How to Understand the Meaning of Fashion in 50 People


Fashion nowadays has some really strange stuff mixed in with the beautiful clothes. This list is all about the weird stuff. We’re not sure what these people and designers were thinking. They might have thought they looked super stylish when they walked around.

There’s a guy who wore a shirt covered in Britney Spears pictures and women who wore a bird’s nest on their head. These folks are always out there, trying new things and seeing what’s considered cool. But not everyone thinks their funny fashion choices are cool.

Aspiring Model

It seems like the first mistake was wearing tie-dye, which hasn’t been fashionable for a long time. But also, those random holes in the t-shirt added a unique touch, too.

Color Choices

The pattern on these leggings is cool, but the problem is they’re the same color as her skin. It makes it seem like the patterns are tattooed on her legs.

 Confusing Pants

This is a bit confusing. Is it sweatpants, a sweatshirt, or maybe both combined? It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Maybe the arms are wrapped around the waist like a belt?

Extremely Ripped Jeans

If the holes in the pants are that big, why wear pants at all? It’s almost like wearing jean shorts would’ve looked similar.


Shopping at IKEA is cool—they’ve got great DIY furniture. But this woman went a step ahead and made herself a trendy top from IKEA stuff.

Denim Nightmare

Denim is trendy now, but these outfits might be a bit much. They’re full denim suits made entirely from recycled jeans.

Pony Princess

This outfit was seen at Walmart. It might be perfect for Halloween, but for everyday wear, it might be a bit too much.

Bikini Sandals

Shoes designed to look like a woman wearing a bikini might seem fun on a store shelf, maybe for novelty. But once you wear them, the face and body aren’t visible anymore, which kind of defeats the purpose.

Cat Pack

Whoever thought of a cat-shaped backpack had a chance to make something super cute, like the Hello Kitty style. But instead, they made this weird, freaky-looking creature.

Sharp Boots

These boots they’ve got are pretty wild. They’re good for skiing and walking, and hey, in a fight, they could double up as a weapon.

Realistic Muscles

These leggings look like muscles, but not the kind that are considered sexy. They’re more like the ones you’d see in a medical textbook.

Furry Jacket

Faux fur has been getting popular again, but this guy looks like a real-life gorilla in that outfit. He must be super warm, though!

Stylish Ninja

This outfit seems ideal for a late-night crime spree or a street fight with nun chucks. But this person wears it all the time. It’s like they’re wearing black garbage bags on their body.

Fishing Bag

This woman’s carrying what seems like a perfect fishing tackle bag around the city, using it as a purse. It’s shaped like an actual fish!

Mismatched Items

This is what happens when you can’t find any matching clothes. You just throw on whatever’s not dirty and hope no one sees you. Can’t wait for laundry day!

Clock Purse

Most people use a watch or their cellphone to tell time, but having an alternative is smart. With this stylish bag, you’ll never be late for an appointment again!

Wild Pants

These pants are pretty awesome! They’ve got outer space, bright colors, and cats all in one. What’s not to like about that combination?

Wookie Sighting

It’s a bit confusing—is she wearing a jacket or does she just have really wild hair? It could honestly be either. The outcome looks like something straight out of a Star Wars movie!

Interesting Combo

These pants solve the jeans or shorts dilemma! They’re a mix of both: one leg’s long like jeans, and the other’s short like shorts.

Buscemi Style

Steve Buscemi’s an amazing actor, no doubt. But wearing yoga pants like these? That’s for the ultimate super fans, no doubt.

Lettuce Hat

When you’re rushing and can’t find a hat, why not just throw a piece of lettuce on your head? That’s what this woman did—an eco-friendly fashion choice, for sure!

Fish Flops

Wearing these fish-shaped flip flops in public takes some serious confidence! They look like two wide-mouthed bass, but I can’t imagine they’re comfortable at all.

Bird Nest Hat

Wearing a bird’s nest on your head is definitely a bold fashion statement. Let’s just hope a bird doesn’t mistake it for a real nest! That could lead to quite the unexpected situation.

Vacation Hair

This guy’s onto something—bright colors in your wardrobe make you look younger. And those rainbow-colored beads and braids? They can make you look a decade younger in no time!

Sagging Pants

A bit of sag in jeans can look stylish on some folks, but wearing jeans that hang below the knees isn’t great. Fortunately, the guy covered the rest with his extra-long shirt.

Hanging Low

This guy also wears his pants lower than usual, but unlike the other guy, he doesn’t have an extra-long shirt to cover up. He’s totally exposed.

Checkered Pattern

Her outfit’s like one of those optical illusions where if you stare at it, the lines start moving. Just seeing her from a distance makes us dizzy—getting closer might make us cross-eyed!

Cat Shades

The cat t-shirt’s cool by itself, but adding a black bra on top makes it even cooler. It looks like the cat’s wearing sunglasses!

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