After looking into it, we found out that several rock types can glow in various colors under UV light. But can any geologists out there help identify these specific ones?

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