30+ Hilarious Fashion Fails That Will Make You Cringe

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Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Being trendy is the last step before looking bad.” But he didn’t mention that looking bad comes after that! We’ve all had fashion blunders at some point. But the ones you’re about to see are really something else. From weird sayings to strange patterns, these are the funniest fashion mistakes you could actually buy.

  1. leo writes

    The real question here is why anyone would wear a gown into a swimming pool. It looks like she had an accident in the water. If the dress was red she would look like she was attacked by a shark. 

  2. leo writes

    As the band Dead Or Alive once sang, "You spin me right round, baby, Right round like a record, baby, Right round round round." This man bought this shirt because he like that it featured a record player, but he didn't realize how inappropriate it would look. 

  3. leo writes

    This girl must have purchased this dress from a company that only shows you the front of the dress. The back was described as a nude illusion, but that zipper is ruining all the mystery. 

  4. leo writes

    When trying on patterned dresses, always look at where the pattern sits on your body, so you don't have a fashion disaster like this. 

  5. leo writes

    For all the ladies out there, did you ever fear that you would get your period while wearing a white skirt? It was something you imagined would be very embarrassing. 

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1 comment
leo writes

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