Makeup Artists Doing Clients Dirty With Their Fails


When it comes to makeup artists who fail to meet their clients’ expectations or provide subpar results, it can be disappointing and frustrating for the clients involved. Professional makeup artists have a responsibility to listen to their clients’ desires and preferences, as well as to apply their skills and expertise to enhance the client’s appearance.

While mistakes can happen in any profession, it is important for makeup artists to take accountability for their work and strive to rectify any issues. Effective communication between the artist and the client is key in understanding the client’s desired look and ensuring satisfaction.

It is worth noting that not all makeup artists have the same level of skill and experience. Client experiences can vary, and sometimes misunderstandings or miscommunications may contribute to unsatisfactory outcomes. It’s important for clients to research and choose a makeup artist who has a good reputation, positive reviews, and a portfolio that aligns with their desired style. In any professional relationship, it is crucial for both parties to maintain open communication and a willingness to address any concerns or issues that may arise. Ultimately, the goal should be to create a positive and enjoyable experience for the client, with the makeup artist delivering their best work to meet the client’s expectations.

 Good Ole Sally Beauty Ad…

“When you attempt a flawless contour but end up looking like you’ve been hit with a ‘bronze bomb.'”

Her Face Is A Literal Gradient

“When your attempt at a gradient lip ends up resembling a tie-dye experiment gone wrong.”

Oh No

“When your highlighter game is so strong, you accidentally blind innocent bystanders.”

Maybe Not Me

Posted Along With A Message To ‘Book Soon To Avoid Disappointment!’ 

The Brow Mountain

I Can’t , I Just Can’t , It’s 2023 But Some Haven’t Grown Out Of The Instagram Brows And The Extremely Long Lashes ?

They did not Try

They Didn’t Even Try To Color Match Her

Foundation Disaster

Why Do Makeup Companies Even Bother With Shade Ranges At This Point. Everyone’s Yellow!

Someone Please Explain The Forehead Situation

“When contouring goes wrong and you end up looking like Picasso’s muse.”

Reality Show Who

Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 4 Mua Is Not It

Posted By A “Permanent Makeup Artist”

“When your makeup brushes rebel against you and leave abstract art on your face.”

Spotted In The Wild

“When your cat eye flick turns into a full-on raccoon look.”

Contour Work

This MUA Does Incredible Eye Work, But Everything Else Is Just A No For Me Tbh

The Nose Contour

“When your concealer tries to hide, but it’s not doing a very good job.”

The Foundation

When your attempt at a ‘no-makeup’ look results in looking like you just rolled out of bed… and into a clown convention.

 Pink Undereyes

“When you accidentally blend your eyeshadow into a galaxy masterpiece… on your cheeks.”

Prom Makeup

Circus mortician did a good job.

Smokey Makeup

This One Was Posted By A Local Mua. Yes, It Is The Finished Look. Check The Number Of Likes…

MUA’s Work On Instagram, Found In The Wild

“When you aim for a soft blush but accidentally channel your inner ‘blushing tomato.’


Been In Tears Over This For Like 20 Minutes

Criminal Reality

True Crime Shows Always Have Makeup That Looks Like It’s Done By Morticians

Poor Women

They Did Her So Dirty! (Advertising On A Brand, With A Mua Tagged)

Made A Pretty Girl Look Cheap And Shiny

“When your makeup tutorial ends up being a ‘how not to’ guide for aspiring artists.”

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