How to Uncover These Latest Royal Revelations from Meghan and Harry


Hold onto your hats, folks! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been dropping bombshells left, right, and center ever since they waved goodbye to the royal life. Just when we thought we had the inside scoop, Harry’s memoir, ‘Spare,’ and their Netflix docuseries decided to sprinkle a little extra drama onto the story. From the heart-wrenching moment Harry discovered Princess Diana’s passing to the latest juicy scuffles happening behind those grand Buckingham Palace walls, Meghan and Harry are giving us a real-life royal saga that’s got our eyebrows reaching for the stars!

Kate Didn’t Like It When Meghan Said She Had “baby Brain”

There have been rumors circulating in publications suggesting early tensions between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, and it appears those speculations might have some truth to them. Harry delves into a specific disagreement: during a dinner with his brother and Kate, Meghan mentioned something about a “baby brain” in relation to Kate’s pregnancy and a forgetful moment she had. It seems Kate wasn’t too pleased with that comment.

Reportedly, she retorted, “You mentioned my hormones. We aren’t that close for you to discuss them!” Allegedly, William then gestured at Meghan and conveyed a message along the lines of, “Behaving impolitely isn’t in line with British conduct.”

The Brothers Didn’t Want King Charles to Marry Camilla

Prince Harry’s union with Meghan wasn’t the royal family’s initial objection to marriages within their ranks. Both Harry and William opposed their father, now King Charles’s, second marriage to Camilla. If you recall the events from that period, you’ll remember that Camilla initially served as Charles’s mistress before their marriage following Princess Diana’s passing. At the time, Harry expressed that “A wedding would cause controversy.”

“It would ignite the media frenzy. It would lead the entire country, indeed the entire world, to discuss Mummy, draw comparisons between Mummy and Camilla, and nobody desired that. Especially not Camilla,” he elaborates.

Harry Blames the Press for Meghan’s Miscarriage

In the documentary, Harry unequivocally expresses his belief regarding the cause of his wife Meghan’s miscarriage in 2020. Meghan recounts, “I was pregnant, I was really not sleeping. The morning after we moved into our new home was when I experienced the miscarriage.” Subsequently, Harry explicitly points fingers at the stories circulated by the tabloids. Though he acknowledges the inability to prove it as a fact, he asserts his firm belief that Meghan’s stress from the media spotlight led to the miscarriage.

He mentions that the immense stress caused by those stories deprived Meghan of sleep, leading to the tragic loss of their baby in 2020.

Palace Staff Called the Duchess a “foreign Organism”

Despite the appearance of opposition within the royal institution towards Meghan and Harry, a veteran staff member used a quirky analogy, calling new family members “foreign organisms,” while optimistically suggesting that the adjustment phase would lead to something remarkable.

Well, her intentions seemed benevolent, right? Meghan mentioned she, too, harbored hope that the woman’s words would ring true, and eventually, the family would embrace her.

William Didn’t Want to Attend Harry’s Bachelor Party – The Queen Made Him

Even though Harry and William weren’t each other’s best man, we might assume they’d attend each other’s bachelor parties. But Harry reveals that William tried to skip Harry’s party, which is kind of understandable since he had a baby a few weeks earlier. Initially, William said no, but later changed his mind after having tea with the queen.

Yet, William agreed only to join the dinner and mentioned he couldn’t stay overnight. Harry recalls staying overnight at William’s bachelor party in his writing.

Meghan or Kate – Who Really Made Whom Cry Before the Wedding

There were stories in the newspapers in England that said Meghan made her future sister-in-law cry before her wedding. But Meghan told Oprah Winfrey in an interview that it was actually the opposite. In Harry’s new book, he supports Meghan’s version. He writes that Kate messaged Meghan a few days before the wedding, saying her daughter’s dress didn’t fit and that she was upset about it.

After that, Meghan responded via text, advising Kate to take the dress to the available tailor. Reportedly, Kate requested the dress to be remade. This back-and-forth went on for a bit until Meghan eventually persuaded her to take the dress to the tailor. When Harry came back, he found Meghan worn out and in tears over the whole situation.

Harry Regretted His First Time With a Woman – Here’s Why

After that, Meghan responded via text, advising Kate to take the dress to the available tailor. Reportedly, Kate requested the dress to be remade. This back-and-forth went on for a bit until Meghan eventually persuaded her to take the dress to the tailor. When Harry came back, he found Meghan worn out and in tears over the whole situation.

The incident he labels as the “inglorious episode” will definitely ignite extensive speculation in the tabloids about whom he’s specifically mentioning in the book.

King Charles Made Jokes About Diana’s Lover Being Harry’s Real Dad

It seems Prince Harry wasn’t too keen on his father’s sense of humor, especially when it involved jokes about Harry’s supposed “real father.” In his book, Harry mentions, “Dad enjoyed sharing tales, and this was one he often told,” revealing Charles’ comments like, “Who’s to say I’m truly the Prince of Wales? Who’s to say I’m even your actual father? Maybe your real dad is in Broadmoor, my dear boy!”

It seems Charles was alluding to Major James Hewitt, who also had red hair. However, Charles and Diana didn’t meet him until after Prince Harry was born. Harry mentions that he didn’t find the joke amusing because the tabloids were spreading that rumor as news at the time.

Harry Thought His Mom Faked Her Death and Would One Day Reappear

It seems Charles was alluding to Major James Hewitt, who also had red hair. However, Charles and Diana didn’t meet him until after Prince Harry was born. Harry mentions that he didn’t find the joke amusing because the tabloids were spreading that rumor as news at the time.

He revealed that for a long time, he convinced himself that she staged her own death and that one day, out of the blue, she would reach out, and they would be reunited.

Harry Said He Spoke to His Mom Through a Psychic

In his memoir, Prince Harry shares a profound impact his mother’s death continues to have on him. A peculiar admission involves his visit to a psychic in California. Seeking proof or a sign, he writes about the psychic mentioning his mother, referencing a broken Christmas ornament that Archie tried to fix, which his mother found amusing.

He mentioned that his son, Archie, had accidentally broken one of his great-grandmother’s ornaments and attempted to mend it by spraying water, hoping it would magically piece itself back together.

The Palace Advised Meghan Not to Invite Her Niece to the Wedding

It’s known that Meghan has some issues with her father’s family. However, that didn’t affect her bond with her nieces, even though they weren’t invited to Meghan and Harry’s wedding. Ashleigh Hale, the daughter of Meghan’s half-sister, has been critical of Meghan in the news. Because of this, the palace suggested Meghan not invite Ashleigh to the wedding.

“It was tough realizing that my birth mother’s actions caused this strain in our relationship,” Ashleigh expressed about not being included in the wedding. However, Meghan and Ashleigh have now repaired their relationship.

The Duke Got Frostbite Where No Man Ever Wants to Get It

Seems like Harry’s dedication to supporting veterans brought about a bit of an unexpected drama right before his brother’s wedding. Just days prior to the big day, Harry wrapped up a 13-day North Pole trek with fellow veterans. Upon his return, he humorously recalls being “shocked to find out that certain areas down south were frost nipped. While my ears and cheeks were recovering, the lower region wasn’t quite as lucky.”

He sought medical advice about the situation, and the doctor reassured him that there was no risk of anything falling off and that he would fully recover.

Harry Was Told Not to Bring Meghan When the Queen Was on Her Deathbed

In his book, Harry talks about when his grandmother, the queen, passed away. He mentions his dad calling him, saying the queen wasn’t well, and he should hurry to Balmoral. Charles said he should come alone, which upset Harry. But then Charles apologized, saying he didn’t want many people there. He mentioned no other wives were coming, and he didn’t want Meghan to come either.

As his plane touched down in Scotland, he discovered he had arrived too late, and his grandmother had already passed away. Upon reaching the estate and entering her bedroom, he softly said, “I whispered to her, wishing she was happy and hoping she was with Grandpa.”

Meghan Blames the Media for Tensions With Her Father

The media made a big fuss about Meghan’s letter to her father, causing her to hold them responsible for the rift between them. She mentions they were once close until he started giving interviews and criticizing the royal family. Seeking guidance, Meghan approached the late queen for advice, and they suggested she write him a letter in an attempt to resolve the situation.

She mentions, “I made considerable efforts to deliver that letter to my dad quietly.” Unfortunately, the media somehow got hold of the letter, causing a strain in their relationship thereafter.

After Harry Snapped at Her, Meghan Told Him to Go to Therapy

In his book, Harry opens up about grappling with anger problems. There was one specific moment he recalls where he snapped at Meghan. “Perhaps the constant battle with the media had worn me thin. I found myself getting touchy and then, without reason, I became excessively and clumsily angry,” he recounts. They had a conversation afterward where Meghan made it clear she wouldn’t tolerate such behavior from him again.

She inquired if he had ever attempted therapy, and he responded affirmatively before mentioning he hadn’t found the right therapist. Following this, she encouraged him to give it another try.

They Think the Palace PR Team Used Meghan as a Scapegoat

It seems there might have been a Palace plot against Meghan after all. In a documentary, Meghan and her friend Lucy Fraser claim that the Palace would purposely leak untrue stories to the media whenever another family member was making headlines. This tactic aimed to shift attention away from other royals and focus it on Meghan.

Meghan further comments, “You could witness it happening. Suddenly, a story about a family member would surface, and it was like, ‘We need to make that vanish.'”

He Didn’t Like Seeing Meghan’s “steamy Scenes” on Suits

Things didn’t end well between Harry, Meghan, and the rest of the family. Initially, Harry thought they’d all get along. He told William and Kate about Meghan, and they were surprised because they liked the show she starred in, “Suits.” “I thought they might not accept Meg into the family, but now I worried they’d ask her for an autograph,” Harry recalls.

He also reflects that, in hindsight, he would have preferred not to be present for some of the more intimate scenes featuring Meghan and Patrick J. Adams on Suits. “I didn’t need to witness those moments in real time,” he writes.

Harry’s Early Love Life

In addition to discussing his marriage to Meghan Markle, Harry explores his past relationship with Chelsy Davy. He shares what attracted him to her, noting that she didn’t seem overly interested in royal life from the start. Their first date led to a memorable moment as they shared a kiss under the stars in Botswana. However, upon their return to the UK, they were greeted by paparazzi waiting at the airport.

Their relationship was on and off, yet they seemed to maintain a close friendship. This was evident when she received an invitation to Harry’s wedding with Meghan Markle in 2018.

Harry Refused to Talk About Their Mom’s Passing With William

Experiencing a parent’s death can be incredibly traumatic, and it’s not unusual for a teenager to avoid opening up about it. Yet, Harry expresses regret for disregarding William’s attempts to talk about their parent’s death. He describes how, when they were younger, William would try to broach the subject, but Harry would deflect, causing frustration for his brother.

“In those moments, I failed to acknowledge his frustration. I probably couldn’t even understand it. Being emotionally distant and unaware wasn’t a decision I consciously made. I just wasn’t capable of it. I wasn’t anywhere near ready,” he writes in the book.

He Felt Left Out After His Brother’s Wedding

It’s not a shocker since we learned Harry wasn’t William’s best man at his wedding. However, he seems pretty sentimental about his brother’s wedding and sees it as a big change. “He won’t just be Willy anymore. We won’t have those adventures riding together in Lesotho, wind blowing our capes. We won’t share a cottage smelling of horses while learning to fly. Life will pull us apart,” he reflects.

He also shares a clever line, recalling his thought at the time: “What a way to have a wedding, in the same spot where we held Mum’s funeral.”

Harry’s Last Conversation With His Mom

In his memoir, Harry often recalls his mother, Princess Diana. In one part, he reflects on the final conversation he had with her as a young boy. He expresses regret, remembering that he was in a hurry to return to his games and was impatient with her on the phone. “I wish I had said sorry for that,” he writes.

In the following lines, he included, “I wish I had found the right words to express how much I cared for her. I didn’t realize it would take me years to find those words.”

Harry Said the Palace “gaslighted” Them After the Oprah Interview

A major point of contention for Harry was how the Palace responded to his and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021. He labeled their reaction as “institutional gaslighting.” He viewed the interview as the beginning of a new phase for both himself and Meghan. Meghan, on her part, mentioned she did the interview because she felt that “people simply didn’t truly grasp why we decided to leave (the royal family).”

Following the interview and witnessing the response from the Palace, he remarked, “I can’t imagine what my mom endured all those years ago, facing it alone. Witnessing the institutional gaslighting that occurs is… It’s truly remarkable.”

William Told Harry to Take It Slow With Meghan

Prince Harry mentioned that when he informed William about his plan to propose to Meghan, William advised taking it slow and seemed to refer to Meghan as an “American actress” with a less-than-positive tone. Nevertheless, they proceeded with the wedding. Harry also revealed that William discouraged having the ceremony at St. Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster Abbey, where his parents were married.

However, it’s quite common for one brother to advise another to proceed cautiously and not hurry, particularly when it involves marriage.

Racism in the Tabloids

Meghan reflects on her childhood in California and recalls instances where she heard someone insult her mother. However, she admits she wasn’t prepared for the media’s treatment in the UK. She initially didn’t believe the stories were race-related, but headlines like “Harry’s new Girl is [almost] Straight Out Of Compton” made it difficult to ignore the connection.

Meghan’s mother has publicly stated her belief that Meghan faced mistreatment because of her race. Harry mentioned that the Palace’s silence on this matter didn’t contribute positively either.

Harry’s Celebrity Friends

Married to a Hollywood actress, it’s no surprise Harry’s crossed paths with celebrities. It’s amusing considering his jokes about “Friends.” He visited Courtney Cox’s home in 2016 and met someone he cheekily dubbed “Batman.” Quite the royal encounter!

There’s speculation that he was talking about Will Arnett, who voiced Batman in The Lego Batman Movie. Arnett has mentioned that he got to know Prince Harry at one point.

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