Embarrassing things people caught their partners doing

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Love can make us overlook the odd things our partners do. Sometimes, our significant others have quirky habits or secrets we don’t know about. Check out these 75 people caught in the act of their unusual tendencies.

Who needs a sleeping mask?

You walk into your bedroom and discover your partner peacefully asleep with a bra on their face. It turns out their solution to the bright and sunny room was a bit unconventional.

A kid at heart

We’ve all been there – losing someone at the airport is a common experience. One girl frantically searched for her boyfriend, only to discover he had been engrossed in a Pixar marathon with a group of elementary-aged children. Turns out, airports can be quite the maze!

Spider cat

As she entered the house, a catchy tune caught her attention: “Spider cat, spider cat. Does whatever a spider cat does.” Intrigued, she looked around and witnessed this unusual sight.

Ice cream blues

Deep down, we’re all just kids at heart. Remember the thrill of chasing the ice cream truck, eager to catch it before it drives away? Well, that feeling doesn’t fade even at 30; the disappointment is just as real when you realize you’ve missed it.

Like father like..cat?

A mysterious noise in the kitchen is followed by hushed whispers: “Hold still.” Intrigued, you cautiously approach, only to find your dog playfully pretending to be your boyfriend. Quite the unexpected and adorable surprise!

Converted gamer

Despite adamantly denying any interest in video games, this boyfriend was in for a surprise when he walked in to find his girlfriend fully immersed in playing Skyrim. A proud moment indeed!

The dad life

While shopping at Babies R Us, a wife brought her husband along, hoping for a helpful partner. However, she quickly lost him, and he didn’t respond to her calls. When she finally found him, the scene she stumbled upon explained everything.

Dating a 5 year-old

His girlfriend thought he was hitting the gym, only to discover he was actually engaged in… whatever this peculiar activity is.


Walked in on my boyfriend in bed with some bitch.” This girlfriend returned home to a heartbreaking discovery: her boyfriend was cheating on her, but the unexpected twist was that it was with her dog. The expression on the pup’s face captured the awkward and surprising moment perfectly.

Onesie fail

Rather than informing his girlfriend about the unfortunate tail placement, he opted to capture the moment in a picture and share it on Reddit. Chores were momentarily forgotten as the urgency of sharing this amusing situation took precedence.


Sometimes, when you walk into a situation like this, it’s better to refrain from asking questions. When his girlfriend entered the office to inquire about something, she was left utterly speechless by what she witnessed.

Working” from home

This husband proudly caught his wife “working from home” as she was diligently finishing writing her book. However, the irony is not lost – the fact that he’s on his phone taking pictures suggests he might not be entirely focused on his own work-from-home responsibilities either.


In any marriage, there are certain things you keep hidden from each other. For this guy, it was a stash of frozen Snickers. Unfortunately, he got caught red-handed in the act of indulging.

A hot mess

This girlfriend not only had to handle her drunk boyfriend but also had to contend with the aftermath of his mess. To add to the chaos, the dog decided to lend a paw in cleaning up the boyfriend’s untidy situation.

A true techie

This guy walked in on his wife multitasking like a pro. With three devices in hand, she was seamlessly juggling work, online shopping, and scrolling through Facebook—all at the same time, ensuring she didn’t miss out on anything.

One attentive babysitter

This mom entrusted her husband with watching the baby, but it seems he got a bit distracted. The outcome of his babysitting adventure might mean he won’t be asked to do it again anytime soon.


What this husband walked in on was, to say the least, interesting. Although he jokes and calls it cheating, it’s probably something more akin to a playful cat attack.

Just remember the anniversary

All this husband did was ask to borrow his wife’s phone, innocently wanting to use it. However, trouble ensued when she mentioned that the passcode was their anniversary, leading to an unexpected and amusing outcome.

So many questions

This woman hurriedly went to her significant other’s car to retrieve something from the glove box. However, upon opening it, she found herself with more questions than answers.

Fresh air

This boyfriend is so immersed in his video games that he refuses to abandon his post for anything. However, there’s a chance he might be willing to make some adjustments for a beautiful night.

Brony status

Uh-oh, the secret’s out! His girlfriend caught him watching My Little Pony on his gaming computer. The twist? He still doesn’t know that she found out.

Date gone wrong

Before planning a special date, it’s crucial to know your partner well. This man learned this lesson the hard way when he took his girlfriend on an extreme outing, unaware that she is deathly afraid of heights.


In search of something romantic, his significant other ended up with her boyfriend singing made-up songs to their dog instead of serenading her. Sometimes, love takes unexpected and amusing turns.

Light reading

Caught in the act, this person’s significant other discovered them reading a rather peculiar book to the cat – ‘How to Talk to Your Cat About Abstinence.’ Because, you know, every teenage cat should be well-informed on such matters.

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