Videos: After an 8-hour protest at Google ,9 employees were arrested

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Videos After 8 Hours protest in Google 9 employees arrested
Videos After 8 Hours protest in Google 9 employees arrested

On Wednesday night, 28 people involved with the protests were fired. They protested against Google’s involvement in an Israeli government-funded $1.2 billion project (Nimbus) that Google and Amazon are providing cloud computing services for. Nine employees were arrested for occupying Google’s offices in protest of this project.

These nine employees were sitting at @googlecloud CEO @thomasortk’s personal office. Another Google employee was let go last month for objecting to the deal during an Israeli business presentation.

Google’s chief of worldwide security, Chris Rackow, stated in a statement distributed to all workers on Wednesday that “Behavior like this has no place in our workplace and we will not tolerate it.”

Google memo to all Googlers

The organization posted on Medium, saying, “In the three years that we have been organizing against Project Nimbus, we have yet to hear from a single executive about our concerns.” “Google employees are free to peacefully demonstrate against unfair labor practices.” It seems obvious that these firings were reprisals.

“We did not come to Google to work on technology that kills.”


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