40+ Examples of People’s Ingenious Hacks That We Envy

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenious Hacks That We Envy

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
Being a genius does not only involve creating groundbreaking inventions. Discovering effective solutions for our everyday issues also demonstrates a level of genius. There are individuals who possess an exceptional talent to solve both simple and complicated problems using unconventional approaches. Even if their ideas do not earn them a Nobel prize, we still acknowledge their ingenuity. The following are examples of these remarkable individuals who live among us.


Have you ever experienced the sensation of being outside during the summer season? It can be a delightful experience with the bright blue skies and warmth of the sun on your skin. However, things can quickly turn unpleasant when the heat becomes too intense and your face starts to feel hot and uncomfortable.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
You regret not having a hat and consider buying one, but there is a simple solution to keep in mind. Grab a pizza box, cut a hole for your head, and put it on. This will solve the problem and make you look funny.

Taking a Nap

To certain individuals, resting during the day is the crucial aspect of their routine. Undoubtedly, getting enough sleep prevents exhaustion and allows you to re-energize and prepare for the upcoming day.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
Ensuring an uninterrupted sleep is crucial, be it at work or home. One individual was very serious about his afternoon nap that he even set up a hammock beneath his truck. It could be an ideal approach to utilize your lunch break!

Two-for-One Special

Inviting friends to watch a movie or game together can be really enjoyable. However, it is important to purchase refreshments and snacks beforehand. Additionally, it is crucial not to overlook the need for a couple of bottle openers, as it is a useful tool that tends to get misplaced easily.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
While you could employ some unconventional methods to uncork a bottle, it would be more impressive to affix a bottle opener on your pet’s collar, which would ensure you don’t misplace it.

Love For Drinks

There are individuals who have a strong devotion to their drinks, to the point that not even a fractured hand will prevent them from enjoying them. Therefore, when a man found himself with a cast on one of his arms, he decided to come up with a solution. By utilizing some tools, he was able to prop up his bottle and resolve his issue.

Even though we are unsure about the opinion of his medical professionals, we must acknowledge and appreciate his efforts. He deserves full credit for his hard work, earning an undeniable ‘A’ for his performance.

Always Keep Your Hangers

Keeping up with a new recipe can be challenging at times, especially due to limited space in the kitchen. It’s not uncommon to misplace the tablet or phone displaying the recipe. However, a mother has created a solution to this problem.

Using a hanger, she created a temporary stand for her tablet and fastened it on a rack inside her kitchen. This has made it easier for her to read while she cooks. This displays her impeccable efficiency, isn’t it?

Teacher’s Board

Teaching is a highly altruistic profession with limited perks. With the shift towards virtual education during the pandemic, this profession has encountered fresh obstacles.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
Suddenly, teachers had to modify their methods and come up with innovative approaches to maintain their students’ attention. A certain woman showed her commitment by using her refrigerator tray as a surface to write on with markers and demonstrate to her class.

Cooking Protection

Cooking may seem scary and challenging when there are hot oils and sauces splattering around. Therefore, you can decide to explore different options. For instance, you may choose to avoid cooking altogether, learn to manage the situation, or acquire a reliable protective gear to keep yourself safe.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
Our preference is for the second method because it’s practical, and this individual has come up with a brilliant trick of utilizing a plastic wrapper to protect you while you cook your delectable meal. This approach ensures that you won’t get burned!

DIY Selfie Stick

On occasion, it may be necessary to conform to popular styles and acquire a compact selfie stick. A selfie stick is useful for capturing group shots or a selfie with an expanded background. However, is it truly a worthwhile investment?

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
No, it’s possible to make your own version of a selfie stick just like what this adorable child did. All you have to do is clean your household dustpan, and there you go – you now have a selfie stick at your disposal.

Gaming at the Airport

The frustration of flights getting delayed is common but we have all experienced it and had to come up with ways to occupy our time. Some ways may include indulging in shopping, finding a comfortable lounge or even creating a spontaneous gaming spot. Surprised? Please continue to read on!

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
All you require to fulfill this dream is a projector and a gaming console, and it’s that straightforward! Furthermore, this strategy is a more cost-effective means of entertainment than purchasing things at the airport.

Who Needs New Socks?

Socks have a short lifespan and tend to develop holes after being worn and washed multiple times. However, instead of immediately getting rid of them and purchasing a replacement pair, let’s pause and reconsider our options.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
Using a black marker, the man covered the tears in his socks and now they appear fresh and unused. As long as his toes remain warm, this could be deemed a practical method to postpone buying new socks.

Desk of Chairs

Occasionally, when there is a task that requires utmost concentration and attention, working at a desk proves to be the most effective approach. There is a certain quality about being seated at a desk that enhances our productivity and helps us stay focused.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
If you don’t have a desk available, what can you do? Obviously, the solution is to create one. This person utilized a coffee table and chairs and used their creativity to craft an impressive and amazing end product, wouldn’t you agree?

Taped Cup Holder

While camping chairs are convenient, the loose cup holders can be a cause for concern regarding the safety of our drinks. Moreover, not all outdoor chairs boast a cup holder. To address these concerns, a straightforward solution is to purchase duct tape.

The reason behind using duct tape as a substitute for a cup holder in your chair is because if you don’t have one, it serves as an alternative. Moreover, if you are concerned about the drink spilling from the holder, you can use a bit of tape to make it more stable.

Corkscrew Substitute

Let’s say you don’t consume alcohol often but wish to uncork that expensive bottle of beverage for a delightful dinner. However, if you’re unable to locate a corkscrew, what would you do?

Before you run off to the shops, just go to the garage and find your toolkit. Then use the drill as if it was a corkscrew-like this man did and your problem is officially solved!

New Toilet Paper Holder

No toilet paper holder in sight? No problem! Just use some tissues or more toilet paper and create this impromptu holder for yourself. It might not be a long-term solution but it’s a great way to ensure the paper doesn’t get dirty and sit on the ground.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
And just because a solution isn’t long-lasting, doesn’t mean to say it isn’t helpful in that moment. What do you guys think of this hack? We know it’s a little out there.

Machines Over Manual Labor

We all know that as the world is moving forward, technology is moving forward as well. With all the new inventions coming out, our daily life and day-to-day chores become a lot easier. See below for a prime example of what we mean.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
This guy is not just riding a Hoverboard but also getting his cart taken to the checkout with the help of this machine. We don’t even need to worry about walking anymore!

Refilling the Tank

If you have a long and boring day at work or school, it’s only fair that you would be lazy afterward and not want to get out of bed. We’ve all been there, right? But we also all need to make sure our cars have gas at all times.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
Check out this guy! He is attempting to refill his tank by rolling down his back window. He doesn’t even need to get out of the car! We hope we never become this lazy in life.

Sleeping on the Train

Everyone is familiar with those mornings where you just cannot get yourself out of bed. You manage to get yourself on public transport but you feel as if you’re still asleep. We’ve got a hack to help you get in some extra shut-eye!

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
Use whatever bag or scarf you have on you and try to create a headrest for yourself like this guy did here on the train. You might look funny but what’s more important than getting in your beauty sleep, right?

Gaming and Babysitting

As a husband, you obviously love your wife and kids but you also want to be able to enjoy your downtime. Well, who said you can’t do both at the same time? This father seems to have it all under control, so take notes!

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
Just put the milk bottle in the baby’s mouth and support it up with your controller. Now, you can feed the baby and game away. Also, the wife won’t complain too much as you are doing your fatherly duties!

Overnight Shifts These Days

We all already know how tiring overnight shifts can be. Sometimes you are just so exhausted from working late that you could literally sleep anywhere. Don’t believe us? Please see below for confirmation.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
He got tired from his late night at work and decided to call it a day on the side of the road and just protected himself with a bunch of road blockers. While we don’t think this is the safest idea, it sure does make for a funny hack.

Cheetos With Tongs

Everyone can relate to their hands being covered with orange Cheeto dust when they’re eating a pack of their favorite chips. As annoying as it is, the taste makes up for the inconvenience. However, what if there were a way to have your cake and eat it too?

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
All you need to do is grab a pair of tongs from the kitchen and you can devour your trust Cheetos in peace. Whoever said you can’t have it all hadn’t heard of these ingenious hacks!

Alternative Charging Station

You know how sometimes your phone is on a really low battery and you could just use the extra charge if you had the chance? Well, what do you do if you found a port but your charging cable is too short? Use all your resources and make a plan!

This guy knows best about how to do it. Since his phone had no holder during the charging process, he used his hat to keep it steady. If that isn’t an ingenious hat then we don’t know what is!

Homemade Theater

We have all faced the problems of neck pain or backaches when trying to watch a movie on our phones. It is no easy task trying to position your phone in a way that is comfortable and also gives you that movie experience.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
This guy came with his very own solution. He made himself a duct tape contraption and just hung his phone off of it. Now all he needs to do is relax and enjoy his film in peace. Say goodbye to wasting money at movie theaters!

Bubble Popping

The love for bubble wrap is just never-ending. Everyone loves them. It’s just fun to pop the bubbles. It is also a great way to just calm yourself down and relieve some stress. This working professional right here knows that too.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
So, prepare yourself ahead of schedule for the next time you’re stuck in traffic and annoyed. With bubble wrap by your side, can you even get that frustrated? Well, go buy some and see for yourself!

Makeshift Bed

Once or twice, we’ve all told our partners or parents that we were home when we weren’t. While lying is never okay, we’ve all done this. However, nowadays with our phones, we need to be more creative about this.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
All you need is a friend to help you set up the background and you’re good to go. We are not super happy about this hack but it certainly works if in the event you need it. So, take it or leave it!

No Sunscreen, No Problem!

What do you do about the beating sun in your office space? It’s not like you can just go buy some good quality floor-to-ceiling curtains unless you have deep pockets. So, how do you fix this issue? And no, ditching the office isn’t the solution.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
Just put a jacket over your monitor and put your head under it. There you have it, works a lot better than curtains and also provides you with some privacy.

Shoe Protection 101

We’ve all purchased ourselves a good quality pair of shoes and then been too scared to wear them out. There’s just so much that can go wrong… Any ideas? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered! Get it?

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
Now you can cover your shoes DIY style with some tape and rubber so that no water damage spoils your new kicks. And yes, this image is from a viral meme. We are totally on the same page as this dude though.

Check Out My Swing

Let’s say that you have an old car that you are just planning on throwing out. Instead of wasting the parts, you could be like this guy and salvage some so that you can turn them into useful items again.

For example, use the car seats to make a makeshift swing for your front porch. Not only are you recycling and being economically friendly, but it also happens to look awesome!

New Day, New Knob

Sometimes you just have to stick with the same old janky car for years. Getting a good car can obviously be expensive so many people just make do with what they have. If some of the buttons and switches get broken, be creative.

This driver did exactly that when their AC temperature knob broke. All they did was use a different valve knob and they’re still able to get cool air while driving. All sorted!

Never Letting Go

There are people who want to make sure that they always get their money’s worth. In order to do this, they’ll never waste the stuff that they buy. Whether it be a meal or a pencil!

Being economical and a saver is never a bad idea. So if you want to try out this approach then give this pencil hack a go. All you need is a very short pencil and a long screw.

DIY Iron

Okay, so you have a really important formal event to attend. It could be a date at a fancy restaurant, a business meeting, or even an awards ceremony. However, your shirt is wrinkled and you cannot seem to find your iron anywhere. What do you do now?

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
Just grab a pot and heat it up over a stove. When the pot is hot enough, take it off and start ironing your shirt. You will have a nice and wrinkle-free shirt in no time. How’s that for a quick fix?

Dad Hack

This next dad hack is hilarious but not one to be overly promoted. We understand being lazy but we draw the line at fatherly duties. There’s a reason why bananas aren’t known to be used as holders!

With that being said, the baby is still happy and able to get her milk in peace. Plus, it makes for a legendary photo op. We just wonder what the wife thought after seeing this!

The Power of Fruit

Growing up, we have all heard the phrase “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” This person probably heard it so much that he started thinking that all of his problems can be fixed with apples. Then again after seeing this, maybe he was right!

His broken tent frame was fixed quickly thanks to the help of this red granny apple. Perhaps if we had more apples in the world, there’d be less conflict and healthier humans. What do you think?

A Pretty Mess

It can be hard keeping your walls clean when you have a growing baby. They just love to run around the house and if they can find a crayon somewhere, they will definitely make a mess on the walls.

This mother decided to change her approach and got creative the next time she found some scribble on her wall. She worked with it and developed it into a beautiful piece of art. Now everyone will definitely think that it was meant to be there. Mothers always know best!

Picking up the Pace

At some point in your life, you have probably seen those road rollers rolling out those dividing lines on the road. Generally, traffic and roadblocks are caused as a result as this process can take ages. So if there was a way to speed it up, why not try it?

This brave dude went ahead and hopped in his car instead of the road rollers while driving with the car door open. Might be his last day on the job but he’s finishing before anyone else!

High-End Eating

Dishes just aren’t for everyone and what commonly happens is a great big mess piles up in the kitchen. As a way to avoid this, people can just eat out. But for us, there’s nothing better than a homemade lunch box.

So, if you have no Tupperware left, maybe you’ll be desperate enough to do what this woman did. Yes, she pulled off her Mercedes plate and used it for her food. Talk about an expensive dish, hey?

Popcorn Hoodie

We might have all seen people already do this all over the internet. As weird as this might seem, it’s actually a great way to enjoy your popcorn while concentrating on your movie.

This way you not only get easier access to your popcorn but you save yourself from having to clean your popcorn bowl later. This is the perfect hack for those lazy Sunday afternoons. If that isn’t smart thinking, then we don’t know what is!

Impromptu Candle Light Dinner

Right, so you want to have a nice and romantic dinner with your partner. You get all the food and drinks prepared and the music soundtrack is ready to go. What could you possibly be missing? A candleholder! What now?

Just relax and learn to compromise. Fancy candle stands are overrated anyway! Try using an alternative, like this guy did with his mic stand. It still does the job!

Laundry on the Go

If you are on a road trip, how do you do your laundry? Sure, you can wash your clothes by hand by what about drying them? Without a drying rack on hand, you’ll have to disperse your clothes everywhere and probably lose some in the process. Or maybe not!

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
Be like these creative thinkers who used the front of their truck as a fast-drying area since the heat from the engine will speed up the process. We like this idea for camping!

Duct Tape to the Rescue

Duct tape is one of the best household products to have in a crisis. From holding things up to keeping them together, there’s very little this tape can’t do. For example, what do you do if your door handle breaks off?

Don’t even bother using duct tape to hold the broken handle up, just use the tape as your newfound doorknob. We know it doesn’t look beautiful but it sure does the trick!

Fake Your Flat Screen

What can you do in a situation like this where you want a flat TV experience in your room but you cannot afford to spend on one? Do what this guy did. Get yourself one of those giant and chunky old CRT TVs and rip a hole through your wall.

Place the chunky back of the TV on the other side of the wall and just let the screen be visible on your side. Now, everyone will think you have a wall-mounted flat TV.

Glove Socks

Some people are just so messy that they forget where they kept their socks or are just unable to find them no matter where they look. This is even more true for medical students who spend hours studying and forget about the rest of the world.

40+ Examples of People’s Ingenuity That We Can Only Envy
Well, this medical student used his brains for some out-of-the-box thinking. Since he was cold and couldn’t find his socks, he created a pair using his medical gloves. Genius, right?

Stockpiling for Days

It can get annoying to go to the store every time you are running out of toilet paper. Sometimes you might even lose track and not remember how many rolls you have left, so you just run out of toilet paper when you are sitting on your toilet.

Instead of getting to that very awkward moment, why don’t you invest in this giant roll? With this baby by your side, you’ll never have to do another toilet paper run again.

From Functional to Fashion

There are just some occasions that require you to dress in formal wear. For guys, this can be tough as the suits are generally kept at the back of the closet for a rainy day. And what about your tie pin? Where did you place that tiny thing?

Don’t stress if it’s missing! No, you don’t need to buy a new one either. Just go to your bathroom, grab your nail clippers and that problem is officially old news. No one will even know the difference!

Shoebox Coming in Clutch

We all like to work outside when the weather’s nice but the heat isn’t so good for our laptops or squint eyes for that matter. So, what do we do? Buy a sun umbrella? Don’t bother!

You can effortlessly open a shoebox or any sufficiently deep box, put your laptop inside, and ta-da! It functions excellently and also perplexes others who may wonder why you are gazing at a shoebox – this can be considered an extra advantage.

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