18 Honest Illustrations About What A Family Life While Planning A Baby

these honest portrayals depict the intricate realities of family life and the challenges faced while planning to have a baby.


Yehuda Devir is a well-known Israeli illustrator and comic artist who is noted for illustrating all of the bizarre and humorous events in his and his wife Maya’s lives. His genuine comics cover everything from their everyday activities to their road to fatherhood. Everyone who has ever been in these circumstances will find something in these comics. Continue reading to view them and find out how this adorable pair appears in real life.

1. Baby Fever Level: 1000

When baby fever strikes, there is no going back. As long as you and your partner have discussed it and are willing to take the necessary measures, it may be time to try before she begins sniffing strange infants to cure the fever. Who knew that after you reach a certain age, infants can be so enthralling? Their adorable little rolls and small toes may drive any woman insane, and he appears to enjoy his wife’s yearning looks.

2. Make A Baby Operation

When a couple decides it’s time to start trying for a baby, they must plan ahead of time. There is a narrow window during which women can become pregnant, therefore she will ensure that they are in bed with a plan on those days. Many couples may relate to this scenario, in which she is the sergeant and they must follow her offensive strategy. He must be prepared to fight at any point because most couples do not get married overnight.

3. Send Help!

When couples begin trying for a child, it may take several attempts. She may not become pregnant on the first attempt, but there are certain suggestions and tactics that might help a couple’s chances. However, there are only so many times you can try in a day, and he appears to be prepared to give up. He appears to be preparing to hoist the white flag because he is unable to continue another round. There are too many roles to cover, yet he only has so much energy. When will it be appropriate to call it a night and try again the next day?

4. Baby Potion In The Works

She is doing everything she can to boost her chances of becoming pregnant. She is taking everything from folic acid to random vitamins to ensure that she is prepared if she becomes pregnant. Her husband is perplexed by all the pills, serums, and concoctions, but she is unconcerned as long as they can have a baby. When you want to get pregnant, you will do everything possible to make it happen. nant. Do you believe her potion will be effective?

5. The Red Monster Returns

Trying for a baby is an emotional rollercoaster, which is why couples must prepare for all of the emotions that come with the journey. It may be upsetting when the test results are negative or her period arrives, but they should not quit up. Trying to conceive a child is an emotional rollercoaster for both the lady and her spouse. When pregnancy does not happen right away, it might strain a relationship, but it is vital to remember that you are doing this to establish a family with the person you love, and that is what truly counts.

6. Don’t Be Such A Baby

It is a frequent misconception that when women are ill, they do not stop working. When men are unwell, the world comes tumbling down around them, and he acts as if this is the worst disease of his life. He may have a slight cold, yet he acts as if he is dying. Men can be very theatrical at times, especially when they are ill. Women can work through a 104-degree fever, but he can’t shake this sniffle. They simply want to be cared for and coddled because it makes them feel better.

7. We Did It!

Getting pregnant and starting a family is a goal for many couples. Yehuda and Maya were overjoyed when they finally obtained a good result after months of trying. It is a joyous occasion because they are overjoyed to begin this new chapter of their lives. They had been talking about beginning a family for a long time, and their dreams had finally come true. This is one of the most unforgettable events in their relationship, and they will never forget it. They couldn’t wait for the adventure to begin and discover what adventures awaited them.

8. Taking It Easy Is Not So Simple

It’s time to upsize for their expanding family, but he doesn’t want his pregnant wife to work since he is overprotective of her. Pregnancy may put a lot of strain on the body, therefore he advises her to rest and avoid hard lifting. Some women are determined to stay independent during their pregnancy, and it’s difficult to relax. When you are not used to standing aside and resting while your spouse performs all of the heavy work, it is difficult to do so. That being stated, you must think about your kid and set aside your ego at this critical point. That is easier said than done for many expecting women.

9. My Face…My Beautiful Face

During pregnancy, your body undergoes several changes, and your hormones are all over the place. That can sometimes result in acne, which you believed you had gotten rid of as an adult. It may be irritating at times, but he still believes she is ideal. Pregnancy isn’t always flawless, but the end result is worth it. Your hormones will eventually return to normal levels, but it will take time for your body to acclimate to these changes. It may feel like you’re back in high school, attempting to hide those annoying zits, but remember that it’s all part of the process of becoming a human being.

10. Belly Kisses

There is nothing more precious than the anticipation of finally meeting your kid. This is a period of love and many kisses. This baby will be adored, and as soon-to-be parents, they are watching her develop and prepare to enter the world with bated breath. Dads enjoy offering belly kisses because they feel more connected during the pregnancy. Yehuda was overjoyed to be a father, and they were counting down the days before the baby arrived. Every twist and turn of pregnancy was both exciting and terrifying.

11. What An Interesting Discovery

As previously said, the body undergoes several changes throughout pregnancy, and Maya was thrilled to reveal her changing physique with Yehuda. He doesn’t seem to mind that her boobs are now touching her tummy. A woman’s body is capable of many things, and the changes that make people uncomfortable or thrilled are strategies to help the baby grow in a healthy manner. Although it may be difficult to be enthusiastic about bloating, expanding tummies, and wider hips, these are all signals that your baby is developing.

12. Stop, Nobody Move!

It is a lovely moment when the baby kicks for the first time. She couldn’t hold back her excitement and begged him to stop what he was doing so she could see. You can finally feel your baby moving about, and it becomes clear that a human being is developing inside you. She knew she was pregnant because of pregnancy tests and doctor’s visits, but it really hits you when the baby starts to move. Nothing can prepare a person for that strange time or experience, but it is comforting to know they are doing well inside the womb.

13. As Long As She Is Comfortable

Sleeping might become difficult as your belly grows. While most individuals purchase a particular cushion to support their stomachs, some women choose to utilise their husbands as pillows. For once, she is sleeping soundly, while he tries not to be suffocated by her hair. Although he is quite uncomfortable in that posture, he understands she gets little sleep and deserves to be comfortable for the first time in a long time. At the time, he is organising his day around purchasing a comfy pregnant cushion for her to use instead of him.

14. They Need Another Bathroom

As your baby develops, the strain on your organs, especially your bladder, increases. Get out of the way because she has to use the restroom and he is in the wrong location at the wrong moment. He was about to leave when she barged in since she couldn’t wait any longer. When your pregnant wife says she has to use the restroom, make sure there is a free toilet nearby. You don’t want to meddle with a pregnant woman who has a restroom emergency because her hormones are raging.

15. Are You Sure You Don’t Need Help?

As we all know, while your belly grows, ordinary chores become more difficult since the bulge gets in the way. Putting on a pair of sneakers might feel like a mission impossible at times since your arms are too short to reach your feet. Your spouse could assist you, but if you are anything like this cartoon, that is not an option. Maintaining some feeling of independence becomes increasingly difficult as your pregnancy progresses. It is sometimes preferable to have someone else put your shoes on.

16. It’s Time!

It’s finally time to go to the hospital, but instead of bringing everything in the house, bring only the necessities. Instead of carrying everything you own, it is preferable to pack a hospital bag so you are not racing around when it is time to go. It’s finally time to see their kid after a nine-month wait. Despite their frightened appearance, they are overjoyed to be bringing home their new kid. This is a watershed point in many people’s life, and it is both exciting and terrifying.

17. The Miracle Of Life

“Push, push, push!!” They are going to meet their kid, which is both beautiful and painful. He is giddy with delight. After nine hard months, you finally get to meet your child and begin to embrace motherhood. Every woman admits that labour is one of the most difficult things she has ever done physically, and it terrifies the majority of people. Although they can produce children, we doubt anyone is willing to force a watermelon down a pinhole.

18. Baby Ariel Is Here

When you can’t take your eyes off your newborn baby and want to look at her all day. Everything she does is cute, including her slobber and nasty diapers. They can’t believe they gave birth to such a beautiful baby girl. Most individuals would take advantage of her dozing moments while they lasted. When you bring your newborn home, there are so many thrilling moments to capture, and everything they do is something to remember. Even though she has a stinky diaper, people can’t get over how adorable she is. When it comes time to change the diaper, they might not think the infant is so adorable.

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