Hunter Biden Under Fire House GOP Alleges Lying Under Oath


House Republicans have collected evidence that they claim proves Hunter Biden lied multiple times during his congressional testimony earlier this year.

The House Ways & Means Committee met on Wednesday to discuss releasing confidential documents related to Hunter Biden’s case. The committee voted to release the details which they say reveals Hunter Biden’s lies.

According to Committee Chairman Jason Smith, Hunter Biden refused to comply with a subpoena until threatened with criminal contempt, and then lied during his testimony. Smith said the committee’s investigation and released documents aim to ensure equal application of the law, not to target Hunter Biden personally.

Smith stated that lying under oath is a felony offense, and the American people expect accountability for the President’s son. The committee claims Hunter Biden lied about his role at Rosemont Seneca, controlled bank accounts he denied having, and helped a foreign national obtain a visa despite claiming he didn’t.

WhatsApp records also show Hunter Biden sent a message to a Chinese business associate, implying he and his father would ensure consequences if directions weren’t followed.

Hunter Biden faces charges in two jurisdictions related to Special Counsel David Weiss’ investigation. He pleaded not guilty to federal gun and tax charges.

IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler alleged political influence in the investigation and prosecution decisions. They were frustrated that Hunter Biden wasn’t charged for unpaid taxes in 2014 and 2015 which they claim Weiss allowed to expire.

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