Alicia Silverstone’s Unique Parenting Methods Have Got Everyone Talking

Alicia Silverstone’s Unique Parenting Methods Have Got Everyone Talking

During the 1990s, Alicia Silverstone became famous for her role as Cher Horowitz in the teenage film Clueless. Although she remains active in Hollywood, it is her parenting that has recently gained attention. Alicia, who is 46 years old, is the mother of an 11-year-old son named Bear Blu Jarecki. Their upbringing has been unusual.

Bear’s Parents

Bear’s mother is a well-known figure, while his musician father Christopher Jarecki is not as widely recognized. Christopher and Alicia first crossed paths outside a cinema and maintained a relationship for eight years before tying the knot.

In 2011, the couple had a child named Bear and even though they had problems in their marriage, they both continued to be involved parents in Bear’s life. However, in 2018, Alicia and Christopher ended their 20-year relationship in divorce. Nevertheless, they still share the responsibility of Bear’s upbringing and are committed to collaborating in a harmonious co-parenting relationship.

The Controversy

Alicia’s parenting was criticized in 2012 after she shared a video on her website, The Kind Life, in which she fed her 10-month-old son Bear with pre-chewed food from her mouth.

The decision created a lot of controversy and people began to doubt Alicia’s parenting skills. However, the actress does not view it as problematic and has argued that it is a natural phenomenon that has been happening for centuries.

Alicia’s Parenting Style

Alicia is known for practicing attachment parenting which is among the various methods for bringing up kids. This approach concentrates on establishing a bond between a parent and their child in terms of emotions and physical closeness.

An illustration of this would be practices like carrying the baby, sharing the same bed and acknowledging crying as a communication tool, rather than misbehavior or deception. The fundamental principle of attachment parenting is that the bond between a parent and child will affect the child’s future relationships. However, Alicia expresses her parenting approach in a distinct manner.

A Natural Mom

Alicia sees herself as an instinctive mother who follows her natural inclinations. She feels that her love for her children is authentic and rooted in her belief in the power of love and nature. However, she believes that society is afraid of these concepts.

When inquired about her bond with Bear, Alicia highlighted that it resembles the parenting style observed in the wilderness. In any natural habitat where animals exist, putting your infant in a separate location could result in them becoming preyed upon. Therefore, it is not preferable for the infant to be placed elsewhere.

Alicia’s Household

Alicia’s residence is environmentally conscious, featuring solar panels and an organic garden for vegetables. The family practices composting, uses their own shopping bags, and avoids buying disposable items. Additionally, both Alicia and Bear follow a vegan lifestyle and have taken in several rescued pets over time.

I strive to be a good role model by making environmentally-friendly choices throughout the day. As a result, Bear has become a mini environmentalist, showing compassion, love, curiosity, and awareness for our planet.

Medical Choices

Alicia has a dislike towards modern medicine and believes in allowing Bear’s body to regulate itself. The performer asserts that her child has never required any medical aid, such as antibiotics and vaccinations.

I’m not implying that I wouldn’t provide it to him, but my point is that he doesn’t really require it. This child has only experienced being unwell twice in his entire life, for a brief period of time. On those two occasions, he simply said, “Mummy, I’m not feeling well. I’m going to lay down.”

Gender Fluid

Bear’s parents do not impose societal standards on him, particularly pertaining to gender. Bear has previously faced ridicule for his lengthy hair, however, he opted to maintain it and Alicia backed his choice.

Mama and Papa won’t hinder him from being himself. We find his hair charming and we love him for who he is. We don’t want to impose any norms that dictate the appropriate hairstyle for boys or girls. It’s important to accept our children and their choices wholeheartedly without being critical.

Letting Go of Bear’s Locks

When Bear turned nine, he felt it was time for a transformation, leading him to chop off his long hair that reached his waist. This was quite a drastic change for Alicia, who now sees her son looking more like a child rather than an infant.

Despite the fact that the actress needs to acclimate to it, she is fond of Bear’s new appearance. Nonetheless, she has a hunch that he will regrow his hair shortly. While waiting for this, she is making sure to protect his loose hair strands.

Bath Time

Taking a bath is a cherished activity for the Silverstone family, but the way in which Alicia and Bear take pleasure in this ritual is frowned upon by certain individuals. Specifically, the mother and son used to bathe together, but it remains unclear whether or not they still engage in this behavior now that Bear is nine years old.

Even though a lot of supporters thought it was not a suitable choice, some highlighted that this practice is common in different cultures. For certain followers, it was difficult to comprehend how the Silverstones manage their bath time with a little child as it doesn’t seem like a calming experience.


Like bath time, Bear and Alicia also share bedtime together. As of July 2022, the actress and her 11-year-old son still sleep in the same bed. Alicia acknowledged that she might get criticized for saying it, but she doesn’t really mind.

She was right in assuming that the practice was widely criticized by many fans who believed it to be completely incorrect and almost predatory. However, some individuals also shared their own experiences of either sleeping with their parents or with their children and stated that it did not seem unusual to them.

Potty Training

In the past, during the time when Bear was a young infant, Alicia held some unusual ideas about toilet training. Silverstone prefers a method called elimination communication, where diapers are not necessary.

Alicia suggests that parents should observe their child’s behavior to identify signs that indicate the need for the baby to use the toilet, and then help them over the toilet. As per Alicia’s experience, this approach is very effective, and her baby Bear was toilet trained at a very young age of six months.

No Stroller? No Problem!

Alicia, who subscribes to attachment parenting, chose not to use a stroller for her son Bear during his early years as she believed it was essential for her child’s growth and development to be physically near her.

Alicia preferred to hold Bear or use a sling rather than use diapers, strollers, or cribs, which she describes as neglectful. She believes in returning to traditional parenting practices and eliminating excess.

No Need for Discipline

According to Alicia, discipline is unnecessary as she believes that Bear’s mood is well-controlled due to his plant-based diet. She notices a calm and composed demeanor in Bear, which indicates that he is not out of control.

I don’t need to shout or use punishment to correct my child’s behavior. All I have to do is politely refuse his request and he listens. This works well for us because my child is calm and understanding.

A Tech-Free Home

It’s somewhat paradoxical that even though Alicia works as an actress, Bear hardly ever views films. This is due to the fact that the Silverstone family prefers to keep technology usage to a minimum in their household. Alicia and Bear may indulge in watching a movie once in a while, but they would rather have valuable bonding moments rather than constantly staring at screens.

Bear and Alicia both relish being outside, engaging in physical activity, and frolicking with their furry companions. Alicia joyfully declares that they have never felt bored, even though they don’t utilize any electronic gadgets.

Bear’s Seal of Approval

Presently, Alicia is in search of romantic affection, however, any individual desiring to establish a close relationship with the performer must first acquire the approval of another individual named Bear. Alicia makes sure to keep her son up-to-date regarding all her rendezvous and will not contemplate pursuing a relationship with anyone until Bear is satisfied.

Alicia has revealed that she is currently using multiple dating apps and is enthusiastic about exploring potential romantic relationships. However, she acknowledges that certain aspects of navigating the dating scene can be perplexing. This disclosure was made in 2021.


Despite ending their romantic relationship, Alicia and Christopher (Bear’s dad) have a great relationship and enjoy working together to raise their child. Alicia has commented that they all function well together as a team.

Alicia believes that her consistent communication with Christopher and their continued friendship is one of the reasons why Bear is doing well. She also thinks that Bear benefits from the fact that his parents have opposing lifestyles, as he gets to witness both perspectives.

A Free Thinker

Alicia has shown that she is not hesitant to do things differently and is determined to teach her son Bear to think independently. The actor often advises her son to be curious about everything and to not blindly accept what others say.

Silverstone leads by example and makes sure that Bear witnesses her not conforming to the majority and instead critically analyzing and closely examining things.

Activism Runs in the Family

Alicia is an advocate for veganism and it appears that as Bear ages, he is becoming more inclined towards adopting his mother’s beliefs. The Silverstone family believes that their vegan way of living has contributed significantly to Bear’s outstanding physical fitness, his well-behaved nature, and Alicia’s ability to conceive.

Alicia has expressed her son’s excellent health by commenting, “He is a great representation of good health”. He follows a plant-based diet, just like his mother who has been a vegan since 1998. Bear has been following a vegan lifestyle from his birth.

Cribs = Neglect

As previously stated, Alicia regards placing a child in a crib as neglectful behavior. In addition, she is of the opinion that children ought to sleep together with their parents in the same bed for as long as they please. Thus, it is not unexpected that Alicia has some quite critical remarks concerning cribs.

According to her, parents who confine their children in an enclosed space without any interaction or companionship miss out on the chance to create a strong emotional connection with them. Conversely, when parents share a sleeping space with their babies, they are more attuned to their infant’s requirements, leading to the development of feelings of safety and faith.


It may seem that a parenting style that involves strong attachment would result in a child relying heavily on their parent, but Alicia argues that Bear is actually more self-reliant than many other kids his age. According to Alicia, the purpose of attachment parenting is to foster a deep bond between parent and child, which ultimately allows the child to feel secure enough to explore the world on their own.

She persisted by saying, “It’s saddening, but necessary. My child is enormously self-sufficient because he consistently makes the correct judgments [in my opinion]. He’s truly remarkable.”

Alicia’s Parenting Book

Alicia published a book on parenting called The Kind Mama in the year 2014. The book provides guidance on how to improve fertility, enjoy a healthy pregnancy, have a smooth childbirth, and a lovely beginning for the baby.

Silverstone wrote The Kind Mama with the intention of providing women with a guide that would allow them to have the experience they deserve. However, despite her intentions, the book received a range of reviews and has been thoroughly examined by experts in childcare.

The Backlash

Alicia receives criticism for her book, The Kind Mama, as many argue that it contains mostly personal stories and lacks scientific evidence. They also contend that much of the advice given in the book can be detrimental to a child’s overall health and welfare.

Alicia clarifies that she did not claim to be a specialist, and her book only includes the parenting methods that have been successful for her. She explains that all the content in the book is provided to inform and offer possible solutions, and it is ultimately up to the reader’s discretion to choose what works for them. She emphasizes that it is perfectly acceptable if someone opts not to follow the suggestions in the book.

Proud of Her Choices

Despite the backlash, Alicia is proud of her parenting choices and the book she’s written. She says that women on the street often approach her to thank her for the parenting advice that changed their lives.

The actress believes that motherhood and activism have given her purpose and she’s making a positive change in the world. As for the critics, Silverstone says, “Anyone who has issues with it can have them; it doesn’t affect me.”

Kisses on the Lips

People tend to be very opinionated as to whether or not parents should kiss their children on the lips. Given how much importance Alicia puts on physical bonding, it’s unsurprising that she has no problem showing Bear affection with a quick peck on the lips.

The actress even joked that Bear was a bit confused after watching Clueless for the first time and he thought that he was supposed to French kiss his mom, as was done in the movie.

The Rules of Social Media

Being a celebrity parent, Alicia obviously can’t control what photos the paparazzi take of Bear or where they’ll get posted. That being said, she does try to respect her son’s privacy when it comes to her own social media account.

Alicia doesn’t upload anything involving Bear onto the internet unless he agrees to it first. So far, it seems that the 11-year-old is happy to share his life with his mother’s fans.

Mom to the Rescue

Many parents of young children believe in the ‘cry it out’ or self-soothing method. This means letting one’s baby cry until they’re finished or comfort themselves, rather than running to console them. The idea is to teach the child independence.

Alicia disagrees with this method, though, and instead was always there whenever Bear was upset. Silverstone believes that anything other than being present for a crying child disrupts the trust babies have that their parents will take care of them.

Alicia Knows to Be Selfish

While being a mother is a selfless job, Alicia firmly believes that she needs some time to focus on her needs in order to be a better mom to Bear.

The actress makes sure that she gets some time to herself each day, that she’s eating well, and sleeping enough. Alicia believes that not only does this allow her to be more emotionally healthy for Bear, but it also teaches him not to neglect his own self-care.

But Doesn’t Want to Miss Anything

Although she knows the importance of having time for herself, Alicia also doesn’t want to miss any aspect of Bear’s childhood. Silverstone tries to spend as much time with her son as possible and to always be mentally and emotionally present when they’re together.

Alicia explains, “It’s not some kind of spoiled thing. It’s just that when you love someone, you want to take them in and soak them in. And many of us didn’t get that.”

Will Bear Get Siblings?

It seems that having more kids isn’t in the cards for Alicia. However, that’s not for lack of want. The 46-year-old explained, “I wanted to have more [kids], but then my relationship got messed up, and it wasn’t a great time to bring one in.”

“I didn’t want to have one right away because I was so in love with my Bear […] so it wasn’t until he was like three that I was ready to make another baby and then I didn’t have a partner.”

Alicia’s View on Motherhood

Alicia knows that her parenting methods have sparked controversy, but she doesn’t seem to care. “The things I’m doing I’m not inventing, I didn’t invent any of it. I would love to take credit for all of it but it’s not me unfortunately, it’s just me following nature.”

Silverstone is at peace with the knowledge that her family is happy and healthy. And she loves being a mother! As she’s said, “Being a mom is the most precious, most unbelievable experience in this world.”

Parenting while living a pretty “normal” life can be hard for A-listers. This is even tougher for celebrities who have to parent in the public eye. Parenting as a celeb often leads to harsh criticism by those who disagree with the rules that celebrity parents enforce in their homes, and Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to this criticism. Her unique parenting style has raised a few eyebrows over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the stricter rules that Paltrow has enforced in her home as she raises her children. We’ll also look at some of the rules that her ex-husband Chris Martin doesn’t agree with.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Path to Motherhood

Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her roles in movies like Shakespeare in Love, Emma, Seven, and Sliding Doors. Shortly after meeting Coldplay frontman Chris Martin backstage at one of his gigs in October 2002, the pair quickly embarked on a whirlwind romance that saw them married a few months later in 2003.

Their wedding was a big secret, and the couple only announced their union to the world a few months later. The couple welcomed daughter Apple in 2004 and went on to have their second child, son Moses, two years later in 2006.

The Marriage Fell Apart

Unfortunately, too many differences (and a rumor of infidelity) caused the couple to separate in 2014. Their divorce was finalized in 2016. The separation came as a surprise to many people who thought that the marriage was a match made in heaven.

Regardless of their marital status, Paltrow and Martin endeavor to raise their children together and still spend as much of their free time together as a family as possible. But, Martin doesn’t always share some of Paltrow’s more questionable rules for their children, as he believes in a more relaxed approach to parenting.

Respecting the Rules

He is, however, respectful of his ex-wife’s choices and doesn’t interfere with her rules too much. While some may not agree with the rules Gwyneth has enforced on her children, it’s important to remember that each parent wants only the best for their children.

What works for her might not work for others, but Gwyneth is insistent on enforcing these rules with her children to ensure they live as normal a life as possible. Even though Chris and Gwyneth live their lives in the spotlight, they don’t want that for their kids.

No English TV Shows or Cartoons

Paltrow aims to raise her children, Apple and Moses, to be multilingual. Therefore, she’s enforced a rule that sees the children only watch TV shows in a foreign language. While some might see this as a bit harsh, it does give the kids an opportunity to learn a different language, which is what the actress wants for her children.

However, Chris Martin adopts a more relaxed approach to what the kids watch and lets them watch whatever they want when spending time with him.

No Processed Foods

It’s no secret that Gwyneth Paltrow adopts a healthy lifestyle – one that she enforces in her home, too, and has cut processed foods out of Apple and Moses’ diets completely. This list includes snacks, chips, cookies, cake, and even string cheese.

Paltrow is so against this childhood favorite that she once spoke about her dislike for the party snack in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. “Spray cheese is not my kind of party.”

Strict Diets

While we’re on the subject of food, Paltrow has often spoken of the strict diet she’s imposed on her children. Health-nut Gwyneth has shared that her diet excludes meat, dairy, soy, shellfish, coffee, adult beverages, and sugar.

Thankfully, Apple and Moses aren’t made to stick to this diet and rather follow a low-carb, gluten-free diet. Mom Gwyneth only wants the best for her children and has told her critics that science backs up her theory that gluten causes many health issues for kids.

Spending Time Outdoors

Paltrow believes, and we can agree on this one, that spending time outdoors is not only healthy but necessary. She encourages her kids to spend time outdoors as much as possible.

Whether going for a walk, picking fruits and vegetables, or enjoying some time in the pool, Gwyneth and Chris’s children spend most of their time outdoors. You know what they say – you can never get enough Vitamin D! Plus, fresh air is healing to the body and soul.

Finding a Balance

We all know that kids thrive on routine, and for children with celebrity parents, finding time just to chill out while navigating a busy schedule can be tricky. Paltrow has taken a bit of the pressure off herself as she’s decreased the number of acting gigs she takes on and spends more time with her family.

Balance is key, and Paltrow has worked hard to ensure that her family has the right balance between work and play. She doesn’t want to spend her whole life working and missing out on experiences with her kids.

Always Use Flax Oil

As part of her routine to ensure that everyone has everything they need in the morning before school, Gwyneth lays out their clothes, preps their lunches, and makes sure that her children have a healthy breakfast to start their day off right.

The whole family drinks a spoonful of lemon-flavored flax oil before heading out the door, even on those mornings when they’re running late. Flex oil has benefits for digestion by reducing the risk of constipation while also lowering the risk of heart disease. Go, Gwyneth!

Social Media No-No’s

While trying to live as normal a life as possible, Paltrow shields her children from the public eye and refrains from posting their photos on social media, except on special occasions.

A quick visit to her Instagram page reveals tons of family and lifestyle photos but very few of her children. Once they’re old enough to decide for themselves, they can take their own photos. Until then, Gwyneth insists on keeping her kids protected.


Gwyneth Paltrow was born and raised in the USA, while Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, father of Apple and Moses, grew up in the UK. Paltrow tried her best to influence her children to speak in posh British accents when they were younger.

She’s had less control over this as they’ve gotten older. At the moment, the children are said to speak in a mixture of American and British slang, which makes sense based on having an American mom and a British dad. We love a mixed accent!

Religious Beliefs

Paltrow raised her children in a Jewish household, observing the Sabbath and a kosher home. Bruce Paltrow, the actress’s father, was Jewish.

While she grew up in a Jewish and Catholic home, she wanted to instill the values of Judaism in her children from the get-go. Chris didn’t have a huge preference, either way, so what Gwyneth wanted wasn’t an issue.

Schooling Options

It’d seem that the Paltrow kids’ father, Chris Martin, would’ve liked to see his kids go through school in the public school system, allowing them to participate in music and other programs that’d allow them to live somewhat normal lives.

Paltrow, however, has both her children enrolled in private schools and wants only the best for their education. This is a point that most parents would agree with.

Family Time

We have to admire Gwyneth and Chris’s efforts to put their children first. While their marriage came to an abrupt end in 2014 as the couple separated, they agreed that their children are what’s most important to them, and they still do many things together as a family.

Paltrow explained her stance when questioned about her family doing brunch together even though they’re divorced. “What that really means is, ‘Even though today, you hate me and you never want to see me again, like, we’re going to brunch,’ cause it’s Sunday, and that’s what we’ll do!’”

No Junk Food

While we’ve already covered the strict diets that Gwyneth’s children need to follow, the ban on junk foods deserves mention. Shortly after their separation, Martin took the children to a restaurant where they were seen shoveling huge handfuls of french fries into their mouths.

Paltrow is a big believer in cutting junk food out completely, and this display was labeled a “french fry frenzy” by the media. She has also mentioned her “Coke a week” rule. Martin, however, is known for sneaking chips, cookies, and candy to his children on the sly, believing that a treat every once in a while is a good thing.

Mobile Phone Rules

It’d seem that Apple Martin was one of the last of her friends to get a mobile phone, as she only got one when she turned 12. For us oldies, that doesn’t seem super weird, but times have changed.

As odd as this rule may seem, Paltrow is rather relaxed around the rule on mobile phones, and the children are allowed to text and post on social media as they choose. But they weren’t allowed a phone until they were a bit older.

Plans for the Future

Paltrow would like to see her children find their own career paths and is trying her utmost to steer them away from anything in the entertainment industry. As a child of famous parents herself, she’d like to see them have more “normal” careers in the future.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out, as Apple has already expressed her interest in a career in music. The children performed with their father and his band on stage a few years back while Gwyneth watched them from the audience.

Family First, Always

There’s absolutely no doubt that Paltrow loves her children and does everything she can to give them a happy life. She’s often stated that family comes first and has confessed that she still lies with them at night and even lets her children skip a day of school to spend the day with her.

One of the weirder rules she had when Apple and Moses were younger, was to enjoy a family bath together. As the kids are now in their teens, this rule has fallen away.

Spending Lots of Time Together

Spending time with her family is clearly important to Gwyneth. As she’s said, “They say that if you strengthen and amplify your family and love connections, it’s the best thing for your health, so I always try to make sure that I do that every day. It’s not hard. They’re pretty cute.”

The children spend their time between the UK and the USA and get the best of both worlds as they divide their time between their mother and father’s respective homes.

The “Relaxed” Rules of Gwyneth Paltrow

While some of Gwyneth’s stricter rules might seem over the top to many, some other rules see her having fun and letting her kids enjoy their childhoods.

Below, we’re going to look at a few of the more relaxed rules that Gwyneth has implemented as she now parents her teens.

Video Games

While some of Gwyneth’s stricter rules might seem over the top to many, some other rules see her having fun and letting her kids enjoy their childhoods. Gwyneth has relaxed many rules now that her kids are in their teens.

She’s made no secret of the fact that she prefers her children to watch foreign language cartoons, but there’s no limit on the amount or type of video games they play. The children have free access to video games.

The Easing of Snack Rules

Paltrow has eased up on her strict rule of no snacks or junk food as the kids get older and now allows them the occasional Oreo or candy. While they still enjoy a healthy diet, she’s swapped the carrot sticks and hummus for more sweet treats like cotton candy and chocolate bars.

Chris is relieved by this move as he’s always believed that kids should enjoy snacks and used to sneak them candy whenever he could. Well done, Chris! We bet your kids love that you did this!

Skipping School

We mentioned this in Gwyneth’s list of strict rules but felt it necessary to mention that the actress lets her kids skip school to spend the day together. She revealed this in a recent interview and shared that she let Apple skip school so they could spend a day together shopping and getting their nails done.

We applaud this rule and believe that taking a mental health or “sick” day every now and then is necessary. Plus, it meant that the two lovely ladies got to spend some time bonding as mother and daughter, which is critical in this fast-paced world.

No Summer Camps

It’s almost customary for kids to spend eight weeks away from their parents as they attend summer camps. Paltrow, however, doesn’t allow this and says she actually likes spending time with her children.

While she spent her summers at various camps as a child, she’d prefer to spend summers with her children, as she told Jimmy Kimmel in an interview about her parenting choices.


Gwyneth Paltrow started her Goop empire in 2008. Now, Goop is a bustling conglomerate that includes a TV show, magazine, and website with an online store. This Hollywood actress believes that it’s important to instill her business-savvy mentality in her children.

She encourages them to follow their dreams and she hopes they’ll take over the Goop empire one day. Even if they don’t take it over and chose to start their own businesses instead, at least they’ll have some solid entrepreneurship skills to use.

Reinventing Themselves

Gwyneth wants to give her children the best of both worlds and believes that moving between countries will give them a chance to experience different cultures and lifestyles and allow them to experience as much as possible.

While many parents will disagree and say that this can only cause disruption and chaos in a child’s life, she’s put her foot down and said that she’ll raise her children how she sees fit.

School Transport

School buses are a big no-no to Gwyneth as she takes her children to school on a Vespa every day. Paltrow purchased the Vespa a good few years back and believes that taking her kids to school herself is vitally important.

Although this may seem like an odd one, we love that Gwyneth wants to ensure her kids get to school safely and that she’s chosen an alternative, more environmentally-friendly way of doing so.

Chris Martin Disagrees

There’s no such thing as the perfect parent, and you’ll find most couples argue about how to raise a child. Celebrity couples are no different, and Chris Martin, too, disagreed with many of his now ex-wife’s parenting choices after welcoming their children.

Daughter Apple was born in 2004, and son Moses joined the family in 2006. There are a few rules that Martin disagrees with, in which he felt other choices were better options for his children.

The No Cartoons Rule

Paltrow is known for only letting her children watch foreign language cartoons, while Martin allows his children to watch their favorite cartoons in their native language of English.

Martin has no limits on how much TV the children can watch and regularly has movie nights with his teens. Either way, it looks like Apple and Moses are getting the best of both worlds!

Laid-Back Parenting Style

Chris Martin is definitely the more laid-back parent of the two and has confessed that he’d sneak snacks and other treats to his children while their mother wasn’t looking.

Shortly after the couple’s separation in 2014, he was seen taking his children to a restaurant in what the media called a “french fry frenzy.” Although we agree that children can’t live on french fries alone, having this as a treat every now and then is great!

Rocky Balboa Diet

Coldplay singer Chris believes in adopting a “Rocky Balboa” diet, in which he eats everything that the boxing star would eat.

While he was following a vegetarian diet during his marriage to Paltrow, he now enjoys meat as much as the next person. He also gives his children ice cream and other treats that they’re not usually allowed when they’re at home with Gwyneth.

Artistic Dreams

Gwyneth has publicly expressed her wish for her children to have normal careers away from the limelight. Still, Chris Martin is an avid believer in following your dreams and encourages his children to pursue their passions.

For Apple, this dream is to become a musician, and it’s a dream that Chris fully supports. He’s more than happy to provide the guidance and connections she needs to get somewhere in the industry when the time is right. He can also ensure she avoids the downsides and pitfalls of the industry too.

Controlling Parents

Gwyneth Paltrow has often been labeled a control freak or helicopter parent by the media. But Chris Martin is the opposite and believes in letting his kids enjoy life as much as possible. Dubbed one of Hollywood’s best fathers, Martin lets his children enjoy the finer things in life and spoils them.

It can be tricky to go against your wife’s wishes when it comes to raising children, but Martin takes it all in his stride as he, too, wants to give his children the best start in life.

Family Time Is Important

This isn’t really a rule that Martin doesn’t agree with, but it’s worth a mention. His wife has often spoken of the couple’s dedication to raising their children together and has mentioned how they still do things together as a family.

Martin agrees and is often seen out and about with the family doing normal family things together. In 2016, the children performed on stage with Martin and his band while their mother watched lovingly from the audience.

Parenting Styles

When Martin and Paltrow split in 2014, they both agreed that they’d do their best to raise their children together. While Gwyneth has some outlandish and over-the-top rules for her children, Martin is more relaxed with his parenting approach.

He’s more focused on letting his children lead their own lives and make their own choices. He’s a strong believer in letting them follow their dreams and not letting fame and celebrity get to them.

To Each Their Own

We’d really love to know more about what Chris thinks of some of the stricter rules his ex-wife has for their children. Let’s be honest, though – we all know that he’s too good of a guy to ever speak publicly about this topic.

Instead, he raises his children the best way he can and lets his wife do the same in her home. Whatever they’re doing, it seems to be good because their kids are well-adjusted, respectful, and kind. Well done, Gwyneth and Chris!

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