Hilarious Facepalms: The Ultimate Collection of Social Media Blunders!

Reading about social media blunders is not only amusing but also a source of laughter and entertainment. It provides a light-hearted break, offering a collection of


Reading about social media blunders is like reading funny and cringe-worthy stories from the internet. It's a break from the serious stuff, and it can make you laugh. These stories remind us that everyone makes mistakes online, and that's okay.

But, it's not just about having a good time. These stories also teach us about the internet. They show us that what we do online can affect our real lives. So, it's fun, but it's also a way to be smarter on social media.

  1. Mute Maven

    Can’t believe how many people have had the “cake conversation”. As in, I can’t believe it’s become this necessary 😂

    Ariana Grande's Ex-Husband Shares Big News On Social Media says:
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    […] Grande and Dalton Gomez married in a small private ceremony at her home in Montecito, California, on May 15, 2021. They announced […]

  2. Mute Maven

    Oh, perfect. Now the moon is angry, and falling. And we only have three days.

  3. Mute Maven

    Is this the guy that broke into someone’s house then said people were being racist for calling for his arrest

  4. Mute Maven

    I was thinking her definition of “long term” is ending the evening with the same person she started it with…..

  5. Mute Maven

    “They have no bones” 🤣. As an X-ray Tech I can assure that babies do have bones.

  6. Mute Maven

    As someone with a disability, I would love to be cured.

    It's so stupid to get offended or upset on behalf of someone else.. I get that this is, at times, done with good intentions. But I feel you marginalize and drown out people who are already struggling to be heard.

  7. Mute Maven

    I'm guessing not in the US, just calling for a doctor is gonna cost you more than a large meal.

  8. Mute Maven

    I guess this is why we have an Easter Bunny to celebrate the resurrection of Christ

  9. Mute Maven

    Let's also keep in mind that just having a Masters does not instantly make you employable. There are other skills you need to possess. And you need to be good at interviewing, which not everyone is. So, while the Masters Degree may help in the sector you are applying in, YOU may actually be your own worst enemy

  10. Mute Maven

    Is this self aware wolves material?

  11. Mute Maven

    Wait till he finds out deaf people go to concerts.

  12. Mute Maven

    He’s such an idiot

  13. Mute Maven

    The title of this post is literally what i was thinking. This marriage is dead lol

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