From A Fallen Teen Star To A Fashion School Graduate, Amanda Bynes Has Managed To Find Her Calling

From A Fallen Teen Star To A Fashion School Graduate, Amanda Bynes Has Managed To Find Her Calling

Numerous young celebrities have captured our attention and thrived on screen. This includes renowned figures such as Lindsay Lohan and the Sprouse brothers, among others. As we observe their prosperous careers, many of us feel a sense of parental pride. However, it appears that not all of them experience the luxurious lifestyle that one would expect from a life in the entertainment industry. Amanda Bynes, who used to be ubiquitous, has left her followers questioning her whereabouts after a considerable amount of time.

The Beginning

In 2002, a new name emerged in the world of entertainment – Amanda Bynes. The talented actress gained fame through her starring role in Big Fat Liar, and it appeared that her career was on the rise.

Amanda possessed all the necessary attributes to ascend to the top as a budding star in Hollywood. She had a strong drive for her work, an unwavering determinate to put in the effort, and a charming quality that many found appealing. Unfortunately, it wasn’t too long before some alterations occurred.

Taking A Turn

It appears that by 2019, Amanda Bynes had largely vanished from the public eye despite previously being a prominent figure in her field. What could have caused this change?

There has been a lot of speculation and gossip in the media regarding her personal life beyond her acting career. However, recent discoveries suggest that her troubles may have begun earlier than previously assumed. Despite having the potential to become a permanent fixture in Hollywood, Amanda’s fortunes quickly took a turn for the worse.

Earning Her Degree

Amanda has not been focusing on her acting career lately, but she has been working hard in a different field. Recently, she earned a degree in fashion from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, which suggests her life is about to go in a new direction.

Despite the fact that Amanda had many personal challenges, it appears that she had to put in more effort compared to her peers.

Dedicated To Learning

In 2014, Amanda initially joined the school but was excluded from her class when she started. Later on, she thankfully resumed her studies and completed the rest of her course.

Amanda has been registered in a rehab facility during the last months of her academic course in order to fight her personal problems and to get her life back on the right track. Although she had everything once, her circumstances have shifted.

The Start Of It All

Amanda was soon cast as the leading actor in The Amanda Show shortly after making her entry into the acting industry.

In 1999, the show made its debut featuring Amanda playing various characters and skits such as Judge Trudy, Blockblister, Moody’s Point, and The Girl’s Room. The dancing lobsters was one of the memorable aspects of the show, which captivated young audiences by offering them engaging content to keep them entertained all day. Amanda’s performance infused the show with a fresh energy.

The Amanda Show

Bynes’ journey began when she was approached by Nickelodeon producers who expressed their vision of making her the lead of her own show. They were inspired by The Carol Burnett Show and wanted to create a whole series centered around her.

The Amanda Show quickly gained popularity and established Bynes as a highly talented and humorous performer among her peers. Although the show only lasted for three seasons, Bynes felt it was appropriate for her to explore other opportunities in the world of television and movies.

Moving Forward

Unfortunately, it appears that every positive situation has to reach its conclusion. The creators of the program desired to explore an idea along with other cast members, leading to the birth of Drake and Josh.

Fortunately, Amanda found solace in the TV show What I Like About You, which gained immense popularity after its 2002 release, marking the start of her successful journey in the entertainment industry. Soon enough, the demand for more content grew and Amanda was readily available to cater to the expectations of her followers.

Starting The Spiral

The most exciting part was that Amanda transitioned from appearing on television shows to starring in major films such as She’s The Man and Hairspray.

Bynes achieved great success with the movie Hairspray, which was one of her most successful productions during that period. She even featured in the Hairspray soundtrack, which received a Grammy nomination. Although Bynes reprised her role in Hairspray 2, it was cancelled, unfortunately.

Indefinite Hiatus

In the beginning, she had been cast as the lead in the comedy film Post Grad. However, she withdrew from the project without explaining why and was substituted with Alexis Bledel. This fueled speculations that she was experiencing some personal issues. Nonetheless, her last acting appearance was in 2010 when she played one of the main characters in the film Easy A.

She was scheduled to be the lead in the movie Hall Pass, but she eventually dropped out due to her dissatisfaction with her appearance in the film’s trailer. Bynes declared a break from acting in July 2010, which had no set end date.

What Now?

Bynes was at a loss after she declared her decision to take a break from acting. It was something she had been pursuing for her entire life, but now she felt disconnected and unsure of the direction she should take. She struggled with not feeling a sense of meaning or purpose in her life.

Throughout her entire life, she had been involved in the field of acting and performing. However, at present, she wasn’t doing anything productive with her time, which led her to spend most of her days at home. It was then that Bynes mentioned she had begun associating with an unsavory group of people and withdrawing from social interactions.

Struggling to Find The Right Man

Amanda Bynes has faced challenges in establishing a steady romantic relationship throughout her life. Throughout the years, she has been associated with various actors and individuals in the entertainment industry.

Bynes was in a romantic relationship with Taran Killam who is currently married to Cobie Smulders, during the years 2001 and 2002. Later on, she dated Nick Zano, and a few years after that, she dated Doug Reinhardt but their relationship lasted just a couple of months.

The Odd Couple

Amanda Bynes and Seth MacFarlane looked like an unusual pair when they were seen together during a night out.

In the year 2008, the actress and the Family Guy star were spotted together, which led to rumors that they were dating. This coincidence happened shortly after the actress had lent her voice to a character in the renowned animated series. However, for some reason, the alleged romantic relationship did not last long and quickly ended.

Sorry For Going Too Far

Amanda Bynes may have realized too late that she had ruined her romantic involvement with Kid Cudi by oversharing details about their relationship on social media, leading to the rapper’s decision to end things.

On Tuesday (June 4), she tweeted an apology to Scott Mescudi, expressing regret for questioning his talent. She clarified that her account had been hacked and attributed the previous comments about his looks to the hacker, emphasizing that she did not call him ugly. Rather, she acknowledged that he is not only good-looking, but that they had also been in a romantic relationship in the past and that she had loved him.

Changing Her Behavior

Regrettably, it appeared that Amanda’s career was fading away. It was observed by many that Amanda was unable to move beyond her youthful and endearing roles, which hindered her transformation into the mature actress she aspired to become.

Adding to that, numerous experts reported that Amanda’s conduct had become unpredictable during her time on sets, causing her to become undesirable as a colleague.

She Didn’t Like How She Looked

As it happened, Amanda’s concerns commenced when she was 16, and she began using illicit drugs soon after watching the blockbuster movie, She’s The Man.

Bynes revealed in an interview that when the movie was finally released, she attended its screening but it led her to suffer from severe depression for a few months because she was dissatisfied with her appearance while dressed as a boy. Further, she explained that witnessing herself with short hair and sideburns was an awkward and surreal experience that left her feeling low.

She’s The Man

After shooting the modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, in which Bynes portrayed a teenage girl who disguised herself as a boy to take on her brother’s identity, an unexpected occurrence took place.

The celebrity later admitted to not being satisfied with how she appeared while portraying a male character and sought ways to manage the resulting feelings. Amanda found resorting to forbidden substances as the simplest solution to address this matter.

Own Worst Critic

Despite dealing with issues of low self-esteem regarding her physique, Amanda was determined to maintain her presence in numerous movies. However, her unhealthy behaviors eventually began to negatively impact her efforts.

Amanda acknowledges that her mental well-being became dominant for a considerable period, while the prohibited substances made it challenging for her to recall her lines. Amanda began to criticize herself severely and was dissatisfied with her screen performance, which was impossible for her to overlook.

She Started Working At 7

Given that Amanda Bynes began her career in show business at the tender age of seven, some of the problems she faced in her later years seem to have a plausible explanation.

It is inevitable for a child who begins to perform in movies and television series at the age of 7 to have a non-traditional childhood, and Amanda was a great illustration of this.

How Her Career Began

Bynes started her professional acting career when she was only seven years old, by featuring in a Buncha Crunch candies TV commercial. As a child, she showcased her skills on stage by taking part in various renditions of famous plays such as Annie, The Secret Garden, The Music Man, and The Sound of Music.

After a couple of years, she attended an acting camp at the Los Angeles Laugh Factory, and subsequently got discovered by a network. Bynes started gaining popularity, but there is a noteworthy aspect of her upbringing that has proved advantageous to her in the long term.

Designer Dreams

Despite her focus on acting during her childhood, Amanda Bynes held onto her aspirations of pursuing a career in fashion design.

She used to sketch clothing in her notebook at her house and enjoyed creating illustrations. Her abilities and diverse interests were recognized by her parents when she was young, and for that reason, they allowed her to follow her aspirations. Unbeknownst to her, she would accomplish that goal much later in life.

A Change Of Pace

As Amanda reached the age of 25, she made a decision to completely quit her career in acting and instead spend her time partying. This choice marked a significant transition in her life.

Her attraction to these substances amplified in this place and her ideas were no longer a secret. Amanda frequently shared her opinions about presidents, famous personalities, and the prominence of illegal substances in her life on social media, regardless of whether we approved or not.

Moving Forward

Currently, Amanda hardly ever updates her social media profiles, as she likes to keep her private thoughts undisclosed. In addition, she confesses that she desires to undo everything she has expressed on these platforms.

Amanda expressed negative and hostile behavior towards multiple celebrities in the past, and admits to being dishonest in her previous social media posts. Despite this, Amanda has no desire to return to that state and is determined to progress forward.

A String Of Accidents

A significant event that became widely known was Amanda’s 2012 DUI arrest, where she was charged after allegedly crashing into another vehicle while driving.

Despite facing charges, Amanda resumed driving only four days later. However, her string of reckless behavior began when she reportedly caused a hit-and-run accident on the highway. This was followed by several other incidents over the next couple of months.

Creating A New Life

A few more unusual occurrences followed shortly after, such as sending rude messages on social media, being accused of residing in her car, and being expelled from her spin class because the instructor claimed that Amanda was exhibiting abnormal behavior.

Nevertheless, a significant transformation was on the horizon. Amanda made it known that she was departing for New York to pursue her fashion studies and would be discontinuing her acting career. And there’s more to the story…

Reinventing Herself

Amanda’s management team opted to remove the star as she expressed her disinterest in being associated with Hollywood. Just like many people, we all attempt to transform ourselves as time passes, and it appeared that the star was following suit.

Nevertheless, nobody had anticipated that Amanda would go to such extremes. Amanda posted various pictures on social media, in which she exhibited her recent assortment of wigs and facial piercings. The Amanda that was familiar and adored by all had disappeared.

Taking It Back

At one point, Amanda appeared to hold her parents accountable for many of her failures. Furthermore, she desired to publicly declare that she did not want her parents to have any control over her finances.

At first, Amanda was concerned that her parents would rely on her income. But now, the celebrity has revealed that her mother and father played a crucial role in aiding her recovery and were instrumental in getting her the necessary support.

By Her Side

Amanda was admitted to a rehabilitation center by her parents in 2014 due to the constant scrutiny of the media, which had been unprecedented for someone of her status.

In the past, it used to take a while for news about struggling stars to reach the media. But with Amanda, she was sharing real-time updates about her experiences and hardships throughout her journey.

Too Much Time

Amanda acknowledges that her sudden availability was the reason she drifted towards a negative direction initially. As an actress, she had always been occupied with work.

Nonetheless, things took a different turn when she decided to take a break from the limelight. Amanda claims that she was in search of activities to occupy her time, which led her to associate with questionable people and subsequently transform her life. Suddenly, she was no longer the comical star.

At Its Peak

In 2014, it appeared that everything was reaching its peak. Despite numerous attempts to turn her life around, Amanda shared a number of posts about her family that were subsequently discovered to be false.

Nonetheless, Amanda claimed that the reason for her initial accusations was the microchip implanted in her brain, which was allegedly requested by her father. Shortly after that, Amanda returned to a rehabilitation center.

Snarky Comments on the Internet

In recent years, the Internet and different social networking sites have become more supportive of celebrities dealing with mental health or substance abuse problems. However, prior to this shift in attitude, the Internet tended to be more critical and speculative.

Bynes expressed her discomfort with being labeled by other people’s diagnoses or assumptions, stating that it was never enjoyable for her. She mentioned the numerous headlines throughout the years that tried to assign a certain behavior to her.

Continued Support

Amanda is grateful for leaving her past behind and has been abstinent for the past four years. She acknowledges her family for their support, but also appears to be prioritizing her personal life, taking a hiatus from social media and focusing more on herself.

Although Amanda receives assistance from her rehabilitation centers to prevent her from falling back into her previous ways, it doesn’t imply that the situation is straightforward.

Her New Relationship

Bynes’ Instagram account, only active since September 2019, has been filled with selfies, and it’s rare that she mentions or features anyone else. But early this year, on her Instagram page, she announced her engagement to Paul Michael. A few weeks later, there were rumors that they broke off the relationship, but these reports were later revealed to be false.

Michael and Bynes stated that their Instagram accounts had been hacked. In March 2020, they announced as a couple that they were expecting their first child.

I’m Sorry

There is no denying that Amanda Bynes said some terrible things on social media over the years. Ultimately, her use of illicit substances had a part to play in that and she is regretful for what happened.

amanda bynes 8
“I’m really ashamed and embarrassed with the things I said,” she said. “I can’t turn back time but if I could, I would. And I’m so sorry to whoever I hurt and whoever I lied about because it truly eats away at me.”

A New Spokesperson

Many of the professionals have spoken about Amanda’s recovery and how the star has experienced the worst of the world but has learned how to come out the other side.

In fact, they believe that Amanda now has an entirely new outlook on life as a result. They now feel that Amanda is a great spokesperson for young people who could be tempted by illegal substances as she has been there and seen what they can do.

A New Passion

It turns out that Amanda already has some experience in fashion. The young star teamed up with Steve and Barry’s back in 2007 as she helped to design a range called Dear.

Letting go of acting meant that Amanda had a lot of time on her hands – time that she needed to fill. Amanda started to watch The Hills and realized how much fun some of the stars were having at their fashion class, so she decided to sign up herself.

The Future

After many years in the program, Amanda is now a fully qualified designer. It looks as though the world is her oyster. Amanda admits that she wants to focus on the future and recreating the person that she knows she is rather than the one that many people have grown to know over the years.

However, that’s not all. It seems as though Amanda also has hopes to return to acting. That’s right; Amanda would love to get back in the saddle.

Under a Conservatorship

Following a 2013 incident in which Amanda Bynes allegedly set fire to a driveway, the actress was put under a conservatorship. If this term sounds familiar, it is because another former child actress has also been put under one – Britney Spears.

A conservatorship is when a judge appoints a trusted guardian or a protector to manage the everyday life or financial activities of a person deemed unable to. The actress remains under conservatorship almost a decade later.

A New Year, a New Start?

Though many of us associate Amanda Bynes with her roles as a child actress or teen, she is actually in her mid-thirties. While it may seem like the past decade or so has been filled with everything from substance abuse to strange social media posts, her lawyer hopes that the actress will find some inner clarity.

He told one media outlet that the actress is living by the beach as she attends classes and that she fills her time with meditation and spinning classes.

A Promising Music Career

Fans of the actress know that she has some serious musical talent. Not only did she act in the film adaptation of Hairspray, but she also contributed two songs to the film’s soundtrack. In January 2021, she shared a snippet of her rap song called “Diamonds”.

The song featured her fiancé, Paul Michael rapping under the stage name Precise. Though the song was a departure from the songs featured in Hairspray, fans were still supportive of her burgeoning rap career.

The Night That Changed Everything

By 2013, Amanda Bynes had already shown signs of mental health struggles and issues with substance abuse. Little did fans know that things were about to get worse for the troubled star. That July, Bynes was placed under an involuntary psychiatric hold known as a 5150 hold.

The actress was spotted near a canister of gas and a driveway on fire. Believing she could be a danger to herself or to others, she was held for up to 72 hours. Following this incident, she was also placed under a conservatorship.

Love Is Hard

While Bynes’ erratic behavior and social media posts have typically been the center of attention, her love life has also been making the headlines. After announcing her engagement to Paul Michael in 2020, the two have been involved in an on-again-off-again relationship for years.

With both taking a break from social media, fans have turned to paparazzi shots of the couple to understand their relationship status. As of late 2021, the couple is still together.

In it Together

Many believe that one of the reasons why Amanda Bynes and her fiancé, Paul Michael, have such a strong bond is that they have both faced similar struggles. Bynes met Michael while the two were living in a sober living home.

After dating for just three months, Michael asked the star to marry him. Even as the two work hard to maintain their sobriety and relationship, Michael is very supportive of Bynes calling her his “best friend.”

Cryptic New Ink

In addition to sporting a heart-shaped face tattoo, the former star showed off some new body art with a very cryptic phrase. In the summer of 2020, fans spotted her new ink which reads, “See you on the other side” in small cursive letters.

While many speculate that the tattoo can symbolize a variety of different things, many feel that it may have a darker meaning as the phrase is often used in the context of death or a breakup.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Although she was an internationally-recognized star when she enrolled in Los Angeles’ Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, she still had to work hard. Many of Bynes’ classes involved learning more about the business side of the fashion industry.

One of her favorite courses was her Merchandising Math class in which she learned about retail mark-up, retail value, and pricing merchandise. Though she was never a fan of math, the course changed her mind.

Her Teachers Loved Her

While Bynes wasn’t getting the best praise from social media followers or the paparazzi, the former actress made a positive impact on her professors. Kathi Gilbert, an assistant dean of admissions at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising told Paper Magazine, “Instructors love her. Love her,” and that she was an “amazing student”.

After earning an Associate’s of Arts degree in Merchandise Product Development, the actress announced that she would like to continue studying in order to earn her Bachelor’s Degree.

She Helped Make Channing Tatum a Star!

Many recognize Hollywood heartthrob Channing Tatum from Magic Mike, but the actor’s early roles were actually far tamer. Tatum got his big break in Bynes’ comedy, What a Girl Wants. Bynes revealed that she “fought for Channing [to get cast in] that movie because he wasn’t famous yet.”

Though producers worried Tatum was too old for the role, Bynes apparently told them, “This guy’s a star — every girl will love him!” It turns out that she was right, Tatum is one of the most in-demand actors at the moment!

Back On The Gram

Amanda Bynes’s resurgence was in full effect when she returned to Instagram in explosive fashion after reopening her account and sharing an awesome selfie. Gone are the days when she sported blonde hair.

Instead, she is now rocking a bright pink look and the internet went crazy. In less than 24 hours, she accumulated over 50,000 followers. Bynes is also wearing a hip nose ring. And it didn’t take long before Bynes added another photo, sending fans crazy again!

Graduation Goals

As previously mentioned, Amanda Bynes has been loving life ever since graduating from FIDM as a qualified designer. Shortly after relaunching her Instagram account and racking up tens of thousands of followers, she posted a selfie of her with one of her co-students during that unforgettable day.

There is no denying that this was one of the brightest periods in Amanda’s life so far and she is ready to sink her teeth into the world of fashion design. That’s not all she posted though…

From Pink To Purple!

It seemed like fans were struggling to keep up with Amanda Bynes’s hair color. With each photo she posted on her Instagram account, her hair appeared to change color!

This time, she simply posted a photo of herself with purple hair and out of nowhere, it generated over 15,000 likes and thousands of comments. It was clear that her sheer presence captured the imaginations of many fans. However, the photo that got the most reactions was just around the corner…

She’s Getting A Tattoo?

Before her fans got the chance to react to her pink locks, Amanda Bynes posted another photo of her reverting back to her blonde hair!

However, she was quick to confirm that it was taken before she dyed her hair pink. This time, she was taking a photo of herself in a tattoo shop, making fans wonder if she was going to get a tattoo or not. “@ the tattoo shop before I went pink! With the amazing @tattoosbyspooky,” she wrote.

Veronica Lake was a movie star and pin-up girl of the 1940s. However, her stardom quickly diminished due to several tragedies in her life – mental health instability and addiction struggles were at the forefront of her decline. And while she is hardly a household name today, her life is a true testament to a Hollywood tragedy. Read on and find out why!

A Terrible Loss

While filming the 1944 drama The Hour Before the Dawn, a pregnant Veronica tripped over a cable on-set and suffered the ultimate tragedy – the loss of her baby. The accident had caused the actress to hemorrhage and upon arriving at hospital, doctors were able to deliver the baby.

However, her child only survived for one week after being born. Veronica was able to be a mother and later gave birth to three more children.

An Alienated Ending

When Lake passed away, she wasn’t in a good place with her friends and family. The actress had alienated herself from her loved ones so much so that her funeral was poorly attended.

Her ashes weren’t even taken proper care of and ended up allegedly being passed around from her ghostwriter Donald Bain in New York to her friend William Roos. He was supposed to scatter her ashes in Miami.

Her Misplaced Ashes

Lake’s ashes weren’t even displayed at her funeral. Instead the urn landed up at William Roos’s home. It is believed that an off-Broadway producer took a liking to Lake’s urn and Roos by accident sent him her ashes, instead of the urn.

Many question Will’s motives here but it is possible that he mistakenly mailed the wrong packages. Lake’s ashes somehow found their way to being on display in an antique store in the Catskills.

A Difficult Diagnosis

Since her childhood, Veronica’s mental health was of great concern and it wasn’t long until she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Her illness became a fundamental struggle in her life which impacted her both professionally and personally.

Her common symptoms included paranoia, muddled thinking, auditory hallucinations and dysfunctional relationships with most people – including her friends and family. It’s safe to say that the beautiful actress’s life was far from glamorous.

On-Set Behavior

Due to Lake’s illness, she struggled with interpersonal relationships and gained a bad reputation for being difficult to work with. Her volatile on-set behavior started to affect her ability to land roles as directors were hesitant to cast her.

Veronica’s co-star Joel McCrae from the film Sullivan’s Travels (as seen above) was offered an opportunity to work alongside her in I Married A Witch. The actor turned down the role and reportedly responded, “Life’s too short for two films with Veronica Lake.”

Her Final Days

Lake suffered from her illness until her last breath. As she grew older, she became more and more paranoid which led her to live a reclusive lifestyle. She moved around from Hollywood to Florida and later New York because she believed the FBI were tapping her phone.

Veronica was then hospitalized in Vermont due to acute hepatitis from her excessive drinking. She spent her last days signing autographs for nurses in the hospital. It’s unclear whether or not her children were present at this time.


In the end, Veronica passed away due to kidney failure on July 7th in 1973. Her alcoholism from over the years had destroyed her insides. When asked about why the successful star turned to drinking in the first place – it is believed that she used booze to self-medicate from her illness and deal with fame.

Back in 1960, Sue Cameron, a TV columnist for The Hollywood Reporter recalled meeting Lake and thinking the actress was in her 70s even though she was just 47 at the time.

Her Iconic Hairstyle

Lake was famous for her thick locks that were brushed over her right eye. In fact, her hairstyle became so popular that Government officials asked her to change her look during WW11 – they saw it as a safety concern as assembly line workers who copied Lake had impaired vision.

Surprisingly enough, her unique hairstyle was an accident. During one of her first films, her hair came undone and fell across her face. Both Veronica and the directors liked the look and very quickly so did the entire country.

Her Empty Funeral

Funerals are known to be incredibly sad as is, but Lake’s was particularly unfortunate due to the lack of attendants. None of her four ex-husbands were seen there and while her second husband, Andre de Toth, did show, he was particularly bitter.

So much so that when her son Michael requested help from de Toth to pay for her cremation, he aggressively refused. In the end her son had to take out a loan to go to Vermont and claim her body.

Her Life-Changing Role

When an actor or actress lands a role that leads to a bunch more in successful films, this is known as a breakthrough role in Hollywood. That moment came for Lake in her 1941 drama I Wanted Wings which was about romances between Air Corps soldiers.

Something about Lake’s look caught the attention of director Preston Sturges and this snowballed her career opportunities. After starring in a series of acclaimed films, she changed her name from Constance Frances Marie Ockelman to Veronica Lake.

Hollywood’s New It Girl

It’s not often Hollywood breeds overnight successes but Lake was one of the exceptions. When she starred as a femme fatale opposite actor Alan Ladd in the classic nor film This Gun for Hire, she became the talk of the town.

Audiences were starstruck by her unique beauty and style. The 1942 film catapulted Lake’s fame and made her into a Hollywood It Girl for a brief period in her life.

Her Honest Truth

Even though Veronica Lake is known as a famous American film, stage, and TV actress, she knew her acting abilities were limited. Instead of focusing on technical talent, she was more of an on-screen personality and both directors and audience members seemed to appreciate that about her.

When asked about her acting craft she even said, “You could put all the talent I had into your left eye and still not suffer from impaired vision.”

Her Up-and-Down Career

In 1944, Lake portrayed a Nazi spy in the movie The Hour Before the Dawn. This role is considered to be the beginning of Veronica’s decline as she received poor reviews for her bad German accent and overall performance.

Though she got a role in the acclaimed 1946 film The Blue Dahlia, her acting reputation was no longer credible and she struggled to get subsequent roles. By 1948, Paramount Pictures had canceled her contract.

Growing Pains

Lake’s childhood resembled her later life – full of instability. Her father was never home because he worked at an oil rig and when Veronica was just 10 years old, he died in a freak accident. Just one year later her mother remarried but then soon after she was diagnosed with tuberculosis.

The family uprooted from Manhattan to Saranac Lake for better medical treatment. During this time Veronica was suffering from her own struggles due to her illness.

Strained Relations

Veronica’s role as a mother didn’t come without its own set of challenges. After the horrible accident on-set that led to her losing a child, the actress was fortunate enough to have three more children – Elaine, Michael, and Diane.

Later on in life, she even had three grandchildren but she admitted in interviews that she rarely saw her family. At the time of Lake’s death, she was surrounded by more doctors than close relations.

A Fall From Grace

After being a Hollywood star in the ‘40s and ‘50s, Lake’s fame and fortune started to drastically decline as directors refused to cast her. By the early ‘60s, she had traded in her A-list acting career for working as a cocktail waitress and hostess.

She strongly denied her financial woes when the press found out about her new occupation. In fact, she had a stint back in the spotlight when she was interviewed about her change in path.

Goodbye Fame

During the interviews she gave when she defended her financial status, Veronica claimed she was paying a whopping $190 per month in rent. Today that’s the equivalent to around $1600 which strongly suggests the former actress was not broke.

However, her status as a Hollywood elite diminished once she began to lose roles and never was reclaimed. Her illness, poor behavior, and lack of professionalism took their toll on her career.

Broken Marriages

Lake was married four times in her lifetime. Initially, she married art film director William Detlie and after divorcing him she went on to marry another director. Her second husband was Andre De Toth – with whom she had the most tumultuous marriage. After declaring bankruptcy the couple divorced in 1952.

She then married music producer Joseph McCarthy but by the end of the ‘50s the two had split. Her last husband Robert Carelton-Munro was a naval officer but they were actually in the process of divorcing when she died.

Lake Inspired Lynn

The film L.A. Confidential about the character Lynn Bracken was actually inspired by Veronica Lake’s tragic life. The movie centers around the darkness of Hollywood and its “city of stars.”

Kim Basinger plays the female lead and her side-swept hairstyle noticeably resembles Lake’s. Whether Veronica would have liked it or not, her tragic life made an impression. Even though the movie isn’t based entirely on truth, there are true stories included.

The Fibbing Begins

Veronica Lake lived a life that you only really see in movies. From the drama to the skepticism, there’s still so much that is unknown. For example, even Lake’s birth date is in question. While several sources say she was born in 1919, a 1920 Census claimed that her father was childless at the time.

Then a 1930 Census claimed that Lake was around seven years old at the time, which would make her birthday in 1922 more plausible. She herself mentioned in her autobiography that she was born in 1922.

The Fibbing Continues

There are a few common lies that people will fabricate about themselves – how old they are, where they were born, and where they studied. Veronica fibbed about at least two of these facts in her life.

Besides her highly contested birthday, Lake also claimed to have attended Montreal’s McGill University. She continued with this fib in several biographies until she eventually came clean and apologized to the university for lying.

Her Ancestry

From the sounding of Lake’s surname, many gathered she came from German descent and this is true but only partly. Veronica’s father was indeed German but only on his father’s side. His mother was Irish and both of Lake’s mother’s parents were also first-generation Irish-American.

Therefore, considering that both Veronica’s mother, maternal grandparents, and paternal grandmother were all of Irish descent, we hope she was able to visit the Emerald Isle in her lifetime.

How She Started

As a teenager, Veronica’s family traded in the East Coast of New York for the summerly West Coast climate of Beverly Hills. After the move, Lake received a contract from the MGM film studio which is known as the Beverly Hills Playhouse today.

They enrolled her at the Bliss-Hayden School of Acting which was an “acting farm” that MGM controlled. Back in this Old Hollywood Era, farms were more commonly used as institution spaces.

She Could Fly

While many ridicule Lake for her lies and bad reputation in the acting industry, she did have a few accomplishments under her belt that people cannot challenge. Her pilot’s license was one of them.

She decided to acquire the license while buying a plane for her then-husband Andre de Toth. Unfortunately, as we now know, the marriage fell apart but in the end, Lake did fly a plane from Los Angeles to New York after obtaining her license in 1946.

Her International Schooling

While Veronica never studied at McGill in Montreal, she did however go to school nearby. When Lake was a child she went to St. Bernard’s School in New York and was then sent to Montreal to an all-girls Catholic school called Villa Maria.

To this day, the school still exists but is now co-ed. It is also important to note that Lake was expelled from Villa Maria for unknown reasons.

Reunited at Long Last

Lake and actor Joel McCrea had a public feud to the point where he refused to work with her again. However, in 1947 the two actually reconciled to star alongside each other in the Western film Ramrod.

How bad could their row have been if they were able to reunite on-screen? Then again, it couldn’t have been a walk in the park because the two never went on to collaborate after this film.

When I Grow Up

When Lake was a young girl, she never dreamed about becoming a movie star. Instead, she hoped to become a surgeon. We now can better understand why she lied about attending a premedical course at McGill.

It doesn’t make it right of course, but it does put it into context. And while Veronica never got to fulfill her dream, she was able to wear the white coat when she acted as a doctor in one of her films.

Walk of Fame

While Lake experienced fleeting fame, her popularity for being a box office attraction and pin-up girl in the ‘40s, earned her a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She went to visit her star on her last trip to Los Angeles back in 1971.

Unfortunately, she passed away just two years later. If anyone is interested in seeing the late actress’s star, head to 6918 Hollywood Boulevard. Pretty impressive, right?

Dynamite in Small Packages

The expression of how “Dynamite comes in small packages” basically means that something doesn’t need to be big in size in order to make an impact. Lake is a great example of this because the actress was just 4’11” in height. Her shortness proved to be helpful in her 1946 film The Blue Dahlia.

She co-starred alongside Alan Ladd who was 5’6” and normally required his female counterpart to wear high heels in order to look bigger. Their dynamic worked so well that the pair acted in a total of seven films together.

Her Italian Double

In the movie industry, it’s still common practice to have voice actors dub into other languages when showing the films internationally. So, when Lake’s films came out in Italy, the Italian actress Rosetta Calavetta was her go-to voice dubber.

In fact, Calavetta was involved in all but one of Lake’s films. We’re assuming that she was most disappointed when Veronica’s acting career declined as Rosetta’s stable income would have gone too.

Don’t Sing!

Lake’s voice wasn’t only dubbed for foreign languages. While she was praised for her role in the 1942 comedy musical Star Spangled Rhythm, the actress’s singing voice was not actually hers.

Instead, Martha Mears, who was a famous radio singer at the time, dubbed over Lake’s. Now before you become all judgemental, this was common practice in Old Hollywood and Mears also dubbed for stars like Lucille Ball, Eva Gabor, and Rita Hayworth.

Her Name Change

When Constance Frances Marie Ockelman traded in her name in favor of Veronica Lake, fans just assumed it was her own creation. But much like everything else in the industry, the decision came from someone above.

Arthur Hornblow Jr. was the producer who cast Lake in the military drama I Wanted Wings and when he saw the young actress, he thought of the name. His invention apparently came from looking at her “calm and clear” blue eyes.

And the Oscar Goes to

When Lake starred in the war drama So Proudly We Hail!, she received rave reviews. The film went on to receive Academy Award nominations and was even adapted into a radio show shortly after it came out in cinemas.

While Veronica was happy she played the role again for radio, she felt left out when she wasn’t nominated for any Oscars. Especially since her co-star in the film, Paulette Goddard, was.

Setbacks on Set

Lake’s reputation in the industry stemmed from her poor behavior which became apparent on the set of her breakthrough film I Wanted Wings. Not only did she clash with her co-stars but she also fought with the director Mitchell Leisen.

She would also notoriously show up late to filming. This bad pattern was eventually stopped after Lake was ordered to stay on set. Once the actress became on time to shoot, tensions simmered down.

A First for Everything

Veronica’s final acting role came in the 1970 low-budget horror picture entitled Flesh Feast. Not only did she act in it but she also co-produced. And thanks to the film’s intriguing title, its theatrical life spanned over 13 years.

Initially, it was seen as a second or third-billed movie alongside other more renowned horror movies but even in 1983, audiences could still see it in theaters.

Recognize Me?

You just might be scratching your head thinking that you’ve seen Veronica Lake’s face before. If you’re one of these people, you’re absolutely right. Her side-swept hairstyle inspired the Disney character Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

However, it is important to mention that this redheaded cartoon was also inspired by other Old Hollywood starlets like Rita Hayworth, Gene Tierney and Jayne Mansfield. Even though Lake’s look might only have a passing resemblance today, at least her iconic hairstyle lives on.

Boston Buzz

Lake visited Boston in 1944 when she got involved with a war bond drive that was taking place there. She was even auctioned off and took part in a performance in order to raise funds. However, despite this goodwill, she received a lot of backlash for the rude comments she made there.

Reporters go as far as to say that this event contributed to her Hollywood fall as it was around this time that she started to lose film roles.

A New Beginning

Many would see Lake’s later life as a fall from grace but during her time working as a cocktail waitress at Martha Washington Hotel in Manhattan, she was pretty happy.

Reports from 1952 claim that she had a new alias and was motivated by her more humble job. Lake enjoyed interacting with customers who didn’t know of her and saw this period in her life as a silver lining.

Fan Mail

When word got out that Veronica was a broke cocktail waitress after exiting Hollywood, many fans started sending her money through the mail. Lake would then send the funds back and explain she was financially sound but choosing to live a different lifestyle.

One of the alleged fans who sent her money was Marlon Brando. The high-profile American actor sent Lake a $1000 cheque that she decided to keep and frame on the wall.

When Things Worsened

Lake’s acting career went from bad to worse when she starred in two failed films back-to-back. The first was The Hour Before the Dawn and the second was the musical Bring on the Girls which was released the year after.

It is believed that during this time she turned to her unhealthy addictions to numb the pain of being alienating professionally. She began to shy away from everyone, including her own family.

An Ever-Lasting Review

Film critics are known to be crass but when Lake starred in the 1948 comedy Isn’t It Romantic, she received an award-winningly harsh review. Renowned film critic Leonard Maltin was even entered into the Guinness World Records for his commentary because it was the shortest one ever recorded in American history.

Maltin simply wrote “No” in response to the movie’s title. Ouch! That’s got to sting a little. Though, sometimes less is more, right?

Ahead of the Times

One of Veronica’s most loved films was the adventure picture Slattery’s Hurricane which honored Navy pilots. In fact, the tribute film was even shown in a special screening to passengers onboard a 90-ton aircraft called Constitution.

Lake believed that this event inspired later in-flight screenings and was quoted saying “If they only knew.” Well, if that is the case then she was indeed part of history in the making.

Mother-Daughter Dynamics

It isn’t very hard to believe that Lake and her mother had a tricky relationship considering that so many of her personal relationships were fractured as an adult.

As a young girl, Veronica was pushed into an acting career by her mom and even when she achieved fame, the relationship remain strained. At a point in time, she was even sued by her mother dearest for lack of support.

The Mother She Wasn’t

It’s very unfortunate that Veronica couldn’t break the cycle when she became a mother. Instead of smothering her children in love that she never received, she continued on with the coldness she was custom to. She blamed her divorces for never really getting close to her children.

However, in her later years she was very open about her regrets for being an absent mother. Yet, she was never able to really fix things with any of her kids.

Her Hate for Hollywood

While most will argue that Hollywood swallowed her up and spit her out, Lake claimed she was happy to leave and viewed the film industry as a shallow place that destroys people. She often spoke out about what the ramifications of fame and fortune can do to a person.

She also hated being typecast as a ‘sex-symbol.’ In her eyes, this is what made her pack up her belongings and children to leave Hollywood in 1951.

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