18 Amazing Coincidences We Didn’t Believe Were Possible


Sometimes, we are lucky to witness crazy coincidences. And if we didn’t have cameras at our hands, nobody would even believe us.

“My boyfriend and I have matching moles.”


In the intricate mosaic of our lives, a remarkable coincidence emerged—matching moles, tiny constellations on the canvas of our bodies. It’s as though the universe itself conspired to bring us together, aligning the stars in our favor. These seemingly insignificant marks have become symbols of our unique connection, reminding us that love can find its way through the most unexpected avenues, transcending the ordinary and embracing the extraordinary.

Um…no need to share

We’ve all met those people who enjoy sharing way too much detail about their bowel movements. This sliding van door turns XL Pools Ltd into one of them.

Ma’am, you — oh…

What a beautiful dress…in a really unfortunate design and color combo. There’s just no getting around that red flower looks like blood in a very bad place.


Mm, fabulous

If you thought the advertisement splattered with mud was awkward, just wait until you see that caption: “Mm, fabulous!” Are you cringing or laughing?

Keeping it classy

A small portion of this ad has torn away to reveal the old one underneath. Unfortunately, it tore in the perfect place to reveal a kitten, also known by another name.

They’re never ever getting back together

Feast your eyes on these two trucks driving side by side and snap a picture. If you’ve heard the song, you know they’re never getting back together.

I don’t think she’ll appreciate the gesture

If there were a contest for “worst Mother’s Day present,” I think this submission might win. In fact, if you love your mom, don’t get her a cucumber for Mother’s Day.

Yes, of course, for the baby…

Personally, I have a hard time believing that no one spotted this when setting up the store. My guess is that someone did but thought it was hilarious.

New in stock: invisible shoes

I wonder why these shoes made it to the clearance shelf. Is it possibly because no one could see they were there?

Danielle Smith probably wasn’t happy

It’s quite an honor to have your face and name on the side of a bus! It’s a little less honoring to also have two wheels parked prominently on your chest.

Who doesn’t love ice cream?

If you don’t love ice cream, I don’t know what to suggest to help you become a happy person. As evidenced by this shirt/chair combo, even KISS enjoys a double-scoop waffle cone.

These men are confident in their masculinity

These suave male models look absolutely delighted to show off their new hosiery. It’s a good thing they shaved or they would’ve experienced a run.

I don’t know whether to laugh or not

Sometimes, the thing that makes advertising awkward is its placement. Driving by two billboards, it looks like one is the answer to the other’s question.

Mmm, delicious

I know this is an advertisement for ice cream, but next time advertisers might want to steer clear of anything with a model’s tongue on it. It’s just too easy to make it weird.


The woman in the ad is smiling from ear to ear over — well, whatever product she’s advertising. Unfortunately, that wide smile becomes an open mouth when it’s time to fill the gas tank.

And they all lived happily ever after

These cars are making me feel like I missed something important. Can we start over from the beginning? I wasn’t paying attention!

Looks like a blast

This sign is for a church’s yearly vacation Bible school. Unfortunately, that same church also happens to have a graveyard.

Heeeeere’s VALJEAN

This ad pairing has juxtaposed the ad for Les Misérables with an one commemorating Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. I don’t want to imagine what that combo would look like.


This one is funny and terrible at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s terrible enough that some magazine editor might have gotten in a lot of trouble over it.

Two religions represented

Do you want to start looking into religion? On this street, you can attend a Christian Mass and then learn about the Church of the KiteKat.

I’m so uncomfortable

I wonder how many times a day that cashier has to watch people get awkward in the checkout line. I’m going to guess about 100.

Things didn’t go well for Bilbo after his surgery

The marketing designers for the Hobbit movie must’ve thought it was a great idea to have Martin Freeman’s face on the side of a bus! Unfortunately, they forgot about the existence of windows.

Um, no thank you

This is almost too hilarious to be a coincidence. You decide: is it a ridiculously unfortunate sticker placement or a really bored postal worker?

What? LOL

It’s always hilarious when two license plates complement one another. Just take these as an example, which aren’t all that funny on their own. But together, they make an expression of amused confusion.

Nope, don’t like that

I can’t tell whether this ad was placed there on purpose or by accident. Both options are equally disturbing.

Oh, look, a lawsuit on page 22

Dear everyone: maybe we shouldn’t have charities for disabled children and goofy texting ads on the same page. Is that too much to ask for?

Airlines or hairlines?

It’s supposed to say “Czech Airlines,” but with that bald head peeking up over the seat, it’s hard to see it as anything other than “hairlines.” Maybe they should have put a space!

Some people might agree

Some people absolutely love Starbucks and go there for overpriced lattes whenever they can. Others might find themselves nodding and agreeing with this serendipitous statement.

It’s not wrong

This tongue-in-cheek dinosaur book’s title is funny on its own. But it’s even funnier when it’s placed beside the Game of Thrones series.

Are you okay?

Apparently, these “shameless health tricks” involve diarrhea that looks kind of like a protein shake. If that’s what I have to do to get healthy, I think I’d rather be unhealthy, thanks.

Sister cars parked side by side

For such an amazing coincidence, it seems impossible to think it’s happened more than once! But here’s the proof in pewter gray.

How to make everyone uncomfortable during their commute

This billboard combination makes you want to hide your face in your hands, no matter how old you are. How did no one notice that?

Well, now I’m uncomfortable

This ad on the side of a taxi wasn’t supposed to be inappropriate. But now you have to decide if you want to grab a dude’s crotch or just take the bus.

Good time to have a surfboard

This town is experiencing some bad flooding, perhaps from a hurricane. Thankfully, this model is prepared — she’s already on her surfboard!

Finally, an honest business

So many businesses try to sell their services or products with dishonest or exaggerated claims. Not this business! Their motto is “If we can’t, we won’t.”

Uh…think I’ll go to The Gap instead

A word of advice to all the advertisers out there: if you’re selling something with letters on it, always check the arrangement to make sure it doesn’t spell anything awkward. Then maybe check it again.

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