House Chores Made Easy: How To Make Your Neighborhood Sweeter and More Fun


Absolutely, chores can be quite the time drain! But finding ways to streamline and make them more manageable can be a game-changer. What specific tasks are you looking to tackle or improve upon? Whether it’s laundry, cleaning, or organizing, there are plenty of hacks to make things more efficient.

Use A Dustpan To Fill a Bucket

Sure thing! Ever tried filling a bucket from the sink and it ends up messy or takes forever? Here’s a trick: grab a dustpan and put it under the tap. Position a bucket under the sink, turn on the tap, and let the water flow into the bucket. It’s a neat way to fill it up without the hassle!

The water flows down the dustpan, along its handle, and into the bucket. Just make sure both the dustpan and bucket are in the right place to avoid any spills or mess before you turn on the tap!

Keep Cords Organized Using Old Toilet Roll Tubes

Ah, the dreaded mess of tangled cords! Extension cords, chargers, they all seem to tangle up, right? Wrangling and keeping them clean is a hassle. But guess what? You can repurpose old toilet and kitchen towel rolls to neatly organize and store those cables. It’s a simple and resourceful way to tackle the cord chaos!


Slide each cord into a tube, label the outside with a marker, and voila! An organization hack that saves you from those frustrating tangles. Easy peasy!

Use Your Dishwasher to Clean Your Air-Con Vents

It’s surprisingly revealing to check your air conditioning vents for how dirty your place really is. While AC systems are great, they tend to gather dirt over time, making them less efficient. Think of all the dust, pet hair, and skin particles floating around your home—some of it ends up stuck in those vents. Not the most pleasant thought!

Just remove the vents, place them in the dishwasher on a cool cycle instead of washing by hand. Afterward, blow-dry to remove any leftover water, and that’s it! All clean and easy!

Use Shoe Organizers to Store All Kinds of Things

Ever noticed a heavy bathroom door at a friend’s place? You might find a nifty storage solution there: a shoe organizer loaded with toiletries! Cleverly hung on the door, it’s packed with beauty products, medicines, hair accessories, and more for easy access and storage.

You can apply this clever hack in any space lacking room, like a downstairs cupboard or garage where you store electrical cords, screws, and other DIY essentials. It’s versatile and perfect for organizing various items!

Easily Round up Pet Hairs With a Squeegee

Vacuuming gets tougher with pet hairs all around! But here’s a surprising trick: use an old squeegee. Just slide it firmly over your carpet in one direction. The rubber makes static electricity that pulls and gathers pet hairs. It’s an easy way to keep your carpets hair-free!

You don’t need pricey cleaning stuff to keep pet hair off your floors. This trick helps gather the hair so you can vacuum it all up at once. Simple and effective!

Keep Plastic Bags Tidy With A Tissue Box

For those who like to reuse plastic bags but end up with too many cluttering the kitchen, here’s a smart solution. Don’t toss those empty tissue boxes! Use them to neatly store your extra plastic bags from various stores. It’s a handy way to keep things organized and reduce plastic clutter in your cupboards.

Roll up each bag tightly with its handles sticking out, then tuck them into the tissue box. This way, when you need a bag, it’s simple to grab one from the box!

Keep Freezer Items Sealed and Organized With Binder Clips

That’s a clever trick! Using binder clips to organize freezer items is a great way to maximize space and make it easier to see what you have. It’s a simple solution that can bring a lot of order to a cluttered freezer. Plus, it’s a good way to repurpose binder clips that might otherwise go unused. It’s fantastic how everyday items like binder clips can help in organizing spaces around the house!

This method significantly increases freezer storage capacity while also eliminating the issue of misplaced vegetables hiding in the depths of the freezer drawer.

Use Your Vacuum and PVC Pipes to Clean Your Gutters

This clever and inventive DIY trick can help you save money that would otherwise be spent on hiring someone for the task. All you need are a vacuum cleaner, PVC piping secured with duct tape, and optionally, an angled elbow joint attached to the end of the pipe for easier positioning within the gutter without the need to hold it manually.

Employ the vacuum cleaner to suction the debris, maneuvering the PVC pipe along the gutter for a thorough cleaning. This method simplifies a typically challenging and messy home maintenance task, making it significantly easier to manage.

Use Hot Glue to Create Non-Slip Hangers

If you have delicate silky garments prone to slipping off hangers and causing closet clutter, there’s a simple DIY solution. Instead of purchasing new hangers for a select few items, you can craft your own non-slip hangers using a hot glue gun. The application of hot glue creates a surface that grips onto clothing, effectively preventing slippage and keeping your garments securely in place on the hangers.

This method works particularly well for fragile fabrics or garments with slippery straps. It’s a simple process, and thanks to the quick drying of the hot glue, your updated hangers are practically ready to use immediately.

Remove Carpet Indents With Ice

For those who prefer hardwood floors, this home maintenance tip might not apply. However, for those with carpets, caring for them is likely a regular chore. One common issue is carpet dents that occur when furniture is moved, leaving unappealing marks on the floor. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward and efficient solution using ice from your freezer.

Place an ice cube into each dent on the carpet. After it melts, blot away any excess water and gently fluff the carpet fibers. Give it approximately 12 hours to fully witness the impact of this technique.

Flatten Your Ground Beef Before Freezing

If you’re holding onto some tasty ground beef for future burgers and barbecues but find your freezer space limited, there’s a handy household solution. Place the beef in a sufficiently sized freezer bag, seal it tightly, ensuring there’s no air inside. Next, gently flatten the beef by pressing down on it. This method optimizes space and helps store the beef more efficiently in your freezer.

This clever trick not only maximizes freezer space but also speeds up the thawing process for the ground beef. It’s a double win, don’t you think?

Keep Your Blinds Clean With Kitchen Tongs

Among the multitude of household cleaning tools available, including those designed for challenging tasks like cleaning blinds, you can save money by repurposing your kitchen tongs. Start by thoroughly cleaning them. Then, leaving the handle uncovered, wrap the remaining part of the tongs with a duster, microfiber cloth, or even an old T-shirt, securing it in place with a rubber band. This makeshift tool works wonders for cleaning blinds and helps save on specialized cleaning products.

Glide the covered tongs across each blind slat to capture dust and dirt. When the cloth gets dirty, remove it, shake it off, and continue.

Organize Cleaning Product Cabinets With a Tension Rod

Ironically, the cleaning cupboard tends to be one of the messiest spots in the house, with products and tools scattered about. However, a tension rod can be a simple solution for tidiness and accessibility. Install it at the back of the cabinet and hang cleaning bottles over it. This clever home organization hack maximizes vertical space, providing a convenient storage solution that keeps cleaning supplies easily accessible.

It’s worth mentioning that tension rods offer versatility by easily adjusting to fit different cabinet sizes. This makes them a versatile solution for organizing cabinets in various rooms throughout your home, not just limited to the cleaning cupboard!

Blend Dish Soap in Your Blender to Clean It

Cleaning up after using your smoothie blender or fruit mixer every morning can be a hassle. However, your blender can actually help with this task! Simply fill it with warm water, add a squirt of dishwashing liquid, and turn it on for a few seconds. The soapy water will effectively clean the blades and remove any residue or food particles stuck to the sides.

Finally, empty the soapy water into the kitchen sink. Give the blender jug a quick rinse to remove any remaining soap suds, and let it air dry on your drying rack.

Save Closet Space With Can Pull Tabs

Storage space can often be a challenge, especially when it comes to hanging new clothes in already crowded closets. But here’s a nifty household solution to tackle that issue head-on. Instead of parting with clothes you love wearing, maximize space by hanging two or even three hangers on a single one. All you need to get started are soda can pull tabs with two holes.

Hang the pull tab onto the first clothes hanger using its top hole. Then, thread another hanger through the lower tag hole. Repeat this process as many times as your clothes’ weight permits.

Organize Purses Using a Pot Lid Rack

Purses, bags, and clutches can elevate your outfits but can clutter your wardrobe. To streamline and organize your space, a simple home storage hack comes in handy. Grab an old lid rack with dividers or slots and attach it to the inside of a closet or pantry door using screws or adhesive strips. This setup neatly stores your accessories, keeping them accessible yet tidy.

Slide your purses into each slot or divider of the rack and arrange them as you prefer. Voila! Job done. This proves that kitchen storage hacks can be versatile beyond the kitchen space.

Store Spaghetti in a Pringles Tube

Preventing spaghetti mess and keeping it neatly organized is easy with this hack. Grab an old Pringles can, clean and dry it thoroughly, then insert your spaghetti. Keep the lid, and the can will secure the spaghetti in place, preventing scattering and keeping your cupboard tidy.

This trick is fantastic for avoiding spaghetti spills and tangling with other pantry items. It’s a simple and cost-effective method to maintain pantry organization while repurposing your Pringles can.

Use Plastic Bottles Tops to Seal Bags in the Best Way

This game-changing hack is incredibly simple yet might not have crossed your mind: repurpose old bottle tops to seal plastic bags. Begin by cutting off the top of a plastic bottle, leaving a section wide enough to seal the bags. Then, slide the bag’s open end through the bottle top, fold it over, and secure it in place with the bottle lid, as illustrated.

This method creates an airtight seal, preserving food freshness while preventing spills or leaks. It’s a cost-effective way to repurpose old bottles, offering them a new lease on life, and the best part is, it’s reusable time and time again.

Hang Pots and Pans to Save Kitchen Space

Storing pots and pans can be a hassle—they’re bulky and take up a lot of space in cupboards. An effortless solution is to install a rod inside a kitchen cupboard or on a wall. Then, use hooks to hang your pots and pans. This simple method optimizes space usage while adding a decorative element to your kitchen.

This method also saves time during cooking as everything becomes easily accessible. No more struggling with items falling out of the kitchen cupboard while trying to retrieve a saucepan!

Keep Sponges Clean With a Binder Clip

As expected, sponges tend to attract dirt swiftly, potentially affecting your clean dishes. If you lack a sponge holder, a practical alternative could be a binder clip. Once you’ve used the sponge for cleaning, attach it to the binder clip and hang it on the sink’s edge or a dish rack. This method facilitates air circulation around the sponge, aiding in drying and preventing bacterial buildup.

This speeds up drying and stops the growth of bacteria and mold, eliminating the necessity for specific sponge holders or racks. Simply check your home office for any spare binder clips!

Use Clothes Pegs to Evade Germy Toothbrushes

If you’re without a toothbrush holder and seeking an easy, cost-effective method to keep your toothbrushes organized and clean, here’s a helpful tip. Grab a couple of clothes pegs from the line, clean them with dish soap, and dry them. Then, use these pegs to elevate the head of your toothbrush, keeping it away from germs and bacteria. It’s a straightforward and hygienic solution to avoid daily sink mess while conserving space.

Take it a step further by labeling the pegs or using various colors to ensure everyone can easily identify their brushes.

Use Magnets to Keep Your Hammer and Nails Together

When you’re hammering lots of nails, the hassle of nails flying around is the last thing you need. Even with a box for them, bending repeatedly to grab nails mid-job can strain your back. A handy DIY solution involves using magnets to keep hammers and nails together. Simply attach a small magnet to the handle of the hammer using a strong adhesive.

The magnet will attract and securely hold the nails in place (as shown here), avoiding any risk of them getting misplaced or scattered in your work area. Pretty clever, huh? If only we’d discovered this hack earlier!

Keep Trash Bags in Place With Command Hooks

Dealing with trash bags can be frustrating when the liner slides over the bin’s edge and ends up inside, creating a mess that you have to fish out – not pleasant! To prevent this, affix command hooks to the bin’s rim using some glue and employ them to support the liner. Hang the top of the bin bag over the hooks, securing it tightly in place.

This method will secure the bag, stopping it from slipping or dropping into the trash can. Command hooks are easily available at most DIY stores for a minimal cost.

Use Caulk to Get a Cleaner Finish on Your Paint Job

Painter’s tape is a fantastic initial step for DIY touch-ups, but at times, it might not deliver the perfectly smooth finish you desire, particularly in areas like baths and sinks where the ceramic coating poses challenges. In such cases, caulk comes in as a great ally. It can fill in any gaps in your tape, ensuring your paint job stays pristine without any blemishes.

This method will yield the precise lines you desire, and you can purchase caulk inexpensively at your nearby hardware store. As shown, tape both sides of the area where you’ll apply the caulk, then proceed to apply the caulk and remove the tape.

Drill Holes to Stop Bin Bags From Getting Stuck

Certain household chores, such as taking out the trash, can be quite bothersome. The moisture and humidity inside a full trash can often cause the bag to stick to the base, leading to potential tears. A simple solution to prevent this issue is to drill small holes in the bottom of the trash can. These holes facilitate airflow into the bag, preventing the formation of a vacuum seal. As a result, it becomes easier to remove the bag when it’s full.

If you find it hard to take out full trash bags and hate when they get stuck, this helps. It’s an easy fix that stops the bag from sticking, making it quicker and cleaner to change the trash.

Use a Mug’s Ceramic Edges to Sharpen Your Knives

A sharp knife is crucial for cooking, but sharpeners can be pricey. Instead of buying new ones, repurpose your old ceramics for free sharpening. The unglazed ring on the bottom of ceramic plates or mugs has a rough surface perfect for this. Hold the ceramic item with one hand and run the blade at a 20-degree angle across the unglazed ring to sharpen it.

Apply gentle pressure while repeating this process several times, switching between each side of the blade until it’s sharp. Once done, you’ll be all set to swiftly chop your veggies!


In conclusion, transforming household chores into enjoyable tasks not only makes your living space tidier but also contributes to creating a pleasant and inviting neighborhood. By employing creative solutions and sharing tips to simplify everyday tasks, you can enhance the overall atmosphere of your community, fostering a sweeter and more enjoyable environment for everyone.

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