What Are the Latest Fashion Trends That Have Been Aging Us Without Realizing?


Fashion and beauty are always trying new things to help us look younger. But it can be tough to keep up with all the trends, especially when we’re looking for styles that really suit us. Don’t worry, we’re here to simplify things for you! Check out our list of trends to avoid—some might be making you look older without you realizing it! Keep scrolling to find out more.

Jeggings Are A No-No

Jeggings are fantastic – they’re comfy, versatile, and trendy. But let’s not forget, despite being super comfy, they’re not actually jeans.

The Jersey Dress Trend

The jersey dress trend is a thing of the past. While it makes sense to opt for the comfort of a jersey dress, it’s one of those styles that can make you look older rather quickly.

Forgetting To Belt

No matter your age or body shape, flaunting your figure is always stylish. Opting for clothes that highlight your waist and accentuate your shape is a smart choice that tends to work well for everyone.

Matchy-Matchy Jewelry

Fashion is incredibly versatile, and it’s easy to lose track of what’s still cool versus what’s a bit too much. Following the wisdom of the legendary Coco Chanel, before heading out, it’s always a good idea to pause, look in the mirror, and remove one thing for a more balanced and chic look.

Floral Patterns Are Out

Floral patterns can create a dreamy and romantic style, but it’s crucial to be careful about how we wear them. Some floral outfits in local department stores can be outdated, making anyone who wears them look older than they are.

Long, Floor Length Skirts

It’s fair to say that wearing excessively long clothing or hair might not be as flattering as we hope. While some women opt for longer hemlines as they age, it’s a choice that should be made with caution and consideration for what truly complements your overall look.

Huge And Baggy Outfits

Growing older comes with its challenges, and for some, that includes a shift to looser, baggier outfits. While oversized clothing may be in fashion, opting for excessively large outfits can sometimes have the unintended effect of making us appear older.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are no longer considered cool, plain and simple. Despite some women trying to pull off the short stiletto heel with a slight curve, it’s likely to give your outfit an outdated look at this point.

Large And Gaudy Jewelry Is Too Much

While a beautiful and delicate statement necklace can be flattering, it’s a fine line in the fashion industry. Big and bulky necklaces may not be as trendy as expected, particularly when they dominate a person’s entire outfit.

Take Off The Brooch

Wearing a brooch may seem fashionable and “vintage,” but let’s be honest—it’s not entirely on-trend. That said, we’re not suggesting you avoid wearing a brooch passed down through generations in your family; just wear it with caution and consider how it fits into your overall look.

Tan, Shiny Pantyhose

The deal with tights is this: they can either enhance an outfit or completely ruin it. While tights were once thought to make skin look younger, nowadays, they might not have the same effect. Choose wisely to ensure they complement your overall look.

Small, Stiff Handbags

Picking the right bag can enhance a great outfit, but it’s crucial to discuss the various types of bags and which ones to avoid.

Matching Lipstick To Your Outfit

So this one is kind of debatable, but should really not be taken lightly. True, the make-up community does usually recommend that lipstick should be somewhat matched to our outfit, but there are specific tricks that can be used – and some choices that should be avoided.

While tweed has had its moments in fashion history, as a general rule, it might be a good idea to steer clear of it. Tweed has been out of fashion for a while, and it’s unlikely to make a comeback on the runways.

Head-To-Toe Pastels

We can understand the urge to wear pastels from head-to-toe, and in all truth, the trend has been alive for a while. But unless we do want to look a bit older, wearing an outfit that is only made of pastels might not be the best idea.

Out-Of-Date Eyewear

Though eyewear may not be considered a piece of fashion for some people, the truth is that eyeglasses also go out of style. We’ve seen tons of different trends of glasses over the years, and while some people have attempted to stay in style, some haven’t gotten the memo.

Matching Tracksuits

Tracksuits are undeniably comfortable, and they’ve made a comeback in recent years as part of the athleisure trend. However, it’s important to wear them properly to avoid the trend looking outdated or regressive.

Rhinestone Details

Adding a little sparkle to your outfit is common, but an outdated rhinestone won’t do any favors. In fact, it might make your outfit appear much older than it is.

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