Eye makeup for beginners/Eyeliner styles for hooded eyes

Eye makeup for beginners/Eyeliner styles for hooded eyes

Hooded eyes are beautiful and we will show you how you can pull off different eyeliner styles on hooded eyes. What are hooded eyes?


Hooded eyes are beautiful and we will show you how you can pull off different eyeliner styles on hooded eyes. What are hooded eyes? Let’s look straight in the mirror and let’s try to look at our lead space. Can we see our lead space or is it hiding under some extra skin or the hood? Then that’s hooded eyes.


If you have hid eyes and if you try to do eyeliner like you normally do, then this is what happens. Let’s try to draw the eyeliner with that beautiful wing in the outer corner and let’s try to look straight. Now what happened to the wing? It’s because when you open your eyes, the fold of the hood interferes with the wing and it looks different.

Tight Line

The simplest technique is to use a black eye pencil and swipe it in your upper waterline. Tight lining, also known as invisible eyeliner, is another good technique to instantly enhance your makeup look. Finally, sweep your lashes and apply a coat of mascara to make your lashes appear fuller, darker, and thicker.

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Simple, basic eyeliner

If you want some bold eye looks for this, you can use the Oprah liquid liner in black and simply sweep it across your last line. The basic rule is to keep it very close to the last line so it doesn’t interfere with the hood.


Foxy Eyes


First draw your outer wing alarm very close to the last line and then you have to elongate it in the inner corner. False lashes that wing out are fantastic for this look, but you can use them by cutting these lashes in half and using the inner half in the outer corner.

Thin Line


You can draw a small baby call in line or a small line using a liquid liner. You can pull out the smallest wing and keep the eyeliner very close to my last line. This is also referred to as the classic eyeliner. 

A Smoky Corner


You can use the black eye pencil in the very outer corner of your top and lower lash lines and smoke it out using a small shade of brush. With this technique, you will make your eyes look longer, bigger and brighter.

Fake It

If you have a problem going across your lash line, this technique will help you because you will fake it. Just drive to wink, avoiding the fold of the hood, and here’s the trick: instead of going across the milash line with the eyeliner, The lash bat will give the illusion of an eyeliner.


The C Wing

For this, you have to start with a simple eyeliner across, then draw your outer wing, extending your lower lash line. Then attach it back to the upper lash line going over the fort. Now because you went over the fold, when you lift that fold, you will see a small gap. All you have to do is connect it.


Reverse Smoky Eye

For this, all you need is a small brush, preferably an angled brush or flat shading brush. You can also use a q-tip and some black eyeshadow. So it’s called a river smoky because we’re reversing it, pulling out a wing and lighting our lower lash line instead of the top flashlight.


Smoky Outer

Use a simple eyeliner right across your final line. black eyeshadow with a small shade of brush just smokes out the very outer corner, which gives the illusion of a smoky week.


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