How to Incorporate Fashion Trends into Your Life


Sure, things always change, especially fashion. Each decade has its own style, but some old trends are definitely not cool anymore. We don’t want them to make a comeback! Check out the next 45 slides if you’re curious about these old-fashioned trends we think should stay in the past.


Crocs aren’t the best option if you want to look stylish. They don’t go well with fashionable outfits and are uncomfortable to wear. Wearing Crocs is like having a sauna just for your feet. And wearing them with socks? That’s even weirder!

Wearing socks with sandals

Wearing socks with sandals doesn’t make sense because sandals are meant to be worn with bare feet. Even though some dads and older men still rock this style, it doesn’t really match up with what sandals are made for. Hopefully, this trend fades away soon because, let’s face it, it’s a pretty weird fashion statement.

Popped collar

Unless you’re aiming for a vampire look, popping your collar is a big fashion faux pas. Collars are meant to be worn the way they’re designed, not forced up to cover your neck.

Bedazzled Jeans

Jeans can look great with cool designs and some accents. But when they’re fully bedazzled? That’s a bit too much. Plus, imagine how tricky it would be to wash jeans covered in all those decorations!

The Speed Limit Skirt

Back in 1910, women wore narrow skirts that would rip if they stepped too wide. To fix this, they put loops on the hem, but it made walking awkward. Thankfully, nowadays, women can freely wear their skirts however they like without worrying about loops or ripping!

Shoulder pads

In the ’80s, both women and men wore shoulder pads. They were added to coats to make shoulders look broader, which was seen as beautiful back then. This trend faded, but sometimes celebrities bring it back because shoulder pads are iconic and represent that authentic ’80s style.

Bullet bra

Back then, women wore bullet bras to make their bust look bigger. Nowadays, this fashion trend might seem funny to us, but it was all about different beauty standards back then. We’ve got our own standards to think about today, after all!

Bright blush

These days, makeup focuses on techniques like contouring and highlighting to enhance facial features. But in the ’80s, the key rule for perfect blush was simple: make it really bright!

Huge teased hairstyle

In the ’80s, everything was about going big: brighter colors, oversized clothes, and especially, huge hair! Women teased their hair so much it looked like little waves of hair sitting on top of their heads. The hairspray business must’ve made big profits thanks to this trend of overly styled hair!

Harem pants

Harem pants are super comfy trousers with really low crotches, almost touching the ground! They’re not the most flattering pants, but wow, they’re incredibly comfortable.

Fake tan

Getting a perfect tan is tough, so back in the 2000s, folks turned to fake tan. Spray tanning became really popular, but sometimes people got a bit addicted and ended up looking orange instead of that beautiful golden shade they wanted.

Butterfly clips

Absolutely! Those cute butterfly clips were a big thing, especially among teenagers on old TV shows. Lots of teens loved wearing those simple yet adorable hair accessories. Today, people still use all sorts of hair clips, but the focus isn’t solely on butterfly designs like it used to be.

Baggy pants

Baggy pants were a huge trend worldwide in the 2000s, not just in the UK. They were not only light but super comfortable too. But for women especially, they weren’t very flattering. That’s why many hope that extremely baggy pants stay in the past.

Neon colored clothes

Absolutely! In the ’80s, people were all about going big, including their choice of colors. They mixed and matched bold, neon, and vibrant palettes and considered it a fashion statement. Today, some might still accept wearing such bright combinations, but for most people, mixing bold colors like that isn’t as widely welcomed.

Side ponytail

The side ponytail was a big hit among young girls in the past because it looked cute and adorable. While the front view of someone rocking this hairstyle might seem lovely, taking a peek at the back of their head might not be as impressive.


That’s right! Nowadays, overalls are mostly associated with workers and laborers. But in the ’90s, they were a massive fashion trend. Even royals were spotted wearing them, and practically every Hollywood celebrity rocked a pair at some point during that time.

Fur boots

Some fashion trends not only look uncomfortable but also make it hard to find a matching outfit. Wearing these boots can be a real challenge; they tend to steal the spotlight from your entire fashion statement. Thankfully, this trend isn’t popular anymore these days.

Raccoon eye make-up

Absolutely! Smokey eye shadow can be a stunning makeup technique, especially for red carpet events. Celebrities often flaunt incredible eye makeup in front of cameras. However, there are instances like Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl who redefined the “smokey eye” by wearing very heavy, raccoon-like eye shadow on the red carpet. Her eyes were naturally beautiful and might not have needed that much makeup to stand out.

Headbands from the ’80s

In the ’80s, the way people wore their headbands was a bit funny. Headbands were meant to hold back hair around the hairline, not sit on the forehead. But during that time, wearing headbands this way added to the fashion style of aerobic clothes, which is why women often sported colorful headbands positioned like that in the ’80s.

Over-sized shirts for men

In the ’90s, men’s fashion was all about oversized clothing that tended to engulf them. Huge pants and oversized dress shirts were the norm back then. But nowadays, men are more inclined towards tailored and slim-fit clothing, embracing a more fitted and sleek look.

Crimped hairstyle

The crimped hairstyle was an iconic look from the ’80s. It was all about adding volume to the hair without excessive teasing. This style was a staple among punk rock artists, with some combining crimped hair with a big teased look for an even more dramatic effect.

Acid-washed clothes

Acid-washed clothes were a huge trend in the ’80s. It involved taking regular denim clothing and using acid to create that distinct, faded effect. It was a fashionable look back then, but let’s hope no one got hurt while trying the acid washing process themselves.

 Popcorn shirts

Some past fashion trends are just plain odd. This particular one might be unflattering, even though it’s just a silhouette. Wearing something with that kind of texture can be quite strange, and it’s a relief that this style isn’t a popular choice anymore!

Neck and belt tie

Wearing a necktie as a belt completely defeats the purpose of a “neck” tie. It’s a strange fashion trend that thankfully went down the drain!

Bomber jacket with sewed on prints

A bomber jacket with sewn-on prints might not be a great choice in general fashion. But if you’re starring as a gangster in a Chinese film and need that look for your character, then it might just fit the bill!

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